Be Prepared for the Next Con

As most of us can clearly see, Trump has bungled the pandemic crisis and the U.S. is far worse off than we would have been under a true leader. Now he is trying to turn it to his benefit and rather than having concern for the people who are dying every day, he has turned it into a political game. Our friend Jerry over at On the Fence Voters has an excellent assessment …

On The Fence Voters

Watch out; COVID-19 has morphed. Yes, the deadly, diminutive disease has transmuted … into a political talking point, a numbers game.

A month ago, many news outlets reported that a study by Imperial College of London predicted that as many as 2.2 million Americans might die from the virus now called COVID-19.  By the latter part of March that estimate was revised down to a range of 100,000 to 240,000. Now some experts are revising those projections down further. The not-surprising response to those declining numbers is a tempered sigh of relief from most Americans and gleeful boasts from the president and his cultists.

Boosting those boasts is speculation from Trump and many of his adoring acolytes that even the current lower-than-original-forecast numbers are inflated. Conservative conspiracy theory kook Candace Owens complained on Facebook, “If people die from heart disease, but were asymptomatic carriers of Covid-19, their deaths are…

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25 thoughts on “Be Prepared for the Next Con

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  2. Jill, that skwalor cites the Daily Wire as his source says it all. Even in my many years as a devoted conservative I never considered the Daily Wire as legitimate journalism. I’m disheartened that so many reject true journalistic enterprises and then take to heart conspiracy theory peddlers.

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    • I am 100% in agreement with you on this, Jerry. I just finished replying to Scott and told him that I don’t take seriously anything that comes from the Daily Wire. Like you, I am appalled that some are still so blind that they fall for the rubbish put out by Fox News, The Daily Wire (which, by the way, was started by none other than Fox’ Tucker Carlson) and others. I thought this nation was better educated than it appears to be. Sigh.

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  3. In the UK the majority of the media are painting a picture which has a heroic leader, taking the necessary actions and everything is in control. Dig beneath the surface and you find daily death totals massaged to remove all deaths outside of hospitals including care homes. The same promises of actions being re announced every 3 weeks. An inadequate and shambolic testing programme. Airports open without any screening of incoming passengers. Repeated failures to put in place PPE kit to hospitals and care facilities – yes they are difficult to source but the government was warned 3 years ago and even when the virus started to spread refused to act. Only today they announced an infection tracking programme, weeks after other countries in Europe put theirs in place. Let’s not forget that when Europe went into lockdown our Government refused to do the same. Even days before the lockdown was brought in they allowed the country’s largest horse racing festival to go ahead. 250000 people gathering and now countless evidence that this spread the disease. Strange how the Health Secretary has financial links to the Horse Racing industry.

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        • We shall see. All these acts were conducted while the bulk of the nation resided in a veneer of comfort and ‘it can’t happen to me’. The entire nation has not experienced the possibilities of :
          1. Next week you could be dead.
          2. Being restricted.
          3. Seeing what happens when an organisation (NHS) most people think was there on tap if they needed it.
          4. The worry that this might go on, and on, and then what?
          Nature has come calling, knocking on everyone’s door.
          Nothing will be as it was.
          Nature has looked upon our previous games and has scoffed.
          And the message will be left, imprinted.

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    • Sounds like your government isn’t doing a whole heck of a lot better than ours. At least, though, our media … well, some of it anyway … are calling out the government’s failures. But, there is a contingent here that are now calling for the firing of the chief medical expert because he had the unmitigated gall to say that Trump should have taken action sooner. Sigh. When all this is over … IF it ever is … heads should roll and plans put in place to ensure that next time … and there WILL be a next time … things are done properly with the lives of people the priority, not the bloody stock market! The only consolation I can offer you is that at least you don’t have Trump. I’m no fan of Boris, but he’s got something Trump lacks: a brain.

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  4. some good questions for both you and Jeff.

    “The idea that Trump ignored warnings or that Trump reacted late or that Trump over-reacted and carelessly destroyed our economy: these are all the whiny

    assertions of irresponsible children.

    We are always being warned about everything. Pandemics, pulse bombs, earthquakes. We have business to take care of. We prepare where we can. Trump reacted

    quickly given the misinformation we were getting from China and WHO. He stopped travel from China when Joe Biden and the rest of the Left called him names

    for it. Even the governors who hate him admit he has responded to their calls. (I recommend looking up how the governors of both New York and California reacted, if you need further proof)

    And as for over-reacting and uncaringly dumping the economy… What inside info have you got that he’s not seeing? Does anyone with an ounce more sense than

    the hate-filled half-wits at CNN or the New York Times – does any sensible person believe that Trump doesn’t care about the economy? His political fortunes

    depend on it for one thing. And he’s rightly proud of his skill at fixing things, the economy above all.

    The president has had an unprecedented and unknowable threat on his hands. He is following experts and feeling his way – just like every leader on earth.

    If social isolation leads to a low death toll, and the economy bounces back as quickly as he hopes, will the Twitter Jeremiahs line up outside the White

    House to apologize? Will they say: “Hey. Wow. That really worked, Mr. President. We doubted you every step of the way but, doggone it, as it turns out, you did a good job.””

    Read the full article from someone who hated trump in 2016.

    Hell, even a blind squirrel finds an acorn now and then if that squirrel is only blind and is intent on finding it.

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    • Trump reacted quickly given the misinformation we were getting from China and WHO.

      This is nonsense. This is the feeble excuse that Trump is using to fool people.

      Don’t be conned. Don’t be fooled.

      Trump’s handing of the situation has been abysmally bad.

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    • Scott … The Daily Wire??? Are you serious? Look, my friend, I’m open to discussion on most anything and everything, but please … use legitimate sources if you want me to take talking points seriously. There is not a single point you list that is valid or even accurate. No, Trump has not done a good job, nor even a half-assed decent job. He has treated this first as a ‘hoax’, then as a ‘non-issue’, and when finally people were dying by the hundreds every day, he took it semi-seriously, but since then has been denying the things he said earlier, even though they are on tape, and spends the better part of his daily ‘briefings’ patting himself on the back and telling us more lies. I refuse to watch them, for if I want facts I know I won’t find them there. If you want to discuss some specific area where you think he’s doing something right, give me a single talking point from YOUR OWN thoughts, and I’ll be happy to talk. But don’t give me the garbage spewed by The Daily Wire, for they are by no means a legitimate source. I do treasure your friendship, Scott, and I’m not trying to argue, but … it seems that of late you don’t respect my views very much and would prefer to listen to that of the far right-wing conspirators. Hugs.

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      • it has nothing to do with not respecting your opinions but after a while of being told in no uncertain terms by readers of this blog that I’m posting nonsense or that I’m ridiculous for considering other ideas, you just get tired of it all, the implied marginalization, the dismissive tones of “oh he doesn’t think for himself if he believes even a little of the opposition”. No, I respect you as a friend but I honestly take issue with the tones of the posts lately and that’s something else altogether and the two are very very different. You guys can call me oversensetive if you want to but if you step away and take a look at it logically, and not through the lens of tribalism or us verses them, I think or hope you’ll see that I have a point.
        No one likes to be told they’re ridiculous or silly or whatever and this, coupled with the extended draconian isolation imposed by state and local officials is taking a toll on me.

        I’ll still read the good people posts and jolly Monday entries as I do enjoy those, but for my own sense of balance, I can no longer read anything with snark in the title, at least for a while.

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    • Who are you saying should be criminally charged, Scott? And what are you even talking about that Dr. Fauci “hasn’t been right about anything …” … that’s definitely not true … it is Trump who hasn’t been right since the beginning. Remember when he said it was no different than a cold, then said we had 15 cases and wouldn’t have any more, then said it was nothing to worry about? And I could add another 60 or 70 falsehoods he’s told about it at various times. Surely you don’t believe what you wrote here?

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