Grumbles …

Remember back a short 4 years ago?  Life seemed relatively stable, sane … normal.  Not so today …

Conspiracies abound …

Creating conspiracy theories seem to be the favourite hobby of those who haven’t the wits to do anything more constructive with their lives.  Trouble is, a lot of people will fall for them without either checking facts or thinking for themselves, and they sometimes become dangerous, such as the Pizzagate hoax back in 2016.

Ever since last year when tech companies began rolling out the latest generation of wireless communication, called 5G, conspiracy theories have run rampant.  Most of us roll our eyes and brush them off, for they are so far-fetched that even a child wouldn’t fall for them.  But, in this, the year of the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve all had our worlds turned upside down and perhaps aren’t thinking quite clearly.

This time, an internet conspiracy theory links the spread of the coronavirus to 5G technology.  Under the false idea, which has gained momentum in Facebook groups, WhatsApp messages and YouTube videos, radio waves sent by 5G technology are causing small changes to people’s bodies that make them succumb to the virus.  In other times, even as recently as four months ago, only a handful of people would likely have taken this seriously and even that handful would have been content to spout their nonsense on the ‘Net.  But, as I said, these are scary times with a pandemic inexplicably raging out of control and some are taking it all quite seriously.


Credit…Stefan Wermuth/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Across Britain, more than 30 acts of arson and vandalism have taken place against wireless towers and other telecom gear this month, according to police reports and a telecom trade group. In roughly 80 other incidents in the country, telecom technicians have been harassed on the job.  When people start harming property and people because they fall for a hoax like this, it’s time to shut it down.  I am all for freedom of speech, but this is inciting violence and that’s when it’s no longer free speech but hate speech.

It doesn’t help that two prominent actors, Woody Harrelson and John Cusack, are promoting the falsehood … some will believe it if only because somebody famous said it.  Unfortunately, with most people in the western world being under forced isolation they have plenty of extra time to surf the internet and far too many will believe this sort of garbage.  Each of us who use WiFi or cell phones will pay the price for those damaged cell towers, as the companies who owned them will pass the costs for repairs and replacement, not to mention additional security, on to we the consumer.  Worse yet, eventually somebody will be hurt or killed … and all because this was someone’s idea of fun.  Doesn’t say much for the human condition, does it?

Speaking of conspiracy theories …

There are so many villains in the current administration that it’s hard to decide who’s the crookedest of them all.  I could name at least 30 off the top of my head, but for the moment I think Attorney General William Barr is at or near the top of the list.


You’ll remember, of course, the investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller into the Trump campaign’s illicit dealings with Russia during the 2016 election campaign.  Mueller’s investigation proved that certain people connected with Trump and/or his campaign did, in fact, engage in a conspiracy with Russia to give Trump assistance in winning the election.  The facts prove that, as does the fact that some of those people are now in prison.

But Bill Barr has decided the whole thing was a conspiracy theory designed to “sabotage the presidency”.  Now, first of all, he has no evidence whatsoever for his claim, but … hey, when did a lack of facts ever stop anybody in this administration from spouting off at the mouth?  Barr was being interviewed by the ignoble Laura Ingraham on Fox News when he claimed …

“I think the president has every right to be frustrated, because I think what happened to him was one of the greatest travesties in American history.  Even more concerning, actually, is what happened after the campaign, a whole pattern of events while he was president to sabotage the presidency, and I think that – or at least have the effect of sabotaging the presidency.”

Mr. Barr … just how stupid do you think the public are?  Perhaps you are judging us all by the company you keep, but that would be a mistake.  The justice department’s inspector general found in a December report that the FBI was fully justified in opening the investigation to protect against a potential national security threat. It did not find any evidence that the decision to start the investigation was motivated by political bias.

And … “one of the greatest travesties in American history”???  Seriously???  There are so many ‘travesties’ in the history of this country that it would take a thousand pages or more to tell about them all.  No, Bill, this is not even a minor travesty … this was due process of law in action.

This is not an administration, not a government, it is a three-ring circus populated by some of the world’s most ridiculous clowns!  I am insulted that these people expect us to believe the line of bullshit they constantly spout.

And then there’s this:

Remember that $2.3 trillion stimulus bill recently passed by Congress?  Well, part of it was for we the people, part to help small businesses, and part to bail out big corporations so that the CEOs won’t have to reach into their own deep pockets.  Among those corporations are the airline industry, and one corporation within the airline industry is, of course, Boeing.

On Friday, Trump was asked by a reporter if Boeing should be penalized for mass layoffs (approximately 10% of their staff) despite receiving federal aid. Trump claimed that Boeing, which he described as “probably the greatest company in the world”, was yet to ask for aid, though he anticipated that the company would.

First of all, Trump lied (what a surprise, eh?) On March 17th,  ten days before the stimulus bill was even passed, Boeing requested $60bn in government aid.  But the bigger shock was that he had the gall to call Boeing the “greatest company in the world”!  Greatest company in the world???  The company who cut corners and cheated on safety to save money, causing the deaths of 346 people?  Boeing planes have been involved in countless incidents and near misses, twenty-five just since 2006.  Their 737 MAX, the plane involved in the two latest crashes, is grounded because of the software glitch that caused the crashes … a problem that proper testing would have detected before the plane was approved for flight if the FAA and Boeing had not let that ball drop.  No, Donnie boy, Boeing is not even in the top 500 companies in the world!  And yet we the taxpayers are bailing them out of trouble. Max-8-crash

And last but not least …

Trump reportedly asks for prayers for healthcare workers … Say WHAT???  How about sending them the equipment they’re practically begging for?  How about giving them the resources they need to do their jobs?  How about shutting up and letting them do their jobs?  Excuse me, Donnie, but your prayers, especially yours, are about as worthless as your ‘word’ on anything.  Do something right, just for once in your life!angry emoji

24 thoughts on “Grumbles …

  1. Re: the 5G conspiracy … I follow a blogger that is totally convinced of the “dangers” of this technology. I almost get a headache from shaking my head “no…no…no” as I read his posts on the subject. I would stop visiting his blog except that many of his blogs are about interesting and/or relevant issues … although I do notice the occasional “conspiracy” slant on things. 😉

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    • Y’know … I’ve been thinking about this, and I think that people are frightened of that which they don’t understand … the old “fear of the unknown” syndrome. Few of us can understand wireless technology, how it works, etc., so it is a natural target for the conspiracy theorists. Sigh.

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  2. Some tells me it’s a conspiracy by a government and I switch off at once.
    One of the biggest pieces of baloney next to pyramid selling ever to curse the latter half of the 20th century. The way folk try and convince other folk that ‘they’ ‘know’ something and Gee aren’t they so clever? Give me a break! Be they on the Left or the Right all we are seeing is folk’s prejudices or some desperate attempt to seem cool.
    Years back I was discussing this with a guy who had worked for the big UK outfit BT (British Telecom), me UK govt. I forget how the thread had started but it had dribbled over to 9/11 and usual stuff was out. We both agreed from our own experiences that the idea of large organisations actually having the wit, co-ordination and focus to accomplish what the Conspiracy crew thought these governments could was laughable.
    Basically there are screw-ups which big outfits try to cover up, naturally. As for cunning plans to….whatever…HA!!!
    As for the 5G latest hokum…as we used to say in the UK ‘Round Objects’. These folks ancestors used to burn women as witches. Personally in the present situation I would treat them under the terrorist legislation….
    I’ll stop now, my language restraint meter is touching red.

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    • Yeah, the theories surrounding 9/11 were the most insane of any I’ve ever heard, and still today some people will tell you the government blew up the towers, or that there was no plane that hit the Pentagon. Sigh. My own theory is that people are so bored with their shallow little lives they must entertain themselves by making stupid shit up. Heck, Roger, my language meter has been in the red for weeks now … I’ve darn near worn out the ‘f-word’.

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  3. Barr might be the most dangerous of all the sycophants on Trump’s team. He controls the levers of our judicial system. He can investigate who he wants, and can keep the King insulated from being investigated himself. All the while, Congress is powerless as we watch it all unfold. ‘Grumbly,’ indeed, Jill!!

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  4. Jill, what is insulting and infuriating is just because Trump does not pay attention to history or relationships, he does not think we do? Boeing? It is not a strtech to say their management’s arrogance killed people by not listening to employees complaining about the planes.

    As a parallel to January and February, Donald Trump was briefed on the risk of the pandemic on our shores. Did he act presidential and forewarn us so we could plan ahead? No, he lied and downplayed it. Why is a mystery? So, I guess there is a parallel to Boeing and why Trump thinks highly of them – ignore warnings before the you-know-what-hits-the-fan. Then lie about it.

    Trump’s campaign has sued TV stations to not run ads using his own words when he lied and downplayed this. This is two months ago. The words are recorded.


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    • It IS insulting … most of us are far more educated in such matters as history and the Constitution than he, and yet he acts as though … as though he in his mighty ‘wisdom’ knows far better than us what is best for the country. You’re right … as re both Boeing’s and Trump’s philosophies: Do whatever it takes to make more profit, and deal with the fallout later. What, after all, are a few hundred or a few thousand lives? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


  5. The grumps bug is definitely spreading. Here our leaders are fibbing about the figures. Telling our nurses to be careful and appreciate the safety kit they have (does that include the bin liners most are having to resort to). Now they are talking about opening schools way before they allow mass gatherings – let’s use our kids as test subjects (don’t worry as the kids have a lower risk than adults, LOWER is not no risk).

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    • I’ve heard the same thing in some republican states. Seems it is more important to teach kids to be wage-slaves than it is for them to be alive. Not a very caring bunch.
      So far I have not heard any conservative jurisdictions in Canada singing that tune. I sure hope I never do.

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    • Opening the schools before they deem it safe is absolutely unconscionable!!! Kids may have an overall lower risk, but there are kids with asthma, kids with developmental disabilities, kids who are immune-compromised … Are they, then, to be used as guinea pigs? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. It is much the same here, but here I think the states have more control, so I’m not as concerned … yet, anyway. The numbers here are likely being manipulated, and we’ve seen Trump talk over or constrain the experts in lieu of his own uneducated opinion. He’s pushing a drug that has never been tested on coronavirus and has serious effects for those with heart problems, but a company in which he owns stock produces it, so he stands to profit. Both our countries, it would seem, are far more interested in the profits of the wealthy than the health of the people.

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  6. I think it was July 26, 1984, Trump said he would never live in such a pigsty (probably meaning one of his rental units!) and the pigs living there cheered, for he would have brought down property values by living there–not to mention the piles of fast-food garbage he would have left behind.

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    • Well, I cannot confirm or deny the date or the comment, but it wouldn’t surprise me, for I have read several instances where he referred to people’s homes as a ‘pigsty’, and I do remember that he made some snide remark about the White House being ‘tacky’ before he actually moved in. My opinion is that any dwelling will become a pigsty if he lives in it, for you can tell just by looking at him that he is a slob. I picture him throwing the bones from his ribs or chicken over his shoulder, leaving them for others to pick up off of the floor.


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