“These are not normal times.”

Jeff and I agree on most things, but on one thing we are totally and completely in agreement: We miss President Barack Obama! Today, President Obama formally endorsed Joe Biden for president and he did so with his usual dignity, forthrightness and grace. Please be sure to watch the video at the end to be reminded how a true leader speaks. Thanks Jeff … great post!

On The Fence Voters

Wow, talk about the understatement of the year. I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to hear from the 44th President of the United States today. A formal endorsement of his Vice-President, Joe Biden, came today. It was only a matter of time, of course. Why he decided to wait until the primary season ended, with Bernie Sanders finally dropping out and also endorsing Biden, is anyone’s best guess.

But I get a sense that Barack Obama doesn’t just do things by chance. I’m sure he pondered whether to weigh in earlier on who he wanted to see as the candidate to run against Donald Trump. Perhaps he didn’t want it to be Biden. Or, maybe he merely wanted to let the people decide for themselves, and not get in the way of the process.

Frankly, I don’t care what his reasons were. Because his announcement today was a…

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27 thoughts on ““These are not normal times.”

    • I would certainly rank him as among the best … I’ve seen some good guys in the Oval … Kennedy, Johnson, and Obama would be the top three on my list. I miss him, too … imagine if he were still in office … we would have had far fewer deaths and a more coherent policy to help us through these times. Sigh.

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            • Jill, do you believe that China should be held accountable to the rest of the world regarding their inactions in this situation?

              Not the citizens of course, but the Chinese communist party who fired and threatened doctors, ordered genetic samples to be destroyed, expelled journalists from the country and insisted on numerous occasions that human to human transmission of the virus was not possible when, in fact, it was?

              All other nations, especially ours could have done better in this had we all had the correct information at the right time, would you not agree?

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              • I haven’t read enough about China’s cover-up to make a judgment call on that yet. I do know that they buried the report by the first doctor who sounded the alarm, and he is now dead, but I’m not sure how much is true of the rest. I will look into when time permits, though, and yes, if they did all of that, then the government must be censured. Trouble is, just as with tariffs, when you punish a government, it is really the people you are hurting. When Trump imposed import tariffs on other nations, we paid the price. So, I’m not sure just what lengths I would like to see the international community go to in order to punish China. Your last statement is correct, but bottom line for our country is that Trump had the information in January, but waffled for two months as he put profit before people.


    • why have you guys not come out and talked about the allegations against Joe, except in a post to casually mention that they happened when with Cavanaugh, you went over and over it in various blog posts?

      Perhaps blogging reflects official media bias in this instance?

      I think it’s a fair question to ask, one that should be answered wouldn’t you agree?


  1. After I read this post and watched the video earlier Tuesday evening at “On The Fence Voters”, I stood up with tear-filled eyes, applauded and cheered as the solitary witness present to the empowering words from “My President”!! I immediately knew that this would soon appear on your blog and did not post a comment there. I was not disappointed to find this phenomenal column by Jeff re-blogged here, nor did I miss the opportunity to read and listen again! “My President”, Barack Obama, is rightly called “Our President” by those of us who still recognize what leadership and the presidency should be…not what it has become since January 2017. Might I also mention My First Lady & Our First Lady, Michelle Obama, and one of the things that she has done since her departure from the White House. In 2018, as you may know, Michelle with Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson along with notable others co-founded and co-chair “When We All Vote”. They were very effective increasing voter participation in the 2018 mid-term elections. They are working even harder for this in the coming 2020 November election. It is vitally important that every eligible voter cast their vote for Joe Biden, whether he was their first choice or not…our democracy hangs in the balance. Thank-you Jeff and Jill!!


  2. obama is wrong when he says the other side has a massave war chest and propaganda machine because, as always with the democrats, they claim moral superiority and imply that they do no wrong by not looking at themselves in the mirror. Has mr. obama forgotten that the major networks run cover for the democrats every single day? Has he forgotten people like George Soros?

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    • Well, what he was referring to by the ‘massive war chest’ is that the republicans are the ones most likely to receive large donations from corporate interests and lobbyists. It’s true … you can check it out on Open Secrets, a website that lists where each candidate’s donations come from. Nobody is implying that democrats do no wrong, for sure, there are some who take donations that obligate them, but … the republicans are the ones who are most closely aligned with the NRA and the fossil fuel & petrochemical industries, not to mention big pharma. And it is we the people who suffer when it comes time for them to pay back those interests. George Soros???

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