Filosofa Is Ranting … AGAIN!

Last evening, Donald Trump crossed a line in my book.  He’s crossed many before, but this, taken in conjunction with his statement a few days ago that he had “total authority”, is the final straw.  I hold every person who voted for, and still approves of Donald Trump responsible for handing the ‘keys to the kingdom’ to a cruel and evil tyrant determined to have his way at all costs, determined to destroy the United States.

Why am I ranting, you ask?  Believe me, I toned it down a lot from my first draft!  Let me tell you …

According to the U.S. Constitution, we have three equal branches of government, but yesterday … Donald Trump threatened to trash the Constitution in order to have his way.  Oh sure, he’s been trashing it, shredding it, trampling it and burning it for over three years now, but this is beyond any of his previous abominable moves.

Yesterday, Donald Trump threatened to shut down both chambers of Congress to allow him to fill vacancies in his administration without Senate approval.  This is unconscionable … this is the action of a strongarm dictator, determined to get his way … or else!  This is the exact sort of tyrant the Founding Fathers worried about, the reason they built checks and balances into the Constitution so that no one person could hijack the democratic principles on which this nation was founded.

He spent much of his daily campaign rally (disguised as a coronavirus briefing), railing against democrats for blocking his nominations when in fact, the nominations are awaiting Senate approval and the Senate is controlled by the republicans … his own bootlickers!

He ended his little tirade with …

“They know they’ve been warned and they’ve been warned right now. If they don’t approve it, then we’re going to go this route and we’ll probably be challenged in court and we’ll see who wins.”

The Constitution grants the president the authority to adjourn Congress if leaders of the House and Senate can’t agree on whether to adjourn.  However, in 233 years of governance under the Constitution, that authority has never once been exercised.  And furthermore, there is currently no disagreement between the two chambers — they have already agreed to adjourn on Jan. 3, 2021.

In 2014, republican senators challenged some of President Obama’s recess appointments in the Supreme Court and won their case.  The Supreme Court ruled that only the Senate — not the president — can decide when it is in session.  Seems cut and dried to me, but this is the era of Trump, when nothing follows any logical pattern, when he can browbeat and bully to get his way, when children are thrown into cages by order of Trump, and when justice as we once knew it no longer exists.

And in other news …

Well isn’t that convenient?

The criminal trial for several associates of Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani has been postponed until well after the November election.  How very convenient!

parnas-frugmanA federal judge in New York on Wednesday ordered that the trial of Lev Parnas, Igor Fruman and two other men on campaign-finance-related charges be postponed from this October to February of next year.

Parnas and Fruman worked closely with Giuliani on several efforts related to Ukraine, including a successful drive to oust the U.S. ambassador to that country, Marie Yovanovitch. She was removed from her post last May. An indictment returned against the businessmen last year charged them with violating U.S. campaign finance laws by funneling funds from abroad and hiding their source. In the indictment, Yovanovitch’s ouster is discussed as one of the goals the conspirators were allegedly seeking to achieve.

The reason cited for the delay was logistical problems related to the pandemic … my guess is that money or favours changed hands to push it to after the election so that it wouldn’t be ongoing, or fresh in people’s minds on election day.  Amazing how this pandemic that is killing the rest of us has played right into Trump’s hands in a number of ways, isn’t it?

Profit over people

In a 24-hour period ending on Wednesday everning, the U.S. recorded more than 4,500 deaths as a result of the coronavirus, an all-time daily high.  And yet Trump stands firm that he is re-opening the country, possibly even before May 1st.  Later today, he plans to “unveil” his plan for opening the economy.  Likely his plan will be disregarded by most, except the republican governors who care far more for the wealthy industrialists in their states than the working people.  We, the poor and middle class, are expendable, you know.

Turns out that yesterday Trump attempted a conference call with bankers from such institutions as Goldman-Sachs, JP Morgan, Bank of America and others.  First, it was a fiasco, as he didn’t give much advance notice and most of the CEOs he planned to touch base with already had other commitments for the time he specified.  One of the executives involved in the call referred to it as a ‘shit show’, if that tells you anything.

Trump’s intent was to talk with the bankers about how to re-start the economy, and apparently he expected them to be eager to get back to ‘business as usual’, but he was in for a bit of a surprise.  One of the CEOs complained …

“I really don’t understand how they are communicating on this. He’s got to stop talking about turning the economy back on and start talking about making people feel safe, things that are happening around testing and the health care system. That’s the only way you will really get the economy reopened over a period of time.”

Now, as a rule I have little or no respect for bankers, considering them to be a greedy lot concerned more about their own investment portfolios than our lives, but this is one case where I will give them a thumbs up for saying just what the rest of the nation is saying (except money-grubbing industrialists and the politicians in their pockets).

I would like to remind the people of this country that we did not elect Donald Trump to lead this nation.  We elected Hillary Clinton by nearly 3 million votes more than Donald Trump.  Through corrupt machinations primarily by the republicans in certain states, he was placed into the Oval Office and has been destroying this nation since the first day he took office.  But today, in a crisis of astronomical proportions, we are stuck with a person at the helm who does not have a clue what he is doing and does not care, but is determined to claim absolute power, to lead not as a president representing the people, but as an authoritarian who puts his own interests first.  Remember all these abominations on November 3rd, please, or we may very well find ourselves in the same situation the German people found themselves in 1933.  Think about it.

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    • Sigh. It just never ends, does it? My greatest fear at this point is that he will either cancel/postpone the election, or make it so unfair that We the People are screwed. Sigh.


  1. It is now a fact…there is not a line that can be drawn which Trump will not cross! His arrogance and ego continue to be emboldened by his successes in doing just that. One has to wonder exactly what it will take for his sycophants in the GOP to finally say “ENOUGH!” Here of late my aged and wandering mind has gone back to the early 60’s during the time of the Cold War. I think it was in 1961, if memory serves me correctly, that President Kennedy advised the use of Fallout Shelters to protect people from radioactive fallout that would come following a nuclear explosion. I well remember the underground construction of local community and family fallout shelters, as well as the stocking of completed ones. They were believed to be an insurance policy for survival should the unthinkable happen. In my somewhat less than humble opinion, Trump is just as toxic to the environment and proving just as deadly to humans as the greatly feared nuclear fallout of the 60’s. The problem is that there is no fallout shelter to protect us…our government, all three branches, is failing We the People!! Thank-you!

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    • For Trump, only one person matters … Trump. You’re right … there can be no line in the sand beneath which he will not stoop, and the bar just keeps going lower and lower. You ask what it will take for his sycophants in Congress to say, “Enough!!!”, and I cannot answer that question, for if asked a few short years ago, I would have said that any of the many abominations he has imposed on this nation would have done the job. Certainly, if Obama had done any of them, he would have been run out of town on a rail. But oh wait … that’s right … Obama was African-American! Trump is only German-American … definitely more fitting for the religious right, for his skin is … well, what colour exactly IS his skin? Some days it appears orange, other days mottled red. And that fake hairpiece … much nicer, I suppose, than Obama’s increasingly grey and shortcut hair. Oh, and let us not forget that Obama had the audacity to wear a tan suit once! GASP! Ooops … sorry … my mood tonight is darker even than usual and I got carried away.

      To your point … I well remember neighbors digging bomb shelters, and I also remember the school drills where we were supposed to get under our desks for protection. Of course, being the stubborn wench I have always been, i refused and got many a whacking with the ruler from the Sisters! But, in truth, those school drills would not have saved us from a nuclear bomb, and nothing we have in our arsenal will safe us from the a-bomb-ination that is Donald Trump. He must be removed from office, and I’m not sure we can afford to wait until November … I’m not sure November 3rd will be on this year’s calendar. Sigh.


  2. Jill, I have said before that even Trump could not do something that inane, then he does it. I think I have become more bothered by the sycophants and enablers of the foolish, irresponsible and corrupt behavior of the US president.

    I sent emails to GOP Senators James Lankford and Rob Portman on their political courage for sending a letter to the president on his attacking the role and people who staff inspector generals. Political courage is rare in the GOP, but even more so with such a vindictive and petulant acting president.

    We spoke of the Senators opening Pandora’s Box with its refusal to remove the president. Well, they own this Pandora. Keith

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    • Jill, I just wrote a comment on On the Fence Voters. We need to focus on the sycophants and the toadies (or maybe those who might listen). I am more perturbed by their looking the other way on this president’s corrupt, deceitful, impetuous and chaotic behavior. When you cover for a liar, that makes the coverer an accessory to the lie. I watched one of the toadies, Lindsey Graham on The View today. The things he stated as fact were largely opinion and spin-doctored messages.

      This issue on Trump’s attacking inspectors general, saying he has absolute power, saying he will close Congress down, are the rantings of a regal minded president. This is a danger to our democracy, so says this Independent and former GOP voter. This is the theme I left with Senators Romney and Rubio, people who just might care more than the sycophants. Keith

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      • Hi Keith, I find the political spectrum has become so narrowed and polarized, shaped by irresponsible media sensationalizing and criticizing every “news” story that all sense of balance, fairness and proportion have been misleadingly prejudicially skewed. This creates imbalance, extreme divisiveness and polarization, it’s no wonder the public have such blinders on when their ideology gets challenged. They automatically defend it without employing critical thinking or reasoning. This is how civil wars start, no one is willing to examine or establish dialogue with the other side. The underlying question is: how do we get our congress person to come together, put aside their biases and entrenched views, and simply try working together. Also get the media to promote unity instead of viciously attacking the other side. That only creates discord and mistrust among the public. How can healing take place when everyone is at each other’s throat?
        Personally I don’t see this issue going away even if Trump leaves office, it’s been so deeply ingrained in our collective psyche to take sides, how does the left and right even begin to come together again? Will it happen in our lifetime? What must be done to promote unity for the good of all? What are we waiting for… an alien invasion before we as a ppl put our differences aside and work together?
        America has lost her way, and the whole world can see we are rudderless and disempowered. Old structures are collapsing all around us, we desperately need to rebuild with higher consciousness and love as the foundation of what we believe and stand for… otherwise we’re all doomed.


        • 1EarthUnited, your assertions are unfortunately based on fact and identify the results of tribal thinking. Voices of reason and courage need to be overtly applauded. I think we need to tell the sycophants and those who are less tribal that the political courage of others is the behavior we applaud. While I try to be diplomatic, I remain candid. The sad truth is they know better. We need to tell them we know they know better.

          Being a former Republican, I tell them the GOP used to stand for something, but now I do not recognize it. That is a true statement. Keith

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          • I have many concerns about our current political system, the main issue is Washington’s power and control over it’s elected officials. Biden and Trump do not represent the best of what this nation has to offer. There is zero leadership ability, nothing to inspire confidence or hope. With Biden as our nominee, I’m very concerned about our future, whether he’ll win or lose…. it’s not good.


      • I agree … Lindsey and the whole lot have sold their integrity for a piece of whatever it is Trump is offering them and I’ll be laughing if they are out in the cold soon for their voters get tired of the lies and b.s.

        Trump definitely aspires to an autocratic leadership … he’s never made any secret of that … and he’s trashed enough parts of the Constitution, thumbed his nose at rule of law, that he’s well on his way.


    • The bar just keeps getting lower and lower, doesn’t it? I didn’t know it could go so low. Like you, I am more concerned about the enablers, his base and the sycophants in Congress and elsewhere, for without them, he could not be where he is. I agree … those Senators who refused to do their job in February own this nightmare. And the lives of countless citizens are on their shoulders, as well as Trump’s.


  3. Sadly I fear your right. The way the US governs opens up the possibility of abuse and a power grab. Your constitution (just like our informal one) are designed for a different time. A more middle of the road time. It’s not made for a way of thinking in which someone can pay millions into a re-election fund which buys them a seat at table of power AND gets wrestling listed as an essential service.

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    • During my grad school studies, I took a course under political scientist/Constitutional Law expert Akhil Reed Amar … the course was titled “The Living Constitution”, and the premise was that while the foundation stand, times have changed in ways that could not have been foreseen by the Founding Fathers in 1787, so the Constitution and interpretation must be flexible. I think it is time for a bit of an overhaul, getting rid of the Electoral College and the 2nd Amendment altogether! Sigh. Money in politics is just a bad idea all around. Sigh.

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  4. With so many federal judges in his pocket, especially the majority of the Supreme Court, of couse he wants everything to end up in legal battles. He can’t lose, even when he is obviously guilty of running amok through the Constitution.
    By November 3rd, there may be only one party to vote for, he’ll find some way to shut down the Democratic Party. Probably he will just dissolve the party, or pass laws to have no more than one party run delegates, like in most communist countries and dictatorships.

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    • At some point, I would hope there would be a line at which the Justices on the Supreme Court would say, “NO”. I don’t know where that point is, but I hope there is one. Has everyone forgotten those oaths they took???

      He can’t dissolve the party, but my fear is that he will find a way to postpone the election … indefinitely. Sigh.


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