The Unthinkable Becomes Reality

What do you think about a president holding the highest office in the land, who purposefully and with malice incites people to violence?  What do you think about the ‘leader’ of a nation of 330 million people, who curses and denigrates more than half of that population?

I have seen twelve presidents (not counting Trump, who I refuse to call a ‘president’) come and go in my lifetime.  Some I’ve liked better than others, some I respected more than others, but not a single one have I literally despised.  I cannot say the same for Donald F. Trump.

President Harry S. Truman had a sign on his desk …Truman-buck-sign

“The buck stops here” … ultimately, the responsibility falls on the shoulders of the man at the top.  Too bad we don’t have a ‘man’ at the top today, but rather a self-aggrandizing lout whose motto is …Trump-no-responsibility

A number of quotes are attributed to President John F. Kennedy, one of which is …


But Trump claims …


Or another comparison between Kennedy and Trump …kennedy-trump

And Trump’s predecessor, who he seems to have an unrelenting and unreasonable hatred for …obama-quote

Vs Trump …Trump-bigot

And I could cite example after example of how much more intelligent, more compassionate, more humanitarian every one of his predecessors were, but you get the picture, right?  This week, though, came what should be, but likely won’t be, the final straw, the most ignominious thing he has done to date, and believe me, there’s quite a bucketful of them.

On Friday Trump spewed forth a series of tweets in response to the news that groups were forming in some states to protest the shuttering of most businesses in their states, and the guidelines encouraging people to stay home, out of public venues, as much as possible.  They want businesses open and ‘business as usual’ to resume.


Close your eyes and try to imagine President Kennedy or President Obama calling for a group of people to overthrow the government … the image just doesn’t work, does it?

Trump speaks and his base rally to the cause, never understanding that they are putting lives in jeopardy, that they are issuing a proverbial slap-in-the-face to all the doctors, nurses and other essential workers who are on the frontlines in the battle against this pandemic.  And never, apparently, stopping to think that … whether all businesses open tomorrow or six months from now, it will not be “business as usual”.  Not for a very long time, if ever.

Trump’s call for liberation from current shut-down rules followed protests around the country as protesters — many wearing red “Make America Great Again” hats — congregated in packed groups around state capitols to demand that restrictions be immediately lifted and to demonize both Democratic and Republican governors.

In Michigan, protesters waved banners in support of Trump and protested Governor Gretchen Whitmer by chanting, “Lock her up.” Sound familiar?  In St. Paul, Minnesota, a group calling itself “Liberate Minnesota” rallied against stay-at-home orders in front of the home of Governor Tim Walz, demanding he “end this lockdown!” In Columbus, Ohio, protesters crowded closely together as they pressed up against the doors of the state’s Capitol.  I am told that even in the more progressive state of California, hundreds gathered in Huntington Beach calling the stay-at-home ‘orders’ tyrannical.

I was particularly incandescent when I read that Stephen Moore, a conservative economist and a member the White House council to reopen the country, said of the protestors …

“I call these people the modern-day Rosa Parks — they are protesting against injustice and a loss of liberties.”


In Michigan, one of the hardest-hit states with more than 30,000 confirmed coronavirus cases and over 2,200 deaths, Michigan Conservative Coalition member Matthew Seely said …

“I feel terrible about the lives lost, but at some point, we have to say ‘Mission accomplished’ and come up with the next phase of this that doesn’t have us continuously locked inside our homes.”

Rather like saying, “Gee, too bad thousands of people have died, but … oh well. 🤷‍♂️

Denny Tubbs, a local leader of Ohio Stands United, a gun rights group, attended a protest rally in the state capital of Columbus against business closures ordered by Mike DeWine, a Republican governor.

“I’m not saying it doesn’t have to be dealt with but shutting down and crushing the economy is not the way to do it. Our civil rights have been stomped on.”

Tubbs is a gunmaker, by the way.

A competent president would be urging calm, but instead Trump is egging the protestors on, urging them to basically overthrow their state governments!  What sort of a leader does this?  What’s next?  Do the protestors come drag people out of their homes and force them to open businesses and congregate?

It is unthinkable to have a president who urges citizens to resort to violence against their own government.  As much as I miss our Saturday outings to dinner and a trip to the bookstore, I am not comfortable with businesses re-opening yet, for most medical experts have cautioned that to re-open too early would almost certainly lead to a second wave of mass fatalities and ultimately yet another shut-down.  And yet, the republicans in this nation are more than willing to risk that … for what?  I’ve said more than once that common sense must prevail, that we cannot cower under our beds in fear.  But, what the protestors, egged on by Trump as well as conservative groups, are urging is dangerous, foolhardy, and selfish, caring more for their own profit than our lives.

In normal times, a crisis such as this pandemic would have pulled people together in this nation.  We’ve seen it before many times.  But these are not normal times, and we have the single most divisive person at the helm of this ship.  It is insane for this person, who is responsible for some 330 million lives, to be inciting what amounts to civil war in this nation.  Thus far, to the best of my knowledge, nobody has been injured in these protests, but it is only a matter of time, especially with gun shops open and gun sales at an all-time high. Will Congress and the Courts stop the madness emanating from the Oval Office?  Doubtful.  Will we stop him in November?  That’s up to us, isn’t it?

48 thoughts on “The Unthinkable Becomes Reality

  1. There will come a point in the near future that his daily Corona press conferences must be shut down for the safety of our people. The more you cover what he says, the greater the risk that Corona will spread more quickly.

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  2. Who could have imagined that we would come t this? But the warning signs began to show up in the 1960s. Then came Reagan, Gingrich, the Tea Party, Trump, and now this. We should have seen it coming long before Trump announce his candidacy.

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    • I agree, or at the very least we should have seen it every time Trump opened his mouth in 2015-2016. But, my conclusion is that what we have right now is what some people in this nation wanted. Remember how Steve Bannon wanted to “destroy the administrative state”? Trump was going to “drain the swamp”? Some 40% of the nation applauded, believing that the federal government was too powerful and too corrupt. (Not to mention they were still angry that an African-American was elected not once, but twice! Bigotry is alive and well in this country, Padre.) And I’ve concluded that no matter how much we talk, how many facts we present, we will not change those minds. Where does that leave us in the future? I don’t know, but … not in a good place, I think.


      • Jill, i am still reading Michael Lewis’s book “The Fifth Risk.” It is about the vast number of people in the so-called Deep State who go to work every day and help Americans. As the foreword to the book says, “these are the people who know what they are talking about.” And, the risk is the Trump administration knows very little what they do. HIs people did not attend multiple transition briefing sessions and, if they did, it was one person not schooled on the vast array of services they did. The next president will have to bypass Trump appointees to find out what they are supposed to be doing.

        I will write about this soon, but the examples are many and scary. There is a group that develops new energy technologies (fracking was one, solar and wind energy are others), since industry does not have the money or band-width to research. The number of successes are many. One observer said JP Morgan would kill for their investment portfolio as it has a terrific track record. Their biggest failure was Solyndra, which was more due to China trying to own the market. Yet, this failure is paraded about and this great group of innovation is at risk of being defunded.

        There is another story about how some states were complaining to the USDA that government sucks. She told them we invest $1 billion in your state and if we did not, you would be in heap of hurt. The stories go on.

        Could these folks work more efficiently? Of course. That should be the focus. Yet, Lewis went through the (unread) briefings and talked to the folks who prepared them. The risks these folks worry about are telling. Yet, one that comes up time and again is the politiization of science. It leads to money flowing into investments that are better for the company than the nation.


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        • I finished Lewis’ book a few weeks ago, and much of it literally had my jaw dropping to the floor. Yes, it is scary, and it is enraging. Post Trump, I think new safeguards MUST be put into place to ensure that we never again have so much incompetence in our government. Sigh.


          • Jill, it is jaw dropping. Joe Biden’s folks would have to go back to these briefing papers and meetings to learn what has not been done by the Trump squadron. That is an understated reason to vote for Biden. He will rehire managers that know what they are doing, instead of political hacks with an agenda that does not care to learn. Just contrast the Obama DOE director (a nuclear physicist) and Trump’s DOE, a very uninformed former Governor. Even is the Governor was informed, he is not a physicist. Call me crazy, but I took greater comfort in having the head of the DOE know something about science. Keith

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            • Agreed … 100%. As I said during most of 2017, it appeared that he was choosing the people LEAST qualified for the positions they held. Take Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education … a woman who does not believe in public schools! Or both of the EPA heads, first Scott Pruitt and now Andrew Wheeler … both climate change deniers, both affiliated with the fossil fuel industries. And the list goes on. Remember Steve Bannon’s claim that they would destroy the administrative state, then re-build it? Sigh.


              • And, Rick Perry wanted to do away with the DOE and other agencies when he ran. The DOE? Reading Lewis’ book, doing away with the DOE is utterly dangerous. The list of appointees without the needed skills or understanding is staggering under Trump. As for Bannon, I have little respect for his views that have abetted Trump damage. Per the book “Fear,” Bannon knew how to guide Trump until he started feeling his oats. Trump cannot tolerate someone taking more credit than he does. When that occurred, Bannon had to leave.

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                • Doing away with the Department of Energy, the EPA, the Department of Education, or any other federal agency is a fool’s errand, but then … there is a fool sitting at the head of our government who has decided that this nation is his own personal domain and that he and he alone calls the shots. I read “Fear”, as well, and … frankly, it made me fearful for the future if Trump is not removed … PRONTO! And soon, Michael Cohen’s book will be out, giving us — as if we needed more — a view of the way Trump treats women. Why, oh why, did the Senate fail so miserably in February???


  3. I agree totally about the violence, but where will it show up? Robbing, looting I think will be the most part..maybe targeted democrats state and local…
    So much depends on where the political views of the military, police and the National Guard lie. If they are trump supporters, it will be a free for all. And I fear many of them are.
    This is a coup that a lot of poorer foreign countries have experienced in the past. Think Africa, parts of Latin America, N Korea…the people were never a concern..just power and money. It’s an old story and we, the people, are expendable.

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    • I’m more expecting violence at some of these protest rallies … as Tippy mentioned, people are openly carrying guns … all it’s going to take is a small incident and those guns will be used. They aren’t carrying them only for show. Given that Trump has made many promises to the military that he has failed to keep, given the way in which he’s treated certain of the generals, I think that they will do their job, but if pushed, they might protect the people over the prez. I just can’t predict. Sigh.


  4. his base rally to the cause, never understanding that they are putting lives in jeopardy

    IMO, it’s not that they don’t understand. More like … they simply don’t care. It’s a Me, Myself, and I mentality which is promoted ad-infinitum by their MAGA man-in-charge.

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  5. It all boils down to keeping America dumb. Trump’s deceitful, manipulative character has been documented and televised for years before he even though of running for office. There’s a reason he didn’t win in NY. 😉 The American people need to do their research and get more involved in voting!

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  6. When this is all over there will be comparisons between the Swedes and you. I think it will show you both took the advice of experts and both did the best you could with no advance knowledge of how this would work.. Trump wants to restart the economy flying in the face of his expert’s advice. The Governor’s say ‘No Way. we’ll go back when the expert’s say it’s OK’ Trump changes tack and say says he wants them to make that choice.and instead starts to foment rebellion with his gun bearing maga louts too see if they’ll cave in that way which won’t of course be his fault.There ‘s never been a president who relied on such various ways of trying to get what is his own selfish way. The experts are for show since Trump knows best.

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    • I seriously doubt that the U.S. will be proven to have done a single thing right when the final tally is in, and my best guess is that Trump will have the blood of tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, on his hands. Though mind you, he’ll never be held accountable, for he is Teflon Don. Trump is playing a game … he says what people want to hear, then turns around and incites protests that, unless I am really far off base, are going to turn violent soon. People are worried, scared, stressed, and … they’ve been buying guns. Why have they been buying guns? Because they intend to use them to kill people. It’s inevitable. Sigh. 🐺 Gotta go practice howling at the moon now …

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  7. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Couldn’t have said it any better … ‘ It is insane for this person, who is responsible for some 330 million lives, to be inciting what amounts to civil war in this nation. Thus far, to the best of my knowledge, nobody has been injured in these protests, but it is only a matter of time, especially with gun shops open and gun sales at an all-time high. Will Congress and the Courts stop the madness emanating from the Oval Office? Doubtful. Will we stop him in November? That’s up to us, isn’t it?’

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    • So many thanks, my dear friend, for the kind words and the re-blog. It is simply unconscionable for a ‘man’ in his position to encourage this crap! Mark my words … violence will ensue. People are stressed, worried, and buying guns … what could possibly go wrong, eh? A sane president would be urging calm, would be the voice of reason that we need. Sigh. ❤


  8. Jill, social media is reacting to the “One World: Together at Home” show last night. This is what collaboration looks like. Many touching moments were included, but seeing First Ladies’ Barbara Bush and Michelle Obama together to voice these messages was impactful. Social media was not kind to the American president.

    Today, I read another letter to the editor from a Trump supporter saying we should honor the elected president and do what he says. My initial reaction is I honor the president position. When the incumbent honors the position, I will also honor him or her. The other thing it is hard to do what he says, when he changes his mind within the hour or next day based on what smells right to him.

    When the president had a chance to show leadership in January and February forewarning Americans about the pandemic risk and initiating planning activities, he reverted to form and lied. This is not an anomaly. Leadership is not second nature to Donald J. Trump. Lying is second nature.

    He so badly wants to be viewed as a leader, but for some reason the thought of being a leader just does not register. Keith

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    • I hadn’t heard of that program … I shall have to check it out! I largely stay off of social media these days, for I find it tends to stir my angst and I end up in an argument. Sigh. I will check out that show, though!

      As for the person who said we should “honour” the prez, I would tell him what I’ve told many others who said the same: Respect is earned. He has yet to do a single thing to earn my respect. I will respect the office when it is not being used, abused, denigrated, and trashed for personal gain.

      The Senate Republicans have, in my book, the blood of many on their hands already, and the blood of more to come, for they had the chance to be heroes, to rescue us from an evil, self-aggrandizing, madman, and they blew it.


  9. Why is it the liberals never organize and stage a protest against the rotten policies from Trump? Why only the alt-right MAGA Trump supporters come out in full force and demand their rights? I’m afraid this will lead to 4 more yrs of Trump b/c as libs are too apathetic to fight back against tyranny.

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  10. I don’t know. I think you may be right. But then again, more may die from the effects of lockdowns than from the virus. Sweden is gambling with no lockdowns, which is causing more deaths in the short run, but potentially less in the long run. It will be interesting to see how their gamble plays out.

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    • Well, you know I do agree to a point, but … I think that regardless of that, for the president, and I use that term loosely, to incite people to protest against their own government is a sigh of the utter decay of our government. And, as I said, there will eventually … sooner than later, unless I miss my guess … be violence and lives lost needlessly because the gun nuts are filed and have been further stirred by the one person who should be projecting calm.

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      • It’s enough for the president to say he doesn’t like lockdowns (which he sometimes says, then other times says the opposite). To encourage protests is not necessary, and throws gasoline on the fire. And it seems dangerous as hell to invoke the 2nd amendment while encouraging protests.

        I’ve seen photos of some of the anti-lockdown protests, where demonstrators are openly carrying rifles. This removes any temptation for me to join them. Civil disobedience is one thing, but when it’s done while openly carrying firearms, it gets scary.

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  11. It breaks my heart that the two nations that I used to believe were the shining lights of the world have become such epitomes of incompetence, ignorance and corruption. It is becoming increasingly evident that the UK has made what the Irish call a complete hames of this crisis. Another term would be balls up. Either way it means ignoring the advice of people with knowledge and experience and, instead, ploughing on regardless whilst telling the people who elected them that everything is fine, when it self-evidently isn’t.

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    • I know … it is breaking my heart as well, and I wonder what is to become of both our countries. I read today that Boris is in a bit of hot water for skipping out on 5 meetings about coronavirus in February. Neither Boris nor Donnie are cut out to lead, especially in a crisis. And it seems that their faithful followers cannot or will not see it. Sigh.


  12. We should be all working together. Finding ways to safely work round this virus which is not going away. Redesigning work, school and life activities. Changing supply and food chains. Your approach appears to be all about keeping one man in power and screw everybody else. I really fear for the US going forward. If you get out if it in one piece it’s by pure luck. Having said that we are not much better. He we seem to be trying to beat this thing with sound bites and incompetence.

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  13. In the picture of that group pressing against the statehouse door in Ohio, there’s a mist on the window. Jimmy Kimmel said that’s the Coronavirus. Someone wrote it looks like a zombie movie. Imagine what it will look like when Trump loses the presidency. He’s going to lose voters if they get the virus and are too sick to vote. The number in that crowd didn’t impress me. It didn’t come close to the numbers that show up at his rallies. Maybe some of his gang are getting smarter. We can only hope. — Suzanne

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