How Will ‘The Donald’ Spin This One???

Robert Mueller worked tirelessly for about two years investigating the Russian interference in our 2016 election, and he proved beyond a shadow of a doubt what most of us already knew, that the Russians did, in fact, attempt to help put Donald Trump into office with their high-level propaganda campaign, among other things.  Since Mueller was professional and cautious, and because Attorney General William Barr had already made it clear that Trump could not, would not, be prosecuted of any crimes, Mueller stopped short of recommending such an action.  Contrary to what Mr. Trump said after the report was released, the report did not clear or exonerate Trump, but rather left it up to the Department of Justice to decide whether his crimes ought to be prosecuted.  Trump called Mueller’s report a sham, a democratic witch hunt, and more, but the reality, the truth, was all there in black and white.  Except … the Department of Justice redacted so much of it that it was difficult to read three consecutive sentences.

So now, one year after the Mueller report was released, comes this from Politico

The Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday reaffirmed its support for the U.S. intelligence community’s conclusion that the Russian government interfered in the 2016 presidential election with the goal of putting Donald Trump in the Oval Office.

Tuesday’s bipartisan report, from a panel chaired by North Carolina Republican Richard Burr, undercuts Trump’s years of efforts to portray allegations of Kremlin assistance to his campaign as a “hoax,” driven by Democrats and a “deep state” embedded within the government bureaucracy.


Senators and committee aides examined everything from the sources and methods used for the intelligence-gathering, to the Kremlin’s actions itself. The 158-page report is heavily redacted, with dozens of pages blacked out entirely. But its final conclusions were unambiguous.

“The committee found no reason to dispute the intelligence community’s conclusions,” Burr said in a statement, adding that the intelligence community’s conclusions reflect “strong tradecraft” and “sound analytical reasoning.”

Lest anybody wish to say the report is biased, the Senate Intelligence Committee is chaired by a Republican, Richard Burr, and there are a total of 8 Republicans, 6 Democrats, and 1 Independent serving on the committee.  You can find the .pdf report here, but with all the redactions (including most of the Table of Contents), it’s really rather a waste of time.  Still, just how the hell many reports do we need before Trump’s band of loyal toadies finally accept what is right in front of their face???

Trump has openly criticized the intelligence community’s work, both as a presidential candidate and as commander in chief. His fury has only intensified since its inspector general alerted Congress last year of a whistleblower complaint regarding the president’s posture toward Ukraine, a process that resulted in his impeachment.

The president is still rejecting intelligence officials’ more recent warnings — delivered to lawmakers last month — that Russia is interfering in this year’s election and that Moscow has a preference for Trump.

Of course Moscow has a preference for Trump … he is both greedy and ignorant, meaning he is easily manipulated, used as a puppet in exchange for a small amount of praise and stroking of his ego.  What does this mean for November’s election?  Well, let’s see … the odds of a fair and honest election according to my calculations are slim-to-none.  Russia is and will continue to spout false narratives, gerrymandered states largely remain so, Trump still has an approximately 40% loyal following, Trump is fighting against mail-in voting that would level the playing field just a bit by encouraging everyone to vote … what could possibly go wrong?

We’ve been missing our occasional treat of a Stephen Colbert or Jimmy Kimmel monologue of late, so today in order to lighten the mood a bit (did I really just say that???) I found the latest ‘at home’ monologue by Jimmy.  Somehow, it’s just not the same without the audience, the band, etc., but still he tried.  At least you’ll get a bit of a chuckle.

21 thoughts on “How Will ‘The Donald’ Spin This One???

  1. I did NOT intend to imply that folding in the face of some bad odds is an option! Quitting, Abandoning, Capitulating, Surrendering, Giving up, and Throwing in the towel are not the bywords for success. I did not survive difficult times in my life by doing any of those things, it never once occurred to me to do so! During what seemed the darkest of days I held fast to these words : “My strength lies in my tenacity.” – Louis Pasteur. What I am saying is that this election will, in all likelihood, be the most harrowing and difficult battle that the Democratic Party has ever faced…at least in my lifetime. Preparation and being aware of what the opposition is doing, whilst important, will only succeed when and if the Democrats put aside their differences and join together as one cohesive voice!! To do less invites failure in this most important election for We the People and people beyond our boundaries. Thank-you!

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    • No, I knew you weren’t implying such … I just know from my own experience how easy it is to throw one’s hands up and say, “Why bother?” We have many … and I do mean many hurdles to clear in order to have even a remotely fair election, and it’s going to take all our resources to try. Sigh. I dread November 3rd, for already it’s rigged in more ways than one, and we are the baby gerbil fighting the hungry, vicious lion. But … maybe … just maybe. Sigh.


  2. Does anyone for a New York Minute believe that this will evaporate or diminish the ardor of Trump’s GOP sycophant’s and/or his rabid base of supporters? Seriously, anyone? They care not what he has done, nor what he is doing now as long as they believe that it benefits themselves. Trump will lie, nothing new there, and they will lap it up and beg for more and he will comply. A fair election in November is just about as likely as Covid-19 disappearing by this summer…in short, it’s not going to happen!! Trump and his loyal band will do everything within their power to prevent the voters from voting for the opposition. For Democrats it clearly is an uphill battle all the way to November 3rd. If the party fails to coalesce there is no hope of defeating Trump. Thank-you!

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    • Nope, not for a New York Minute or even a Silly Second do I think it will have any meaning to his ardent followers. However, the fact that it comes from a completely bi-partisan group of senators will carry weight with some intellectuals. Perhaps it will give The Lincoln Project some fuel. At the very least … if it does nothing else … we can take some small pleasure from knowing that it will piss Trump off royally!!! I agree with you re the fair election, but if we take that view and give up, then we stop fighting, and I won’t stop fighting until around 2:00 a.m. on November 4th! And if I have anything to say about it, I won’t let you stop either! It’s too important not only to this country, but to the world, that we oust the evil dictator.

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  3. That’s Trump nicely covered We’ll always ask the question why after seeing Mueller’s report more people, specifically Republicans didn’t vote for impeachment.. They still had the presidency. But they [referred to show how corrupt they are.
    Nice to see Jimmy Kimmel.

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    • Sadly, the House did not bring impeachment charges based on the Mueller report, for they feared the criminality as Mueller stated it, was too vague and that they would not be able to impeach, thereby blowing any future chance. But, when Trump was caught red-handed asking the Ukraine to investigate a political opponent, that was the evidence they needed that wasn’t clear enough in Bob’s report. A mess … a bloody mess. Yeah, I enjoyed seeing Jimmy K, but it’s just not the same without the audience. Still, he’s a breath of fresh air.

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  4. Jill, I am glad they reiterated what the report said. I read the redacted version and concluded:
    – there were many inappropriate contacts with Russians
    – the president lied frequently
    – the president and the obstructed justice.

    Then last fall we watched honorable public servants, under oath and knowing the vindictive nature of the president, share theit concerns over shadow diplomacy, extorting a country and continuing Russia interference. It is not a stretch for me to say Trump is the most corrupt and deceitful president in my lifetime, including Richard Nixon who was a crook. Keith

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    • As am I, but what are the odds it will make a bit of difference to his faithful 40%? Slim to none. Still, coming from a truly bi-partisan group of senators, it carries a lot of weight … or should. I wonder what ol’ Mitch McConnell had to say about it? I think that we can safely say that Trump is the most corrupt and deceitful president in the history of the nation. I have read biographies of most every president, and have never ever come across this sort of skulduggery.

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      • Jill, with this reopen push supported by the president and fueled by right wing opinion and conspiracy hosts, there is an unrecognized flaw in their thinking. It was said best by an attorney who left the White House. As reported in the book “Fear” by Bob Woodward, the variable that worried this attorney most is his boss was a “f**king liar.”

        These opinion hosts are aiding and abetting the primary mission of Donald Trump – looking good for reelection. When that is one’s primary mission, the real truths and understandings of facts get waylaid. Think Tucker Carlson not vetting a self-proclaimed rep of Stanford Medical School who was not who caused the president to promote a drug before it had been tested. Carlson deserves criticism for this.

        With this circular rumor chain (where pseudo news people promote and then confirm their own story), decisions to push the reopening are being made. Now, I think we all want to see a thoughtful reopening of the economy, but human life has to be of the foremost importance. When these pushes are being made by circular rumors, then risk is heightened, even more so with a risk of pandemic transmission.

        So, this reopening push without thoughtfulness and cautions is a recipe that will cause more sickness and sadly more deaths. The president will spin it differently, but make no mistake about this, the president has a heavy hand in this, just as he did with his not wanting to plan ahead.


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        • I notice tonight that he claims he disagreed with Brian Kemp about opening tattoo parlors, hair & nail salons, bowling alleys and gyms this week. Funny, but somehow I don’t believe him one bit. In my a.m. post today, I covered the Mayor of Las Vegas … you won’t believe her reasoning for wanting to open all the bars, restaurants and casinos … rather a “survival of the fittest” theory. I’m appalled by so many things in this nation today that … I don’t know where to start. Trump, his cronies, certain of the states’ governors, but most of all the people … people who are tired of staying home, tired of being inconvenienced, and are willing to risk tens of thousands of lives just so they can go about the business and have fun. Sigh. And yes, Fox hosts such as Pirro, Carlson, Hannity and Ingraham ought to, in my book, be banned from the media. They are doing so much harm, and don’t seem to care.


          • Jill, Kemp has learned the lesson that others have had to learn the hard way. Loyalty to Trump is a one way street. If you do not genuflect enough, sing praises enough or become a liability, he will throw you under the bus. Kemp thought he was being a team player, misguided as it is with the team leader in mind. I often quote Thomas Wells, who used to work for Trump about Trump’s lying. But, another comment he noted is if you are on Trump’s good side, don’t get used to it, as you won’t always be there. I found that telling.

            So, in this instance, Trump tweets out to liberate states and reopen for business. He creates an environment of reckless thinking to reopen and does not caveat being smart about it. This is the day after, he tried to be more presidential and said reasonable things about governors. So, Kemp does a few bridges too far in his zeal and gets huge backlash. I also think Trump saw 70% of Americans feel we should not open up too soon. So, now he has his pants down and he has to pull them up and rewrite history, one of his favorite tactics. Governor Kemp, you messed up in your plans, but if you searching for a word to define the president, look under the “w’s” in the dictionary. Stop around “wea…” and read the definition. The word is weasel. Keith

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            • It occurs to me that the historians in decades to come are going to have a ball writing about this era. Yep, if Kemp’s decision had garnered wide support, Trump would be taking credit for it, but since it didn’t, now he’s distancing himself.


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