Two Political Fools …

A crisis of major proportions brings out the best in some people, but it also brings out massive doses of idiocy and foolishness on the part of politicians.  Today there are two such foolish idiots on my radar …


Georgia Governor Brian Kemp is back on my radar again.  You may remember a post I did in August 2018 titled Fools Rush In because at that time, he was running for the office of governor in the State of Georgia.  At the very least, you may remember these pictures …

He won the election and is now Governor Kemp.  He’s no less a fool today than he was in August 2018.  Kemp has a plan for re-opening businesses in his state.  Not all businesses, mind you, but as soon as this Friday, the day after tomorrow, he plans to allow gyms, hair salons, bowling alleys and tattoo parlors to reopen.  Think on that one a minute … tattoo parlors???  Hair salons???  Is this seriously where the priorities lie?  Not libraries, but gyms?  Is this what the people of Georgia think is important, or does Mr. Kemp have friends that own such businesses and who have asked him to do them a little favour?

I hope those businesses are shown by the people how very non-essential they are, but it may be the case that some people have got ‘cabin fever’ so bad that they’ll be willing to go have their hair & nails done, get a new tat, and then go for a nice game of bowling with a few friends.  And it may also be the case that Governor Kemp will be on the chopping block when cases of coronavirus skyrocket in his state because he screwed up.

Kemp said that businesses would still be operating under restrictions including monitoring employee health, enhancing sanitation, and separating workers.  But what about the customers, Kemp???  Every customer who walks through the door will be up close and personal with the employees and other customers, and every one might just be carrying the germ.  You can’t tell a tattoo customer to stay six feet away from the tattoo artist, unless the artist has very long arms.  And the woman who’s cutting your hair?  Again, she’d have to have 6-foot-long arms.  Why are these particular businesses considered a priority?  There’s a reason, and the people of Georgia should be asking that question.

Stacey Abrams, who only narrowly lost to Kemp in 2018, and likely would have won in a fair and honest election, was appalled by Kemp’s announcement …

“By trying to push a false opening of the economy, we risk putting more lives in danger.  There is nothing about it that makes sense.”

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms disagrees with Kemp’s decision, but cannot do much about it, however she said she will be urging the people of Atlanta to continue to stay at home.  How many will listen?  It remains to be seen, but my guess is most will not.  I sure would like to be either a psychiatrist or a lawyer when all this is over.

And south of the equator …


Trump & Bolsonaro — two peas in a pod

I have long said that Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and Donald Trump must have some shared DNA, for they are both power-hungry, corrupt, greedy bastards.  And, just as Trump is rallying his base to protest against the continued shut-down of most businesses, prodding them to demand businesses be allowed to re-open far too soon, Bolsonaro is doing much the same. 

Last Sunday, as the number of cases and the death toll were on the rise in Brazil, Bolsonaro himself took to the streets to egg on the protestors who were demanding a return to … wait for it … a military dictatorship!

Among the demands their banners listed were an end to the social distancing measures opposed by Bolsonaro, the closure of Brazil’s congress and supreme court, and a re-run of a dictatorship-era decree used by military rulers in the late 1960s to suffocate their political opponents.

After mingling with the masses, Bolsonaro climbed into the bed of a truck and gave a little speech, while coughing numerous times … apparently done for effect …

“The era of roguery is over. Now it’s the people who are in power.  Everyone in Brazil must understand that they must yield to the will of the Brazilian people.”

bolsonaro-1bolsonaro-2Former president Fernando Henrique Cardoso tweeted …

“Deplorable for the president to join anti-democratic protests. It’s time to unite around the constitution against all threats to democracy.”

Another former president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva said …

“The same constitution that allows a president to be democratically elected also contains devices to stop them leading the country to the destruction of democracy and a genocide of the population.”

Eduardo Paes, Rio de Janeiro’s former mayor said …

“There have always been morons going around ranting against democracy … Generally they’re minorities whose tickles you don’t even feel. But it’s something quite different when it’s the president – a democratically elected one – joining this kind of movement. There’s no way to remain quiet and not repudiate this.”

Like Trump, Bolsonaro has attempted to downplay the pandemic, calling it media hysteria.  Last week Bolsonaro fired his popular health minister, Luiz Henrique Mandetta, who had clashed with him for undermining health ministry recommendations designed to protect Brazilian lives.  Sound familiar?  If someone doesn’t agree with you, fire ‘em.  And these are world ‘leaders’??????????

Often I refer to a quote by the cartoon character of yore, Pogo, and this seems an appropriate time to repeat it …


79 thoughts on “Two Political Fools …

  1. Jill, good post. Three comments. Basing decisions off of recommendations of opinion show hosts not known for their veracity, is not a recipe for success. What is not discussed enough is the southern states opening early have the highest rates of obesity, diabetes, and greater concerns over rural health care and food deserts. Diabetics are particulary exposed per the recent COVID-19 data.

    Finally, Kemp was likely surprised when the president threw him under the bus yesterday. After sending multiple tweets about “liberating” states with shelter-home-orders, Kemp must have thought he was being a team player. Only, when the reaction to his push was more vocal, the president channeled his inner weasel and said he was very much against what Kemp did.

    Loyalty is a one way street to the president. If you do not genuflect enough, parrot his greatness or just become a liability, he will jettison you. Trump likes to rewrite history even when it is very recent.


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    • You bring up an excellent point that I had not thought of, about obesity and diabetes in the southern states. And, given that their diets consist of more fats, I imagine there is a higher incidence of heart disease, as well.

      Y’know … I saw Trump say he was against Kemp opening those businesses so soon, and I immediately knew that if Kemp had been getting accolades for his decision, Trump would have been applauding him. Two-faced, is a hypocrite from the word ‘go’. Whichever way the wind is blowing … I wonder if Kemp learned his lesson about his ‘good buddy’ Trump?


  2. I cannot disagree that these are two political fools, one of our own and one from another country. As for Brazil, I cannot say what led them to elect this abomination as their ruler. Then again, this country has elected Brian Kemp and Donald Trump amongst a long list of other fools, so we are not in any position to point fingers at Brazil. I just finished spending a little over 16 minutes of the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day listening and watching Trump plant a tree on the South Lawn of the White House. I’m at a loss myself to explain why I subjected myself to this! Also taking part was Melania, both VP Mike Pence and wife, and various other bootlickers including Andrew Wheeler and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. This would be funny were it not so sad, considering what this administration has accomplished in destroying the Earth…as if planting one tree mitigates everything else! During the painful watching of Trump reading his speech, whilst also patting himself on the back as he is wont to do, Trump said that he has “always loved it, planting trees” and gets “great trees” to plant. Both he and she Pence spoke, along with McCarthy. This led to the tree, which was sitting in its designated spot, receiving the first shovels of soil dumped around the trench of its perimeter by Trump and the designer clad, spike-heeled Melania sharing the two shovels with Mike and Karen Pence. This was followed by each twosome separately shoveling, which was then followed by an assortment of other men shoveling. Mercifully, it ended there! It should be noted that the shovels whilst shiny and new were undoubtedly not from “Lead to Life”! It should also be noted that this Maple Tree bears a weighty responsibility upon its branches…this one tree is for National Park Week, Earth Day and Arbor Day. Quite frankly, it should do well as it was well fertilized by all the sh*t that was shoveled before the soil hit the trench! Thank-you!

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    • Yep, this nation has recently put into office the biggest bunch of fools and crooks since the founding of the nation in 1787. And, it looks like the majority are in line to be re-elected in November!!! This is a nation comprised of much stupidity and ignorance. Sigh. That said … WHY did you subject yourself to watching that bunch of buffoons pretend to plant a tree that will die within the year, given the toxicity to which it was exposed simply by being near the likes of the Trumps, the Pences and McCarthy. A gathering of the biggest fools in all the nation … perhaps all the globe! (Sorry, my mood is black tonight). Sigh. Love you, Miss Ellen.


  3. the hesitation to reopen certain parts of the country isn’t about the health of people at all because the lock downs, if you remember, were about ensuring that hospitals were not overrun. That didn’t happen so these fear mongering doomsday prognosticating journalists, governors and mayors are now telling us that we have to hide in our homes just to save face and their precious reputations. None of them want to admit, especially in an election year wen their jobs are on the line, at least with state and local officials, that they may have miscalculated, that they made an error, that maybe they were all wrong to one degree or another. None of the above categories of people possess an ounce of humility and enough self respect to make such an admission. they are all too concerned with appearing like they were right and that the rest of us are the stupid and selfish ones for wanting to return to a normal way of life.
    I have had it with all of these people. I am just as angry as you guys but it’s obviously over different details of the same problem.

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    • Scott … the shutting of businesses and stay-at-home recommendations were intended to stop the spread of the disease, to keep people isolated so they would neither transmit nor receive the virus. That was the intention then, and is still the intention, until we reach a point where there are fewer and fewer new cases, where people aren’t dying by the thousands. That said, I agree with you that the politicos are only interested in attempting to salvage something from the financial ruins, and especially in this, an election year. And that is unconscionable. Sigh. Hugs.


      • it’s sad that even in a crisis like this, that the people who were opportunists previously are still so today, not woken up to deeper reflection and called to make interior adjustments and respond in a more humane way.

        Some people just don’t want to learn and grow and once learning and growing cease, of what use is life itself.

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          • and then there are reports of people littering more because they’re not disposing of masks and gloves correctly. People are freaking stupid. My confidence in humanity diminishes exponentially with every passing hour.

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            • I saw that in person yesterday, when Miss Goose and I went to pick up the trash in the park. I lost count of the discarded gloves, and a few masks. When I went to Kroger last week, there were both gloves and masks discarded on the sidewalk. Are people turning into swine???

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      • from twitter and he is exactly right.

        “Do shutdown supporters understand how many will die around the globe from hunger & how many will die from lack of medical care access? The economy is not just about “buying a new shirt” or stocks; the economy is the means to survive, to feed, to house, shelter & care for us all.”

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        • Do anti-shutdown protesters realize how many more will die once stores and such open back up? People would not need to die from hunger if the damn farmers would figure out how to get their crops to the hungry, instead of plowing them under! What a waste! If they open everything back up tomorrow, I and many others, likely the majority, will still stay home. Then those business owners may re-think their decision. Business without customers is bankruptcy. Gotta have balance and common sense, my friend.


            • I understand some of his points, but … I disagree that it is time to open everything back up. First, he says the wave has crested, but that’s only at his own hospital. There are still many days that the new deaths are over 2,000 in a 24-hour period, and there have been nearly 12,000 new cases in the U.S. alone in the past 24 hours as I write. Scientists have said that if we open too soon, there will be a resurgence, and I have to believe they know what they are talking about. To me, the value of even one human life is too great to take unnecessary risks with.


              • okay, if that’s the case, why not shut down the economy over all of the drug overdoses every year or the people who die in car accidents.

                aren’t those lives worth anything too?

                The question isn’t meant to antagonize or be contrary but simply to point out the fallacy of this particular argument in favor of shutting down the world.

                think about it. consider the timing of everything, it all happened during “the most important election of our lives” for one thing, there’s more going on here than just “an invisible enemy” as the president likes to say.

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                • Sigh. Think about the difference there, Scott. Drug overdoses are self-inflicted. Sure those lives matter, just as the lives of those who commit suicide matter, but they had a choice. The victims of coronavirus don’t.


                  • I guess the sighs are meant to indicate that there’s a certain amount of exasperation with my comparison.

                    Though people elect to take prescription drugs or get in a car and drive, they do not intend for the unfortunate outcome, in some cases of those decisions to be fatal and so I stand by my comparison in that sense and it’s perfectly rational and logical though it doesn’t fall in line with a particular narrative to further push a lock down of the world by the powers that be.

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                    • No, the sighs are sighs of frustration, exhaustion and depression. The politics are wearing me down, taking a toll both physically and emotionally, and I’m tired, my friend. Yet, I cannot simply turn away and be lighthearted and post stupid pictures of food on Facebook as some can. It is too important to me to try to use what small voice I have to … hopefully, make a difference, make this nation, the world, a bit of a better place. Most days, by the end of the day, I am ready to give up altogether, but … giving up is not in my nature. Your comments, your “what about … ” lately seem as if you just want to argue my every point. Where the argument is from a reliable source and has merit, I try to respond, but sometimes they just push the wrong buttons. This is one such case, for comparing the coronavirus to drug overdoses is apples-to-oranges. Drug overdosing is not contagious, does not take lives indiscriminately, and is the choice of the victim, none of which is the case with the coronavirus. I do love you, Scott … you are a good friend and I cherish our friendship, but yes, some days you make me want to pull my hair out. Now … hugs?


          • consider this from someone who lives in Iran regarding the lockups.

            I am ULTRA SENSITIVE to the current restrictions BECAUSE,

            I am IRANIAN & know oppression & how it works.

            They control you through FEAR, and when you get used to it, they make you feel like they are doing you a favor by loosening a bit. Little by little your

            FREEDOM is taken.

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            • I can’t argue with that, for what he says is true, but … we must find balance somehow. The one thing I think we must insist on is that any rights we have sacrificed for the greater good during this crisis MUST be returned as soon as it is reasonably safe to do so. I’m not willing to sacrifice tens of thousands of lives just to have the freedom to go to a restaurant, but I’m not willing to give up that freedom for more than a short period of time, either. Balance and common sense.


                  • the models don’t even come close to the numbers that were originally predicted.

                    I’m not one of those lunatics who downplays the disease but what about the reality that the numbers have been adjusted down every single time? If they’re using those models as a predictor, doesn’t it make sense to act according to the data?

                    These democrats are playing Russian roulette.

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                    • Then, let me ask you something. We thus far have over 66,000 deaths in the U.S. Is there a certain level that you are saying is ‘acceptable’? For you make it sound like you’re saying, “Oh well, as long as it’s fewer deaths than originally projected, it doesn’t matter.” I know you’re not that callous … so, is there an acceptable level? What if one of the next 50,000 or so is a member of my family, or yours? Does that make you think differently? To me, it’s not about the numbers, but about the human lives. Each of those 66,000+ were valuable, they had families, they loved and were loved. Can we just condemn another 66,000 or more to the same fate just to open businesses back up? And one other thing … if people don’t feel safe, they aren’t going to go out to spend money anyway.


                    • I believe that every life is valuable and if you’re making the argument for the shut downs based purely on this notion, then I would ask, why haven’t governors shut down their economies in previous years because of other diseases that have taken even a fraction of the lives as c19 has?

                      The argument you’re using against the reopening of the economy is predicated partially on the notion that there is an acceptable level of death, a threshold number under which it’s okay to reopen which implies that governors who have opted to move forward are somehow heartless because they’re putting profit before people.

                      I’m just suspicious of a political party and media who are almost excited to report the death numbers every night like it’s some kind of competition and that the governors are taking these actions during this year hasn’t escaped my observation.

                      Listen to the nightly news with your eyes closed so you’re not distracted by the visuals and observe the tones of voices of the people in the media. They sound almost bereft of emotion, and I understand that to be a reporter it takes a certain amount of requiring that one keeps feelings in check but if the numbers they’re reporting are really true, wouldn’t the human instinct to react to tragedy naturally override any prescribed mandate for appearing a certain way on national television?

                      viruses may not care about economies and political parties but people certainly do and governments have always used natural phenomena as an excuse to create fear and panic in the people so they can conveniently implement the plan they’ve had all along.

                      It’s called Problem, Reaction, solution and I’m sure you’ve heard of it.

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                    • Well, according to the various sources I’ve seen, it is actually likely higher than the 68,507 (as of this writing) because some deaths in the early weeks were classified only as ‘pneumonia’, when the underlying cause was coronavirus. Sorry, Scott, but that article you linked here is … well, I don’t see it as credible. For now, unless fact-based evidence is presented to the contrary, I will believe the numbers published by sources such as the CDC.


                    • a couple more observations.

                      “Two problems:

                      1. State/local gov dictatorial overreach.

                      2. The people’s acquiescence.

                      The second is the worse of the two.

                      It’s one thing for them to think they’re entitled to demand our compliance w/their unlawful tyranny.

                      It’s another for us to act like they’re correct.”

                      Second observation:

                      “Had to stop at the local Walmart today. It was PACKED. Just goes to show you how unethical this lockdown is. I can go to a packed Walmart to buy art supplies

                      but I can’t go to the tiny local art store to buy art supplies. The disproportionate hit to small businesses is criminal.”

                      This just demonstrates that this is all rigged and it’s a political maneuver, not about health at all. If it really were, it wouldn’t make a difference whether it was a small business that was shut down or a big corporate conglomeration like Walmart.

                      don’t you guys see the problem with this?

                      I really hope I don’t have to spell it out for you guys.


                    • speaking of the “every life matters” which I agree with, if you take politics out of it, here’s a thought regarding c19

                      To say that life is priceless and nothing else counts is just empty rhetoric. People say it because it is emotionally comfortable and avoids awkward dilemmas.

                      But they don’t actually believe it.

                      We went to war in 1939 because lives were worth losing for liberty. We allow cars on the roads because lives are worth losing for convenience. We travel

                      by air although pollution kills. We tut-tut about it, but we willingly do it.

                      To claim that all that matters is COVID-19 deaths is to insult all those with other mortal conditions, ignore those who will die from lockdown itself,

                      and invalidate other valid goals like liberty. It is a narcissistic and masochistic position: “Look how virtuous I am in my sacrifice!”.

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                    • You and I could go back-and-forth on this all year, Scott, but the facts will prove one of us right and the other wrong. Our opinions are just that … I’ll wait to see the death toll at year end, as well as the economic effects. My guess is the economy is going to take years to rebound, and meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of people will be missing their family members at Christmas.


                    • yeah, we’ll never see eye to eye on this like on a lot of other issues but we don’t all have to agree and I wouldn’t want to anyway. That would be a horribly boring world.

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                    • hugs back, hope you’re doing well. I’m uploading the new album I wrote about the coronavirus right now to bandcamp. Not sure exactly when it will be released, I’m arranging for a couple of reviews of it.

                      People have said that it’s a clever and inventive angle on approaching the subject. I’ll send you the liner notes if you want to read them.

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                    • I’m doing okay. Not sleeping and have no appetite, for angst is robbing me of both, but physically I’m okay … just old! And you, my friend? Yes, I would love to read the liner notes! Thanks!


                    • I have a question for you and your readers.

                      If trump could have done more in January and February, in your most objective assessment of the situation, what would that have been? I kindly invite you or any of your readers to politely chime and answer the question.

                      I watched the democratic debates during that time and no one on any of those stages even mentioned this as a problem.

                      Hopefully I’ll get more than just anti-trump rhetoric.

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                    • I’ll tell you what, Scott. Since few readers are likely to see this comment, because this post is two weeks old, I’m going to pose your question, just as you wrote it, in a separate post tomorrow in an effort to get some serious civil dialogue started. If you have anything you’d like to add or change, shoot me an email. We’ll see where it goes tomorrow. But, I caution you, you know that most of my readers are democrats or independents who lean left and are more about humans than profits, so … while I think there will be some intelligent discourse, don’t get your heart set on people urging profit at the cost of human lives. Okay?


                    • I’m just interested in people’s honest perspective on the question and I’m well aware of the leanings of a lot of your readers which is why I posed it here. I don’t want to ask a bunch of trump supporters you know.

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                    • Well, it’s up to you. It’s unlikely any will see it here, so I can either highlight it and open the topic for discussion in a separate post, or drop it … your choice.


                    • I’m good either way, making it a new conversation if you’d like, if you feel it could spark some interesting discussion. If not, that’s okay too, you know more about how the blog works if posts are highlighted and that kind of thing.

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                    • First, I don’t think that is going to happen. Dr. Birx latest estimate is as many as 200,000 deaths. I’m no doctor or scientist, but with states throwing caution to the wind, I can easily see it topping 150,000. And then what will those who were so eager to return to work say? How will Trump spin that one?


  4. It’s staggering. In the UK every day brings more evidence of our government’s incompetence. Incompetence which is killing people. But if you control most of the media then you can seemingly get away with it. Fortunately we now have a seriously competent opposition leader who has started trying to hold them to account. It’s a start.

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  5. The people of Georgia deserve better than that idiot. I still think Abrams won that election. Kemp purged the voter rolls like there was no tomorrow. No telling how many were not able to vote. So, another cheater…another Trump sycophant…and look what we have now. What is it about ignorance that so attracts the Republican Party? I’d love to know…..

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    • I’m with you … if voter rolls hadn’t been purged and if Kemp had run a clean campaign, Abrams would have won … I think by a landslide. I admire the heck out of that woman! I’d love to see Biden choose her for his running mate! To answer your question … my a.m. snarky snippet post addresses ignorance … you’ll love the story about the mayor of Las Vegas, if you weren’t already familiar with her interview with Anderson Cooper! Ignorance seems to be growing exponentially in this country, and especially within the Republican Party. Perhaps it’s something they are?


  6. Two big-mouthed azzhats with minds too tiny to grasp the situation the world is in. Unfortunately they are not the only ones. It will take the numbers of deaths caused by the Spanish flu to wake them up. If they end social distancing now they will probably get them.

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    • The problem is most will come, risking their own death and others b/c of cabin fever. Well, ppl have the right to kill themselves if they wish, but it’s immoral and pathological to spread the disease like Typhoid Mary. Many elderly and immune compromised are at risk, but I guess selfish ppl are more concerned with momentary pleasures.
      Presidents are extremely shortsighted b/c all they care about are polls and ratings…. it’s like a grade school popularity contest with these idiots. May they all contract the virus and start empathizing with the sick and dying.

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    • It won’t. If anything, it will hurt it as those businesses aren’t even earning enough to cover their overhead and within a few months, they close their doors permanently. Even if people felt safe to frequent businesses, most cannot afford to at this point, after being out of work for 6+ weeks. The thinking here is very narrow without anybody bothering to put together scenarios and data models.

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