Search for the Hero.

Yesterday our friend David wrote a short post about staying connected to people, even in this era of fear and isolation. He reminds us to not lose our humanity, and that hugs are still important, whether from a distance of 6 feet or 4,000 miles. Thank you, David, for reminding us that we are not, cannot be, insular beings.


Like many others these days I guess you’re bored with your very limited view of the world through just a TV screen. I wonder if you’ve given any thought to taking a walk. It probably feels foolish just walking round your garden. Maybe you can take a longer walk if you have somewhere you’re unlikely to meet another person or where you have at least the 6 feet clearance between them and you.

Probably you’re quite an observant person. In the houses round about you there’s probably some indication of whether there’s a single occupant or a family. If you know there’s a single person maybe you could knock on a window and back away. This could easily be a person who hasn’t spoken to another human for days or even weeks. Maybe it’s a person in need of a chat or maybe even foodstuffs that you could get for…

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5 thoughts on “Search for the Hero.

  1. We have started sitting outside in front of our house and talking to our neighbors as they walk by. We always keep at more than 10 feet apart. In this time of isolation, we are actually getting to know them better, and cannot wait until we can all get together.

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    • That’s wonderful!!! See, something positive has come out of this all. Another positive is that the earth’s atmosphere is cleaner now than it has been in decades, but I look for that to change quickly as factories begin spewing toxins and millions of cars pack the highways. Sigh. Still, enjoy your neighbors! Who knows, you may find some lifelong friendships!

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    • I am the same … the isolation makes me happy to see a stranger in the grocery store who is not wearing a bloomin’ mask and who will take a moment to smile and say, “Hey, how are you?” I crave such connection, whereas before I barely noticed it.

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