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I am trying to still believe that most people in the United States are sane, that they are reasonably intelligent, and that it is only the minority that are swathed in ignorance.  These days, it’s hard to maintain that belief.

This woman needs to be put away somewhere!

Remember yesterday … or was it the day before? … when I wrote about Georgia’s Governor Brian Kemp who wants the tattoo parlours, hair & nail salons, bowling alleys and gyms to open by the end of this week, with movie theaters to follow next week?  Well, out in Nevada, the mayor of Las Vegas Carolyn Goodman has trumped even Kemp’s stupidity.

Mayor Goodman called for restaurants, hotels and casinos in Las Vegas to reopen.  Well, first of all that in and of itself just about qualifies her for Filosofa’s Idiot of the Week Award (I swear I’m going to have to reprise that feature!) but wait ‘til you hear her reasoning!

Goodman was interviewed on CNN by Anderson Cooper last night, where she put forth her theory that … all the restaurants, casinos and bars should open, and then they can determine which ones spawn the most number of coronavirus infections, and close those down again, leaving the ones deemed ‘safer’ to remain open.  Has your jaw hit the floor yet?  I think Anderson’s expression says it all. Carolyn-Goodman

“I am not a private owner. That’s the competition in this country. The free enterprise and to be able to make sure that what you offer the public meets the needs of the public. Right now we’re in a crisis health-wise, and so for a restaurant to be open or a small boutique to be open, they better figure it out. That’s their job. That’s not the mayor’s job.

I want everything back. We never closed down the United States. We’ve never closed down Nevada. We’ve never closed down Las Vegas because that’s our job. Entertainment capital of the world where everything is clean. We would never have gotten to the point we are now as the center for entertainment, conventions and sports and everything else so positive without being clean.”


When Anderson Cooper pressed her about the dangers of such a move, Goodman said “it sounds like you’re being an alarmist,” and cited her “long life” as the credentials for her thought process.  Ohhhh the utter ignorance!  How in the Sam Hell did this woman ever get elected mayor???

A spot of humour amidst the dark detritus

I had to chuckle at something I read last evening.  In Hawaii, on the Island of Oahu, Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell has ordered the mandatory wearing of facemasks for everyone when outside of their own homes.  These rulings concern me, for I and many others who suffer chronic breathing illnesses cannot wear a face mask … it would risk our life more certainly than exposure to the coronavirus.  So, I took a moment to read the article and … well, read the mayor’s words for yourself …

“There are exceptions to the new mandate, such as conducting business in a bank. Usually people who are wearing masks, going into a bank, it’s not a good outcome.”

It was the best chuckle I had all evening!  And yes, there are exceptions for asthmatics and people with heart conditions, but you might get fined anyway.

Guess who’s home tonight?

Funny, isn’t it, that the majority of inmates in prisons around the nation remain … in prison.  I don’t argue that point, for they were put there for a reason.  We cannot simply let murderers, robbers, etc. out because the virus might somehow be brought into the prison … we’d have millions of criminals walking amongst us … it would be almost as bad as being in the White House!

And speaking of the White House … a few of Trump’s former cronies who were in prison … got out.  Take, Michael Cohen, for example.  He has been cleared for release and is now undergoing a 14-day quarantine before he will be confined to his home for the duration of his sentence.  This is his home …cohen-home-1cohen-home-2He has served about 11 months of his 3-year sentence.

Trump’s former deputy campaign chairman Richard Gates is asking to serve the remainder of his 45-day jail sentence at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to a court filing.  He, too, will serve the remainder of his sentence in his home …


No doubt there are others, will be others of Trump’s gang of thugs who will be released to serve the rest of their time in their luxury multi-million dollar homes with all the amenities.  Meanwhile, José who was caught with an ounce of weed, will continue to serve his 5-year sentence behind bars.

Okay, I’m done blowing off steam tonight, but stay tuned …

17 thoughts on “Snarky Snippets — Just A Little Bitchy

  1. Jill, I’m not sure I understand this remark: there are exceptions for asthmatics and people with heart conditions, but you might get fined anyway.

    Are you saying that asthmatics are excepted from wearing face masks? Or just the opposite? I ask because my other-half is asthmatic (high risk) and would NEVER go into any store or building without a mask (fortunately he has an N-95 mask so he’s extra protected).

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    • Ahhhh … sorry if I didn’t state it well. Asthmatics, such as myself, are exempt from wearing masks. I could not wear one if you held a gun to my head, for they decrease the flow of oxygen, and I would be in congestive heart failure within minutes. I’m glad your other half is able to tolerate the mask, but many of us with chronic, severe respiratory issues cannot.


  2. Anderson’s expression does say it all! Utter craziness!!! Did you see the meme that said, “I wish the virus would have started in Vegas, for what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!” 🙂 Sounds like they may have it full blown there if the mayor has her way!

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  3. Let’s not forget that Michael Cohen, after years of being a shill for Trump, had the backbone and integrity in the end to testify against Trump….which is more than Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Steve Bannon and other of his cronies have done. To say that all of Trump’s lawbreakers are equally awful is neither accurate nor fair — most of them are 100% unrepentant.

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    • True, and he also has a new book coming out sometime before the election … another feather in his cap in my book. Still, I would argue that he hasn’t the right to spend the rest of his sentence in a luxurious multi-million dollar home while others will be sleeping on iron cots behind bars. Equal justice? Nah … more like rich privilege.


    • Yep, and it’s his own fault his mamá had to work two jobs just to put food on the table … in the ghetto. So, he’s only getting what he deserves … he should have been a high-dollar crook born into luxury, like Roger Stone.

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  4. the mayor of Vegas is crazy.

    Something needs to be done for prisoners. 73% of the prisoners in an Ohio prison have the virus, amounting to over 1,800 prisoners and over 100 staff. that’s simply unacceptable…


  5. You can’t just open without a plan. Without ensuring your health system has restocked, its health workers have had a break. You can’t open without a robust testing and tracking system. You can’t open without making the necessary adjustments to routine and systems. You can’t reopen until you are well over the peak. You can reopen without these if you have a death wish or you are a Numpty.

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    • You and I should be in charge of it! At least we understand that you need a plan, and a contingency plan in case Plan A fails. Plus, you and I care more about people than putting more money into the deep pockets of the capitalists who are already plenty rich. I think that this country will at the very least double the current death toll, which is just short of 50,000. And, in my mind anyway, much of that blood is on the tiny hands of Donald Trump. Sigh. Such a mess … it gives me nightmares, when I can even get to sleep.

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  6. Wealth has its privileges. Okay, wealth TAKES its privileges wherever they can find them.
    Actually, wealth EXPECTS its privileges to be provided to them free of cost.
    I’d feel privileged were I the one to be allowed to kick their asses around rhe block for being so stupid. The curve is being flattened, so everything is safe again. Not!


  7. Considering the absurdity of regional brain farts in America I commend your tempered restraint. Here in Canada we report under 2,000 deaths nationwide and yet federal and provincial government still remain cautious – not so much as a whisper or promise of lifting quarantine restrictions until we know more. There’s a reason why America has more virus deaths per capita than any nation in the world.

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    • Thank you! It does, indeed, require concerted effort, and sometimes I cannot hold back. Yep, we have the most deaths from the coronavirus due in part to a lack of intelligent leadership, and in part due to a lack of intelligent citizens. But, if you think about it … we also have by far the most gun deaths in the world, ours equal the total of, I think the next 5 or 6 countries combined. This nation is CRAZY!


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