Jolly Monday — Fun For Everyone!

Good morning and welcome to Jolly Monday!  How was your … weekend?  Was that really a weekend?  Hmmmm … seems to me it wasn’t much different than any other day, except I didn’t have to cook.  Ah well, Monday and back to the routine.  Luckily, our treats came out better than last week, though Jolly and I were talking, and we decided that some of you … not mentioning any names … have been putting on a few pounds during the last month-and-a-half of stay-at-home-and-munch, so we lightened our menu just a bit, made it slightly more healthy — but don’t worry, there’s still bacon!  So, grab a snack and we’ll find something to start this week off with a smile!

It would seem that some people are bored these days, what with no shops open, no jobs to go to, etc.   Some have found the oddest activities to pursue …

Jack Peagam of London, UK, went on a 24-hour clapping marathon last week.  Apparently in the UK, every Thursday at 8 p.m., people all over the U.K. participate in the “Clap For Our Carers” campaign. They take part in a communal show of gratitude by clapping to those helping in the fight against the pandemic from their doorsteps, balconies and windows.  But Peagam wanted to clap longer, and so when the rest stopped clapping after a few minutes, Jack kept clapping … and clapping … for 24 hours!

No, not for a Guinness World record, but just … out of boredom, I think, though all that clapping wasn’t wasted, for Jack started a GoFundMe that collected £7,930, or $9,788.11 USD to be donated to the National Health Service Charities.  Says Jack …

“It was physically painful, mentally draining and exhausting, but if the NHS are working 24 hours a day to save us then clapping for 24 hours to raise money seemed a small price for what they do and see day and night. I can’t express my gratitude enough to our carers in the NHS, especially during these tough times.”

Well, I can’t deny it was for a good cause anyway.


And then there was Dmitry Yakukhny of the Primorye region in Russia.  Dmitry had been training for nine months to compete in a 155-mile race through the desert in Morocco, but the event was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.  So, what does one do when their big event is canceled and they’re stuck at home?  Well, if you’re Dmitry, you run around the bed!

He didn’t quite run 155 miles around his bed, but he did run 62 miles in 10 hours, 19 minutes.

Whew … makes me tired just watching him!


And here in the U.S., David Rush and his buddy Jonathan Hannon kept boredom at bay by beating the Guinness World Record for … wait for it … catching tennis balls in a basket placed on a person’s head.  Yep, you heard me right … look for yourself …

Rush held the basket on his head while Hannon threw tennis balls for a full minute. Hannon threw a total 123 tennis balls in the allotted time, and Rush caught 98 of them. The men said they beat the previous record of 79 catches.


Personally, I can honestly say I have not had a single bored second during this pandemic, and have been working harder than ever.  But, if I were to get bored, I really think I’d rather simply sit down with a cuppa coffee and a good book and have a read-a-thon!  What all these guys did looks too much like work!

How ‘bout a few toons for a chuckle or two?



And last, but not least, it just isn’t Jolly Monday without a cute critter vid …


Keep safe, my friends, and if you get bored staying at home, get outside and go for a long walk, commune with the birds and squirrels, or read a book … please don’t spend 10 hours running ‘round your bed or 24 hours clapping (you’ll get blisters on your hands).  And when you do run into someone at the grocery or the bank, remember to share your smile … it’s priceless.

49 thoughts on “Jolly Monday — Fun For Everyone!

  1. OK, this time, it’s definately Tardy Tuesday!
    Yesterday went to town centre, Monday monring deserted……wierd, like an old 1950s/60s SF film, all that was missing were the bits of paper being blowing along empty streets.
    Great selection of cartoons Jill; loved the cheeky one with the rabbit and the hen.
    These cute animal videos have to stop though. How am I supposed to scowl at the world below from my storm racked tower if you keep showing me adorable little critters?

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  2. Hi Jill! Yesterday was no normal Monday in the Netherlands, it was “King’s Day” (his birthday). Normally this would mean all of the Netherlands is out and about, at fun fairs (the “King’s Fair”), the flea markets, called “free market” – not because the items are for free, but because everyone is free to set them up everywhere on the pavement on that special day (of course you are not supposed to block anyones entrance or be a general hinder, but you get the idea). The King and his family would visit one town (a different one every year), which would be the center of celebrations. The whole of the Netherlands would be full of the colour orange and the colours of the flag (red-white-blue) – Of course, this year: no fair, no free market, King Willem Alexander stayed at home. Still a lot of flags around, you could buy orange coloured cakes and stuff at the bakery, and many people where outside, in the parks, on the beaches, but keeping their distance. So it was a strange day. I am not so much in favour of crowds anyway, so I did not miss those, but of course it was sad for all the Dutch to have their national day captured by the virus. But, on the upside: the measures seem to be working, infection rates are down, number of people hospitalised are down, number of people dying declining too. So it looks like we are on the right way. – Hugs&Cheers to everyone, take care!

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    • King’s Day under normal circumstances sounds like such great fun!!! Hopefully by next year, the full holiday will be restored. Yes, it is sad to see so many things that were tradition, were fun, gone by the wayside this year. 2020 must surely go down in the annals of history as the most tragic year of the 21st century … at least, let’s hope it doesn’t get any more tragic. I presume the schools are closed there, as well? Do the boys get their lessons via computer, or is it up to the parents to try to help them keep up? Here there is no consistency, but the kids who are getting their assignments via the internet are being overwhelmed with a workload twice what they would normally have had. Other schools are doing nothing, but have promised to give all the kids passing grades, which seems not only grossly unfair, but dangerous, as well. But, what do I know? We are all well, and I will write … I promise I haven’t forgotten! Love ‘n hugs, dear friend!


      • Hi again! Yes, schools are closed, boys are getting lessons online. Their school is quite good at it. As so often, it depends a lot which school you are one. Some kids are not so lucky. So far the workload has been do-able, I even thought it could be a bit more for my younger one. The older one has been working quite hard. Now we have two weeks of holidays (May vacation). After the holidays, primary schools are supposed to open again, teaching kids in shifts. But secondary schools will stay closed until 1st of June. I guess they think that the younger ones need the face-to-face contact with their teachers more quickly. Plus it is harder to have them home than teenagers, I suppose. – The school year here regularly goes until July (third week of July even, for our region), so they would still have some time to re-connect with friends and teachers. – But outdoor sports will start from next week, thankfully! Those boys need to move… and their favourite sport, tennis, is ideal for keeping the distance … 😉

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  3. Sharing smiles when one is out and about these days, due to the need for wearing a face mask, has become a bit of a challenge. Eldest Daughter quite handily has met the challenge…by drawing a smile on her masks! I’ll not tell Benjamin that “Miss Jill” and Jolly think that he is gaining weight and therefore did not have sprinkled donuts or a juicebox for him today! Though the adorable video would undoubtedly have soothed his pique. There can be little doubt that you have a minute when boredom could possibly overtake you…searching for all of these cartoons alone must have filled countless minutes of the day, maybe even a Guinness World Record!! And, well worth the investment of those minutes too. I love them and they most certainly brought many smiles and outright laughter to my face! Thank-you!


    • Well, I cannot and don’t wear a mask, and largely ignore those that do, lest I be tempted to let them have my opinion, free-of-charge and unsolicited! However, about half the people when I go to the grocery or elsewhere, don’t wear masks, and it is those at whom I smile and share a word or two. If others attempt to talk to me, I simply sign to them that I cannot understand and they will usually pull their masks down … if they don’t, I just ♫ Walk on by … ♫ That said, I love Heidi’s idea of drawing a smile on the mask … to me, that would make it much less creepy and off-putting!
      Hah! Thanks, my friend, but these days I usually get most of my ‘toons from Phil over at Phil’s Phun! My apologies to Benjamin over the lack of sprinkled donuts and juice boxes! 😔 We will do better next week! I’m sure he is not one of the ones Jolly saw that was putting on a few pounds! Thank you for your high praise (mostly undeserved) and I’m so glad Jolly and I brought a smile to your gorgeous face, my dear friend!


      • Though I strive to be kind and avoid confrontation, I do not offer false flattery. Praise, where I think that it is deserved, is freely given. In the event that cannot be done I tend to avoid being unkind even to the point of silence. I will admit to the occasional lapse in judgement concerning unkindness (as you shall soon discover). Pertaining to your comment about masks… as of about the 15th of this month, Governor Gina R. made the wearing of masks by workers mandatory in any face-to-face places of business. All Rhode Islanders are encouraged to wear a face covering in public, with exemptions for children under the age of 2 and anyone who would be at a serious health risk wearing them. It should be noted, as you most likely already know, cloth face mask/coverings do not protect the wearer from contracting Covid-19, rather it protects those in contact with the wearer from possible germ-filled droplets that otherwise could be dispersed. That said, at the risk of sounding unkind, those mask covered persons who you encounter are doing you a kindness! So, indeed do smile at them…but do not shake their hands! Thank-you!!

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        • Ha ha … dear Ellen, that was not rude! Rude would have been if you told me you hoped I choked to death on a turnip and died, as I recently told the Health Minister of Wales! I must give you lessons in rude, for I have earned my degree! That said … I cannot wear a mask for health reasons, but to address the fact that you say ‘they’ are doing ‘me’ a kindness … they would do me a much greater kindness by removing the mask so that a) I could hear what they were saying, and b) I could actually see them smile, and c) I wouldn’t feel that I wanted to just turn tail and run, for I truly find them frightening and creepy. Rather than do what they think is a favour for me, perhaps it would be nice if they asked what I would most appreciate, to which my answer would be to be able to hear them and feel like a part of the human race, rather than some creature who is shunned. Frankly, by the time all this is over, if it is in my lifetime which is beginning to appear doubtful, I will have become a total recluse, unwilling to leave my home at all … ever. Sigh. Oh well.


          • Dear girl, the masks may well be hiding what truly is frightening and creepy beneath them! The face masks/coverings, said by a former nurse and mayhaps by a certain member of your immediate family, are for the PROTECTION of others…that is not a bad thing! As noted in my comment on your comment on my original comment…your health issues exempt YOU from wearing a face covering, at least were you in Rhode Island as I am not aware of Ohio’s orders concerning them. Also, many people have been creative in their face coverings that do not look frightening at all, look for those and the unspoken message that they may bring. I have another suggestion for you that may be of some small help. Look at people’s eyes instead of looking for their mouths that may or may not be wearing a smile and speaking words that you may or may not want to hear. Eyes smile in a different way than the mouth, but can do so just as effectively. “Where words are restrained, the eyes often talk a great deal.” – Samuel Richardson. We all must do things that we would rather not be doing and experiencing things that we would rather not be experiencing. Take heart dear friend…You are not alone and in a time that is yet unknown, this too shall pass! The Sermonette on a Soapbox has ended and with box in hand I shall take my leave. Hugs! Thank-you!

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            • Sigh. I have come to hate the masks as much as I hate the coronavirus itself. They are divisive, keep people apart, keep us from seeing one another, for we cannot look beyond the mask. That certain member of my household to whom you refer understands and does her best to respect my thoughts, so while she wears them at work, she never wears one into the house. Ohio does not (yet) require masks … they are recommended, but not requisite. I do look at people’s eyes when I can … in some cases, I simply cannot get beyond the hideous masks. One guy in Kroger last week had some contraption on his face that made him look like either a scuba diver or space alien … I laughed out loud and said something along the lines of “It isn’t Hallowe’en yet!” Sigh. And, when somebody tries to speak to me, I sign for them to remove the mask, that I cannot ‘hear’ them unless I can see their mouth, and then I appear to be the village idiot. The worst part is that I think this will be ongoing through the rest of the year. Perhaps it’s time for me to start practicing my moon-howling. 🐺 I surely don’t feel like I belong in the human species anymore.


  4. Not contracting covid-19 seems to be a disease all its own, getting people to do things they would otherwise never even think of doing. And it seems to be just as contagious as the corona virus. Is there a world record for pulling individual hairs out of one’s body with a pair of tweezers? Good, cuz I’m not going to try that. Ouch! x 32 billion.

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    • You are so right! I’ve always known the human species was a bit odd, but now I know that at least some portion of it is certifiably nuts! People have completely lost the concept of “common sense” and balance. No, don’t pull the hairs … you’ll be in pain, and Gail likes the hair on your chest. 😉


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