Universal Basic Income-Let’s Have a Conversation-Part two

Last week, I shared Jeff’s post about UBI (Universal Basic Income). That post was Part I, and this week he has written Part II, which certainly provides us with some food for thought! Thanks Jeff!!!

On The Fence Voters

It was nice to see House Speaker Nancy Pelosi admit in an interview yesterday that it might be time to start looking into a minimum basic salary for the American people. Her weighing in at this time tells us we might be ready for a real debate.

I began a discussion last week into what Universal Basic Income (UBI) is and what it could look like in the United States. Again, while there are many variations of such a plan, for the sake of our discussion here, I’d like to stick with the Andrew Yang version, which purports to give every American citizen a $1,000 per month stipend beginning at age 18, regardless of income.

Would such a plan work in America? It depends. UBI would represent a fundamental reshaping of how we deal with income inequality and the social welfare state. It would be a radical shift, and the…

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4 thoughts on “Universal Basic Income-Let’s Have a Conversation-Part two

  1. Interesting. The topic of Basic Income has floated around Canada for the last several years and I’ll admit I’m ‘on the fence’ about the concept. The Canadian Federal government has issued $2000 a month for 4 months for anyone who has their lost income due to Covid-19. Apparently it’s fairly easy to get and many received their first payments within days of announcement. It’s backfired in some ways: First, we have some folks saying they may as well not work. Second, a lot of seniors who make less per month from pensions are complaining the amount is too much. And, third, there was an outcry from students. The only issue quickly resolved was that now students will get money too. We’re all going to pay for this through increased taxes in the future!

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    • Like you, I have mixed thoughts about this one. As a retiree, that $2,000 is about 25% more than my monthly stipend, so I might take issue with that, if I were in your country. Heck, I’m taking issue to some extent over the stimulus money that was spent by our government … money they did not have! I think we need to all step back and look for common sense and balance. I am all for helping people, but … we cannot give away money we don’t have!

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  2. Funny how just what we have dumped into the stock market and a CARES package that helped only 20% of Americans could have funded the Andrew Yang plan for three years for all Americans. But, America has *priorities* – and they aren’t keeping our citizens alive, it seems. 😦

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