Snarky Snippets — Where’s The Logic?

I have two or three pieces started … good topics, I think … but too much detritus is crossing my radar for me to find my focus, so … sigh … you know what that means, right?  Yep, it’s time for snarky snippets.  Once I share the angst with you guys, then perhaps I can clear my mind and focus.  It’s worth a shot, anyway.

Is he really trying to kill us all?

When I read yesterday … or was it the day before? … that Trump ordered meat-processing plants to remain open and continue operating, declaring them critical infrastructure, I shook my head.  This is puzzling, for … he is perfectly fine with farmers trashing their entire harvest, plowing their crops back into the ground, throwing billions of gallons of milk away, fruit left rotting on the trees (because he has deported the migrant workers), and yet he orders meat-processing plants to remain open.  Where’s the logic???  Fruits, vegetables, milk, dairy products, etc. are a far more important part of the human diet than meat!  In fact, most people in the U.S., perhaps in all western nations, consume far much more meat than is healthy.

So, what to make of the fact that Trump is happy enough to have healthy foods destroyed, but is determined to shove more meat down our throats?  The only conclusion I can draw is that he wants us all dead, or at least in such a diminished state that we cannot do much.  This theory is supported, also, by his determination to have all businesses up and running again long before it is safe to do so.  He has been warned that to open businesses to the public just now will … not ‘might’, but ‘will’ … result in a resurgence of the coronavirus and that the second wave might be even more lethal than the first.

Trump also said he would also shield meatpacking companies from legal liability from worker claims of not being adequately protected … a gross violation of the law, and one that is going to lead to so many lawsuits that I’m beginning to wish I were a lawyer!

At least 22 plants processing meat from pork to chicken have closed at some point after clusters of employees tested positive for coronavirus.  You remember that old saying, “you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink”?  I think that will apply here.  You can order a plant to remain open, perhaps, but you cannot force employees to return to work.  It is my sincere hope that the employees present a United Front and take up the mantra of Vietnam War protestors in the 1960s, “Hell no, we won’t go!”

Oh, what could possibly go wrong?

I’ve written numerous times about Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, who I consider to be one of the most awful human beings in the country, a man whose campaign ad shows him pointing a rifle at his daughter’s boyfriend!  However, here he is again, back on my radar, and this time I’m … floored at the stupidity.

Kemp announced in his most recent executive order that — provided they meet all other requirements — those holding instructional permits can qualify for their driver’s licenses without the “comprehensive on-the-road driving test.”

That means teens can get their license when they turn 16 without getting in a car with a test administrator.  That means that in the State of Georgia, by this time next year, there will be tens of thousands of teenagers driving cars who have never proven that they were capable of driving the car.  My recommendation is that every person who is involved in a crash with any of these illegitimate drivers must sue Governor Kemp for millions of dollars … it seems that money is the only language these jackasses understand, for human life surely carries no weight with them!  Where’s the logic???


And speaking of the insanity that reigns supreme in the United States today …

On Thursday, New York became the second state to be sued by … wait for it … the National Rifle Association (NRA).  Why?  Because New York decided that gun shops, contrary to what Trump & Co determined, were not essential services and were therefore closed down during the shutdown of non-essential businesses in an effort to protect its citizens.

The NRA is, of course, claiming that shuttering of the gun shops along with schools, restaurants, retail stores, etc., is an infringement on the 2nd Amendment.  They have also found other imaginative ways of turning the coronavirus pandemic to their own advantage … or at least trying to.  On their website, you will find articles titled “COVID-19: Threat to Second Amendment”  and “Pandemic Exposes Dangers of So-Called “Universal” Background Checks”   Seriously???

Let’s talk about this for just a minute.  A gun is manufactured with only one purpose:  to kill.  Hunting rifles and shotguns are used to kill animals, all other guns are used to kill humans.  There is no other purpose … guns do not make pretty decorative planters, nor are they useful for peeling potatoes.  They kill.  That’s all.  So, think about this for a moment … in the midst of a pandemic that is killing thousands per day every day in this country, the NRA believes it is essential that people in this country have unlimited access to buy a gun to … kill.  Isn’t the damn pandemic doing enough killing???  And … libraries are closed, bookstores are closed, music stores are closed … the things that bring us pleasure and enhance our lives are closed, but gun stores must remain open.gun-salesIn other states, where gun shops have remained open, gun sales have soared.  SOARED!  3.7 million background checks were performed in March.  The previous record was 3.3 million in December 2015.  The highest number of guns sold in this country in a single month was this past March, when businesses were first shuttered and the death toll from the coronavirus skyrocketed.  WHAT THE HELL???  Did the gun nuts think they were going to shoot the virus???  Do they think it will break into their homes in the middle of the night and steal the good silver? gun-toonI have never understood and will never understand the gun culture in the United States, but this one just blows my mind … there is absolutely zero logic behind it.  Surely the courts will have the good sense to throw the cases out, or at the very least rule against the NRA.  If not … then I have no more hope for the sane people of this nation.

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  1. The NRA have no business suing NY for closing Gun Shops, they don’t make weapons sso are not losing trade and are not Lawyers processing some legal action on behalf sportsmen who can’t get suitable bullets.However Ive no doubt they get a commission for.the number of weapons sold in America.
    I’m disgusted though, that with all the thousands of starving people over there the NRA tell peopplle to use their assistance cheques to buy more guns. That will feed a lot of famiilies.Mind you I think Trump has that one sorted, he’s sending out 10 cheques with his signature on them and he’s had his signature put in the payee line on the rest.

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    • I fully agree with you, but they are paid by a conglomerate of gun manufacturers to “represent their interests”, so … they do just that. Not the interests of the people, but of Smith & Wesson, Colt, Ruger and others.

      I, too, am disgusted that ANYBODY would have used their stimulus money for buying guns, but apparently many did. It makes me hate this country even more. And, as I told someone else, we are projected to have the hottest summer on record, and heat makes tempers flare where they wouldn’t otherwise. Add to that the tensions in this country caused by the coronavirus and response to it, the election season, the economy, the divisiveness already here, and it’s a recipe for a summer of violence. With even more guns in circulation … and a fool in charge of the country … what could possibly go wrong?

      Ha ha … yeah, that’s something I could picture him doing, if he could get by with it! Oh, by the way, we got that letter today, where he was patting himself on the back and expecting us to be grateful for him giving us a tiny sliver of our own money back. I will do tomorrow just what I told you I would do with it!


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  2. Sigh, sorry for not being much around but our governments desperate show of “we are successful in fighting the virus” while the opposite seems the case just makes me want to hide in bed. It even made me tweet to Boris 🤭 “It’s your actions that count not your words. We are watching you!”
    I probably will be thrown out of the country because I sound like a stalker. Never mind. Sigh. Looks like logic has gone down with common sense. Hang in there, surely it can’t get any worse???? (Famous last words…. 😘) 🙋‍♀️🐝

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    • Dearest Bee!!! I’ve missed you … every evening when your post pops up in my inbox, I promise I will head over there, but … sigh … I’m overwhelmed these days and rarely read any other posts! I’m so sorry. Yes, I saw that Boris declared the worst was over … same as Trump here, but then, Trump said we would only have 15 cases and they would all recover. Fat chance! Good for you on the tweet to Boris!!! I emailed one of your health ministers and told him he was a bastard and that I hoped he choked on a turnip! Not my finest moment, but … it was fun! Heck, I’m surprised that with the things I’ve written about Trump, the men in dark glasses and dark suits haven’t shown up at my door yet, but since they haven’t, you’re probably safe, too! Balance, logic, and common sense have left the country … I’m not sure where they’ve gone … perhaps the Netherlands? For us, at least, my sense is that it WILL get worse … likely much worse … before it gets better, and I’m not sure the ‘better’ will happen in my lifetime, but nonetheless, I keep fighting! And how are you, my dear friend? Hanging in, I hope? Feeling okay? Love you, Bee! 🙋‍♀️ ❤


      • Hi Jill, oh you gave me a good old laugh with your email to the health minister. One of the newspapers called the one who is in charge at the moment “Handjob” by accident instead of “Hancock” and for some strange reason that name stayed with us lol 😎. I think the men in dark glasses are occupied with sorting the big farts ( sorry for my language) messes out. They don’t have time for people critisising him 😎. As for heading over my way. Don’t worry. I think we are all overwhelmed and read less posts than usual. Life sucks at the moment and we need to do what we need to keep going. And yes, I fear too its going to get much worse. So we better listen to good old Churchill:” when walking through hell keep walking”. Sending you much love 🙋‍♀️🐝

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        • Ha ha … I love that nickname for Hancock!!! I wish the men in dark glasses would look into the activities of the thugs occupying our government at the moment! Take care of yourself, dear Bee … try to have a great weekend … or at least a good weekend! Love ‘n hugs!!! 🙋‍♀️


  3. You wrote: A gun is manufactured with only one purpose: to kill. Hunting rifles and shotguns are used to kill animals, all other guns are used to kill humans. There is no other purpose

    Yes, the core purpose of a gun is to kill; however, it may surprise you to know that not all gun-owners purchase a gun (or guns) for this purpose. MANY enjoy target shooting (using both handguns and rifles) and even take part in competitions of same. For them, the thought of actually killing a living being is simply not on their radar.

    However, having said this, I do agree that many (most?) individuals who purchase a gun often have other intentions in mind.

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    • You make a valid point, but the number who buy a gun because they enjoy shooting it at a paper bullseye are, I think, a very small percentage. Simple fact is that guns kill … that’s why gunmakers like Smith & Wesson, Remington, Ruger & Colt make the things. We have by far the most guns in the hands of civilians and our death toll from guns is equivalent to something like the next 8 countries. I know that not all gun owners are bad people, mass murderers, etc., but … we don’t need guns in the hands of civilians at all, especially given the polarization of the nation, and now the coronavirus & Trump that have further caused tension that is bound to erupt this summer. At the very, very least, we need to ban automatic weapons altogether, and insist on stronger background checks, waiting periods, and competency testing. We won’t, for the NRA owns far too many of our politicians. Sigh. This summer is projected to be the hottest on record … tempers are already short … and it’s an election year … what could possibly go wrong with 1.2 guns for every man, woman and child in this country? Sigh.


  4. I’ve never understood America’s obsession with meat (and guns, also). Some nutritionists say we get more protein than is healthy, due to too much meat-eating. I agree that Trump’s emphasis is not healthy, and we’d be better off if Trump was trying to keep milk, fruits, and vegetables on our tables, rather than our usual diet of hamburgers and hot dogs.

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  5. Jill, after Trump being embarassed and infuriated by the GOP Senate memo saying they need not defend Trump, but attack China instead. I noticed a senior GOP Senator on PBS Newshour last night on PBS Newshour singing Trump’s praises for his handling of the pandemic. My sense is the two are connected.

    The current push back I see from Trump supporters is we need to stand behind the president in this effort and avoid being political. And, do what? When he misinforms people in a dangerous way, when he downplays something and people fee emboldened, when he tells them to picket unjust stay at home laws, how does one stand behind the president. We need to be smart as to how we reopen the economy.

    Scottie posted an excerpt from the Wichita (Kansas) Eagle yesterday saying disinfectant poisonings increased 40% over the weekend in Kansas. Standing behind a president who just does a stream of conscious babbling is dangerous. We are six weeks behind where we needed to be on planning because the president for some reason said to himself it would be better politically to downplay the virus. This one stills boggles my mind, when he could have looked very presidential instead and forewarned as his intelligence officials warned him.

    Let me be blunt. We could have assessed what was needed from a health standpoint. We could have prepared for an economic downtown (maybe paying employers to keep people on the payroll rather than give unemployment). Yet, it is not a stretch to say more people got sick and more people died because of these waylaid actions. Right now, the president continues to lie along with his VP, whose wife said he did not know Mayo Clinic had a face mask requirement – really? I cannot believe you did not know or take the time to find out.


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  6. Two of the biggest meat packing plants in Canada, both in Alberta, supplying 70% of the beef consumed in Canada, are hotspots for the corona virus. Hundred of workers and their families are infected, with a small number of them already dead. They were closed for a few days while being totally decontaminated (is that even possible?). One for sure is already back in production, but with only 1 shift rather than three. I’m not sure what the virus uses for food, but it seems to me raw beef would be a good source of nourishment. I haven’t heard of anyone getting the virus from beef yet, and I don’t want to set off an alarm, but what if all those covid germs survived on meat sent out for public consumption? Sure glad I don’t eat beef.
    As for politicians of the conservative variety, they seem to have no sense of empathy, or even sympathy. Let the poor die, who needs them? Well, what value is there for a slaveowner with no slaves to own? The wealthy can own all the money, but what good is it with no one to pay to do the grunt work. Go figure!

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    • I had that thought, too, that if the workers carry the virus, what’s to stop it from contaminating the meat, whether its beef or chicken? No doubt cooking the meat to a certain temperature will kill the virus, but some like their beef quite rare, so in that case, who knows? I’m with you on your last statement … the rich don’t care about the rest of us … but who’s going to clean their mansions and build their fancy toys and cars, and grow & prepare their food?

      An aside … I read this morning that Canada banned assault weapons … I thought you guys already had strict gun laws and didn’t know assault weapons were allowed to begin with?

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  7. Guns are clearly more important to some. Walking about in full combat gear and carrying a sausage rather than a machine gun is not the look some people are after. What they don’t get is walking about with a sausage makes you look eccentric and is safe. Whereas walking about a town centre with a machine gun makes you look a complete moron and a danger to the community.

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    • Guns are more important to some than their own children. At one of the protest rallies a week or so ago, men were wearing swastikas and had their automatic rifles slung over their shoulders … and nobody got arrested, to the best of my knowledge. Luckily and surprisingly, nobody got shot either, but it’s only a matter of time. I’m with you, they look like complete morons! I saw a man in the grocery store one day with a pistol strapped onto his belt, and being possessed of a sometimes sarcastic nature, I asked him, “What, buddy, do you think one of those cans of peas is going to attack you?” He gave me a dirty look and walked away!

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    • You hit the nail on the head! Most of my friends from the UK see our situation more clearly than many in this country do … perhaps distance improves perspective. Money in politics … politicians bought and paid for … has increased the income disparity in this country beyond belief. The NRA and fossil fuel industries have the most powerful lobbies in existence, and their power is almost without limits. Sadly, nearly half the nation cannot or will not understand it and vote the greedy ones out of office.

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