“You should get behind the president” – and do what?

We keep hearing Trump’s minions saying that we should ‘get behind’ Trump, and I’ve offered a few times to do just that … get behind him with a baseball bat in hand! Joking aside though, Keith asks the question … get behind him and … what???


A common refrain by Trump supporters to any criticism regarding his handling of COVID-19 is “you need to get behind the president.” OK, and do what specifically?

Should I correct his misinformation, some of which is “actively harmful to Americans” according to John Oliver?

Should I say it was OK to ignore the warnings of the pandemic risk in January and February when we could have done some planning such as needs assessment and alert various parties to better understand roles?

Should I support his and his sycophants’ efforts to heighten just criticism of China and the WHO to the point of disproportionate blame for COVID-19 to mask just blame toward his failures?

Should we say it is OK to push for the public outcry of supporters without accountability to get governors to act more rashly in reopening the economy?

Should we tolerate his abuse of powers toward inspectors general…

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21 thoughts on ““You should get behind the president” – and do what?

  1. “get behind him with a baseball bat in hand” That gave me a good chuckle!
    I am so tired of hearing that about getting behind Trump. Y’all wouldn’t do anything close to getting behind Obama for 8 years, so I don’t even want to hear it!

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    • I’m glad … I imagine about now you need a good chuckle! And I could do it … no doubt in my mind, I could summon super-human strength and knock that ugly orb off his neck with a baseball bat! You’re so right … there is a double standard at play here. Obama was heavily criticized for wearing a tan-coloured suit one day, and yet Trump is getting by with literal murder and nobody cares. Sigh.


  2. Jill, thanks again for the reblog. I told a good friend who supports Trump and echoed this party line, “I respect the office of the president. I just wish the incumbent would.” Keith

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    • My answer to such is usually that respect is earned, and he has not done a single thing in 3+ years to earn mine. Somebody on Facebook said to me the other night that he is the greatest president this country has ever had and she hoped he became president for life. I was so furious I literally saw read, so … against your teachings … I fired off a snotty response, which got 157 ‘likes’ withing the first 30 minutes. Sorry, I forgot to follow your advice … rage just went through me and logic failed.


      • Jill, this president makes it hard to be civil given his wont to make things up and misinform. These folks would be surprised to read me write that he is the most corrupt and deceitful president in my lifetime, including Richard Nixon. I don’t think you read my post of two posts ago regarding the best (or worst in this case) metaphor (I stopped at twelve examples) for the Trump presidency. I would love your opinion, especially to the one I rated in the comments. Keith

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        • Admittedly, I was behind on reading posts, but I fixed that tonight! I could not choose just three, for Trump has done so many things that I classify as heinous, but I did comment what my #1 would probably be. Sorry I got so far behind, but take heart in that yours, Hugh’s, and Gronda’s are the only ones I try to make an effort to always read! I’ve just had so much on my plate lately that I’m a bit overwhelmed, and lack of sleep doesn’t help, but I cannot seem to sleep more than 2-3 hours a night. This, too, shall pass, right?


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