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nightmareThe weekend is here and one of my readers told me I should ‘relax’.  Relax???  What the heck is that?  I’ve got laundry to do, need to get out and get some Mother’s Day cards, and just because it’s a weekend, the news cycle doesn’t stop … there is still much out there to stir my ire and make me snarky (or perhaps snarky is just my natural personality?).  So, here are a couple of snippets for you to ponder upon …

Last year, various committees of the House of Representatives sought witness testimony from people in the know about Trump’s gross negligence and abuse of power.  They asked people to please come and testify, under oath.  Few did.  They issued subpoenas.  Few were honoured.  Why?  Because Donald Trump ordered them not to testify.  A few found their cojones and testified anyway, but very few.  First, this was an abuse of power, but since he has surrounded himself with ‘yes-men’, he got by with it.  But more to the point, if you have nothing to hide, then why on earth would you stop people from testifying honestly and clearing your name?  Thus, the only conclusion was that Donald Trump was a corrupt, likely criminal person who holds the highest office in the land, despite having lost the election by nearly 3 million votes.

fauciWhy, you ask, am I re-hashing old territory?  Because it’s happening again.  The House Appropriations Committee, looking into the government’s bungled response to the coronavirus, requested testimony by Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.  Dr. Fauci has been a prominent figure, until recently, at Trump’s daily ‘press briefings’ and has been the only one willing to correct Trump’s erroneous statements, the only one willing to tell the public the truth.  But … Trump will not allow Dr. Fauci to testify.  The committee is looking into the government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, the chaos that followed Trump’s obfuscation and lies, the resulting excessive deaths that might not have happened, if the leader of the nation had used halfway good judgment.  For Trump to forbid Dr. Fauci from testifying is yet another example of obstruction of justice and abuse of power, but … that is the norm for this administration.  Are we really willing to, as Mick Mulvaney suggested we should, just “get over it”?  I’m not.

fauci-2From what I’ve seen, Dr. Fauci seems to be a straight shooter who isn’t afraid to tell the truth, who isn’t afraid to correct or contradict Trump.  I would like to think that he will do the right thing and voluntarily testify, despite Trump’s orders.  Will he?  Does he have cojones, or is he just another coward like Don McGahn, Wilbur Ross, and others whose loyalties lie directly to Donald Trump, and not the people of this nation?

White House press secretaries … ho-hum

In past administrations, there have been some very reputable people in the position of White House Press Secretary.  Not so in the Trump administration.  It began with Sean Spicer who was the first in the administration, on inauguration day, to utter an ‘alternative fact’, to be defined as such the next day by the ignominious Kellyanne Conway.  Sean said the crowds for Trump’s inauguration were the biggest ever, or bigger than Obama’s in 2009, or some such nonsense which was so far from the truth as to be laughable.

Then came the hateful Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who defended the indefensible for nearly two years.  If Trump said “Jump!”, she asked, “How high, sir?”  Presumably it took a toll on her and she left in July of 2019.

Next up was Melania’s personal servant, Stephanie Grisham who held the title and received the pay for nine months, but never held the first press briefing, and in fact turned her nose up at reporters and screeched at them like a banshee.  She really doesn’t even count, except that We the People paid her out of our own hard-earned tax dollars.

mcenanyAnd now, we have a new one … rather an idiot, if you ask me.  Her name is Kayleigh McEnany and she held her first press briefing yesterday.  Now, she started out by promising that there would be more press briefings than there have been for the past year.  Um … there have been none for the past 13 months, so she already beat that average.  She also made another ‘promise’ …

“I will never lie to you. You have my word on that.”


And then she proceeded to tell a lie, that the Mueller investigation had amounted to “the complete and total exoneration of  … Trump.”  And then she told another lie, referring to “salacious, awful and verifiably false allegations that were made against Justice Kavanaugh.”  And another that “not a single American has died for lack of a ventilator.”  After a few more lies and misquotes, she ended with …

“Everyone should watch the Fox News town hall with the president from 7 to 9 p.m. [on Sunday]. It will be can’t-miss television, much like the highly rated President Trump coronavirus task force briefings have been.”

I would rather take a bath in a puddle of pig manure than waste two hours of my life watching that crap!  And “highly rated … briefings”?????  They have been the brunt of jokes and criticisms, for they have not been briefings, but campaign rallies, ego trips for the Oaf in the Oval Office!  Ms. McEnany fits right in with the concept of Trump staff … no concept of the difference between fact and fiction, and a blind loyalty to a ‘man’ who deserves none.  My prediction is that she will be even more obnoxious and disgusting than Sarah Huckabee Sanders was, and that’s a pretty tough act to beat.

Well, folks, it’s Saturday, so I will stop at only two snippets today and leave you with a ‘toon.  Have a happy weekend!toon

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  1. What will annoy the heck(family friendly word) out of a petty-minded egotist like Trump and his devoted followers is that in this part of the UK there is someone sitting here who:
    1. Blacks out his pictures.
    2. Says ‘He’s not a president. He didn’t even get a majority of the vote’.
    3. Doesn’t allow his voice to be heard in their house
    4. Holds him contempt and not even worthy of Millard Filmore.
    And there is nothing they can do about it!
    (My contribution)

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    • Ah, well then … I must be annoying the bloody hell (NOT family-friendly 😉 ) out of him, for do all of the above! My daughter was channel flipping the other night, and a channel with him on the cover was there and I threatened to throw the television in the yard if she didn’t get that ugly mug off of there!

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  2. Great post, Jill! When the Dems secure the White House and the Senate, they can put in place a REAL AG who will investigate all of the Trumpers + trump himself and bring charges. Until that happens, the enablers rule the roost and your Idiot-in-Chief gets off Scott free.

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    • Hello John. It is now doubtful. Some of the candidates running supported investigating tRump however Biden is not one of those. To investigate the tRump administration will interfere in his desire to reach out to Republicans. Biden is more of the President Ford model, he will forgive all tRump illegalities in the interest of saving the country. Just as Ford did of Nixon. IMO the best we can hope for now is tRump and crew get thrown out of office. The scary thing is what happens between early November when tRump loses, and late January when he officially can not sign any legislation? If McConnell loses the Senate then what horrible anti-democracy thing will he do then? Hugs

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  3. Love the cartoon. And, I only told you to relax because you expressed how exhausted and frustrated you were. If your mission is what matters, you should do it, for you do it so well. I really read only your blog for all the concise, cut the BS and get to the point info regarding the White House shenanigans. And no one else has such cute animals or cartoons. Just keep yourself well. Hugs.

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    • I know, my friend, and I wish I could take your advice! I know you only said it because you care, and I appreciate it so much … appreciate you! But alas, my wiring is not quite right, and relaxing seems to drive me nuts!


  4. When they get to Camp David with Trump they should keep going farther into the woods. Otherwise, it’s not far enough to really hide him where he can’t do more damage. I loved the cartoon. 😀 — Suzanne

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  5. Another Minister of Lies. Well, I guess she looks nice? Is that supposed to make the lies less noticeable? Hell, it was better when they didn’t have any briefings at all. The less we have to hear from him, or anyone in his administration, the better off we’ll all be. Yet they keep on shoving themselves down our throats. Amazing they think anybody cares what they have to say. Well, ok, about 30% of the people do. But that’s the cult. They don’t count!

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  6. Jill, it is as obvious as daylight. But, it is an old habit of the president which predates the election to cover up his corruption and deceit. His fixer, Michael Cohen, testified he sent over 500 cease and desist letters to keep unflattering information from getting out about Trump. Assuming he worked with Cohen for twenty years, that is over 25 letters per year or about two a month.

    Now he tells people in his purview not to testify. What does he have to hide? His incompetence or his deceit? Probably both. Keith

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    • Can one simply issue a ‘cease and desist’ letter, and it must be honoured? I’m confused about how he gets by with so much … breaking norms and even constitutional laws that were put into place to stop just such a thing as is happening today. I look back at his history, even in his childhood, he showed a cruel streak, so I can only conclude that there is something very much missing in his genetic composition … ie, a conscience. He is cruel, he is a megalomaniac, and he is on track to become the dictator of a once powerful nation. If we cannot stop him …

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      • Jill, the cease and desist is basically worded, if you do this, I will sue your organization. I have deeper pockets and can bury you. You may not know his campaign sued numerous TV stations six weeks ago to prevent a commercial using his own words showing how he downplayed and naysayed the virus. Roy Cohn’s lessons live on, “never apologize and sue everyone.” Keith

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        • Ahhhh … it basically boils down to those ‘deeper pockets’ then. For, there is no grounds for a lawsuit and Trump would likely lose, but it’s just not worth the trouble, so they ‘cease and desist’. I guess this was what happened with his school records at Wharton. But again, if one has nothing to hide …

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          • Hello Jill. You are very correct, let me share a story with you. I live in a mobile home community in Florida. This all happened years ago. After a turn over of owners the new company suddenly charged a fee in one year that legally they had to take over several years. The Home Owners Board sued the new company owning the park for that and other things. When I joined the board it had been going on for several years costing the board ( park members ) money but had made no progress. I seen that after this time they had a right to the money and our lawsuit while justified before was not now and was simply draining our funds. Old shit heads on the board refused to budge, the lawyer they hired told them they would get it all back and more, and they wanted that $750 dollars per home or else. Several times the company tried to settle giving the board options for a bunch of wanted to get things, but those old cusses wanted their $750 back and would not vote to settle. They seemed to think they were dealing with the old owner not a large nationwide equality firm. Every year the lawyer billed the board for $2,500 but would only come see us once a year and had not even done discovery yet. He kept claiming he was filing this or waiting on the court that. He was an old asshole basically using us to pay his own gated community dues each year with out doing anything. But he kept making promises of a great pay off and those from the old days believed him. I left the board. A few years later almost ten years after the original lawsuit after all the boards money was depleted the board was forced to drop the lawsuit getting nothing for it. If they had settled when the company had said they would they could have gotten somethings. It was a scam from the get go. The company that bought our park was a nationwide equity firm, they did not want our park as it was too small but it was part of the deal. The stupid people in charge of the board back then thought they with 182 homes could challenge such a company. They hired a lawyer from across the state in his retirement who seen this as a cash cow. There was no way to win, all the owning company had to do was delay it long enough the HMO was out of money, and they win. To rub salt in the wound the lawyer was pissed that the board was dropping the suit and he was losing his easy $2,500 a year for nothing income he threatened to sue the board if they did not give him a $30,000 dollar severance fee. The board showed him they had less than $150 in their accounts and he laughed and went away. To the wealthy go the spoils, to the fools the loss. Hugs

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            • And how many more stories just like that are there around the nation? More than we can imagine, I’d bet. Sigh. Perhaps we would only need a small portion of the judges we have now, were it not for this sort of b.s. and frivolous lawsuits. Hugs!

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  7. With Reagan, the phrase was, “I can’t remember.” With Trump it’s, “You can’t remember, even if you do.”
    As for Kayleigh McEnany, it’s “Well, he told me it was true!”

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