Truth Must Triumph

In this, the era of ‘alternative facts’, has truth taken a long hike, is it gone forever, or do we just need to dig a little deeper to sift through the detritus? Jerry from On the Fence Voters has written a thoughtful piece about truth in the era of Trump . And at the end, there’s a petition to sign to “Make America Rational Again”, though in truth, that starts with We the People on November 3rd. Thanks Jerry!

On The Fence Voters

Nearly two decades ago, the evangelical mega-ministry Focus on the Family produced a video/teaching series with the title The Truth Project. I’ve watched only the first episode of the series, and that’s all one needs to watch to know the series’ emphasis, which is, as Jesus said, “For this reason I was born and for this I came into the world, to testify to the truth” (John 18:37, emphasis added).

Del Tackett, the series’ presenter, quotes the 1828 version of Webster’s Dictionary for his definition of truth: “conformity to fact or reality.” That’s a nice, concise, easy-to-remember definition—although it might be a bit too simple. In an infinite universe that, as most physicists now postulate, consists of at least 10 dimensions, finite beings cannot always determine what is fact or reality.

But in most situations, and for our purpose here, that simple, straightforward definition of truth—conformity to…

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17 thoughts on “Truth Must Triumph

  1. Just read the article. Yeah, it was so insane with all the lies and delusions. What’s worse was 45 not owning up to his lies and other things. If anyone wants to get on my bad side, it’s the act of doing or saying something bad and never owning up to it.

    That quote is also powerful and I’ve noticed it in real life. Whether it was me talking about facts in regards to racism (not just my personal experiences being a victim of it), parts of history that don’t get talked about, or even something like the Kimba/TLK plagiarism controversy, there have been people who freaked out at me for daring to tell the truth.

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    • Truth, honesty and integrity seem to be lacking in our government, but also in society as a whole today. We are what I have often referred to as the “Me-istic” society … it’s all about self, what can you do for me. Sigh.

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      • I know, right? While the political aspects are certainly numerous, I do have my concerns about society as well with how fake people are or accepting lies over truth. There’s sad truth with Alexander Pushkin’s quote of people appreciating and “illusion that exalts [them] than ten thousand truths”. I certainly agree with how selfish people can be, too.

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