Trump Has A Plan — We Should Be Afraid!

Trump apparently has a ‘plan’, a four-step plan, to open the U.S. for business again. His intent has nothing to do with the well being of the people of this nation, but is a thinly-disguised attempt to restore the economy and thus his approval rating prior to the November 3rd election.  The esteemed Robert Reich tells us why his plan is an abomination, why it will be lethal to the people of this country …

Donald Trump’s four-step plan to reopen the US economy – and why it will be lethal

Robert Reich-4Robert Reich

The president and his allies are hiding the facts and pretending ‘freedom’ conquers all. As a result, more Americans will die

Donald Trump is getting nervous. Internal polls show him losing in November unless the economy comes roaring back.

But much of the economy remains closed because of the pandemic. The number of infections and deaths continue to climb.

So what is Trump’s re-election strategy? Reopen the economy anyway, despite the risks.

Step 1 – Remove income support, so people have no choice but to return to work.

Trump’s labor department has decided that furloughed employees “must accept” an employer’s offer to return to work and therefore forfeit unemployment benefits, regardless of Covid-19.

Trump’s ally, Iowa’s Republican governor, Kim Reynolds, says employees cannot refuse to return to work for fear of contracting the disease. “That’s a voluntary quit,” making someone ineligible for benefits.

GOP officials in Oklahoma are even threatening to withhold the $600 a week of extra unemployment benefits Congress has provided workers, if an employer wants to hire them. Safety is irrelevant.

“If the employer will contact us … we will cut off their benefits,” says Teresa Thomas Keller of the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission.

Forcing people to choose between getting Covid-19 or losing their livelihood is inhumane. It is also nonsensical. Public health still depends on as many workers as possible staying home. That’s a big reason why Congress provided the extra benefits.

Step 2 – Hide the facts.

No one knows how many Americans are infected because the Trump administration continues to drag its heels on testing. To date only 6.5m tests have been completed in a population of more than 200 million adults.

Florida, one of the first states to reopen, has stopped releasing medical examiners’ statistics on the number of Covid-19 victims because the figures are higher than the state’s official count.

But it’s impossible to fight the virus without adequate data. Dr Anthony Fauci, the administration’s leading infectious disease expert, warns that reopening poses “a really significant risk” without more testing.

Not surprisingly, the White House has blocked Fauci from testifying before the House.

Step 3 – Pretend it’s about “freedom”.

Weeks ago, Trump called on citizens to “LIBERATE” states like Michigan, whose Democratic governor, Gretchen Whitmer, imposed strict stay-at-home rules.

Michigan has the third-highest number of Covid-19 deaths in America, although it is 10th in population. When on Thursday Whitmer extended the rules to 28 May, gun-toting protesters rushed the state house chanting: “Lock her up!”

Rather than condemn their behavior, Trump suggested Whitmer “make a deal” with them.

“The Governor of Michigan should give a little, and put out the fire,” he tweeted. “These are very good people, but they are angry. They want their lives back again, safely!”

Meanwhile, the attorney general, William Barr, has directed the justice department to take legal action against any state or local authorities imposing lockdown measures that “could be violating the constitutional rights and civil liberties of individual citizens”.

Making this about “freedom” is absurd. Freedom is meaningless for people who have no choice but to accept a job that risks their health.

Step 4 – Shield businesses against lawsuits for spreading the infection.

Trump is pushing to give businesses that reopen a “liability shield” against legal action by workers or customers who get infected by the virus.

This week, he announced he would use the Defense Production Act to force meat-processing plants to remain open, despite high rates of Covid-19 infections and deaths among meatpackers.

“We’re going to sign an executive order today, I believe, and that’ll solve any liability problems,” Trump said.

The Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, insists that proposed legislation giving state and local governments funding they desperately need must include legal immunity for corporations that cause workers or consumers to become infected.

“We have a red line on liability,” McConnell said. “It won’t pass the Senate without it.”

But how can the economy safely reopen if companies don’t have an incentive to keep people safe? Promises to provide protective gear and other safeguards are worthless absent the threat of damages if workers or customers become infected.

The truth – The biggest obstacle to reopening the economy is the pandemic itself.

Any rush to reopen without adequate testing and tracing – far more than now under way – will cause a resurgence of the disease and another and longer economic crisis.

Maybe Trump is betting that any resurgence will occur after the election, when the economy appears to be on the road to recovery.

The first responsibility of a president is to keep the public safe. But Donald Trump couldn’t care less. He was slow to respond to the threat, then he lied about it, then made it hard for states – especially those with Democratic governors – to get the equipment they need.

Now he’s trying to force the economy to reopen in order to boost his electoral chances this November, and he’s selling out Americans’ health to seal the deal. This is beyond contemptible.

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Isn’t it a damn shame that the person charged with seeing to the well-being of the nation actually poses the gravest danger to the people of that nation?  Think about it.

34 thoughts on “Trump Has A Plan — We Should Be Afraid!

  1. “Trump Has A Plan”
    So do a bunch of drunken klutzes stumbling out of a pub, only it’s not one sensible people want to get involved with.
    So did the Wermacht to invade Russia in 1940s…..that worked well didn’t it? And they were professionals.

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    • Indeed, Trump’s “plan” has less thought put into it than I put into folding a load of laundry, but he has something else in his favour … hundreds of loyal lemmings ready to praise his every word and promote his plan to the people … maybe even at gunpoint if needs be.

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  2. It really is shocking isn’t it, that such a vulgar and repulsive person could get into power in a Nation that prides itself on freedom. It’s hardly any better over here in the U.K. I think our voting systems and social media platforms have a great deal to answer for. The propaganda and lies that are fed to people who are struggling is really tragic. Especially as these people are often the ones that will be most adversely affected. We can protest, write and hold politicians and media accountable for their actions. Taking our democracy for granted is dangerous.

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    • It is shocking indeed, and I keep thinking that some morning I will wake up to find it was only a nightmare. Greed and arrogance have led us to the place we now find ourselves, and I fear it will not end anytime soon. ‘Tis true that you have your own troubles over there, and I’m no fan of Boris, but … at least he’s relatively sane, whereas Trump is far, far from it. Sigh.

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  3. Hello Jill. tRump doesn’t believe anything but his own delusions, no science , no experts. So he may think he is going to gain by rushing to open and everything will be great for him. However just in these few days we have seen a spike in the number of people testing positive for Covid-19 and that is with only 1.6% of the population tested. Now that is going to drastically increase hospitalizations and a need for life saving equipment such as respirators. They wont be able to hide the news for long. It is going to be as bad as when it first started and big cities wont be the ones hit hardest, it will be rural areas who have less resources. This is going to be a crash and burn for the administration and Republican governors. The thing that really upsets me is the toll on healthcare workers that are already over worked, underpaid, struggling to get PPEs, and getting sick themselves. Hugs

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    • I keep wondering … are there no economists in his administration to explain to him that even if the virus were eradicated tomorrow, the economy is not going to return to its previous state for a long time, probably years. Businesses are going belly-up, people are not going to have money to spend on non-essentials, etc. And today, it is reported that he plans to “wind down” the coronavirus task force, despite a surge in new cases and over 70k deaths. In the words of Forrest Gump, “Stupid is as stupid does”, and we will all pay the price for his utter stupidity and the ignorance of those who continue to support him. Sigh. Hugs!

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  4. For the first time in my life I don’t feel in safe in my own country. I am ashamed of so much of the population that supports this insanity. I work in medical. We went back to work this week with a lot of precautions and protocols, but how long? I don’t want to die when I have a choice to be safe. He’s forcing the American people to play Russian Roulette with their mortality.

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  5. Countries around the world are moving tentatively towards removing some lockdown measures, but it is tentative, and done with an eye on the figures. The aim is to protect people and the health care system. Trump is obviously doing the opposite, and everyone can see what the realists will be. It is criminal to order people to work in unsafe environments, especially when the main prize for Trump is a rise in his re-election chances.

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    • True, and I trust Italy, Spain and the rest to move forward responsibly and cautiously. I certainly do NOT trust the U.S. to do so, for our government is filled with fools looking after only their own interests. It is criminal … or it should be. Even the experts within the administration say that our death rate from coronavirus will more than double in the coming months, and yet … people are clamouring to open it all back up. Personally, I plan to keep staying home except for my weekly foray to the grocery store. I suspect the majority will be more like me than like those who “just want [their] lives back”. Such shallow people. Sigh. Keep safe, my friend … be well. Hugs!

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  6. Jill, the last paragraph sums it up nicely. Donald J. Trump is a clear and present danger to our democracy, our country, our planet and even his own party. When given the choice between leadership and lying, he chooses lying. Taking the president at his word is a fool’s errand.

    The Lincoln Project of Republicans who support the defeat of Trump have a more correct ad they just released called “Mourning in America.” Well done. Keith

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    • Thanks Keith. He is, I believe, the biggest threat to this nation that exists today. He is more of a clear and present danger than Kim Jong un with his love of playing ‘nuke’, more of a threat than the current pandemic, and to make matters worse, he threatens not only the safety and security of this nation, but of others as well.

      I will check out the new Lincoln Project ad … I haven’t seen it yet, but I applaud what they are doing!

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  7. The real problem is that a huge chunk of Americans couldn’t care less about the rest of Americans–they care only about themselves. Trump didn’t help with his “liberate” tweets, in fact he egged them on. Now, forcing people to go back to work, knowing they will get sick and a percentage of them will die, has to be the worst idea anyone could ever have. Are they any republicans left with any intelligence, or have they all succumbed to the Trumped-up Kool-Aid?

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    • A huge chunk of people in this country care for NOTHING but themselves. Sadly, they are egged on by the “man” at the top who hasn’t a shred of decency in his entire 330 pound body. I’m sure there must be some republicans with some sense, but then again … perhaps the ones that had a functional brain have already left the Republican Party, as many have. I don’t know, but if something doesn’t give in this country soon, we are going to see blood in the streets before the end of summer.

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  8. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    This is dangerous … there’s NOTHING transparent and honest about “IT”!! … “Trump has a ‘plan’, a four-step plan, to open the U.S. for business again. His intent has nothing to do with the well being of the people of this nation, but is a thinly-disguised attempt to restore the economy and thus his approval rating prior to the November 3rd election. “

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