Ominous Tidbits …

Yesterday I wrote about Trump’s purges and how he has been removing those tasked with oversight of his administration.  Then this morning, I awakened to the news that members of the coronavirus task force – and their deputies – are barred from testifying before Congress unless they get special permission from chief of staff Mark Meadows.

A memo to congressional staff directors said this restriction on testimony also applies to the departments of Health and Human Services, Homeland Security and State. It decrees that committees are limited to no more than four virus-related hearings this month.  According to the memo …

“Given these competing demands in these unprecedented times, it is reasonable to expect that agencies will have to decline invitations to hearings to remain focused on implementing of COVID-19 response, including declining to participate in multiple hearings on the same or overlapping topics.”

NO, it is not ‘reasonable’ to expect that the committees overseeing the spending of $2.3 trillion of our tax dollars cannot be bothered to tell Congress where that money is going!!!  🤯

And now, we come to the truth of the matter … the real reason Congress via its committees, and therefore We the People, are being kept in the dark.  From the great manipulator himself …

“When you see all these committees, seven or eight committees, we haven’t even started, and they have all these committees looking for trouble, just looking for trouble. Every enemy I have is put on a Democrat committee.”

No, Donnie, not every enemy you have is on a committee, for I am not on any committee, yet I am most certainly your enemy.

Remember, folks, that it is our money that is being spent. We already have proof that at least $50 million intended to help small businesses went to fossil fuel companies with links to Donald Trump and his cronies.  $28 million went to three coal mining companies, all with ties to Trump officials, and the other $22m is being paid out to oil and gas services and equipment providers and other firms that work with drillers and coal miners. In other words, WE have spent at least $50 million to help kill the environment that we depend on for life.  Rather like hiring a hit man to kill us.

How much more of our money has been misappropriated, or will soon be, without congressional oversight?  It is the duty of Congress to oversee the executive branch, the president and his minions, and yet, Trump has effectively tied their hands.  Will we continue to put up with this bullshit, or will we vote the son-of-a-bitch out of office in November?  I know my answer.

Meanwhile, in Russia, it is reported that three doctors, each of whom had complained about shortages of medical supplies and being forced to work despite testing positive for coronavirus, have fallen out of windows … two died and the third,  Dr. Alexander Shulepov, survived, although he has a fractured skull and is in critical condition.  Any bets on his chances of recovery?

Prior to his ‘fall’, Dr. Shulepov and a colleague, ambulance paramedic Alexander Kosyakin, had published a video in which they complained about their boss forcing Shulepov and his colleagues to continue working together even after his positive test result.

I suppose the only logical conclusion we can draw is that Russian doctors are very clumsy, eh?  Let’s just hope that American doctors who speak out don’t contract this clumsiness syndrome.

Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters, with 22 years of military experience, was an analyst on Fox News until March 2018 when he resigned, calling the network a “propaganda machine” for the Trump administration and accused the network of “wittingly harming our system of government for profit.”  On April 25th, Anderson Cooper interviewed Lieutenant Colonel Peters and what he said mirrors much of what my own thoughts have been … and still are.  Take a look …

35 thoughts on “Ominous Tidbits …

  1. Jill, thanks for sharing. Lt. Col. Ralph Peters interview with Anderson Cooper needs to be reviewed by every Republican in Congress followed by a simple question – what do you plan to do about this?

    I sent an email to your Ohio governor complimenting him on his buck stops here stance toward extreme, gun toting protestors. Even Sean Hannity chastised similar protestors in Michigan.


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    • PS – I received an encouraging note from George Will on my email regarding the Supreme Court ruling against GOP efforts to renege on payments to insurers. Like Lt. Col. Peters, Will is disillusioned by Trump and the GOP. Keith

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    • My pleasure … as soon as I saw it, I knew it needed to be shared. Peters is one who I’ve had enormous respect for ever since he left Fox and made his reasons clear.

      Yes, I’m pleased with DeWine at the moment. I was furious when he canceled the Democratic Primary in March late at night just a few hours before the polls were to open, for I saw it as a political move. Since then, though, he has redeemed himself (sort of) by standing up to Trump and delaying the reopening of businesses. And I was pleased with his stance on the protestors as well. Hannity??? I noticed you have a post on the topic, but haven’t read it yet. I will before I go to bed, though … this I must hear about!

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    • I’ll take it a step further … I would bet money that Don the Con has suggested the same, but his ideas have been struck down or discounted by cooler heads in his administration. Would it surprise me if Dr. Fauci had an accident? Not at all. I said the same during the Mueller investigation, that I fully expected Bob Mueller to end up in an auto accident or a ‘random’ shooting. Trump is as evil as any mafia don I’ve ever known.

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          • I did not know that about you! You’re nothing like him because you’re a smart and wonderful person. The Con is an idiot, not to mention just a horrible human being. And he’s the most powerful person in the world. I think I’m going to be sick!!!

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            • Awwww … thanks Jeff! Most New Yorkers are nothing like him, truth be told. Yeah, I had a strange childhood … I’ll tell you about it one of these days. I’m already sick over it, and have you noticed that his power grabs are escalating? What will it be by November 3rd?

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              • Yep, and win or lose, he’ll still have the transition period after the election to do God knows what. Unfit to serve. Unfit..period. Although, I’d like to fit him for an orange jumpsuit!

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                • Ohhhhhh … my head. Thanks for reminding me! Though I’m not typically a cruel person, I found myself hoping, when I heard that his valet (what, he cannot even dress himself???) and Pence’s press secretary had tested positive for coronavirus, that Trump would contract it and … well, I’ll leave the rest unsaid, but you know. Yeah, I’d like to fit him with an orange jumpsuit or a coffin … either one works.

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                  • No way. You’re not cruel Jill. You’re simply stating what millions of us feel. Poetic justice? Karma? Either one works if he in fact does contract it. Notice how he’s testing like a maniac in the White House? Imagine that.

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                    • Yeah, every staff member is to be tested every day. Apparently, he thinks he is more important than the rest of us. And yet, here most hospitals are short on tests, some cannot even get them. What a waste to protect that human scumbag. Sigh.

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    • While true that many “accidents” happen in Russia & China, esp to political dissidents and whistleblowers, I would say the same about the US. CIA assassinations happen all the time to political enemies, why do you think Julian Assange and Edward Biden sought political asylum in Latin America and Russia? They dared to tell the rotten truth about empire and corruption, loss of liberty, coverups.
      Hillary Clinton was well known for her crassness and lack of empathy for human life. Because of Wikileaks revealing US war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan killing innocent civilians including women and children, Hillary remarked about Assange during a staff meeting, “Can’t we just drone this guy?”.
      Hillary also joked about the US led coup to overthrow Gadaffi and regime change Libya. She was infamously quoted as saying, “We came, we saw, he died!”
      Is it any wonder that she lost to Trump? Now Trump is going to lose to Biden b/c of the same repugnant power tripping smugness and arrogance. Politicians are so out of touch, the hubris and disdain for the rule of law is intolerable to voters.

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