Something To Think About …

If you speak the truth, tell the facts, but your facts are not what Trump wants the people of this country to believe, you will be punished.  If your position is within Trump’s reach, you will be fired.  At the very least, your voice will be stifled, and you will be publicly denigrated by Trump.  This is the new reality in our government … you either agree with all that Trump says or pay the price.

The latest casualty of Trump’s war against We the People is Christi A. Grimm, the inspector general with the Department of Health and Human Services.  Her ‘crime’?  She told the truth.  She issued a report chronicling testing delays — up to seven days in some cases — as well as severe shortages of supplies in hospitals amid the coronavirus pandemic.  Part of her report states …

“Hospitals reported that they were unable to keep up with COVID-19 testing demands because they lacked complete kits and/or the individual components and supplies needed to complete tests. When patient stays were extended while awaiting test results, this strained bed availability, personal protective equipment (PPE) supplies, and staffing.”

Trump’s response was to falsely claim that the report was not only wrong but was politically motivated.  Say WHAT???  He demanded to know the name of the Inspector General who wrote the report, then demeaned her on his favourite venue, Twitter …

“Why didn’t the I.G., who spent 8 years with the Obama Administration (Did she Report on the failed H1N1 Swine Flu debacle where 17,000 people died?), want to talk to the Admirals, Generals, V.P. & others in charge, before doing her report. Another Fake Dossier!”

Just as an aside, if 17,000 people died from the H1N1 flu, how does that compare to the 70,000+ dead already in the U.S. alone, with another 100,000 or more projected in the next few months?  Not even in the same ballpark.

Ms. Grimm is a career official, not a political appointee, and began serving in the Office of the Inspector General in 1999, ten years before President Obama took office.  She is the third inspector general that Trump has fired in just over a month.  In early April he fired Michael Atkinson for his proper handling of the whistleblower complaint that led to Trump’s impeachment.  Then just a few days later, he fired Glenn Fine, the inspector general at the Department of Defense, who had been chosen to lead the newly formed Pandemic Response Accountability Committee.  The committee was to oversee the disbursement of the $2.3 trillion stimulus package approved by Congress.

Three inspectors general fired in a month’s time.  A U.S. federal inspector general (IG) is the head of an independent, non-partisan organization established within each executive branch agency assigned to audit the agency’s operation in order to discover and investigate cases of misconduct, waste, fraud and other abuse of government procedures.  So, in essence, Trump is removing all oversight of his administration, replacing men and women of conscience with his own hand-picked people.  This is akin to the fox guarding the henhouse.  And it poses a danger to this nation, for it evades all accountability by this administration.

Who will be next on his hit list?  When the U.S. Senate failed miserably to do their job on February 5th, they unleashed a monster.  They essentially told Trump just what Attorney General William Barr told him last year, that there is no law that applies to Donald Trump, that he is free to do as he wishes.  He began his purge with Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman and his brother, then Admiral Joseph Maguire.  There may have been others that just didn’t cross my radar … almost certainly were.  And there will be more.

To date, every single senate-confirmed person has been removed from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.  All that remain are appointees or ‘acting’ officials, none approved by anyone other than Trump himself.  It is also worth noting that Trump’s purging isn’t just retaliatory, it’s forward-looking, too. By removing officials who committed the sin of trying to defend the rule of law from his efforts to corrupt it, Trump sends a message to others about what awaits them if they try to stand in the way.

These are the moves of an autocrat, folks.  This reeks of corruption, and it sets off warning bells, at least in my head, that Trump is setting the stage, making sure there are none left who will stand in his way.  His way of what?  Think about it.

26 thoughts on “Something To Think About …

  1. Thanks for sharing!.. as I have said in the past, Trump is no leader and elements of today’s society have put him in a place of power for their own self-centered ideology…today he is being a “drowning man grabbing at straws” and with his insecurity, he ridicules or disposes of anyone that poses a threat to his image… 🙂
    I expect if the truth is known, there are a percentage of those who supported him regretting that decision… 🙂
    The best advice I can give Donald Trump is from Mark Twain; “Sometimes it’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt” ( Mark Twain).. 🙂

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    • You’re so right, Dutch. I’ve thought more than once that perhaps those who supported him and continue to do so, are simply unwilling to admit they made a mistake. Some of them, at any rate. Some are just fools. I’ve heard … and used … that Mark Twain quote more in the last 3 years than in my 65 years before that! So apt, isn’t it?


  2. Nary a word from the Republican Party. You and I both know Jill that in any other administration this would be a major scandal. This one? Barely a blip on the radar. That’s how far we’ve fallen.

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  3. Jill, you may want to research voting machines in the upcoming election. Our beloved fuhrer in his infinite wisdom decided that the 2016 election was “rigged” b/c how could he possibly lose the popular vote count? His solution was:

    On March 23, 2018 President Trump signed the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2018 into law, which included $380 million in Help America Vote Act (HAVA) grants for states to make election security improvements. Among the authorized uses of the grant funds is the replacement of voting equipment, specifically equipment that does not produce a paper record or that is determined to be at the end of its useful life.

    Now you may think upgrading dated voting machines is a good idea to prevent tampering and provide transparency, but I read somewhere that Trump is pressuring that federal agency in charge of elections would only select contractors which manufacture voting machines that HE approves of. There is clearly a conflict of interest, interference and conspiracy to manipulate. I would seriously investigate this Nixon-eque conspiracy of rigging the upcoming election in Trump’s favor. If proven true, he should be impeached immediately and disgraced just like crooked Nixon. Something to think about when considering he’s replacing all the agency heads with Yes men and party sycophants.

    Look at all the recent bills that passed in blue states that received multi-million dollar grants for “upgrading” voting equipment and oversight. The fox guarding the hen house is right!

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    • Funding electronic voting machines that don’t use hardcopy records? How can anyone trust a vote where anything can change once you walk away from a machine, and you cannot prove who you voted for is where your vote went? I see a huge opportunity to falsify voting results, and we all know Trump is not averse to cheating. How do you do recounts with no paper records? What if a machine or two stop working, or go offline?Are the votes still counted?
      This scares me to no end. Trump will win, even if no one votes for him.

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      • I agree, paper ballot elections are certainly more legit like in those held in Canada & Europe. Basic safeguards ensure accountability and reduce chance of fraud. I think that’s why we don’t use paper ballots in the states! 😉

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  4. My America died in November 2016………..I don’t recognize the one that is masquerading as the old one at all…..the people are not the same, the govt has morphed into a banana republic with sycophants and fools spouting nonsense while the people are quickly being killed off my some madman’s idea of a wartime virus. On a “happier” note..I am expecting the brown shirts of Trumpian Nation to come after me any day now. I received a letter from the White House, sent by the IRS…complete with lies and obfuscations, misspellings and a lack of composition any 1st grade English speaking teacher would shudder upon reading. I carefully and in bright red ink “graded” this obscenity, wrote across the top that by sending “mail” from the IRS that originated from the White House, the morons involved has misappropriated govt funds, committed a fraud against the people and should be horsewhipped for their extreme stupidity…….then mailed it back to the White House.

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    • Just curious, was the IRS notice regarding the stimulus check? I’m wondering who actually received those payments, reports of citizens entitled to receive checks must wait until July or August. So much for helping the needy pay their bills and jump start the economy.

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    • I agree with you … the United States of America is no longer. It remains only as a bad joke, and I no longer have a shred of loyalty to this nation. Good for you, Suze!!! I got the same letter, though I did not actually read it, but I took a red Sharpie and wrote “FUCK YOU, TRUMP!” on it in big letters, then put it in an envelope addressed to Donald Trump, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C. 20500.

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  5. Jill, we are in a post-truth era, that has been heightened by a deceitful person in the White House. When lying comes with impunity, when lying is abetted by tribal sycophants,, when lying is even fueled by such sycophants akin to giiving candy to a toddler (even if the toddler is over 70), we must still call out the lies and empower the truth tellers.

    The current incumbent in the White House has five biographers who claim he has a problem with the truth. But, you don’t need their counsel, as we can see daily, what attorney Thomas Wells said about his former boss, “Donald Trump liee every day even about things of no consequence.” The fact people choose not to see this is one of the biggest con jobs in history.


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    • I can’t help thinking that surely there are still a few people of conscience left in the administration that would be willing to break their loyalty oath to Trump and, remembering their greater oath to the people of this nation, be willing to take a personal risk and go public with what they know. At least that is my hope. You are right … we must do everything we can to support those who would tell us the truth, for we darn sure aren’t getting it from Trump & Co.


      • Jill, we need a combination of conscience and courage. My guess is there are more quiet people of conscience, but too few who step up and call the president out when he lies. The dilemma is which lie do you call out? It so hard to avoid doing what the president often does when criticized, but very few people in the western world deserve to be name called more so than the US president. Keith

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        • You have a point there … which lie DO you call out??? Some are relatively irrelevant, while others risk lives. I think, though, that we do need a few to be courageous and follow their conscience, for We the People have a right to know what is going on behind the scenes in our government. It is our lives at stake here, after all. I’m curious what Michael Cohen’s upcoming book will reveal?


  6. Hello Jill. No thief wants anyone to see or report what crime he is committing. In this case it is a very bad child knowingly doing wrong, breaking the rules set by adults, and trying to prevent anyone snitching on him. Horrible that the US is now lead by a family of crooks and backed up by dishonest thugs. Hugs

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    • True, but in this case, we are the thief’s bosses! He seems to forget that. And Congress, divided as it is, seems powerless to perform their duty as an equal branch providing oversight. I think that if he is awarded another four years (there’s no way he can win an honest election, but let’s face it, it won’t be an honest election) then this nation will be a dictatorship. It’s already dangerously close to being one. Hugs.

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      • Hello Jill. Seems about correct. He doesn’t think he has any bosses nor restraints now, if he gets away with another election all bets are off. The SCOTUS just gave tRump a life line in keeping congress from seeing his taxes or anything else he doesn’t want them to see. The Republicans we already know crave power over democracy and have no interest in sharing power with any non-Republican. Hugs

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        • Nope, DA William Barr and the senate republicans gave him the keys to the castle and promised him that they would support whatever he decided to do, pledging their undying fealty to King Trump. But the thing that is worst is that some 40% of the people in this country are okay with whatever he does. They are the ones that are selling us all downriver. A corrupt leader can be stopped … but only if the majority of the people unite to stop him. Hugs.

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