Mourning In America

If you haven’t seen this latest advertisement by The Lincoln Project, a group of Republicans with consciences, it speaks for itself.  And it must be working, for Donald Trump wasted his time at 12:46 a.m. writing a series of mindless tweets in a rambling, incoherent response.  The day after this ad was released, The Lincoln Project saw their biggest fundraising day to date, so apparently some people are listening, perhaps opening their minds.  Thumbs up for the Lincoln Project, and I sincerely hope they can make a difference.

19 thoughts on “Mourning In America

    • My fingers are crossed … I may actually have to have them surgically separated after November 3rd, as they have been crossed for such a long time that I think they have fused.


  1. Jill, I saw the fundraising increase for The Lincoln Project as well. But, let’s examine closely the ariculated rebuttal of the president:
    – they are losers
    – they are RINOs
    – they are using Ronald Reagan’s slogan trying to be clever
    – then later he called it a super PAC

    One thing he could not rebut is these are Republicans saying they don’t want you as president.

    By the way, I have sent out a brief email to several folks about the Lt. Col. Ralph Peters interview on CNN you provided in a post yesterday.

    Again, these voices join those of Republicans for the Rule of Law and more than a few conservative pundits who do not want to see Trump reelected. Keith

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    • Yes, I considered copying his tweets on this post, but … I’m so sick of him and his petty vindictiveness that I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I noted that he also made a very derogatory remark about George Conway … I wonder how Kellyanne keeps going to work every day? I couldn’t. Yes, that Peters’ interview was eye-opening! Let us hope these conscientious republicans will be heard, prior to November third!


      • Jill, this article might be of interest. The president is making the criticisms of The Lincoln Project more visible, which is the point of the article. One of his diatribe is contained therein, but he calls Kelly Anne Conway’s husband “Moonface” as says something derogatory. For the umpteent time, people who resort to name calling betray they have a poor argument. At some point, you would think the wife would step up and say to her name calling boss, “you can rebut my husband’s positions, but please refrain from calling him “Moonface.” Keith

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        • Thanks Keith! Yes, an excellent take on his reactions. Methinks his bravado is more for show than anything. Surely he realizes that he is falling behind, his approval rating dropping (thought not as much as I would have expected), and that despite Biden not being in the public eye at all of late, Biden is still beating Trump in many polls. Who’s the loser again?


          • Jill, part of me agrees with that false bravado statement and part of me wonders. From all the books written about him, he blows up at people and does tirades. That is one reason the staff used to prepare a folder of positive cl clippings from good press each morning. His narcissism is on the high end, so he does not look criticism or bad news or the perception of bad news. His false bravado is what Bill Maher said he grew up with – “New Jersey schtick.” Everything has to be better and you must pretend bad news does not impact you. This is not intended to pick on NJ, as this kind of BS can be found anywhere. Keith

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            • Speaking of him blowing up … I read that he went ballistic when he found out that one of his valets tested positive for coronavirus and he went on quite a tirade, saying they needed to do a better job of protecting him. HIM??? He is willing to sacrifice the rest of us to try to restore the economy before election day, but HE should be protected? Hah!

              To your point, though … you’re right … he seems to see himself in a different light than the rest of us do, and perhaps he does believe all he says. Sigh. If that be the case, it’s even worse that if he was only full of false bravado and bluster. Have you ever known anybody so narcissistic? I have known some big egos in my life, even dated one once, but nothing like this. This has to be a mental disorder!


  2. The line in the UK is now ignore the fact we have the highest death numbers in Europe as suddenly the data they have been using for months is now reliable. We are at war so this is not the time to question the government. Rush a trade deal with Trump and crash out of the EU while no one is looking. Sadly too many will be fooled by this crap. Sadly many will be fooled by crap in the US as well.

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    • I read about your death rates as compared to the rest of Europe. Per capita, yours is even much higher than ours. For a relatively small island … I don’t get it. I hope … I sincerely HOPE that Boris is too smart to play into Trump’s hands on a trade deal. Yes, far too many in this country are wearing blinders and have cotton stuffed into their ears. Sigh. What do you suppose the world will look like in 2030?

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