History is Written By the Winners

Attorney General William Barr, one of Trump’s lackeys, stated that “History is written by the winners …” Face it, folks … in the U.S. today, the only ‘winners’ are the greedy capitalists and corrupt politicians … the other 99.9% of us are losing every day. It’s time to turn this around, as our friend TokyoSand has written. Thank you, T.S.


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Is the rule of law dead under this administration?

Yesterday, the Department of Justice under the leadership of Attorney General Bill Barr, announced they were no longer pursuing the case against former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and moved to have his case dismissed entirely. This sparked immediate outrage, but only from one side of the aisle. Here’s a taste of the sentiment:

I won’t do an explainer on the Flynn case today, as Vox has already done one that is excellent. You can find it here: The Justice Department has dropped Michael Flynn’s case  But I will…

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13 thoughts on “History is Written By the Winners

  1. Jill, what I find interesting is the president was told by Barack Obama, Chris Christie (who briefly led the transition team) and others that the one person Trump should not hire was Michael Flynn. He did, the you-know-what-hit-the-fan, and he resigned under pressure.

    What has been very clear from the get go, is Donald Trump does not vet his candidates. He does not have the patience for it. But, Newsweek said this before the election. Trump dealt with some shady characters around the globe, because he did not vet them.

    Barr has damaged his reputation by doing Trump’s bidding. He will be remembered poorly, just as his corrupt and deceitful boss will be. Keith

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    • Yes, I remember that he was advised against hiring Flynn, which may well have made him even more determined TO hire him. It seems to me that the only real qualification for a position on Trump’s cabinet is that the candidate swear an oath of fealty. Loyalty to HIM is the only thing that seems to matter. He is, in my opinion, amassing an army of loyalists. To what end, we can only guess.


        • Agreed. I saw a clip this morning of him pointing to his head and making some comment about his “great brain” … and suddenly I lost my appetite. Indeed, there is a canyon between his perception and reality.


  2. If Wm. Barr said “History is written by the winners” without attribution, he owes an apology to (among others) Winston Churchill, who said it most famously (but not originally). In any case, Trump will always be a loser no matter how many elections he wins (and let’s hope his first one was his last one).

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    • Your knowledge trumps (no pun intended) mine this time, for I did not realize Churchill said that! But it’s not surprising, for Barr is a toadie who says what he is told to say, thinks what he is told to think, etc. Yep, Trump is a loser in the eyes of the sane … sadly, nearly half this nation have been exposed to something that has robbed them of the ability to think for themselves.

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  3. It is going to take a lot of work to get the turnout but it’s going to need help from the DNC unless they produce someone else quickly. A Postal Vote is needed but what are the chances. But if you do it you can get the Senate and screw them for 4 years despite what they say,You’ll have the chance to say Repugs left the cupboards bare but you;re doing what you can.


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    • I think that unity in the DNC is going to be key, and then they need to put 110% into Biden’s campaign. They need to be everywhere, on every television, in every mailbox. And they need to highlight his platform, ignoring the detritus that Trump is and will be throwing around. Sigh. Are they up to it? I’ve got my doubts. SIGH.

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      • I think the black vote will be key in states like Michigan, Wisconsin, and the Keystone state (Pennsylvania). Biden already has their support, but support will count for little without overwhelming voter turnout. That’s why I believe he must choose a well-qualified black woman (like Kamela Harris) as his running mate.

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        • I’m in complete agreement with you on that. I think the right VP candidate can turn the tables in his favour. I like Kamala just fine, also Stacey Abrams, though she lacks Kamala’s experience.


  4. It is. Look at how the likes of Richard III was demonised, even by the likes of Shakespeare. After all those hundreds of years the accepted history still depicts him as evil. Yet that history was written by his opponents, the Tudors. Nothing’s changed except now it’s not just history that is being rewritten. Now it’s science, law, ethics.

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    • Sigh. You make a good analogy and you’re right … politicians these days would like to carve the entire world to fit their own views and visions. Thing is, it really doesn’t matter if they want to deny such things as climate change and its devastating effects on our planet, for … accept it or not, it’s happening. By burying our heads in the sand, we’re just hastening our own demise. Probably better for the rest of the creatures on earth that way. Sigh.

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