Why Is It …

Why is it that this …Kaepernick… is considered ‘unpatriotic’ and stirs the masses into a rage, yet this …


… is perfectly acceptable to those same masses?

Think about it.

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    • Yep, you win the grand prize, my friend! I knew the answer, but just wanted to make people look at the two pictures, stop and think for a minute, and maybe open their eyes.


  1. As Trump insists on saying, “Very good people.” They look like people to stay away from. As children, that type would have been the kind my mother would have told me now to play with. 😦 — Suzanne

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  2. Several of the protesters have masks on. That surprises me. Their behavior does not, sad to say. I expect we can see more of this as time goes on. As I said long ago, the Trumpet has turned over a great many rocks and this is the sort of thing that has come out from underneath.

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    • I would not have been surprised to see some of them wearing white hoods, in truth. Yes, I think this summer is going to see much violence. This was likely only the beginning. You and I agree on that … once the creeps slither out from under their rocks, it’s almost impossible to get them back in there. Sigh.

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  3. Hello Jill. Yes I agree with Keith, but lets not forget the effect of the of the constant hard drum beat of the right wing media. They have an ability to influence the right unlike anything the left can do. I think it is because the right wants to be told what to do rather than think on what to do, the left needs to be convinced of it before committing. The right seems unable to look beyond platitudes and emotion, reason is not their friend. I think in the history of our country State Propaganda TV aka fixed news will go down as the biggest destructive force this nation ever encountered. Hugs

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    • You and Keith are both right … it is Trump’s desire to ‘divide and conquer’, along with the right-wing media. But at the core, it is the racism and bigotry that is rising exponentially in this country. The people who believe Fox and Breitbart and the rest are as capable as you or I of thinking for themselves, of realizing that skin colour, sexual orientation, religion don’t matter a whit, but they prefer the feeling of superiority it gives them to think of themselves as somehow ‘better’. Sigh.

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  4. Jill, because a divisive person saw that he could capitalize by spotlighting the former and encouraging the latter. Also it is because Kaepernick is an African-American while the other group is almost entirely white.

    We should not forget the words said under oath by attorney and fixer for Trump, Michael Cohen, who said “Donald Trump is a racist, he is a con artist and he is a cheat.” I have always found it interesting Cohen’s first phrase said “racist.” Keith

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    • SIGH. Yeah, I think the racism is the biggest part of it, and I also believe that it is one of the two biggest problems in this nation today. I knew the answer, but just wanted to make people think. Sigh.

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