The Facts, Folks … Just The Facts

Okay, folks … it’s getting really old, don’t you think?  I’m sick and damn tired of listening to Trump blame every damn person he can find to blame for everything under the sun in order to deflect attention from his own corrupt, heinous behaviour. Never any facts, just speculation, just made up grievances, contrived situations in the tangled mind of the ‘man’ in the Oval Office.  ENOUGH!!!

There is no bloomin’ Obamagate, folks … it is a fantasy made up in the deranged mind of the Oaf in the Oval Office.  It doesn’t exist.  If you even remotely believe a single word of this made-up tale by Trump, his lawyers and his cronies, please do us all a favour and seek psychiatric counseling immediately!

The Facts:

Fact:  Russia interfered on behalf of Donald Trump in the U.S. 2016 election.  That is not disputable nor disputed and there is sufficient evidence to prove the fact to the blindest partisan.

Fact:  Michael Flynn is guilty of contacts with a Russian official, a series of high-profile leaks, blatant lies to the public and to the FBI, potential blackmail and almost everything in between.

Fact:  The Mueller investigation offered Flynn a plea deal whereby he would only be charged with lying to the FBI and not the rest of his crimes, in exchange for his testimony in the Russian investigation.

Fact:  Flynn was appointed by President Barack Obama in 2012 to run the Defense Intelligence Agency, the top military intelligence service in the country.

Fact:  In 2014, Flynn came under suspicion as having too many close ties with Russians such as GRU chief General Igor Sergun, and a close Russian ‘associate’.  Because of his questionable associations, after two years on the job, Flynn’s contract was not renewed and he left the Defense Intelligence Agency and retired from the military.

Fast forward to 2016 …

Fact:  Flynn launched a consulting firm and reemerged in 2016 as a Trump adviser. He became a prominent campaign surrogate and gave a polarizing speech at the GOP convention calling for Hillary Clinton to be jailed. On what grounds is anybody’s guess.

Fact:  During 2016, President Obama planned to impose a series of sanctions against the Russian government for their interference, by then well proven, in the 2016 election.  He planned to oust 35 Russian diplomats from the country in December 2016.

Fact:  Flynn, by this time having been named to be Trump’s national security advisor, was privy to this information and had numerous conversations with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, whereby he made certain promises to reverse the sanctions as soon as Trump took office.  Because of Flynn’s past history with Russian agents, the calls were intercepted by US intelligence, the FBI and the Justice Department.

Fact:  President Obama, well aware of the conversations between Kislyak and Flynn, warned Trump that Flynn was a danger to the nation and warned him against making him his national security advisor.

Fact:  Days after Trump took office, the FBI questioned Flynn about the calls, and he told four distinct lies, according to court filings.  The lies were about a series of calls Flynn had with Sergey Kislyak. The calls were about two distinct events: a controversial vote at the United Nations about Israel and President Obama’s decision to punish Russia for meddling in the 2016 US election.

Fact:  Justice Department officials soon warned the Trump White House about Flynn’s dishonesty, and how Vice President Mike Pence and others had publicly repeated Flynn’s lies, making them vulnerable to Russian blackmail. Flynn was fired in February 2017 after three weeks on the job, and Trump said at the time that Flynn had to go because he had lied to Pence.

Fact:  Michael Flynn and Robert Mueller reached a plea agreement in December 2017. Flynn agreed to help the probe and eventually provided evidence against Trump. Mueller let Flynn plead guilty to one count of lying to the FBI and agreed not to bring charges on Flynn’s other lies or on the illegal lobbying.

Fact:  Last June, Flynn fired his lawyers and brought on an aggressive team of right-wing firebrands. Instead of letting the case wrap up as planned and proceed to sentencing, Flynn’s lawyers started accusing the FBI of bias and misconduct, and he later asked to withdraw his guilty plea.

Those are the facts, they are proven, documented, and not disputable.

Listen to lawyer Bradley Moss respond to the question of “Obamagate” on Fox ‘News’ …

Now this month, Trump’s toadie Attorney General William Barr announced that the Justice Department would be dropping the single charge against Mike Flynn, he would be a free man, and both Trump and Pence announced their willingness to have him back on their team.  So … what happened?

My educated guess is that in mid-2019 Trump decided that Flynn, with his pre-established Russian connections, and given that the intelligence community has already verified that Russia is once again playing a role in our election, might be a useful tool, a liaison as it were.  So, Trump advised Flynn to fire his lawyers, withdraw his guilty plea, and he promised him a full pardon.  Then this spring, as Trump saw his polls tanking as a result of his shoddy response to the coronavirus pandemic, Trump sought the help of his sycophant sitting at the head of the Justice Department … if one can still refer to it as the ‘Justice’ Department.

So, just where did Trump cook up his “Obamagate” conspiracy???  The first thing to remember is that Trump’s ego was damaged by the fact that he lost the popular vote, in essence lost the election, to Hillary Clinton.  His ego was further damaged by the facts uncovered by Robert Mueller’s investigation into the Russian interference into our election that did, regardless what anyone says, play a role in helping Trump get elected.  Would he have been elected even without Vladimir Putin’s assistance?  We’ll never know for sure, as there were other misdeeds afoot that also gave Trump an unfair advantage, but it’s a fact that Russia did help him in more ways than one.

Trump cannot, when his ego is prodded or poked, let sleeping dogs lie, cannot be the gentleman and realize that this, too, shall pass.  No, it is his nature to find someone to blame, someone to call names, someone to say “Lock her/him up!”  This time it happens to be President Obama.

When asked by Philip Rucker of The Washington Post just exactly what crime Trump was accusing President Obama of when he decried “Obamagate!”, Trump responded …

“You know what the crime is. The crime is very obvious to everybody. All you have to do is read the newspapers, except yours.”

And that is really about all Trump has, folks.  A non-answer for a non-issue.  It was no different than when he called Bob Mueller’s investigation a “witch hunt” over and over again, ad nauseam.  It’s no different than his constant and annoying habit of referring to all the legitimate media as “fake media”.  It was no different than when he started the “Lock her up!” chant against Hillary Clinton, over and over again, ad nauseam.  It is a rallying cry, a ploy to turn the attention of the public from his own crimes to some imagined crimes by an imagined enemy.  Must be working, for I just spent two hours digging into the facts and writing this post in an effort to enlighten and clarify.

Don’t, however, let it fool you and don’t even dignify the questions and “whaddabout” queries by your republican friends. Smoke and mirrors.  Trump is a snake oil salesman and his act plays well with about 40% of the people in this country.  He deals in grandstanding, smoke & mirrors, and gaslighting.  He is not a politician, he is not a leader of people.  President Obama was a leader of people, a uniter, and a damn fine man … Trump is none of the above and he feels the lack … he retaliates in the only way he knows how … nastiness, name-calling and vicious lies.

I end where I began … there is no crime, no illegal act, by either President Obama or Vice President Joe Biden.  There is no Obamagate.  The crimes all lie with none other than Donald Trump, the worst, most corrupt president in the history of this nation.  Please, friends, help us get him out of power before he finalizes the destruction of the United States of America.  I’m begging … please.

33 thoughts on “The Facts, Folks … Just The Facts

    • Hey Scott! I typically do take the time to view or read what you send, but this is nearly 2 hours long, and I frankly just don’t have time. Can you sum it up in a nutshell for me? Hugs.


    • Many, many thanks for the re-blog, dear Suzanne! Yes, Trump must go … tonight he fired another inspector general for … doing his job, but disagreeing with Trump. Sigh. Where does it end? Meanwhile, we are dying like flies out here!

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  1. seems like people are putting up a big fuss about this. If there’s nothing to see here, why the outrage in the first place?
    Maybe democrats are the ones who need the psychiatric help after all, they get so outraged so often, perpetually wailing about how terrible everything is.
    but everything was great under St. Obama who bombed a bunch of civilians, weaponized the IRS and also put people in cages.
    I am beginning to seriously regret the moment I decided to even follow politics in this country. Were I able to have a crystal ball and view just how polarizing everything would have become, and it’s not my choice to be on one team or the other, I would have never made that first post on social media, whatever that was.


    • Perfect quote. Trump & Co think that by simply presenting their own alternative facts, the actual facts will simply disappear. Oh, how I’d love to be a historian writing a history of this era in about 30 years!


  2. Trump just cannot resist being an asshole, can he? I hear he wants to make Obama be a witness on Obamagate, this from a man who would refuse to show up at his own funeral. And Barr saying it was okay for Flynn to lie to the FBI because it was a wrongful investigation.

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    • Apparently he can’t, my friend. It must be embedded into his DNA. Even the dishonorable Lindsey Graham said that no, he would not call Obama, for it was not the right thing to do. It was very much a rightful investigation. I’ve decided, if an officer of the law stops me for speeding or anything else, I’m going to laugh in his face, tell him that there IS NO law in this country, and drive off, hopefully running over his toes in the process.


  3. No doubt Trump fancies himself a strongman dictator, above the law and our Constitution. Mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations are next. This illegal mandate will turn his base against him, he’ll lose the upcoming election for sure!
    Biden will win for sure, just keep him out of the limelight and muzzle him. Just like Hillary, the more ppl see and hear him, the worse off he becomes. The DNC had the right strategy all along, keep him hidden outta sight outta mind, and he’ll sweep the election just like he did the primaries! Welcome President Biden!!!


  4. It’s the modern way with right wing governments. Here a member of the government was caught tweeting a fake video made by the far right trying to discredit the leader of the opposition. The video was 100% lies . Truth is irrelevant to these people. You have one chance left. Don’t waste it.

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  5. Jill, well done. I like to keep it simple. Obama, temporary Trump transition leader Chris Christie and others on Trump’s staff told Trump “DO NOT HIRE FLYNN!” But, Trump is the smartest guy in the room (per Trump) and hired him anyone.

    The other is in December, 2017, Trump said on camera he fired Flynn because he lied to the FBI.

    Trump has several bad habits – he is a horrible listener AND he does not vet people. The Flynn disaster is all on Trump’s shoulders and people need to call hlm on the carpet for it. Keith

    Liked by 2 people

    • Perfect examples. His ego and his lying are making me believe that perhaps I have it in me to become a killer after all. And he cannot even keep up with the lies he’s told … he denies them point-blank, even when they are recorded for all to see. And he still thinks he’s great. And his followers still think he’s great. What have I missed?


      • Jill, after reading your and some other comments herein, I formed this mental picture of those boxes people have at the end of their beds to store blankets, pillows, etc. in. I picture this in Trump’s room as a box where he stores his accusations he uses to distract. Should I pull out the Hillary file, should I pull out the Obama file, or should I pull out the Pelosi file? All of these are hard-wired to get an immediate reaction from his base.

        The Flynn thing is plain and simple, when you think about it. If he can convince people that Flynn was railroaded and Obama (and Biden) did it, then he wins and you lose. It really is not more complicated than that. But, here is the part that needs to be shouted out to those who can be fooled. Trump was told DON’T HIRE MICHAEL FLYNN by his own folks and Obama. He did it anyway, well because Trump is the smartest guy in any room. After making that decision, he fired Flynn within four months for lying to the FBI (which he repeated in December, 2017). Nice hire. Keith

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        • Oh yeah, I can picture him having a footlocker filled to overflowing with such files. And let’s not forget the Schiff and Schumer files, for those must surely be close to the top as well!

          As re Flynn … how does he manage to obscure the facts in order to convince his faithful followers that he is right and the facts are all lies? Are people really so ignorant? I would love to see those in his own party who warned him against Flynn post OpEds stating the facts, telling people that even though they were supportive of Trump, they saw that hiring Flynn was wrong and tried to tell him, but he refused to listen. Seems that Flynn is becoming the object of hero-worship now. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


          • Jill, again it is all a game to get Trump reelected. If his sycophants show Flynn is really a good guy and was railroaded, it vindicates Trump. Clearly, neither of those things is true. Barr is likely regretting his decision as a judge is going slower and 1,900 former justice people are asking for his resignation. The simple question for Trump is “Mr. president, you were told by President Obama, Chris Christie, your transition team leader (before you fired the whole team), and your own people close to you ‘DO NOT HIRE MICHAEL FLYNN.’ Yet, you did anyway. Don’t you own this hiring mistake?” Keith

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