Saturday’s Snarky Snippets

As I sit at the kitchen table, looking out on the cloudy day and the one lone dandelion that remains in the yard, I ponder a few things.  Our nation supposedly has a government ‘Of the people, By the people, and For the people’, and yet those words ring hollow today.  The majority of the people in this nation would not choose, did not choose, the person at the top of the chain, and are horrified by what he has done and is doing to this nation, to US.  And yet, where is our voice?  We can, and do, write to our representatives and senators, sometimes even to Trump himself, but … what response do we get?  Typically a “Thank you for reaching out … blah blah blah”.  Our only voice, it would seem, is at the voting booth, where more and more it is diluted by the games played by political parties, mainly the Republican Party.  I do not approve of Trump or his many wrongful actions such as bullying those who don’t agree with him, filling our government with those whose only qualification for their job is that they promise to lick Trump’s boots.  Yet … my opinion goes unheard and unheeded.  Democracy?  Not by any stretch of the imagination.  I feel much like that one lone dandelion … alone, unprotected, waiting.  And thus, I am once again driven by angst to write another Snarky Snippets post.

The purge continues …

Nixon had his Saturday Night Massacre, but Trump has a series of Friday Night Firings that, when added up, are just as bad.  Last night was yet another …

On Friday night, Trump fired State Department Inspector General Steve Linick, the latest in a series of dismissals of independent government watchdogs that have come in the wake of the President’s acquittal on articles of impeachment earlier this year.  Trump has long been fixated on ridding his administration of government watchdogs he views as Obama loyalists, and his purge began in earnest on February 5th when the Senate shirked their duty and handed Trump the keys to the kingdom, near authoritarian power.

So, why was Steve Linick fired?  One theory is because he had opened an investigation into the actions of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who may have been misusing the time of staff at the State Department to run personal errands for himself and his wife.  In other words, Linick was doing his job, for which he was fired, just like so many others in recent months.  Unless you are completely without conscience, like Kellyanne Conway, Kayleigh McEnany and so many others, it must be sheer hell to work in this administration, knowing that if you serve the people as you are tasked with doing, your head may be on the chopping block any Friday night.

The Washington Post refers to it as “Trump’s slow-motion Friday night massacre of inspectors general”.  Soon there will be nobody left in our government to look out for the interests of the people of this nation.  Remember the poem …


Stern speaks …

howard-sternI am not a fan of media personality Howard Stern, I think he is an attention-seeker and a bit of a voyeur, so throughout the years I have almost completely ignored him … harmless, but rather disgusting.  Knowing that he is a longtime personal friend of Donald Trump’s does nothing, in my book, to improve his image.  However, while presumably he still likes Trump, he doesn’t much admire Trump nor his supporters.  On Tuesday, he mentioned Trump and those who slavishly follow him on his radio show …

“The oddity in all of this is the people Trump despises most, love him the most. The people who are voting for Trump, for the most part … He wouldn’t even let them in a f*cking hotel. He’d be disgusted by them. Go to Mar-a-Lago, see if there’s any people who look like you. I’m talking to you in the audience.  One thing Donald loves is celebrities, he loves the famous. He loves it. He loves to be in the mix.  I do think it would be extremely patriotic of Donald to say, ‘I’m in over my head, and I don’t want to be president anymore.’  It’d be so patriotic that I’d hug him, and then I’d go back to Mar-a-Lago and have a meal with him and feel good about him because it would be such an easy thing to do.”

Listen up, Trump supporters … you’re being played like a fiddle by a ‘man’ who doesn’t care whether you live or die.

Daddy Dearest …

Three of Donald Trump’s four grown children are arrogant, nasty samples of the human species, just like their sire.  If you ever wondered how they got to be that way, consider these snippets from a 2004 article in New York magazine … Trump-kids-2004

“We were sort of bred to be competitive. Dad encourages it. I remember skiing with him, and we were racing. I was ahead, and he reached his ski pole out and pulled me back.” – Ivanka

“He would try to push me over, just so he could beat his 10-year-old son down the mountain.” – Eric

What a wonderful example he set for his kids, eh?  No wonder they have all turned out to be just like him, with the exception of daughter Tiffany, who has had far less contact, is largely (thankfully) ignored by Trump, and is nearing completion of a law degree.  Wouldn’t the irony be delightful if someday she were hired by someone to file a lawsuit against her own sire?

Well, thanks for letting me share some of my snarkiness with you this afternoon.  I hope the rest of your weekend is spent doing something you enjoy …

31 thoughts on “Saturday’s Snarky Snippets

  1. Folk have going around saying how evilly clever and devious Trump and he has these fearful masterplans like he’s some sort of Alt Right version of Stalin….
    What wuz I sayin’ all the time….Huh? That the guy was a wooden-nickel jerk put there by 50,000,000 and he just did as they told him…Huh? huh? And actually he can’t handle the job…Huh? Huh?

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    • I don’t see him as clever or devious, but more like a raging bull in a china shop who simply plows everyone and everything out of its way. No brains, really, but enough bluster to get what he wants and convince people that they are lucky to be able to hang onto his coattails. And you’re surely right that he can’t handle the job … hell, he doesn’t even know what the job IS!

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      • “hell, he doesn’t even know what the job IS!” So true. But he might regain that job in November. What else can reasonable people to ensure he doesn’t? I feel on edge about COVID-19, but I absolutely panic at the thought of one of the stupidest, meanest, most-selfish persons on the planet still being in charge when the next round of the virus–or some other grave crisis–hits. There must be more than voting–within the law–good people can do to ensure Trump is not re-elected. Brainstorm, people.

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        • That is the very thing that keeps me awake nights! I’ve tried and tried to brainstorm, to think of some way … there MUST be a way to rescue the nation from the tyrant. So far, the only thing I’ve come up with is so highly illegal that if I wrote it, I’d have the men in dark glasses pounding on my door by morning! Sigh.

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    • I love seeing the dandelions in the yard! They may well be my favourite flower, for I never consider them a weed. They are resilient, keep coming back for more, just as some of us have had to do throughout our lives, so I’m not likely to resort to eating them, but thanks for the idea! 🌻

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  2. Actually, Jill, I think you need to heal some more before you “snark” us again. Your volume level is okay, but you’re staying power isn’t up to snuff yet. You ran out of steam before your usual allotment of snark. Self-care is important at times like this. Don’t burn yourself out. We need you healthy, and roaring snarky.

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    • Not quite on my game, eh? Hmmmm … Gary, on the other hand, said it was “top top snarking” … who to believe? You’re probably right, though … the first was the best, and it was downhill from there. I’ll try harder next time!


      • Jill, Jill, Jill, it was not the quality of the snarks I was pointing out, but rather the quantity. Of late you have been three-snarking, but this one was only a two-snark. Probably you ran out of time and space, we know you like to limits your words and reading time.
        Basically, I needed another snark to get my fill.
        Yuck, I am getting in deeper and deeper. I just wanted to make you smile…

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        • B-b-but … there ARE three! Go back and count again! But you DID make me laugh, both with your original comment and this one! Give me a bit and you’ll have more snark, but for now, I’m working on Jolly Monday, which must be mostly snark-free. Hard sometimes!


            • Granted today’s re-blog was depressing, but then so are 90% of my own posts. These are things that, depressing or not, we need to stay aware of. Sigh. Anyway … Jolly Monday is up next and try as I did, I don’t think the humour came through very well, for I just wasn’t feeling it. Ah well … I hope you find something to make you chuckle anyway. How are Gail and the furry babes? Hugs to all!!!


  3. Great quote from Stern. I like Stern myself, but after spending $30 a month to listen to him continuously tell ass jokes on his show, I cancelled my Sirius FM subscription. He’s funny, but not that funny.

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    • Agreed, few times i’ve heard him at behest of friends, i found Stern to be crude and obnoxious, and quite arrogant just like Trump. I found no redeeming value in his show, mostly insipid childish jokes. But I did appreciate his candoe about Trump being overwhelmed by the magnitude of his position, woefully inadequate to hold this office with honour, integrity and minimal competency. It would be a dream come true if he would just admit this and resign. Alas his ego simply won’t allow it. 😦

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  4. Oh Damn you’ve broken the Birthday Surprise. I was going to have Tiffany sue Trump for spending more time at Mar a Largo or his other sites than he does at work, taking monies under false pretences. It’ll have to be dropped now.

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  5. Jill, I agree with your assertion about Stern, but what he said is not a surprise and we have said it before. Stern noted after he won that Trump would not handle the criticism very well. He was right then, too. What many of his followers failed to realize is his biggest line actually insulted them. In essence, he said my followers are so stupid, I could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and they would still love me.

    As for the watchdog firing, let me speak plainly courtesy of our friend Scottie. Only a crook would fire the people who are supposed to watch his actions. If this was a publicly traded firm, Trump would be chastised by the Board’s Audit committee and an investigation would begin. Congress needs to step up and do the same. Trump is the most corrupt and deceitful president in my lifetime, including Nixon who was a crook. It saddens me to feel that way about the president. It saddens me more that it is painfully obvious and nothing is done. Keith

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    • I came across a clip from a year or two ago of Stern on Stephen Colbert’s show, talking about Trump. It was enlightening, to say the least, and I almost embedded it here, but it was a bit lengthy and I figured nobody would take the time.

      Trump’s actions set off red flags and alarm bells in my mind and likely the minds of most sensible people. You and Scottie both state it well, but my grandmother had a saying that comes to mind at the moment … “If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it most likely is a duck.” Trump talks like a conman, acts like a criminal with something to hide, and thus … I conclude his is both!


      • Jill, to your last point, Trump’s attorney and fixer Michael Cohen said it best under oath. “Donald Trump is a racist, he is a con man and he is a cheat.” I have seen little evidence to disagree with Cohen’s comment. Keith

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