Home is supposed to be a safe haven

It’s happened yet again … well, two months ago, though we are just now hearing about it. The victim? An EMT, innocently sleeping in her own bed after a long shift spent trying to save lives. Her crime? Being black. Thank you, Keith, for bringing this one to our attention. Where does it end?


Two months ago, Breonna Taylor, an EMT in Louisville, thought her home was a safe haven. The thought that the people who would break that covenant are police probably was not top of mind. Oh, by the way, this hard working EMT is dead. She was also African-American.

The following paragraphs from an updated article tell the tragic story.

Breonna Taylor: Family files lawsuit after Louisville police shoot EMT 8 times in ‘botched’ drug raid

By: Crystal Bonvillian, Cox Media Group (updated May 13, 2020)

“Breonna Taylor was pulling long hours at two of Louisville’s hospitals as an emergency room technician and certified EMT working on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic as the disease began spreading throughout the U.S.

Taylor was home asleep with her boyfriend in the early morning hours of March 13 when police officers executing a drug warrant busted down their door and opened fire…

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11 thoughts on “Home is supposed to be a safe haven

  1. This is something that really saddens me about a culture that craves guns that is deeply, deeply entrenched with a racial divide.

    A poor, beautiful soul lost her life with EIGHT bullets because she was sleeping? This makes me fucking angry.

    Being shot once is too many times. But an innocent woman being shot eight times while she lay in bed? What kind of a threat could she have been that warranted eight bullets? I say this knowing that I have a cousin who serves as a police officer in a major American city with a deep racial divide.

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    • V, I agree. Our blogging friend Scottie added a link to a comment in the original post which sheds more light on what happened. The informant purchased the drugs at Walker’s house, not the victim’s. Her name was not even on the first warrant. The second warrant was for her house as the police thought Walker might have stashed some drugs there. This is where the police need to get it right beforehand. If it is her house, what does she do for living? Do you think she is involved? If it is her house, do you need to crash in in the middle of the night? Then, there are the racial profiling questions? Would the decision be different if the suspects were white? Would they have waited? Brionna’s parents are owed some answers. Keith

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    • I completely agree … the gun culture in this nation is reprehensible and inexplicable. A nation whose citizens are under constant threat from their own government or other enemies might be excused for feeling such a need for such destructive weapons, but … that is not the case in the U.S. It is about power, it is little boys in grown men’s bodies still playing their juvenile games. And, it is about threatening minorities and others … exerting their power, their sense of ‘superiority’. Sigh. The whole thing makes me fucking angry also, and I’ve been fighting this battle for years, to no avail.


    • Not the first, nor likely the last such incident, but yes, my friend, it is truly horrible. They need to stop happening, but you and I both know it isn’t likely … at least not anytime soon. Sigh.


    • It’s so important that the people in this nation see these things. Yes, everybody needs to be aware. Somebody commented that the police are underpaid … sure, maybe, but they are under-trained! Under the Obama administration, training was taking place, testing officers to try to determine built-in prejudices. Trump put a stop to that … obviously we need it now more than ever. Sigh.


  2. This one is more deserving of news coverage than the Georgia incident, but she was not shot for being black. The police totally botched this whole thing up, and should be held accountable for the whole mess. They weren’t even the subject of the warrant. They had no clue what was going on. The person they were looking for never lived there, and, to top it off was already locked up. The boyfriend had a permit, and did what any normal person would do, tried to protect her and himself from who he thought were intruders. That in turn caused them to shoot, and you know they have to empty their clips. She ended being shot multiple times, but yet the boyfriend wasn’t hit. Obviously, sharpshooters they were not. The police and their tactics should be held accountable for the ugly mess that THEY created by shoddy police work. What is interesting is that had the boyfriend been white, and been arrested for defending himself, the NRA would be all over this. They haven’t said a peep about this. That, to me, is disgusting too. Any African-Americans who belong to the NRA, need to cancel their memberships, if they are going to be silent about this.

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    • While I agree that this one needs to be public knowledge, needs a light shone on it, I still contend that the Ahmaud Arbery case is a senseless tragedy that should never have happened and points to racism, not to mention America’s gun craziness. However, to the point of this story … you’ve provided some additional information … thank you! I was not aware that the person the police were looking for was already in jail! And you are so right … had the victim been Caucasian, the NRA would be all over it like a dog on a bone. Sigh. Such is the society of this nation.


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