Jolly Monday … We Hope

Good Monday morning, my friends!  Come in, come in … isn’t it grand that we haven’t had to curtail our Monday morning get-togethers, despite the restrictions due to the coronavirus?  We are still having just as much fun on Monday mornings as ever!  I shan’t ask how your weekend was, nor need you ask about mine.  Suffice it to say that I am now a week older than when you last saw me … but then, so are most of you.  So, grab a bit of a snack and let’s see what Jolly and I have found to bring a smile to your gorgeous mugs today, shall we?

Lamborghini follow-up

Last Monday, as you may recall, I told you about a 5-year-old boy in Utah who, angry that his mother refused to buy him a Lamborghini sports car (they retail for between $265,000 and $382,000, by the way), ‘borrowed’ the family car and went out planning to buy his own … with all of $3 in his pocket.  An observant state trooper pulled him over and that was the end of that story.  Except, there is a follow up …

Jeremy Neves, a local businessman, heard of the young man’s disappointment and, as Jeremy happens to own a Lamborghini (apparently a quite successful businessman), decided to treat the boy to a ride.

“I’m absolutely inspired by the principles that he displayed of success ― knowing what he wants, going after it. I thought it would be really cool to say, ‘Your dreams aren’t as far away as you think they are.’”

Now, I thought it was a pretty cool thing for Mr. Neves to do, but apparently the general consensus is that it wasn’t.  He was trounced on Twitter and elsewhere by people saying he had just given the lad the wrong lesson, rewarding him for bad behaviour.  And, on re-thinking it, he was rewarding him for all the wrong things, and encouraging that uber-capitalistic spirit that I so often complain about.  I was only thinking of the joy the young boy must have experienced.  Ah well … I’m rarely right, but still … that’s ‘the rest of the story’ as I know it.

Reclaiming their turf!

Ever since March, when a number of countries put into place strict lockdown orders, and others a lesser version, a stay-at-home order, or recommendation, businesses closed, and nations ground to a halt, there have been stories of animals turning up where you wouldn’t normally expect to find them.  The first, and most well-known, was the story of a herd of goats running through the streets of the town of Llandudno, Wales …

Since then, there have been many such stories from all over the world, including the U.S.  I find them heartwarming … after all, the critters were all here long before humans evolved from the great apes, and we took over, driving them into selected areas, in some cases driving their entire species off the earth.  The latest one, though, I found great humour in.

In an area of Brandon, Florida, residents are complaining about a group of … peacocks!  They say they have taken over the neighborhood and are messy, noisy, and are keeping them up at nights!  County officials said the peacocks aren’t regulated as pets because no one has claimed ownership of them, but the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said the birds also aren’t considered wildlife, so the agency doesn’t have jurisdiction over them.  In other words … get over it, people!  I imagine that soon, now that states are allowing businesses to re-open, people will be out and about more, cars polluting the air and airwaves, and the peacocks will find their way to greener pastures, but for now … it’s funny.  (Especially since I don’t live there!)

Da bull had an itch!

In the Scottish town of Chapelton, Hazel Laughton’s 4-year-old bull, Ron, had an itch.  When my cats get an itch, they use the corner of my laptop, or whatever is handy, to rub the area, usually the side of their face, until the itch is gone.  Ron decided to scratch his itch against a utility pole, and that must have been some powerful itch, for in the process he knocked the transformer completely off the pole, knocking out electricity to some 700 homes!Ron-bullFortunately, the transformer went straight to the ground, missing Ron, else this might not have been a humorous story after all.  Hazel posted an apology to all her neighbors on Facebook …

“Our bull Ron would like to apologize to everyone in Chapelton and Strathaven for causing last night’s power cut to over 700 homes. He had  itchy bum so  scratched it on the electricity pole and knocked the transformer box off.”

Not something you hear every day!

Time for a few cartoons, don’t you think?  Let’s see what Phil has in store for us over at Phil’s Phun


I don’t know about you, but I sense that my humour is a bit tired tonight, but I hope something brought a bit of a smile to your face.  Jolly informs me that we forgot the cute animal video last week, and I almost forgot it this week!  Thanks for reminding me, Jolly!

jollyWell, folks, I hope you have a good week ahead, and please keep safe out there!  Love ‘n big hugs from Filosofa & Jolly!

60 thoughts on “Jolly Monday … We Hope

    • Sir Roger, step careful down those stairs … it is time for you to take a break from the tower, and while you come down here and enjoy the cute animals, Jolly and I will repair the cracks in the foundation of your tower. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh no you don’t.
        I know you guys, you’ll lower a few stories, plant lots of flowers inside and paint it floral colours and put a 🌞 on it somewhere.
        It’s just the sort of task Jolly and his folk could put together in a few minutes while my back was turned.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Aw drat! Caught before we even started. And here I had my copy of Monet’s “Water Lilies” reframed just to match the decor at the top of the tower. I’ll just tell Jol … um … JOLLY??? Now where did he get off to? I think I hear hammering coming from the middle of the tower … JOLLY????

          Liked by 1 person

            • Way to GO, Jolly & Joyful!!! Where did you guys get those cute little pixies to help out? Oh, and it IS the ageless Tinkerbell! Thanks guys! Now, Roger … knowing you, you’ll still find a way to keep that sharp, angry edge, despite the decor, but at least now you might also find a reason to smile every now and then. I bet the girls will love the new decor!

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              • I’m letting the gang get on with it, though said there will be no joining in of the happy songs, sorry guys.
                To keep sharp and edgy just look at the news headlines and see what various idiots are up to 😡 😠 🤬.
                Karlyn wants more trees, naturally, but yes they do love the new decor….. all four of them….. (shameless marketing spoiler 😉)

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                  • Ah-ha! 😃
                    ‘Sorry sweetlin’…y’all falling for the shameless marketing ploy…An’t he a tease?’🙆🏼
                    ‘Kid’…….Snigger…..👩🏻 👱🏻‍♀️
                    ‘Oh stop it you pair!🤦🏿‍♀️…..If you want to know Jill, I’ll get him to send you an extract in an e-mail which will explain everything’

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                    • 🤦 I should have known better! Yes, I would really appreciate it if you could get him to send me an extract that explains it all! He’s keeping me in suspense here! Oh, did you girls like what Jolly and Joyful did with the decor in the Tower?

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                    • ‘Read it when yore ready sweetling…Y’all keep it to yourself or tell him on e-mail ’bout it….we gotta stick to the shameless marketing ploy,’ 👧🏼 (mah new look, now tha’ ah’ve done mah stint in the war)


  1. Oh I would love for goats and peacocks to roam around my neighborhood! LOL!

    I am sure the little kid was delighted by the ride, I say why not lef him be, he is just 5 years old! I do hope though that he knows very strongly now to NEVER attempt driving again!
    I am thinking that husband doesn’t like his MIL! LOL!
    Haha on the haircuf one! I want a haircut so badly!!

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  2. Good Monday evening and not a moment too soon as it has been a long day! I am overly caffeinated and looking forward to a wee goblet of a fine wine in a few hours from now…it will rather mitigate the effects of way too much coffee! Having recently finished a yumalicious meal of Lobster Mac & Cheese, I’ll pass on more coffee and the appealing treats too. You know, I never had the need to look upon Mondays as the stressful day that those with weekends off from work often experienced. Working 7 days/week may have had something to do with that or the fact that I worked the night shift and was already up on Monday morning may have contributed too. I imagine those who are now spending their time working from home no longer dread Monday mornings, indeed they might be looking forward to going to work come those Monday mornings of the future! But, enough of my meandering thoughts. This was a delightful diversion at the end of this Monday, especially the video. Thank-you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I suppose, then, that there is an advantage to working 7 days a week! I used to start dreading Monday about the time I got out of bed on Sunday, which I always felt was rather a waste of a perfectly good Sunday. Daughter Chris is much the same, though these days she is working 12-14 hours, and bringing her reports home to do on the weekends, usually another 12 hours total. I’m glad you enjoyed Jolly Monday, and I hope at some point, Benjamin will be able to catch up on the cute animal videos!


  3. Now they’re releasing the lockdown and people will be able to get out and about again we’re going to notice a change in the air quality again. It’s been fantastic with so little traffic for so long. Great animal videos.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, factories will be starting back up, more and more cars on the roads, people throwing their trash everywhere … the environment got a much-needed break, but I fear it will be coming to an end soon. Glad you liked the videos!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Glad you smiled, my friend. Now, as to the messy critters … don’t you suppose they see our trash — food wrappers, plastic bottles, cigarette butts — and say much the same about us? At least their mess is organic and biodegradable. 😉

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  4. Comment no. 3. This is not the first animal takeover of towns before. Lots of people probably have stories about deer taking over resort towns. Banff, Alberta is one of them. Townspeople hate that they cannot take a walk without getting deer-poop on their shoes, but the tourists love they can get up fairly close and personal. But don’t try to pet them. They are particular about their personal space. They bite.
    And, in Surrey, BC., peacocks took over part of that town many many years ago. Someone (no one admits to it, of course) someone was keeping pet peacocks, and peahens. Either the birds escaped, or someone abandoned them, but they soon became an “ostentation” (a group of peafowl), parading their “pride” (another name for a group of peafowl) around the area. Their present population stats are unknown, but last I heard they were still there. The Surreyites (Is that what you call a group of people from Surrey?) are pretty much split on keeping the birds or forcing them to leave. Several votes have been taken, but they are too close to please either side. I loved them when I worked there, you never knew when a peacock might spread his tailfeathers right in front of you. But they too poop everywhere, and little kids are prone to putting small things into their mouths. The battle continues.
    Not had enough yet? In both Vancouver, BC (of which Surrey is a suburb) and Lethbridge, AB, Canada geese have taken to live there all year round. For one thing, no one is allowed to goosehunt within city limits (for obvious reasons), so it is far safer to stay than fly south, and the climates aren’t so bad the geese can survive the winters. Being waterfowl, the “gaggle” tend to stay in parks with water features, and with few predators except humans, there are gaggles of gaggles of geese. Guess what, folks, they poop too. Park goers feed them anyway, though they can be fined for doing so.

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  5. Well, where do I start…
    The kid is three years old, let him have his thrill. A Lamborghini is just a car, 3 year-olds don’t know status symbols from a hole in their bellies. If you’re going to castigate anyone, pick on Neves for taking advantage of the situation IF he did it for advertising purposes. If he did it just to give a kid his babyish fantasy, big effin’ deal.
    My real take on this, sock it to the parents for teaching a 3 year-old to drive! But the biggest question here, for me, is how the hell did a little kid manipulate the accelerator and brake pedals and still look out the windshield to stay on the road? You got to be at least four feet tall, and geniusly-coordinated to do such a feat. On average, kids don’t hit 4 feet in height until they are in Grade 3 or so.
    This whole story sounds like a hoax to me, and not even a well-thought-out hoax at that!

    Liked by 3 people

  6. I’m with those who thought Mr. Neves was wrong to encourage the child. It reinforces his sense of entitlement — which, as we know, is already out of control in most parts of the “civilized” world. Just note how impatient folks are to get things “back to normal.” None of us is able to handle disappointment very well. We want what we want when we want it. Period. Mr. Neves simply encourages this young kid to be more self-involved. Moreover, I suspect it was cheap marketing trick on Neves’ part. Sorry, but this struck a nerve. For the rest, this was a nice break from things as “usual.”

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yeah, I agree with you. My initial reaction was wrong and I hadn’t even thought that he was likely a cheap marketing trick … no doubt he got plenty of local publicity, and it even reached the national news, where I saw it. I was wrong. Glad you enjoyed the rest of the post, though. I was a bit ‘off my feed’ last night … couldn’t seem to find humour at all.

      Liked by 1 person

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