Wearing a Mask in Public-Liberal Snowflake?

Our friend Jeff over at On the Fence Voters ponders about our society, how we are responding to the current crisis, and how Trump is further stretching the Great Divide that led to his unconscionable election three+ years ago. I can especially relate to his last sentence … I no longer recognize the country I once respected. Thank you, Jeff!

On The Fence Voters

These days everything is up for grabs. In today’s hyper-sensitive political climate, it doesn’t seem to matter. One would think that if you’re told to wear a mask in public to protect you and the people around you from possibly contracting a dangerous virus, it would be a no brainer to wear the mask.

But these are not normal times if you didn’t know that already. We have an abnormal president with a group of followers whose main goal in life now is to “own the libs” at all costs–no matter the consequences.

And it’s becoming increasingly apparent that the mask issue is only the beginning. What we’re seeing is the political strategy of the current president becoming more evident by the day. And if the Democrats aren’t up to the task to counter-punch, we may be in for a sad day on November 3, 2020.

As we all know…

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20 thoughts on “Wearing a Mask in Public-Liberal Snowflake?

  1. Jill, I posted this on Jeff’s excellent post. As an independent and former GOP (and Dem many moons ago), let me be brutally frank.

    A leader leads by example. They can be good or bad examples. The president had a chance to be a leader we needed in January, but he chose to follow his modus operandi of misinformation which continues to this day.

    Not wearing a mask is a form of misinformation and some asinine false bravado. As a result, too many are following suit. If Trump need not do it, then neither do I. But, here are two major points – wearing the mask is more for the people near the mask wearer, so he or she is protecting those who are not wearing a mask. The converse means the non-wearer is affectlng even mask wearers.

    The other is we are not out of the woods. The pandemlc is not going away. It does not give a rat’s ass about what party you belong to.

    Trump has done a disservice to our country and still is. When I saw him unmasked within four feet of a veteran in a wheel chair who was masked, that was a metaphor fot our me-first president. As Howard Stern rightly said last week, Donald Trump does not care about you. He cares about one person. The narcissist that looks back from the mirror when he shaves.


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    • You are spot on, as always, my friend. I was amazed that Pence said it will all be gone by Memorial Day … this weekend, when today we had, at last count around 9:00 p.m., over 1,500 new deaths. Do these people even have any concept of reality, or do they live in some fantasy world? Sigh. The experts predict this pandemic will be with us for two years, maybe forever. I believe them more than la-la-land Pence.


      • Jill, there is one thing for certain, COVID-19 does not care what Trump, Pence, or Trump sycophants think. It is akin to Trump trying to hold back rising sea levels by telling them to stop. Keith

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          • Jill, with six bankruptcies and other failed business endeavors, his lying about what is happening can only go so far. I keep thinking of the little kid in the Darth Vader car commercial, first aired during a Super Bowl. He is trying to use the “force” to start the car, with his father watching him and clicking the remote key. Trump does not have his father behind him clicking the key. Keith

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            • Good analogy! Nope, he has no father clicking the key, but what he does have is a whole bunch of sycophants clinging for dear life to his coattails, and maybe that’s just about as good. Sigh.


              • Jill, the Trump anchor is starting to weigh some people down. And, frankly, it should. The GOP owns this corrupt and deceitful president. The leaders had a chance to rid themselves of this cancer, yet chose not to because they did not want the pain in so doing. Keith

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                • You’re right … for three years, they have had every opportunity to follow their conscience, to stand for what was right, but they instead tied their own fortunes to Trump’s. I have no empathy when their entire careers go up in smoke, hopefully this November.


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