Letter to Members of Congress

This is the letter I wrote yesterday to my two senators, Senator Rob Portman, a republican and Senator Sherrod Brown, a democrat, and my single useless Representative, Warren Davidson, a republican and member of the ignoble House Freedom Caucus.  I sent the letter via regular USPS mail, as I did not wish it to become lost in the tens of thousands of emails they receive daily.  I am angry with the entire lot of them, democrats and republicans, members of the House and Senate.  They are wasting time when there is important work to be done and they are allowing Donald Trump free rein to do exactly as he pleases … quite often abusing the limitations on the power of his office.

Dear Senator/Representative ___________________,

As a taxpayer, a voter, and a citizen of this country, I am beyond disappointed in the job Congress has done and is doing.  It matters not to me if you are a Republican or a Democrat … you are an elected official who swore an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution, to do your job with the best interests of the country and its people as your goal.  Congress as a whole has let We the People down in so many ways that I’ve lost count.

Per the aforementioned Constitution, it is the duty of Congress to oversee the executive branch, ie the president, and in this, you are failing miserably.  By ‘you’, I mean the body as a whole, but each member must share responsibility for allowing the many atrocities that are being forced upon the people of this nation.  I have a few questions I would like answered:

    • Why is Donald Trump being allowed to fire the Inspectors General who are tasked with overseeing the various departments and agencies within the federal government? It is rather like allowing a child to fire its nanny!
    • Why is he being allowed to continue his false accusations against such honourable people as President Barack Obama, Vice President and candidate Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and others? These are merely a smoke screen intended to distract the public, and Congress, from the real issues at hand.
    • Why is he being allowed to threaten to cut off federal funding to states that adopt absentee and mail-in voting this year in order to make voting safe for everyone?  This is not within the bounds of his authority, yet who will stop him, if not Congress?
    • Why is Congress so divided along party lines that literally nothing of value is being accomplished, yet you are all taking your monthly pay?  Can you not set aside your differences to act in the best interest of the nation at this, a time of genuine crisis?  Is the power of your position more important to you than our lives?
    • Why did you so easily give up your oversight function regarding the last stimulus bill, such that the money was grossly misspent?  Small businesses received little, and corporations with ties to Trump and his cronies received money to which they had no right.

Today I read that Donald Trump is threatening states that are planning to use absentee and mail-in ballots in the upcoming November election.  This is an obvious ploy to disenfranchise many voters of both parties.  Do you plan to continue sitting on your haunches and allow him to get by with this?  He claims he will withhold federal funding from those states that plan to allow mail-in ballots … you CAN stop him from doing this, but will you?

Thus far, he has pulled this country out of critical international agreements, such as the Paris Accords and the Iran nuclear deal, and now he has ceased critical funding to the World Health Organization (WHO), which he is threatening to make a permanent cessation.  Will you truly allow this?  It is not within his power to do so, unless you simply sit back and do nothing to stop it.

As I said, I do not care what your party affiliation is … I myself am an independent who has voted at various times for people in both parties.  But, I DO care whether our elected officials, people whose salaries we pay with our hard-earned tax dollars, are doing their jobs, and it appears today that most of them are not.  Most seem to be more concerned with collecting their campaign donations from the NRA and corporations, rather than protecting the people of this nation.

I write this letter in hopes of opening your eyes to the fact that things need to change, and they need to change NOW.  You need to understand that the madman in the Oval Office is NOT your employer … We the People are!  You need to open your eyes and engage your brain and see what is in front of those eyes … a corrupt and evil person who has aspirations far beyond what the office of president allows.  I hope that you will take my concerns to the floor of Congress, allow me to have a voice, and that you and your peers will act to stop this runaway train before it dooms us all to life under a dictatorship.


Jill E Dennison, voter & taxpayer

21 thoughts on “Letter to Members of Congress

  1. I am in total agreement with your excellent and eloquently written letter sent via USPS. The only omission that I can find therein, in agreement with David Prosser, is the mention of the lack of monetary assistance to the USPS. Then again, following the appointment of Louis DeJoy as the Postmaster General by the USPS Board of Governors earlier this month…mayhaps, this was done in the hope that his previously earmarked funds to support Trump’s coming election might instead find its way to the USPS. “No government should be without critics. If its intentions are good then it has nothing to fear from criticism.” – Thomas Jefferson. Our government should indeed fear our criticisms! Thank-you!

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    • Thank you, my dear friend. I, too, agree with David and it was only oversight on my part … so many issues to address … but certainly the USPS situation is one of the TOP priorities, and I wish I had thought to include it. I will likely be doing a post about this situation in the near future. Tampering with the mail is a federal offense, and Trump is tampering with ours! Sigh. WHAK!


  2. I.m surprised you didn’t tell them you weren’t very pleased that USPS a National Institution, may go bust while you;re writing to them. Trump has behaved abominably towards them refusing them help and then offering a smaller load which was then not paid all to pay

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    • Offering a smaller loan which was then not given Is Trump always going to try to bribe others to do his dirty work
      Fisstly Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden and now for USPS to increase postage on Amazon goods before USPS can have any money.

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      • I am starting to see some problems in the mail delivery already. I received a normal amount of mail on Wednesday, none on Thursday and according to the Post Office, there will be none today. I am expecting things that I know I should have received by now … where are they? Who knows? You’re right, the USPS situation is among the top priorities and I wish I had remembered to include it in my letter. Sigh.

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  3. A great letter full of important questions that need answering. Unfortunately, your letter will likely be ignored and your questions will likely fall upon deaf ears…at least those belonging to the two Republicans. I’m truly heartbroken over what is happening to our country.

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    • Thank you! Yes, it is likely to be ignored, just as the previous ones I’ve sent. I keep hoping that somehow, something I’ve said will prick their conscience just a bit. Like you, I am heartbroken by what this country has become … it is one I no longer recognize.

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  4. Well said, Jill! I admire your restraint. My letter would have been littered with expletives undeleted! The polls I’ve read and heard about say that Biden has a good lead – especially in the swing states and that the GOP congressional seats are in peril.

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    • Thank you so much, Keith! I hope … I can only hope that it pricks the conscience of these men. I will definitely share any response I get, unless it’s just the usual canned response. I considered buying some bright red envelopes to mail the letter in, thinking perhaps that would get their attention! Thanks again for your kind words! You’ve made me smile!

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  5. A fine letter. Completely agree. Sadly we normally just a few weeks behind the latest Trump schemes. Just enough bought into the lies and too many didn’t bother to vote. Which means we are screwed basically. And as both governments consign thousands to a virus death due to criminal negligence they still survive. Still find ways to bend the system, media buddies to push the lies, find people to threaten and line up scapegoats. Without people like you, who still cares, there is no hope.

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    • Thanks, Gary! Yes, I still care, and I’m still fighting the good fight, but admittedly I think those of us who do care are fighting a losing battle some days. I’m encouraged that even though we haven’t heard a thing from Joe Biden for two months, he is leading Trump in the more reliable polls by 11%. Imagine what he might do if he were actively campaigning! But, Trump is already doing things to interfere with the rights of voters, such as threatening states who allow mail-in voting. I am certain it won’t be a fair and honest election. I hear that on your side of the pond, Boris is coming under fire in Parliament. Good! Sigh. xxx

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