Still More Snarky Snippets …

In rather a grand funk this evening, I’ve concluded that letting off a bit of snark would be the best way to return to my normally sweet, joyous self.  Yeah, okay, I haven’t been either sweet or joyous in decades, but at least I don’t normally threaten to chop all the fingers off my hand because it made a typo.  When it comes to that point, it’s time to let off some steam.

Twitter allows manic bullies, but not those who would say “bimbo”

Twitter is not, nor should it be, the official venue for presidential communiques.  Given that I was briefly banned from Twitter a couple of months ago for calling one of the Fox News bimbos a ‘bimbo’, it seems a no-brainer that a ‘man’ who tells lies, threatens, bullies, falsely accuses, incites violence, and curses people on Twitter should be permanently banned.  Instead, he is given carte blanche to write as many threatening falsehoods as he can dream up in a day.  A double standard?  Very much so.

twitter-birdTrump’s latest is an unfounded and erroneous campaign against journalist Joe Scarborough.  In 2001, when Scarborough was a Republican U.S. representative from Florida, a female staffer died after she passed out due to an undiagnosed heart condition and hit her head on a desk.  Scarborough was not even in the building at the time, police investigated and there was no sign of any foul play.  However, all of a sudden Trump decides to call on police to open an investigation, accusing Scarborough of murder.  No evidence, no reason, no justification … just Trump attempting to find yet another way to distract the public from his many crimes and from the increasing death toll that is a result of his horrible bungling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Twitter, Facebook and the like were initially intended to be “social media” outlets, places were friends and families could connect, keep up with the latest, send messages and pictures, etc.  Now, all have become political venues where crooked, dirty politicians lie and promote their own agenda.  Twitter finds the appropriately-used word ‘bimbo’ offensive, but allows people to basically call for the lynching of another?  Great job, Mr. Dorsey.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, by the way, has a net worth of some $4.7 billion … I guess pandering to the corrupt pays off, eh?  I think perhaps the time has come for us to hold Twitter accountable … demand they ban Trump, for his words are likely to incite trouble among those of his followers who are not thinkers, but rather … followers.

McSally is … going … going …

I had to laugh when I read that republican advisors are warning that Martha McSally has fallen dangerously behind in the polls to keep her seat in the U.S. Senate – a seat, by the way, that was not earned via election, for she lost the election in her home state of Arizona, but was appointed by the Governor of Arizona to fill the seat left vacant by the late, Honourable Senator John McCain.  McSally has never been able to fill McCain’s shoes, and stands, in my book, zero chance of holding the seat after the November election.


That mask itself is reason enough to oust her … that would scare even the heartiest among us!

Some of McSally’s views …

  • She wishes to de-fund Planned Parenthood, thereby robbing many in the lower income brackets the right to affordable health care, and she is all for denying contraceptives to those same people in lower income brackets. I guess she thinks more babies starving will make the world a better place?
  • She opposes same-sex marriage.
  • She opposes public education, instead being like Betsy DeVos and supports using public education money to provide vouchers for wealthy parents to send their children to private and religious schools. She is also in favour of cutting Pell Grants, the only way some of us have to get through college (yours truly was only able to earn a B.A. through Pell Grants), and opposes refinancing of student loans.
  • She fully supports the fossil fuel industry and opposes the Clean Power Plan to promote renewable energy sources.
  • She opposes any restrictions on guns.
  • She would repeal ACA and opposes any efforts to ensure health care for all.

There’s more, but this should be enough to prove why McSally has no business sitting in the U.S. Congress, yes?  Frankly, I’m not even sure at this point that she has any business taking up space on the planet.  Eat your hearts out, Republicans … McSally will go down in flames as Mark Kelly, a far more noble example of the human species, takes her seat in the Senate (hopefully after disinfecting it).

Return to the Cold War?

Donald Trump lived through the Cold War, same as I did.  But, apparently he was too busy partying with the likes of Jeffrey Epstein, grabbing women by the … ahem … and learning how to be the biggest arsehole on the planet to pay much attention to such things as nuclear proliferation and the threat of a nuclear war.

Yesterday, Trump announced his plans to renege on yet another international treaty, the Treaty on Open Skies.  This treaty was signed by then-U.S. Secretary of State James Baker under President George H.W. Bush in 1992 and aimed to build trust and reduce the risk of war through unarmed aerial surveillance over territories of all 30+ participants.

As usual, with no evidence whatsoever, Trump claims that his buddy Putin has failed to ‘adhere’ to the treaty, so Trump is pulling the U.S. out of the treaty that has successfully reduced the chances of an accidental nuclear incident for more than 30 years now.  No evidence, no real reason … just that Trump does not like any sort of multinational agreement … he wishes the U.S. to be alone and vulnerable, believing that “only I” can solve all the problems.

I think that once we emerge from this dark period I call the Reign of Trump, perhaps it is time for us to consider making some changes to Article II of the U.S. Constitution, specifying the limits on the authority of the president more clearly.  There is no way that the president should be able to enter into or pull out of international agreements and treaties without the approval of Congress.  It should not be the decision of a single person, just as the hiring and firing of the people who are to oversee the executive branch should not be the decision of the president alone.  I think we have seen in the past three years how the loopholes in the Constitution can lead to an extreme abuse of the powers of the office.


36 thoughts on “Still More Snarky Snippets …

  1. First and foremost : The political cartoons are the Cherry on this Snark Sundae! ; ) About Twitter : As you know, I am not a participant on any form of social media other than following a few things on Instagram that can only be found there. The combination of Trump & Twitter has been enough reason for me to avoid that particular platform had I any inclination to participate. Reading about the vagaries of Twitter here does not incline me to jump on board now either. Quite sometime ago I read something that Guy Kawasaki wrote, though I no longer recall exactly in which of his books it was written, that I shall share. In the event that the quote is offensive to some, I shall apologize for the offense but share it anyway : “There are two types of people on social media : people who want followers, and liars.” It should be noted that Kawasaki is a marketing specialist since the early 80’s, first for the Macintosh computers, and also a Silicon Valley venture capitalist as well as the author of at least a dozen or more books spanning from 1990 to 2019. Total aside here, but I recommend the Feb. 2019 “Wise Guy : Lessons from a Life”. About Martha McSally : Her views are abhorrent and the sooner she becomes a brief footnote in history the better Congress will be. About Trump and the treaties that he has dissolved : The space where Trump’s brain should be is a deep black unfathomable hole. The last paragraph of today’s snarky snippets is the one of the most important things that must be done following this November election’s Democratic win of the presidency and resumption of the control of the Senate come January of 2021! Thank-you!

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    • The “Cherry on the Snark Sundae” … I like that! Considering the Guy Kawasaki quote, I ask myself which of the two types am I? I have few followers and don’t seek more, and I’m not a liar … so what the Harry am I doing on social media at all? I mostly use it to promote my blog, and on occasion to lash out at the idiots. Still not sure which category I fit into … perhaps I am an anomaly? I had not heard of Mr. Kawasaki, but will look into his writings, for he seems intelligent … something we could use more of! McSally will be but a blip, likely not even making it into the history books, but the dangers Trump poses will live on … perhaps for a very long time. Sigh. By the way, I presume you recognized the ‘toons? 😊


  2. |t’ll be better when Martha McSally has gone and can perhaps spend more time sponsoring things like Happy Families Day for the NRA, ah of course they wouldn’t want her as she;d stop gays buying guns and that can’t be policy yet.

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    • McSally is one of the few that I’m convinced stands almost no chance of keeping her Senate seat … she was never qualified for it to begin with. John McCain would be sorely disappointed to know the POS who replaced him, but then, I think he would be disappointed in a lot these days. Perhaps he was the lucky one, not having to stick around to see what the people of this nation have done to the country. Oh, and as re the NRA … I checked, and in her short time in office, McSally has taken $303,853 in NRA donations … more than a quarter of a million dollars! How do these people even get to sleep at night, knowing they are ripping off the very people they swore an oath to represent? Sigh.

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  3. I find that amusing that you were banned from Twitter Jill. I too, was banned for like 12 hours a few months ago. I used the word ‘death’ in my tweet to somebody. It was only in reference to another story, and was in no way a threat or anything like it. Yet, someone flagged it and I got a warning. But President Idiot can do all the things you reference and he gets away with it. They’ll never do anything to address it Jill. He’s got like 70 million followers and he gives Twitter a huge boost because of how often he uses it as his main source of communicating his moronic and narcissistic BS. Selective enforcement. No other way to look at it.

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  4. Jill, I like to keep it simple. We cannot shrink to greatness. And, the US president has a consistent campaign to do just that.
    – retrenching from global relationships and multinational trade deals
    – allowing and abetting efforts of China and Russia to increase their standing
    – diminishing much needed scientific research (and scientists) in government agencies that have helped develop new innovations, in concert with industry.
    – limit the influx of talent from abroad that help promote innovation
    – promoting mature industries in fossil fuel versus the higher growth renewable energies.

    I did not intend this, but in my post of today on “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” contrast the seven habits to the habits of the president and his mission. Keith

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    • Agree with all your points. In short, Trump’s actions are all destructive … the big question is “Why?” What does he gain by bringing this nation down? By making us the pariah of the planet? I’ll check out your post shortly … sounds interesting!

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        • Jill, part of it is he has to tear up anything that came before him. His ego cannot toletate being compared to others who may have done someting better. Also, he does not value relationships, preferring transactions. He cannot fathom that a strong EU and NATO makes America safer, as well as Europe. Further, he has a hard time with multinational agreements. He prefer a bilateral agreement that as an I win/ you lose equation.

          But, a financial reporter noted that Trump touts his deal making ability, by saying Trump does not make deals – his people make deals. The NAFTA revision was delayed eight months because of Trump. He had a deal on the table $25 billion for his wall in trade for making DACA permanent – he screwed that up after he agreed in the morning, by the time he was supposed to shake hands on it the afternoon. Finally, he made major concessions with Israel getting nothing in return. That is not negotiation.

          Sorry for the long winded response, but the disparity between the actual and marketed images of Trump is a canyon. Keith

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          • True, and especially anything that was put into effect by an African-American who he considers to be far beneath him on the food chain. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. And you’re right … he cannot operate as a team member, for he must always somehow come out the ‘winner’. I hope we prove him to be the all-time loser in November … I want to see his ego implode. Never apologize for a lengthy response, Keith, for your words are always astute and wise and I appreciate your comments!


  5. Great post, Jill.
    Having spent almost my entire adult life as a conservative Republican (thanks to Trump for opening my eyes to the gross corruption of the Republican Party), I’m new to liberal causes. Anyway, as I’ve written before, I cannot imagine the USA enduring four more years Trump, Trumpists, and their crazy MAGA bull***t. What can we do to ensure Trump’s defeat and return the nation to sanity? I asked. Perhaps you are already aware of the organization called Swing Left. If you are, why have you not been promoting it? It seems to me that Swing Left is at the cutting edge in the effort to defeat toxic Trumpism. As a longtime liberal, Jill, can you advise me about Swing Left? Is there any reason not to join the organization and do all I can to help them?

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    • Thank you, Jerry! Now, I must admit to ignorance when it comes to the group you mention, Swing Left. I’ve never heard of them until today, but I will definitely do a bit of research and, if I find them to be a worthy cause doing good work, I will promote them here. Give me a day or two, then I will let you know what I find and what I think. Thanks for bringing them to my attention!!!

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    • Yes, it does seem that every day there is some new abomination, something we wouldn’t have dreamed of ten years ago, or even 4 years ago when we had a real president. Sigh. He’s threatened to pull out of NATO before, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he tried … hopefully at that point, Congress would find their cojones and stop him, but I just don’t know anymore. He seems to be on a mission to make the U.S. the most abhorred nation on earth.

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  6. Hello Jill. Love the post, your snark is grand as usual. One thing on the open skies treaty. Putin has been wanting it gone for a long time. The US doesn’t need it, we have spy satellites that do much better at spying and taking pictures of things. The ones who used it and wanted it kept was Europe. NATO countries used it. It gave them more warning of Russian troop movements. They staggered their fly times among the countries and shared the results, which in effect kept a constant surveillance over Russian territory. Putin hated that. So as he has done since tRump was elected he gets tRump to pull out of a treaty and then Putin can get his way and not look like the one doing it. Putin plays tRump like a fiddle. Hugs

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    • Spot on assessment Scottie, Putin’s not playing Trump like a fiddle so much as their both partners in crime. If it appears they’re adversarial, the better their accord. At this time both President’s interests are aligned, that’s why talk on social media about WW3 is implausible.

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