Your Right To Vote — Going, Going …

I am fuming, so let the reader beware that this is likely to be a rant of Filosophic proportions.

Let’s get one thing straight here, people … WE ARE ALL IN THIS BLOODY MESS TOGETHER!  Democrats, Independents, Republicans, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Atheists, White, Black, Male, Female, Gay, Straight, Young, Old … WE ARE ALL SUFFERING THE SAME DAMN FATE!  What the Sam Hell is so hard about just stepping up to the plate, accepting that we have one hell of a mess on our hands, and working together to find the best way to keep people safe and at the same time, attempt to restore the democratic republic that has been seriously eroded over the past three months … er, years???

Whew … that said …

Why am I angry tonight?  Because, we have an election coming up in exactly 165 days, just over 5 months, and not only Trump, but the majority of the damn Republicans in Congress are doing every single thing they can think of to ensure that the election is dishonest, unfair, and that as many poor, elderly, and minority voters as possible will not be able to vote.  I’m sick of this, people!

Given that the coronavirus will almost certainly still be at pandemic levels, given that there will be no cure, no vaccine that is sufficiently tested to be widely available, and given that there is no reason to believe the number of new cases or the death toll will be dramatically decreased by November, it only makes sense that we go to a system of mail-in voting.  Now, it’s no surprise that the damn fool sitting on his fat arse in the Oval Office is trying his level best to put a stop to the mail-in voting efforts … that’s a given, but some of the people on the far right side of the aisle on Capitol Hill are playing games with not only our taxpayer dollars, but with our very lives and I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!

Former Representative Darrell Issa, who served in the House of Representatives from 2001 – 2019, declining to run in the 2018 election, as he was outclassed and knew it, has filed a lawsuit to attempt to stop California from going to an all-mail voting system in November.  WHY???  Because he, and the conservative group backing him, Judicial Watch, claim that switching to an all-mail voting system is a democratic attempt to “interfere with the election”!  Say WHAT???  Interfering in what way, exactly?  Is it interfering to ensure that ALL eligible voters have the right to vote in a safe manner?

The lawsuit claims that Governor Newsom’s order to allow all-mail voting violates elections provisions of the Constitution and represents an “unlawful attempt to supersede and replace California election law” by creating “an entirely new system” that does not conform with an existing state law, the Voter’s Choice Act, which lays out requirements for counties that wish to mail ballots to all voters.  Make sense of that if you can!

Newsome is running again this year, hoping to win the seat vacated by Duncan Hunter who resigned in January after pleading guilty to campaign finance violations (remember the rabbit?) The lawsuit also charges that Newsom’s order has scrambled Issa’s campaign by compelling him to “reevaluate his electoral strategy” and increasing the cost of running a campaign.  So WHAT???  Get over it, Darrell!  Our lives are more important than your damn campaign costs!

And on top of that, of course, Donald Trump is threatening to withhold federal funds from states that implement mail-in voting, calling it ‘voter fraud’.  Without a shred of evidence, Trump claims …

“I think just common sense would tell you that massive manipulation can take place. And you do have cases of fraudulent ballots where they actually print them and they give them to people to sign, maybe the same person signs them with different writing, different pens. I don’t know. It’s a lot of things can happen.”

voter fraudNever mind that many states, including my own, have had the option for mail-in voting for years and never mind that voter fraud is virtually non-existent in the U.S.  Trump cannot make that decision … well, he can, but it won’t hold water if Congress challenges him.  Will Congress step up to the plate and protect our voting rights?  I don’t know about you, but my level of trust in Congress to protect us against Trump right now is around nil.

Voting in the U.S. is a right, not a privilege, not as Trump claims, an ‘honour’ … it is a right set forth in the U.S. Constitution and one that is not to be infringed on, although in truth the republicans have infringed on it numerous times in past years, with restrictive voter ID laws, gerrymandering and other games intended to disenfranchise those of us likely to vote democratic.  People like Darrell Issa and Donald Trump are attempting to interfere with that constitutional right.  We must stop them!  If you live in the district Issa is running in, California’s 50th district, San Diego County, make sure he knows that you will not vote for him unless he withdraws his lawsuit and shuts the f— up!  The rest of us need to make sure our representatives and senators know this is NOT going to fly!

There are many crucial issues facing the people of the United States today, but I can think of none that are more important than protecting our right to vote … EVERYONE’S right to vote!  If nothing else, all of this should make you more determined than ever before to vote in this year’s election and vote these asses out of Washington!

And to conclude … Seth Meyers takes a more even-toned approach addressing the same topic …

39 thoughts on “Your Right To Vote — Going, Going …

  1. Maybe not quite the right lyrics, but it’s surely one to play in the USA in these days


    Look what’s happening out in the streets
    Got a revolution
    Got to revolution
    Hey I’m dancing down the streets
    Got a revolution
    Got to revolution
    Ain’t it amazing all the people I meet
    Got a revolution
    Got to revolution
    One generation got old
    One generation got soul
    This generation got no destination to hold
    Pick up the cry
    Hey now it’s time for you and me
    Got a revolution
    Got to revolution
    Come on now we’re marching to the sea
    Got a revolution
    Got to revolution
    Who will take it from you
    We will and who are we
    We are volunteers of America

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  2. Apparently it’s not that simple top switch over to mail in voting, as seen by the recent Wisconsin primary. And you can bet the Repugs will challenge any and all results that do not favor them.

    What can go so wrong with absentee voting? When you go to a neighborhood polling place, you meet face-to-face with a poll worker who signs you in and then lets you cast a ballot that immediately joins the pool of ballots to be counted after the polls close. True, there might be a problem when you interact with the poll worker: For example, a question about your signature compared with the one in the poll book. But those problems usually can be sorted out as part of the face-to-face interaction. Once you’ve satisfied the poll worker that you are qualified to vote and you get an ordinary ballot to cast, you no longer can become unqualified or your ballot left uncounted.

    By contrast, voting by mail requires additional steps, all of which are susceptible to problems that do not exist when voting in person. First, the voter needs to get the absentee ballot in time to send it back by the required deadline. Administrative delay at the local election office, or a postal problem, can cause the voter not to receive the ballot with enough time for its return. This has turned out to be a serious problem in Wisconsin’s current primary, prompting litigation in federal court. The same could easily happen in November.

    What’s more, although some states deem an absentee ballot eligible if it is postmarked by Election Day, other states require the absentee ballot to arrive at the local election office by then. In the latter states, there is a real risk that a voter who mails an absentee ballot will have it disqualified if it arrives too late. In 2018, more than a quarter — 27 percent — of absentee ballots that were rejected across the country were disqualified for this reason; in Florida, the rate was even higher, at least one-third.

    Even if an absentee ballot arrives on time, it can be rejected for a variety of other reasons. Every absentee ballot must be submitted inside a special envelope, and on that envelope, the voter must provide essential information: name, address, signature and often additional identification (like a driver’s license number). Absentee ballots are routinely invalidated because of innocent clerical errors voters make in filling out the envelopes. Sometimes the voter doesn’t even do anything wrong, but an employee in the local election office innocently misreads what the voter has written. Read more….

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  3. And gone….
    Time to man the pitchforks.
    Its been even more chaos here.
    Boris gets let off a malpractice in public office investigation. But clearly the evidence indicates that he had an affair with someone his team awarded funds to and got her preferential treatment. Also evidence was destroyed and emails went missing…
    Cummings broke lockdown rules. Other people have been made to resign for less. Let’s hope for a miracle here.

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  4. How does Trump no what people might do with “mail-in ballots”? Because he has already done that with mail-in ballots himself. He knows about changing pens, and changing writing styles. What he doesn’t know it that the subterfuge is unnecessary, no one is going to check. The cost would be prohibitive.
    But what does this really say about the GOP? That they know they cannot win without cheating. And you know they are going to cheat however they can!

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  5. Jill, the voting problem in America Is not voter fraud, which is minimal. The problem is not enough people voting. The former issue is drummed up because, one party depends on restricting the vote. Through a group called ALEC, cookie cutter Jim Crow like laws have been passed in several states, with some being ruled unconstitutional. The absolute worst person to listen to on this, or pretty much any issue, is the current president who is known for lying.

    AZ Sen. Martha McSally, who is falling behind in the polls, ask why the media does not take the president at his word. The answer is simple – he has not earned that right, having thrown is veracity in the garbage can.

    As an independent and former Republican voter, taking Donald Trump at his word is a fool’s errand. If he says it or tweets it, I do not believe him. And, that makes me sad to say about rhe US president. Keith

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    • Sigh. I know and you know that voter fraud is a very very miniscule problem in the U.S., and as you say, voter apathy and disenfranchisement are the bigger problems. But, the ‘man’ with the jumbo-sized mouth yells that he is treated unfairly, for he knows he cannot win in an honest election, and his 40% faithful followers believe what he says. McSally is a fool and takes us all for fools, as well. I’ve got news for her … she won’t even be an honourable mention in the history books. Trump has sold his right to be taken at his word by lying more often than not. We simply must evict him from the White House one way or another.

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  6. You might well get your right to a mail in vote this year but you’ll have the problem of knowing who to vote for as President with the latest news. Biden did in fact threaten too withhold one billion dollars of aid unless a certain ‘corrupt’ prosecutor was sacked, the very prosecutor who was looking into corruption at Biasma where Btden’;s son is working.The very crime the left attempted to take down Trump with by impeachment. Not just is this going to (I hope) reflect on Biden but the right will rejoice in the hypocrisy of the left even though it’s obvious very few could have known about it.You’ll need to pull something out of the hat here.

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      • Now, Mary … as they say in … somewhere … “It ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings”. The latest conspiracy theory is just that … there is no smoking gun. Trump is digging his grave a little deeper each day. Now, we need you to remember that yes, there is hope and if we give up now, then we lose. Now, repeat after me: “Joe Biden will be a solid president who will restore the values of this nation. Donald Trump is behind in the polls and slated to LOSE in November, if only we all get out and VOTE!”

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      • Really hate to break the news, but Burismagate is evolving to conspiracy fact. Ukrainian parliament member Andrii Derkach released audio recordings purportedly revealing secret conversations between former Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko and then Vice President Joe Biden. I listened to the recording and it’s very clear, Biden did threaten the Ukr prosecutor Shokin and Poroshenko did promise to remove him. Then Biden promised to release the 1 billion aid in a covert manner. Funny this was not reported by mainstream news 😉
        There were multiple investigations into Burisma — including suspicion of tax evasion and money laundering, according to The New York Times. Here is the live recording:


    • Sigh. As you’ll see in my Saturday p.m. post, the conversation between Biden and Poroshenko was taken out of context and Burisma was not once mentioned. But, the Republicans will likely jump on this non-issue with both feet. Sigh. No, we will not tolerate another 4 years of Trump … I will kill him myself if I have to.

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