♫ Feels So Good ♫

I rarely play instrumentals here, for they don’t seem to please the way that vocals do, but I’ve found myself whistling this one off and on all day, and it’s such an upbeat, cheery tune that I decided to offer it today in hopes that it might get your feet tapping and bring a little rhythm into your heart.

You might not know the title of this song, but you’ll recognize it when you hear it. In America, Feels So Good is one of the most popular instrumental songs of all time, and certainly the biggest flugelhorn hit.

Chuck Mangione first recorded with his brother Gap in a band called The Jazz Brothers, which formed in 1960.  After signing with Mercury Records as a solo artist, he grew a following in jazz circles and scored a surprise mainstream hit with Feels So Good, which reached #4 in June 1978 and also hit #1 on the Adult Contemporary chart. These were the last days of disco, and his smooth jazz number provided welcome relief from the typical dance music that had saturated the airwaves. It sold over two million copies.

On the Feels So Good album, this track runs 9:42. Mangione recorded it along with five more instrumentals for the album, none of which seemed to have hit potential. An executive at his label suggested cutting down the title track to make it more radio-friendly, so a 3:28 edit was made and released as a single, which became the hit.  The radio edit retained the two key elements in the song: Mangione’s flugelhorn, and the guitar solo by Grant Geissman. Other performers on the track were Charles Meeks on bass, Chris Vadala on saxophone and James Bradley, Jr. on drums.

I offer both versions … I’m partial to the long version, but in case you don’t have nearly ten minutes to spend listening, I include the short version as well.  No lyrics, for obvious reasons!

Short Version …

Long Version …

15 thoughts on “♫ Feels So Good ♫

  1. Must have missed this one, Disco made me turn my radio off.
    This certainly has its moments. I generally like jazz, but I prefer to listen live. There’s something about seeing the nusicians’ faces.

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    • True, I like seeing their faces, seeing the energy of a live performance. I’m a big fan of jazz … there used to be a radio program called “Smooth Jazz Saturday Night” that played for 3-4 hours and I rarely missed it.


      • I always volunteered at Jazz Festivals wherever I was. Mostly I was “driver to the Stars,” but I did other things too. Nighttime usually found me taking the acts to the venues, and sticking around to watch their shows. Almost every musician or singer were amazing people. It was some of the festival bigwigs who treated us volunteers like scum. They were getting paid, we weren’t. But that was years ago…

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          • I do. Meeting Oscar Peterson was my favourite. Second was being offered a job by a couple of Cirque de Soleil members who hated airplanes, and wanted to be driven everywhere in North America. Right place, wrong time. I sure wish I could have taken that position.


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