Just Two Snippets Of Snark Today …

Trump seems to be occupying a heck of a lot of space on my radar screen these days, pushing out most everyone else.  I hoped to write about something else today, but fools, idiots and Trump were all I could see on my radar.  So …

Another temper tantrum …

Trump is threatening to change the venue for the Republican National Convention in August.  Initially planned for an Arena in Charlotte, North Carolina, Trump’s complaint now is that North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper cannot promise that a packed arena will be allowed under the state’s rules to protect people from the spread of the coronavirus.

“I love the Great State of North Carolina, so much so that I insisted on having the Republican National Convention in Charlotte at the end of August. Unfortunately, Democrat Governor, @RoyCooperNC is still in Shutdown mood & unable to guarantee that by August we will be allowed full attendance in the arena.  In other words, we would be spending millions of dollars building the Arena to a very high standard without even knowing if the Democrat Governor would allow the Republican Party to fully occupy the space. Plans are being made by many thousands of enthusiastic Republicans, and others, to head to beautiful North Carolina in August. They must be immediately given an answer by the Governor as to whether or not the space will be allowed to be fully occupied. If not, we will be reluctantly forced to find, with all of the jobs and economic development it brings, another Republican National Convention site. This is not something I want to do. Thank you, and I LOVE the people of North Carolina!”

Now, I fully understand Governor Cooper’s reticence to commit to allowing thousands of people into the arena to mingle and share their germs.  However, think about it.  If the republicans who would attend are so ignorant that they would risk not only their own lives, but also those of their families … let them. Trump’s alternative venue is Florida, where Governor Ron DeSantis is one of the first to throw the doors to the state wide open and throw caution to the winds.  DeSantis, like Trump, has no concern for the lives of people, but only the financial well-being of the wealthy, the tourism dollars that would be put into the state’s coffers.

The only thing that puzzles me is why Trump even cares if there is a convention, for all those who would oppose him have been shoved out of the race by the GOP, so the outcome is a given.  Why bother, why spend all that money and put so many people at risk, when the conclusion is already signed, sealed, delivered?

Lost meaning?

Memorial Day in the United States, celebrated on the last Monday in May, is intended to be a day set aside to remember and honour those who died in service to the nation, those who defended not only this nation, but allied nations as well.  Instead, it has become largely just another day to grill out, drink beer, and socialize.  While you might expect this year to be different, with protections in place to try to protect people from the coronavirus, people don’t have too many brains these days.

People flocked to beaches and other public venues, acting as if their pleasure was the most important thing on earth, and not giving a damn about the lives of others.  Surprised?  I wasn’t surprised, but I am disappointed.  But then, what’s new … I’ve been disappointed in the human race most of my adult life now.

When you have a fool at the helm of the ship, though, the rest will follow.  Trump, in the spirit of patriotism, took the opportunity to mock former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams’ weight, ridicule the looks of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and call former Democratic presidential rival Hillary Clinton a “skank.”  What a way to honour dead soldiers, eh?  But then … being a draft-dodger, he’s already proven to us that he has no respect for the military. What a stalwart example he sets for the masses, eh?  No wonder the U.S. is so hate-filled … it filters down from the top.

Oh, and you know how demanding Trump was that the churches all re-open this weekend?  Well, that was a ploy to please his evangelical base, for Trump himself was out on the golf course again on Sunday morning. Not that I mind … I’m hoping that with all his layers of … er … blubber, the exertion will be too much for him someday, else he’ll get swallowed by a sand trap.

I came across these two cartoons yesterday while on my search for Jolly Monday ‘toons, and thought that, while not appropriate for the non-political Jolly Monday, they would be perfect for a snarky snippets post.


34 thoughts on “Just Two Snippets Of Snark Today …

  1. Terrible for the Democrats when they can’t fill an arena with the quarter of the people. And hey! I thought it was soooo important that adults make their own choices about their bodies and health. Guess not so important unless it’s abortion. but hey, let the trump supporters get in one big crowd and then they will die, and that’s what most of you guys want anyway isn’t it?

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    • Huh? I’m confused by your first sentence, my friend. As to the rest … people are mostly free to go about as they wish now … your life, your body, but what you do NOT have the right to do is to spread the virus … if you take it home to your kids, or your neighbors, then you’re as guilty of murder as Ted Bundy in my book. I don’t want anybody to die, my friend, but at this point, if people are so damn eager to go out and mingle … I’m sorry, but they will get what they deserve. For my part, being one with significant health issues, I will continue staying home apart from my once-a-week grocery trip, which is truly a nightmare for me these days. Hugs.


  2. Hello Jill. The point of the convention for tRump is the spectacle and pageantry. tRump is the TV president. He thinks any event made just to glorify and praise him is pure audience gold. He can not give up a three day or more event designed just to sing his fever dream accomplishments and stroke his ego. Hugs

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    • Yep, Trump’s only interest is … Trump. Power and money. Adoration. At some point, he said he wouldn’t wear a mask in front of the cameras because he didn’t want his face covered, but in my mind the less seen of his ugly face, the better. Let him socialize, let him be right in everyone’s face, and we can only hope he catches the virus … that is one death I would not rue.

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  3. I’d stay at home for 6 more months and wear a mask 24/7 if I thought trump would hold tons of big rallies, idiots, who are most likely trump supporters, would go to as many crowded parties and beaches as they can and religious people who somehow think they are so entitled and special that god will protect them, would go to church everyday of the week …I’d be all for it.

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  4. Oh, isn’t it tempting to let all the Trump supporters congregate in the one place, standing should to shoulder, chanting, shanking hands? Unfortunately we know that it would not just be them, as their behaviour is sure to carry the virus further to restaurants, shops, etc.
    Good on the Governor for standing firm.

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  5. Judging by Keith’s first comment, the North Carolina governor has been pretty much ignoring Trump. I hope he continues to do so….and so should the non-beholden-to-Trump, “fake” media. Let Fox along carry Trump’s water and see how he likes it — knowing how Trump craves attention, he probably won’t.

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  6. Judging by Keith’s first comment, the North Carolina governor has been pretty much ignoring Trump. I hope he continues to do so….and so should the non-beholden-to-Trump, “fake” media. Let Fox along carry Trump’s water and see how he likes it — knowing how Trump craves attention, he probably won’t.

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    • I, too, hope he continues to do what he knows is right for the people of his state. Trump’s ego will just have to take a hit, realizing that in some cases, at least, human lives matter more than Donald Trump.

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      • Somehow my comment showed up twice — sorry about that, but it wasn’t intentional.

        P.S. I notice a typo which WAS my fault. The third sentence of my comment starts “Let Fox along” — it should say “Let Fox ALONE” (sorry about that too!). 😉

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        • I actually took a break after answering the first, came back about 1/2 hour later and thought I had responded to that once, but figured I was the one confused, so I responded again! Typos don’t bother me … I make my share of them, and I rarely even notice them.


  7. Jill, since I live about eleven miles from the convention site, let me throw a local flavor into the mix.
    – Charlotte was the only bidder in the end, as other cities dropped out.
    – City council voted 6 to 5 to allow it
    – Gov. Cooper had been pretty silent, although reporters were talking it up
    – Given we have not solved COVID-19 and (due to Trump) have handled this poorly as a nation (5% of the global population, but 28% of the COVID-19 global deaths), we really don’t know what things will be like come August. So, I don’t think Cooper can commit to anything other than we have to plan for all of the above.


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    • PS – I had a more sober message that we should honor our vets by planning ahead to avoid needless conflict or at least understand the mission. We don’t listen enough to those who have experience and too much to false bravado. Keith

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    • Thanks so much for the added info!!! It speaks volumes that other cities dropped out, and that city council very nearly didn’t allow it. And his talk about the “economic development” the convention would bring? A few nights of packed restaurants and lushes filling the bars, then poof … gone. Not worth the risk. I hope Governor Cooper decides to limit the occupancy of the arena and Trump can take his traveling circus show to Florida … or perhaps an island in the South Pacific.

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      • Jill, the governor’s response was the right one to the tweets. He said we are working with the RNC and looking at the data to see what makes the most sense. Someone needs to ask Trump if the “never Trump” convention sponsored by Republicans for the Rule of Law and The Lincoln Project will move from Charlotte as well.

        This is Trump being Trump. He manages by fear. He always has. Seemingly everything has to be contentious. Frankly, it is a key way to distract from his corrupt, deceitful and incompetent governance. The same holds true with his saying the election is fixed – he did the same thing last time. Trump will need to be dragged out of the White House or they will need to change the locks while he is golfing. Keith

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        • I hadn’t heard the governor’s answer, but that is a perfect response. It really isn’t up to Trump, but the RNC … of course lately, they seem to be puppets of Trump’s.

          Heh heh … I like your idea about changing the locks while he’s out golfing … d’ya think we could do that next week??? Sigh. Scottie just made an excellent point, too, that the transition period between the election and the inauguration is fraught with potential dangers by Trump & Co. What might he do? I cannot even imagine.


          • Jill, three comments. 1) The NC governor cares more about the health of the GOP attendees than the party head, who cares more about self. 2) Both Bill Maher and John Oliver noted the president will have to be dragged out of the office when it is over as he will not go quietly. 3) With Mitch and Trump, they will do whatever machinations necessary to pass GOP favored laws and executive orders. Trump will contest the election if he loses.He has long ago started (it is obvious). And, Putin will put his fingerprints on it to make the US look like a banana republic. Keith

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            • Sigh. Last one first … the U.S. is looking more and more like a banana republic each day. Yes, I agree with Maher and Oliver … he will have to be dragged out kicking and screaming, but I have fears there. Will he, by that time, have so completely brainwashed the military, the Secret Service, and others whose job it would be, that they will not remove him? And, of course, his faithful few will likely attempt to descend on D.C. to “protect their leader” with their big guns. I think we might be in for some even tougher times the end of this year and beginning of next. More and more I wish for a simpler option, one which I shall not name, for it would bring the men in dark glasses to my doorstep.


  8. I’m gobsmacked that your President can refer to Hilary as a skank, that’s most offensive.and not the act of gentlemen which he’s supposedly pretending to be.. I almost wish she was running one last time so she could thrash the pants off him. That would be superb revenge, The fat man loseth. .

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    • If he thinks Hillary is a “skank”, I wonder what the heck he sees when he looks in the mirror? I was amazed to read the reason he would not wear a mask is it would cover up his face … if ever a face NEEDED to be covered, it is his!!! Yeah, in my dreams she runs again and wipes the floor with Trump, winning by a 90% margin. But alas … only a dream.

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  9. Poor Jill. Your Trumpitis has returned. Obviously you haven’t built your immunity up to protect you. There’s no vaccine either yet. Stay home, Turn off the computer. And the TV. Listen only to music of bygone days. Have Miss Goose read you bedtime stories. You might recover again. As long as you stop feeding the flames.

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    • Yes, it has returned in spades. As to Doc rawgod’s advice … I’ve been staying home … for something like 10 weeks now, my only forays away from home are the once-a-week trip to the grocery which has me near tears by the time I get home. I don’t ever watch tv. And I can’t stay away from the computer, for how would I write my blog or answer email? Or stay on top of the news? I did, however, give myself time to read a 537-page book this weekend … that helped. Sigh.


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