America Needs an Election Intervention

Jeff over at On the Fence Voters, like most of us, has been giving a lot of thought to the upcoming election. He shares some of those thoughts and a possible solution to the dreaded scenarios that have played through our heads, in his post tonight. Please take a minute to read his thoughts, and let him know what you think. Thanks Jeff!!!

On The Fence Voters

Since the year 2000, we’ve had three presidential elections that we could easily question the final results. We know about the fiasco with George W. Bush against Al Gore and the hanging chads, not to mention the purging of African-American voters by his brother and then Governor of Florida, Jeb Bush. Oh, and of course, the Supreme Court weighing in by stopping the recount as well.

There was also the election of 2004 when John Kerry lost Ohio by roughly 118,000 votes. Still, there were questions at the time of voting irregularities and purges of Democratic voters by then Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell. It didn’t matter in the long run because Kerry conceded the election and never demanded a recount.

And in 2016, with a little help from the Russians and voter suppression, the future worst president of the United States was elected. Here we are on the…

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8 thoughts on “America Needs an Election Intervention

  1. There can be no doubt that America needs an election intervention. Sadly and tragically there is also little to no doubt that we will ever see one with the likes of Trump and his sycophants holding all the power in their hands. I have less and less faith in the Democrat’s ability in the fast coming November election to remove the blight that has corrupted this country. Where is the America that I respected, loved and believed I knew?? Thank-you Jeff and Jill!

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    • Like you, I question whether the Democrats can do enough to offset all the roadblocks and hurdles the GOP and Trump will throw in the way of a fair and honest election. The America we grew up respecting, believing in … it has succumbed to greed, to people who believe the end justifies the means, and who think their own pleasure is more important than the greater good. I don’t think we will ever again see that nation, at least not in the years remaining to us.


  2. What does our Constitution say about free elections? What is allowed or not? I don’t see any provision for outside interference or assistance from a foreign nation. Also, what’s to prevent Trump from bullying or buying off the OSCE? Just another obstacle to overcome while fixing the election. Anything that is not to his liking he’ll simply recruit his army of lawyers along with lapdog AG Barr.
    Tech companies are actually part of the problem, they are just as polarized when it comes to politics. There is no neutral, bipartisan or even fair self monitoring, forget monitoring the actual election. Example: during the 2016 election, Google and Facebook, to some degree Twitter had no qualms about taking ad monies from Russia, China, and a few other questionable nations. This is clearly direct interference of our elections, and yet when Congress questioned Mark Zuckerberg about it, he denied knowing anything…. he promised to look into it. Nearly 4 years later none of the tech companies implemented meaningful protections on their platforms. And I’m sure they would not refuse ad monies from foreign bad actors, b/c how do you distinguish legit ad purchases from trolls? Russia promoted Trump while bashing Hillary, but that ad is simply expressing political opinion, is that illegal? What if the UK, France or Italy expressed an opinion, who’s to decide on intent or interference?
    So unless tech companies ban all political ad revenue….. I don’t see change happening. Upcoming 2020 election will be just as divisive and confusing as ever. Greed trumps patriotism, excuse the pun.


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