Abandoning The World …

On Friday, Donald Trump announced that he would be pulling the United States out of the World Health Organization (WHO), effective immediately.  The thing is, Donald Trump is not a member of WHO … the United States is a member of WHO.  The United States is comprised of some 330 million people.  As one of those 330 million people, I reject his decision, made solely in his own head with no consultation by knowledgeable experts or the people of this country.  It is not right and proper for one ‘man’, a ‘man’ with substandard knowledge and substandard intellect, to make such a decision entirely on his own.  It is dangerous … extremely dangerous.  It is unfair to the people of not only this nation, but of the world.

Let me tell you a little bit about WHO.  The United Nations body was founded in 1948 with a mission to promote health around the world. The organization took on a swath of responsibilities, including managing the response to major global health priorities such as tuberculosis and malaria, as well as helping with access to health care around the world.  In its more than 70-year history, the WHO has tackled some of the world’s most pressing health issues, including emergencies. It helped eliminate smallpox and all but eliminate polio. It supports the administration of measles vaccines worldwide. More recently it played a role in the 2003 SARS outbreak, the 2009 H1N1 influenza outbreak and the 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

Granted, WHO has its difficulties and has been accused of not responding quickly enough to the current pandemic, as well as others in the past.  But, to simply walk away, to pull $400 million per year away from the organization, is a classic case of ‘throwing out the baby with the bathwater’.  It is like the couple with three children who are having some difficulties, and rather than work through the problems, one partner says, “I’m done, I’m divorcing you and I’m not paying child support!”  It is, in a word, unconscionable.  The problems within WHO could be worked through and resolved, but it takes effort, it takes cooperation among nations, and it takes willingness to compromise.

Other world leaders have been quick to state that they have no plans to follow Trump’s example, but the reality is that the U.S. is the biggest financial contributor to WHO and without that funding, what they can accomplish will be severely limited. WHO fundingDonald Trump, in pulling out of WHO, is putting the entire world at risk, and for only one reason that I can see.  He failed miserably at being a leader when the pandemic hit the U.S., and his failures have significantly reduced his approval rating … just a few short months before the November election.  As is Trump’s way, he must find someone else to blame, and in this case it is WHO.  He has turned the health and well-being of every person on the planet into a political tool to save his own carcass. Senator Chris Murphy says it well …

“It was never about reforming the WHO. That was all lies. It was always about distraction and scapegoating. Leaving castrates our ability to stop future pandemics and elevates China as the world’s go-to power on global health. What a nightmare.”

I am deeply disturbed by the number of international agreements Trump has pulled out of.  First, the Paris Climate Accords that are attempting to find ways to save the environment from the ravages caused by the industrialized nations of the world, of which the U.S. is the largest per capita ravager.  Then he pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal … an agreement that, by all accounts, was working well in keeping Iran from developing nuclear weapons.  He pulled out of the United Nations Human Rights Council, an organization tasked with protecting human rights around the globe.  In all, he has pulled this nation out of more than a dozen international agreements, leaving not only the U.S. vulnerable, but the rest of the world as well.  There was a time that the U.S. was called the “leader of the free world”, but today, I’m not sure we are even a part of the free world, thanks to Donald Trump and his megalomania.   It seems as if Trump wishes us to be so isolated that we are not even a part of the larger world … this is a frightening scenario.  It is my hope that next January, we will quickly re-join these international groups that are trying to keep the world safe, that we will once again become part of the world.

I would urge Congress to stand up, do their job, and stop Trump’s utter madness, but … as we all know, the republicans in Congress are no longer our representatives, but rather Trump’s yes-men, thereby rendering Congress ineffective.  I would urge the people in this country, the ones who still care about people, to write letters to their representatives and senators protesting this unconscionable move by Trump, but again … our letters would be put through the shredders on Capitol Hill.  In short, we have lost our voices and will only have one last chance to exercise our will … on November 3rd.

23 thoughts on “Abandoning The World …

  1. Of course, I agree with all you say. From my personal perspective, I must add what I learned both from the chart and from my own brief research is from where WHO’s money comes and how it is used. I had no idea the immense portion of funding that comes from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Wow! Also, I had no idea how little China contributes. Perhaps therein lies Trump’s rationale for withdrawing? As usual, his motives and actions are simplistic. Please find a way to rid your country of his government!

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    • I, too, was amazed by the amount the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation contributes! And, like you, I didn’t realize how little China contributes. However, that still doesn’t justify Trump pulling out. I understand, though I haven’t researched it fully, that there have been some problems with the way things have been handled at WHO of late, but overall the WHO does good work and benefits people around the globe. I hope that once Trump is defeated in November (fingers crossed) the new president will quickly bring the U.S. back into most of the international agreements that Trump so thoughtlessly pulled out of. Sigh. Yes, my friend, some of us are trying hard to rid our government of the toxic Trump and his cronies. Sigh.

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  2. PLEASE, could someone tell me just exactly how this will “Make America Great Again”? Even a “MAGA” red hat wearer might have a problem spinning this preposterous move into a reasonable explanation…beyond the obvious reason, for the non-wearers, which you have so eloquently put forth! In the nearly 244 years since the Declaration of Independence was ratified by the United States Second Continental Congress on July 4th 1776, there have been 44 previous Presidents of this country…the 45th is decimating and disparaging the great legacy that was given to him to protect and uphold upon taking the Oath of Office on January 20, 2017. While not all of the preceding Presidents may have accomplished great things during their terms in office, none come remotely close to the damage that trump has managed to inflict on this country and the world in nearly 3 1/2 years. Congress, mainly the Senate, must remember that their own Oath of Office was to the country, not to trump! Thank-you!

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    • Well, my friend, the truth is it cannot make America great again … it can only further deteriorate the trust of other nations in the U.S. And yes, Trump’s ignorant base believe this is making “America great again” because … Trump has told them for more than four years now that every other nation has been allowed (under Obama, of course) to take advantage of the U.S., and that he in all his great and divine {cough, cough, choke, gasp} wisdom, will put the U.S. once again in a position of worldwide respect. Of course, those of us with brains know that the exact opposite has happened … our allies no longer trust us, the world laughs or curses us, and the U.S. is in a terrible mess, thanks to Donald Trump. But, as long as he keeps telling his base that he is doing a great job, they will keep lapping it up, for to do otherwise would be to admit that they made a colossal mistake, and they damn sure aren’t about to do THAT! Trump and every republican in Congress have long since forgotten their oaths, have forgotten to whom they owe their allegiance. We must fire the entire lot on November 3rd. Sigh.


  3. Of course in the middle of a pandemic he abandons the one organization that can really make a difference in the world. I can’t stand the man Jill. Sorry I can’t be anymore profound than that. I’m numb.

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  4. Jill, you cannot shrink to greatness. Russia and China’s fantasies are happening aided and abetted by a retrenching America. We have bullied allies and pulled out of global agreements and entities, which diminishes our influences.
    We are not trusted because our president gives no reason to be trusted. China’s rise to being the number one power is being accelerated by this myopic president. It amazes me that the GOP, of all parties is abetting this effort. History will not be kind to Trump and his sycophants. It will be remembered as the time America ceded its global standing. Keith

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    • True. We have lost the trust of most of the world, and Trump seems to be on a collision course with disaster, more and more with each passing day. He craves adoration, but he earns no respect from any. His ego is a blockade to common sense. I don’t see a good summer ahead, my friend. I think we are in a heap of trouble. Sigh.


    • Indeed, so it would seem. Someone needs to tell him that he is following the wrong example! I saw today that he was the only one of the G7 leaders to accept Trump’s invitation to hold the summit in Washington in 2 weeks. Merkel declined, and Macron & Trudeau said “probably not, given the pandemic”, so Trump ‘postponed’ it. But ol’ Boris was ready to fly out! Fool! xx


  5. This is thee isolationist movement gone mad. Is he intending to manage the United States without exports, or of imports of any kind. And in any future Pandemics, if the cure is found there it will be a huge charge to the rest of the world instead of cooperation.I don’t like the shape of this future world nor of the All Hail Emperor Trump first of his line,

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    • Apparently, he thinks that he needs nobody else. The term “globalism” has been demonized of late, largely by Trump, but also by others, and Trump convinced his base that the U.S. was being taken advantage of in all international treaties. He promised to get out of those treaties and renegotiate ‘better’ ones. Thing is, he destroyed our allies trust in us, and there are no ‘better deals’ to be had. He throws around the word ‘winner’, but in my view of the world, there should be no winners or losers … we should all be sharing resources for the betterment of all, not just one group of people, not just one nation. I don’t like the shape of the future either, and I am increasingly concerned for what will happen in the next five months. Interestingly, I read today that the State Department is so backlogged in passport applications that they will not be able to process them until fall. First, why are there suddenly so many passport applications? A lot of us trying to get off of this sinking ship? Second, this makes me feel very uncomfortable … almost like a prisoner. I was thinking to file applications for me and the girls, just to make sure we had them in case of need, but then I read that the State Department will keep your documents, proof of birth and citizenship, until they find time to process the application. I’m suspicious. Sigh.

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  6. Jill, an isolated country is easier to control. In 2016 when I compared trump to a mini-Hitler, people laughed at me and called me an idiot. Hmmmmm, what do y’all think now? (I threw that y’all in there for my MAGA cap wearing neighbors)

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    • This is so true. I, too, began comparing Trump to Hitler around 2016 and was told that it was not at all an apt comparison, that I was over-dramatizing. Most of those same people are now seeing the similarities. I would actually place Hitler above Trump, though, for while he was a cruel and evil dictator, he at least did have a brain, while Trump’s ego is so big that there is no room left for a brain.

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