A Jolly-less Jolly Monday

Good Monday morning, my friends!  I’ll give you a warning up front … Jolly has taken a temporary (at least it darn well better be temporary) break and I don’t know if I can pull a rabbit out of a hat by myself.rabbit-hatSo, how was your weekend?  Do anything fun and exciting?  Nah, me neither.  I’m sorry there are fewer snacks on the table this morning, but hopefully you can find something to your liking, so grab a cuppa something and a bite, and let’s try to get this week off on the right foot … with a smile.  😊

Jack Rico graduated last Wednesday from Fullerton College in California.  Now, most of us graduated from college with a degree, but Jack earned four associate’s degrees in history, human expression, social behavior and social science, all the while maintaining a 4.0 GPA!  Jack, needless to say, is what we used to call a braniac.  But, there’s something else for you to know about Jack … he is 13-years-old!Jack-Rico-1Jack’s mother, Ru Andrade, said she knew her son was special ever since he was a young boy. When Rico was about to turn four, she asked him what he wanted for his birthday. While other boys his age might have asked for toys or a trip to Disneyland, Rico said he wanted to see the White House.Jack-Rico-WH

“I told him that was a really big trip for a three-year-old. Just kidding around, I said, ‘If you can memorize all the presidents, I’ll take you.'”

A week later, Rico came up to his mom and surprised her with his response.

“He said, ‘I already knew the presidents, but I memorized all the vice presidents so that we could go.’ So that’s when I knew, ‘Oh, you’re already smarter than me.'”

The next step for Rico is to continue studying history at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where he received a full ride.  Says Rico …

“I just love learning new stuff. I love knowing more about the world and all the different things we could study. I’m 13 right now so I don’t really have the whole life thing figured out. I’m still trying to explore my interests and learn what I want to do in life.”

Heck, I’m 68 and I still don’t have the whole life thing figured out!  What a kid, eh?

Take a look at this critter …cat-1Any idea what it is?  Turns out it is a cat with a heck of a lot of matted fur!  Two pounds of matted fur, as it turned out.  The Arizona Humane Society (AHS) received a call that the cat’s owner had died and the cat had nobody to care for her.  Her name, appropriately enough, is Fluffer.cat-2The team at the Humane Society removed some 2 pounds of matted fur, while Fluffer patiently cooperated.  Says Bretta Nelson of the AHS …

“She is an absolute sweetheart, so much so that she required no sedation during her procedure which is extremely unusual when caring for cats who are likely in pain.”

cat-3This story has a happy ending, though.  After Fluffer’s grooming, Fluffer was adopted and now lives with her new owners in her forever home.cat-4

I’ve concluded that while they are nice stories, neither of the above stories are particularly funny.  Therefore, I think I would do better with … oh, how about a few funny signs?


And of course we must have some cartoons, yes?


This one’s for you, Roger!!!


Okay, folks … I told you, I’m just not funny without Jolly, but I promise he’ll be back next week!  Meanwhile, how about a cute animal video … now THAT I can do!

I wish you all a great week ahead, and remember to share your beautiful smiles … we could all use an extra these days, so I’ll leave a basket of them by the door … take as many as you need.  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa and the not-present Jolly!


56 thoughts on “A Jolly-less Jolly Monday

  1. Young Rico is a real braiinbox. What I like is that he’s having such fun learning. I hope it continues and he finds a discovery that will change the world.(for the bettter)
    I saw the first picture of Fluffer and thought there were other animals inside that matter fur. Greeat Toons.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree … I was awed by his enthusiasm for learning … let’s hope nobody dampens that spirit in the next few years.

      Glad you enjoyed Fluffer and the toons! Hope it brought a wee bit of a smile.


      Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, I try to make sure to find something at least once a day that has nothing to do with reality! Otherwise, I’m going to go stark raving nuts!!! Oh wait … maybe I’m already there?


  2. Don’t tell Jolly, but those are the best funnies all year I think.
    Did your source say Fluffer was a rag doll? She certainly looks like one, especially the patch on her nose. That patch is shaped almost exactly like our Diabola’s, except Dabber’s nose patch is red/orange.
    About the vet sign, they could try this: CATS RULE, DOGS DROOL. Why is it so many people think cats aren’t cool?
    Have a good week, Jill.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Heh heh … no, I won’t mention that to Jolly, especially since I think you’re just trying to make me smile. It worked 😊.

      No, they didn’t mention the breed of cat … is Diabola a rag doll, then? Agreed, cats are cool, but the big difference between cats and dogs is that dogs will do just about anything for a pat on the head or a bit of attention, whereas with cats, they make you beg them for a bit of attention!

      You have a good week, too … or try to. It’s not easy these days. LuL

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      • Yes, Diabola is a rag doll. Until we brought her home we had never heard of rag dolls. She had 4 kittens, none of them were rag dolls, so I guess it isn’t the breeding. Her mother was not a rag doll either. Daddies can’t be rag dolls. Weird!
        But boy is she cute.
        No, there’s nothing to be happy about, especially where you are. Trump is proving his incompetency more and more every day. He should abdicate, or whatever non-presidents do when they fail at being president. Why wait till he loses the election…

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        • I hadn’t ever heard of rag dolls until recently, either. Hmmmm … methinks either there was a latent gene somewhere, or Diabola’s paternity is in question.

          I genuinely fear what will happen here over the next 5 months. Pence and the Cabinet could remove him from office under the 25th Amendment, but they won’t. Sigh. I’m not even sure at this point that he will lose in November. So many still jump to his defense, still call him the “greatest president ever”. Brainwashed, they are.


          • Probably a latent gene. There is a lot more known about ragdolls these days than when we first got her. She still fits most of the attributes of ragdolls, except one “big” one–she is a tiny cat, barely 5 lbs at 13 years of age. Ragdolls females are supposed to be around 12-14 lbs. Oh, and she also defends herself, much to the boys’ disatisfaction. She rules our house like a queen.
            As for Trump, send him off to Russia. I’m sure they have a few old spies to trade him for.

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