DAMN YOU, Donald Trump

The news of the day is that the U.S. unemployment rate fell in May to 13.3%.  Ho hum … yawn.  First … don’t be fooled.  Yes, with the re-opening of businesses, employees were called back to work and thus the unemployment rate was destined to fall, though I would question the 13.3% rate, as the figure comes from the federal government, and thus is not to be believed.  Plus … just last week, new unemployment claims totaled over 1.9 million.  Plus … with the re-opening of businesses and people out and about more, there will be a resurgence of the coronavirus.  Will businesses shut down again?  Quite possibly.jobs-graph

Even the Department of Labour cautioned that data-collection issues that have plagued the agency throughout the crisis continued last month. Some temporarily jobless workers were characterized as “employed” in May; had they been counted correctly, the department said, the unemployment rate would have topped 16 percent.

On the news of the drop in the unemployment rate (which, it should be noted, is still nearly triple what it was in the pre-coronavirus days), the stock market surges.  Stupid people.

More than half of the jobs added were in the food and beverage industry – restaurants and bars.  But even so, business is not what it once was, and once restaurant owners see that they are not making a profit … and they likely won’t for some time yet, as many people are still unwilling to mingle in public … businesses will start to go out of business.  There are so many variables in play that only a fool would take the numbers released today as a sign that the economy is on the rebound.  And speaking of fools …

Donald Trump gave himself his usual disgusting ‘pat on the back’ when the numbers were released this morning, claiming that the jobless numbers represent “the greatest comeback in American history.”  Not true … not even if the numbers were accurate would it be true, but then since when does Trump deal in truisms?  He also tweeted …

“Really Big Jobs Report. Great going President Trump (kidding but true)!”

What a pompous ass.   He had little, if anything, to do with employees being called back to work.  And in yet another foolish tweet, he claimed this single number, shaky as it is and in the midst of a nation afire with racism and police brutality, would cinch his bid for re-election …

“Oh no, the Dems are worried again. The only one that can kill this comeback is Sleepy Joe Biden!”

But all the bullshit aside, in his impromptu news conference this morning in the Rose Garden, he crossed a line when he said …

“We all saw what happened last week. We can’t let that happen. Hopefully, George is looking down right now, and saying, ‘This is a great thing that’s happening for our country.’ This is a great day for him. It’s a great day for everybody. This is a great day for everybody. This is a great, great day in terms of equality.”

I was speechless when I read this … speechless for all of about 3 seconds until I let forth a string of expletives worthy of a truck driver.  How could anybody with a shred of human decency, anybody with even a tiny bit of conscience, make such a ludicrous, offensive statement?  But then, decency and conscience are not things that Trump has ever been accused of having.  Still … this is perhaps a new low for even him.

No, Donald, this is not a “great day” for George Floyd who was brutally murdered on May 25th.  It is not a great day for this nation, which is burning down around us.  It is not a great day for virtually anyone living in the United States, though some are not capable of realizing it.  Damn you, Donald Trump … just DAMN YOU.

60 thoughts on “DAMN YOU, Donald Trump

    • I suspect that there is no way the bulk will vote for him … BUT, just like in 2016, that doesn’t mean he won’t get back in anyway. And you’re right, they get what they deserve, but the rest of us … we don’t deserve it. 😥

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        • I sometimes think this nation is too big anyway … I welcome diversity and different ideas, but we are so divided right now that I don’t even recognize this as a solitary, unified nation. I find that I’ve lost trust … in our government, in police, in people I don’t know, in … most everything except critters of the non-human variety. We can no longer talk to each other without raised voices. Some call themselves “patriots”, but I’m not sure what it is they have to be patriotic toward … the nation is crumbling, no longer represents 99% of the people, and so what’s the point?

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            • I just want to come live on your side of the pond … but I am told by our State Department that they will not be processing applications for passports until maybe fall, and by your government that I would likely be “persona non grata”, as I am too old to add to the value of the nation. ’tis okay … there is a ‘Plan B’.

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                • Your death rate per capita is about 65% higher than ours, and I’ve been trying to figure that one out for a week or so now. Yours isn’t the highest in the world, but your per capita is in the highest 10, at least. Belgium’s is significantly higher than yours, as are a few South American countries.

                  As re Johnson … WHY the Sam Hell is he trying to emulate Trump??? Has the man got beans for brains? I’ve never particularly liked Boris, but I did think he was, at least, smarter than Trump, but these days he seems to be trying to turn himself into a Trump clone!

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                  • When you factor in raw numbers of population, along with the potential resources which could be deployed it paints a very unhappy picture. And we had the warning.
                    But Johnson and his crew were ill-suited for the situation.
                    Unsuited to the task. He comes from privilege. He masks it by a certain veneer of class and what we refer to as ‘Noblesse oblige’ (ie Us rich and privileged folk must look after those poor shlubs). He is not confrontational, and tries to sweet talk his way around issues. So in some respects he is quite different from The Flabmeister.

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                    • While I doubt any leader was prepared for the pandemic … it’s one of those things that you never expect will happen on your watch … some were more proactive. Others merely saw it as something to be ignored in hopes it would go away. Your country did better than ours in some ways, but your death rate per capita makes me wonder if the NHS was too short on resources to handle it.

                      I didn’t realize Boris came from privilege … to watch him, you’d never guess it. He has an arrogant streak, though. I was disgusted by his eager acceptance of Trump’s invitation to the G7 this month, much prouder of Angela Merkel for saying ‘no’. And Boris’ willingness to accept a trade deal with Trump that lowers the standards he promised not to lower, in agreeing to purchase chlorinated chicken, is unconscionable. Trade deals with Trump are going to be no-win and you guys would be better off trading with … Mozambique!

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                    • The NHS has been chronically under-funded for years now and we have a government of Brexiteers who were unable to cope. Imperfect storm.
                      Oh he would go thrashing around at the G7, leavening the EU will have a govt running everywhere pretending they are arranging shrewd deals.

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                    • Yes, both our countries were ill-prepared for a pandemic, being caught up in political turmoil and both having ‘leaders’ who are more concerned with their own image than with the lives of the people they are supposed to represent. Bah humbug.

                      I’m still convinced that there is some shared DNA between Trump and Boris …

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  1. It makes me laugh how they justify the numbers. Sadly, the deranged news media eats it up – they are undoubtedly part of the problem for constantly giving the stage to draft dodging Donald and his boot licking sycophants. Anyway, the numbers (just like the stock market itself) are a sham. It’s as if a man was robbed of a million bucks and the thief returned 1/10 of it…. so we rejoice in celebration.

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    • You are spot on about the media being part of the problem. He gets free air time, and it’s rather like the child who gets into mischief, knowing he’s going to get in trouble, for ANY attention is better than no attention. If there is one thing Trump is good at, it is knowing how to use people.


  2. I have concluded that trump is finished and I will no longer write about him, think about him , expend one more iota of my energy on him. He doesn’t deserve our fury; it has no impact, and if he knew about it, it would simply please him.
    I am channeling that energy into getting people registered and voting and helping elect Democrats at all levels. We must make sure these young demonstrators are persuaded that voting is crucial to the efforts they’re marching for.
    We MUST win the Senate.
    I am encouraged by the generals’ speaking out; I think it diminishes the chances that trump’s military coup against the American people will be enacted. How we get him out of the White House once he loses is an important issue, but we can deal with that too.

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    • Well, I agree that he is finished … in some ways. But, whether we like it or not, he will still have a major impact on our nation, our lives, and so it’s not possible to just tune him out. We must keep pointing out his ignorance, his cruelty, so that people cannot forget to go vote him out in November. But, even then, there will be major battles, my friend.

      I applaud your efforts in working toward getting people registered and to the polls in November! Hopefully, we will have mostly mail-in voting, but in some states I’m sure that won’t happen.

      I, too, am encouraged by Mattis and the others who are speaking out. It must surely be a royal thorn in Trump’s side. Yes, removing him is a major concern and I think not as simple as we are hoping. I believe that what happens between November 3rd and January 20th will determine the future of this nation. Hopefully, we have the support of the military.

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      • I agree. I am greatly concerned about that period. I am also concerned about how much more damage he can do while he’s in the “chicken coop,” one witty person’s description of the newly fortified White House. And I don’t take lightly the possibility that he will try to steal the election. That’s why I feel my energies must go into reaching voters who are yearning for a positive message and a large dollop of hope. But for my view of the country’s health and my own, I have recognized that my obsession is unproductive.

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        • Yes, his sense of entitlement, of having free rein seems to be escalating, and with 5 months left until the election, then another 11 weeks until inauguration, I fear the things he will attempt. It would be really great if Congress would step up to the plate and do their jobs, but the republicans in Congress seem to fear him more than they respect us. We each do what we can, my friend, and your efforts to reach out to voters, or potential voters, is very important. One of the biggest hurdles we have is voter apathy, and with Biden as the democratic candidate, I suspect there will be many who aren’t particularly enthused about the upcoming election. So, you’ve got your work cut out for you, and I wish you great luck, for we all need it!

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    • Oh yes … already I have seen those who are praising him. I don’t know, my friend, if we have hope or not. I think Trump will be defeated at the ballot box in November, but I also think dislodging him will be a monumental task and that he and his cronies are likely already making plans to override the will of the people. Truth? I am frightened.

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  3. Jill, I have been repeating the truism dating back to when Obama was president. Presidents get too much credit and blame for the economy. They provide headwinds or tailwinds.

    If presidents get credit, then Republicans are saying Barack Obama was a great president. The economy was in its 91st consecutive month of growth when Trump was sworn in, the stock market had more than doubled and we just had six consecitive years of 2 million plus job growth. Yet, Trump has told hos followers he did all that.

    To his credit, it continued, but again presidents get too much credit and blame. As for the just announced results, they are strange. All results are revised upward or downward, so I would not be surprised if they are negatively impacted next month.

    The number I am worried about is the 109,000 plud COVID-19 deaths. We must be smarter as we reopen. Keith

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    • Exactly so, but you know that Trump will take credit for any small good thing, while saying “I don’t accept responsibility at all” when things go south.

      Both new cases and deaths are on the rise, as we all knew they would be. Another shutdown imminent? Not if Trump can help it, for the lives lost are but meaningless statistics to him. We must be smarter, and most of us are, but then there are those who aren’t. Sigh.


      • Jill, I have had to use this rebuttal to someone who said the cases are rising because of the testing. That is only partly true, but the deaths are not impacted by testing. In fact, the testing should help lessen deaths, so the death total going up scares me. Keith

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        • The death rate going up should scare everybody, but still people are far too eager to resume their “normal” lives. One thing, I think, is that some are becoming inured to hearing about new cases, new deaths, etc., and it is just numbers to them … they forget to stop and think that each and every one was a person, a human with families & friends who loved them. I suspect the death rate is under-reported by as much as 30%, which is even scarier, and that it will continue to increase.


    • Thank you!!! Yes, I find it amazing as well … it’s almost as if we are of two different species. Never in my 68 years did I dream such a madman would be in the Oval Office and have the support of nearly half the people in the nation. Sigh.

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  4. “THIS IS A GREAT,GREAT DAY IN TERMS OF EQUALITY.” Is he serious? I read about trump’s take on the drop in the unemployment rate from several different sources and each of them included the entire quote as did you. In total disbelief, and even I must question myself on that absurdity, I had to actually listen to this pathetic excuse for a president actually say these words out loud in order to believe that even he could and did! Though hearing trump’s voice made me nauseous, as it always does, I did indeed hear him say these same words. This f**king moron has sunk so low that even his orange face and comb-over hair are 6 feet below ground level…and I will not add the obvious next thought, but use your imagination! President Obama’s former Director of Speechwriting, Jon Favreau, tweeted this response : “Depression-era unemployment, 100,000 dead, millions sick, massive protests, police riots, and Trump is giving a celebratory press conference. Not sure I’ve ever heard a president sound so divorced from the reality that most Americans are facing. Hilariously out of touch.” I would say trump is woefully and demonstrably out of touch! Thank-you! P.S. Feel free to delete this comment, but it had to see the light of day even if only temporarily!

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    • No way am I deleting this comment!!! I do believe this is the first time I’ve ever seen or heard you drop the f-bomb, even though you ****’d most of it out! My friend … I honestly believe this excuse for a ‘man’ is sub-human. NOBODY in their right mind would have said what he said yesterday! But, you know what’s really sad … already I hear his supporters making excuses or going on the defensive. I sometimes wonder if we are of the same species. I’m thinking that after making yourself listen to the arsehole, you are now in serious need of a glass of your favourite wine to wash that bad taste out of your mouth, yes? Love ‘n hugs, my friend!


  5. The man has all the empathy of an old tree stump. Sensitivity zero. A man did last week at the hands of an out of control police force, tthe country has gone through some very destructive riots and his family must be crushed. The best Dumb Donnie can say is what a greeat day for George, Employment is up. WTF.Well Donnie, if this reemployment session brings a new run of Covid 19 your employment can go the otther way just as quickly and we’ll laugh reallyy hard at you then.The Most Hated Potus in the hhistory of.FOREVER.

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    • “An old tree stump” is the perfect analogy. I honestly think that Trump is not human. If ever there were a case to be made for abortion, he is it … his mother should have. He is, indeed, the “Most Hated POTUS in the History of Forever”. Sigh.

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      • Thanks, Jill. Trump is a blowhard and a coward. The military will not abide a Trump coup to overturn an election defeat. They will make short work of any racist militia groups who raise their ugly heads too. Anne has another 2-3 weeks before she can put weight on the right leg. The hugs are appreciated and returned!

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