Post Brexit Trade Deals

Over the years, the U.S. has taken unhealthy shortcuts to increase profits in nearly every industry, including agriculture. Poultry farms have sacrificed hygiene for increased production, and so chicken is washed with chlorine and other chemicals to kill off harmful bacteria that is likely to be present on carcasses. The UK and EU have worked to maintain higher standards so that such chemicals are not required to make their chicken safe. Six months ago, the UK government promised the people they would NOT import chlorinated chicken from the U.S., but now it appears that the UK is set to back down on that promise in order to secure a trade deal with the dishonest “leader” of the U.S. Our friend David writes about this from the UK perspective …


Boris Johnson (BoJo) has recently announced a trade deal made with America which  will have Chlorinated chickens on supermarket shelves within weeks.The US has wanted a way into Europe for years with Chlorinated chicken but has not been able to because the system of washing the birds was thought to allow for poor hygiene along the supply chain.

The system is that slaughtered birds are gutted and examined before being sent for this final chemical wash or  Pathogen Reduction Treatment. Now I won’t maintain that this method isn’t perfectly safe but the US have been a little peeeved not to be able to export their birds to the EU since 1997.Why ? Well it’s because the EU including the UK have a system for preparing birds which don’t allow for poor hygiene along the supply chain and needs only air and water to prepare it for the table (and cooking…

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