And Still More …

Yes, folks, I am back with another dose of snarky snippets to get your day started right!snarky

Awwww … Donnie got his feelings hurt

Never before in my memory has a president of this nation attempted to manipulate polling data in such a way.  Until Trump, of course, but then he has demolished most of the things we thought to be normal.

On Monday, CNN released poll results showing Biden leading by a staggering 14-point margin, one of many polls showing Trump down by high-single-digit to low-double-digit margins.  Is it any wonder, given his horrendous actions of the past two weeks since the May 25th murder of George Floyd?

So, Trump took to his favourite venue, Twitter, and said that he hired conservative pollster McLaughlin & Associates to “analyze todays CNN Poll (and others),” which he said is “FAKE based on the incredible enthusiasm we are receiving.”  Incredible enthusiasm???  I’ve seen none, but if there is any, it’s from the white supremacist element.  He then sent a letter to CNN’s president, Jeff Zucker, asserting that the poll is “designed to mislead American voters through a biased questionnaire and skewed sampling.”

It should be noted that all polls have a margin of error, some are more misleading than others, based on who’s doing the polling and the tone of the questions.  The most reliable polls are neither conservative nor liberal, but ask questions in a neutral tone.  McLaughlin is not among the most reliable, and in fact earns a C/D rating in FiveThirtyEight’s poll ranking.

The letter also ‘demanded’ that CNN retract the poll and apologize to the whiney toddler in the White House.  Not gonna happen, folks.  Donald Trump needs to learn that he does not control the nation, and damn sure has no special hold over the press.  Facts is facts, though Trump seems to believe otherwise.  The larger issue here, though, is that Trump believes he should be able to control the free press, which opens a whole new can o’ worms to be discussed another day.

Guess who’s writing Trump’s speech?

Remember on Tuesday I told you that Trump is considering addressing the nation sometime this week on the topics of race and national unity?  Well, guess who’s writing the speech for him?  None other than the biggest white supremacist in the administration, Stephen Miller.  This makes as much sense as me trying to write a piece about what it’s like to be a tilapia fish in the ocean!!!  I had to laugh, though, for any speech by Trump is bound to be so filled with lies and self-promotion that it’s more or less stand up comedy.President Trump Speaks On Immigration With 'Angel Families'Miller was a chief architect of Trump’s travel ban, the administration’s reduction of refugees accepted to the United States, and Trump’s policy of separating migrant children from their parents. He has prevented the publication of internal administration studies that showed that refugees had a net positive effect on government revenues.

The people of Iowa finally had the good sense to reject their white supremacist representative in Congress, Steve King, by voting him out in the primaries.  Unfortunately, it isn’t so easy for We the People to have a voice in ejecting a cabinet member.  We will get rid of Miller when we get rid of Trump … and not likely a minute before.  Meanwhile, Trump’s Miller-concocted speech should be good for a few eyerolls and will likely gain widespread approval from Trump’s white supremacist supporters.

A thumbs up to FedEx … 👍

FedExFormer FedEx employee James DeMarco staged an exhibition on Monday during a Black Lives Matter protest in New Jersey.  His behaviour was a disgrace … he is shown kneeling on a friend’s neck, mocking the brutal murder of George Floyd by Derek Chauvin on May 25th, and as protesters passed by his display of inhumanity, he yelled at them, “He’s dead because he didn’t comply.”


Notice the pickup truck in the background with the U.S. flag and a Trump banner prominently displayed.  White supremacists are coming out of the woodwork, it seems, and our ultra-liberal 1st Amendment gives them the right to make an ass of themselves and offend people possessed of consciences.  But, while the Constitution might protect DeMarco’s right to be a jerk, FedEx does not.  On Tuesday, they issued the following statement …

“FedEx holds its team members to a high standard of personal conduct, and we do not tolerate the kind of appalling and offensive behavior depicted in this video. The individual involved is no longer employed by FedEx. A diverse and inclusive workforce is at the heart of our business, and we stand with those who support justice and equality.”

One man who participated in DeMarco’s little stunt turned out to be a correction officer … his bosses recognized him on the video and he has since been suspended pending a “thorough investigation”.

51 thoughts on “And Still More …

  1. I’ll begin at the end! I cannot honestly say whether FedEx is really doing what they say they do, however it seems to me that many huge corporations are talking the talk but how many of them are actually failing to walk the walk. In other words, is it all just the “right” words and where are their monetary contributions going and who or what is benefiting? Yesterday’s “Popular Information” by Judd Legum addressed a few of them. Not surprisingly, what they say and what they do are not always in sync…and a few failed to respond in order to dispute or verify his findings. A speech by trump authored by Stephen Miller?! Neither is a credible source for much of anything about anything, but most assuredly both are white supremacists. National Unity is not what trump is working for, in fact it is well known that it is quite the opposite…division, as in the Ununited States of America! The first shall be last. Actually I’ll not comment, as there is not one polite or acceptable word that I can think of to describe my thoughts about this! Thank-you!

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    • P.S. About that speech! I just read Dana Milbanks column in the Washington Post from this morning : “Here is Trump’s speech on race – word for word, alas.” Stephen Miller will need a magician to make these documented words disappear! Thank-you!

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    • I’ve had the same thought … they’re talking the talk, but are they walking the walk? Heh heh … I presume you’ve also read today’s (Thursday’s) “Popular Information” by Judd? At least Disney and Papa John’s have since changed their stance and have pulled their ads from Tucker’s show! I was pleased … it’s a start, anyway. No, for Trump to give a speech on ‘national unity’ is a farce, no matter who writes it. Hugs!!!


  2. Jill, please explain to me. For the past while I have been saying all lives matter, meaning human lives, animal lives, bird lives, plant lives, and bug lives. Suddenly I am told that saying all lives matter is racist. What’s up with that? Was the little kid on your post yesterday a racist for putting all lives matter on his protest sign. Decidedly not. I don’t understand. What is happening to our world? Has it gone crazy?
    Trump has proved once again that he is crazy. In actual fact, he is crazier now than when he took office. His narcissistic need to be loved by everyone, and not getting that love, has turned him into a paranoiac of maniacal proportions. He is seeing threats everywhere he looks, and can’t stand that he cannot control everyone. The man, and I use that term advisedly, thinks because he is POTUS that everyone in the world should kowtow to him. He may be for now, but only a few of us are insane enough to do so.
    He is hopelessly insane. He will never be otherwise, unless he finds himself a damn good phychiatrist. Does such a one exist? Anywhere in the world? No! You remember that saying, No matter how smart you are there is always somebody smarter. Well, I think Trump has achieved one of his goals, THERE IS DEFINITELY NO ONE MORE INSANE THAN DONALD J. TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and EMPORER OF NOTHING!

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      • Heh heh … the great paragraph break monster snuck in and ate them!!! Actually, more like WordPress trying to get their new editor up and running and not paying attention to what’s broken here.


    • God forbid you say “All lives matter” lest u be demonized a flaming racist! This is the new “woke culture” political correctness demanded by the radical left. They will shame you for everything to fuel their righteous indignation.
      The result is pushback from the radical racist right, now escalating into mutual annihilation. So yes, the world has gone crazy b/c no one employs reason, compassion, empathy or simply listens anymore. Where’s the communication and respecting other’s POV?
      If we had a real leader, one who could put this nonsense to rest, de-escalate tensions, restore unity and peace would be most welcome during these tumultuous times. A level of maturity is required, Biden will provide this stability.


      • My family was fond of saying All Lives Matter as soon as “Black Lives Matter” shows up on the TV or as a talking point. Black Lives Matter really means that they matter “too” (maybe that should’ve been added in for clarification by the movement, but that time has passed), and they want that acknowledged and something done to keep black lives from being lost in senseless prejudiced encounters and violence.

        When MY family says All Lives Matter, it’s their way of stopping the conversation and insisting that the civil rights movement took care of everything and if these “lazy black welfare-loving– (insert every racial epithet you can think of to continue)” would just pull themselves up by their bootstraps they’d be fine. Never mind that thanks to over a century of redlining and gentrification it’s been slow going for them to save up or have the opportunity for better housing, or what they did have has been torn up to make room for more boutiques and services most poor working families can’t afford. My first house was in a neighborhood built in the early 1970s, when there were still segregation pockets around there that wouldn’t give up til about 1973. My elementary school was white as could be with a small bunch of Hispanic kids. It wasn’t until 6th grade that I had a class with black students, and this is the mid 1990s. So, no discussion about race in my house was needed in those formative years. When we moved to a town that was 30% black, the small racist jokes started up in bits and pieces. By the time I hit 18, there were no filters. I was told how different black people were, and that even if I wanted to see the best in people, I’d better just get used to the facts (read: whatever stereotypes my dad and his ilk believed in).

        When my family says “All Lives Matter” it’s to insist that racism is bullshit and that it doesn’t exist anymore, even though these same folks will talk politely in public, but break out the racist jokes at friend and family gatherings. And the rest of us (usually me and a couple younger cousins) aren’t allowed to say a word because we’re spoiling the party by being “PC pussies” and we’re ruining everything, because even if we’re in our 20s and 30s, we’re kids to them and were spoonfed that it wasn’t polite to interject yourself in adult (read: elders) conversations.

        Yeah, “All Lives Matter” in the Buddhist sense is a great thing and I agree with it; all nature and animals and people matter. Politically, though, it doesn’t gel because it’s just a moniker to shut people up and prevent the conversation. Why have the protests taken off so well? Because the can’s been kicked down the road one time too many and now white folks I’ve known a while–who scoffed at BLM when it came about–are recognizing a real problem and seem willing to have the conversation. White lives have always mattered, black lives haven’t in U.S. history. It’s like complaining that there’s a black history month but no white history month. That’s because for most of our history, all the history we ever learned was through white perspectives and white writings. Anybody cracking open a history book would assume whites did everything.

        (Sorry so long. My dad died two summers ago and I’m a little pissed I can’t explain all this to him, especially now that I’ve decided I’m gonna stop suppressing my viewpoint just to make other people feel better about themselves or be the doormat just to keep the peace.)

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        • Thank you for that perfect explanation! Yes, all lives matter, but … it was the racists who demonized that forever by using it as a response to #BlackLivesMatter. It showed how little they understood or cared for the plight of people of colour … it was flippant and offensive, and has since become a symbol for racism.

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        • The difference between “White Lives Matter” and “All Lives Matter” is huge, and should never stop a conversation. I am not white, at least not pure white, and my purpose in saying all lives matter is to create unity, not division. If you really want to split peas, I should be incensed that Blacks don’t think Reds Lives Matter, although I know that is not what they think.
          By black, they mean People of Colour, from all around the world. I know that. They know that. Maybe you know that, because LGBTQ2S are rainbow, and thus people of colour too. But to say All Lives Matter is a dialogue killer is to be completely blind. No honky is allowed to call a black nigger, so why can a black call his buddy that? It’s slang black to black, but it is racist white to black. How do you think we feel being called Indians by anyone? Indians are people from India (also of colour), but in North America and probably in all the Americas, First Nations (as we call ourselves in Canada), whites and blacks call us Indians. They might as well call us shitheads.
          America does not rule the world, and I am not being racist when I say All Lives Matter. Anyone who says I am can screw themselves. They are as bigoted as anyone else!

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          • I wouldn’t want to call people who say All Lives Matter racist (and if I did, I’d love to apologize); I just wonder about why it’s said. To me, “matter” is a substitute word for “equal”. In that context, all lives in the U.S. certainly don’t have an equal chance, and don’t matter equally. I used to do the “be colorblind” thing when I was younger and have regretted it, because I realized that “I don’t see race” means I was starting from that moment. I felt better for a while, but I was ignoring the fact that people were still being judged by skin color no matter what I wanted. I was the dumbass who wrote “human” in surveys when it asked for “race” because that’s what I figured it SHOULD be, not what was true. That lasted a semester before I grew up and tried to get over entrenched racist thoughts by educating myself.

            We’ve got a twisted racial history all around in the U.S. and it needs addressing. To me, Black Lives Matter is just a bold, blatant way to do it, put the problem in people’s faces and make them talk about it. I can’t wait until we get to the point where we won’t even have to bother saying black lives, or all lives, or LGBTQ+ lives, or asian lives, or hispanic lives, or first-nations’ lives, or immigrant lives matter. When it’s self-evident, that’ll be a great day.

            Obviously, I wouldn’t insist that all whites or all blacks have the same experiences in their respective groups. That’s why I prefaced everything with MY family and what I’d seen and experienced.

            The trouble is down in my area, with neighbors and family I’ve talked to, it has been used as a punctuating statement, like change the conversation. I admit I followed my family’s lead and used “all lives matter” a few years ago because i didn’t get what the deal was and black lives matter looked a little harsh to me, too.

            But I got to thinking and reading up, especially on the history of segregation. MLK Jr. knew that while working on justice for black people, it would improve justice for society as a whole. But he had to focus on the black community to get together and end the bus boycott and do other things to kill segregation (which still took over a decade after that), because it was imprisoning for all to live that way. The dialogue is starting and that’s a great thing, because there’s far more than just police brutality against blacks.

            The farther down the socio-economic ladder we go–especially in the South where enforced segregation took forever to loosen it’s grip–the bigger the racial divide. A united poorer class is scary as hell to the powers that be. I know that sounds communist, but there has been a concerted movement to keep poorer folks hating each other in the south for over a century, no matter their race. It’s why you can look in a primary source or social movement campaign and see phrases like “I may be poor, but at least I’m not a (you know what)”. It was a way for whites in power to keep poor whites feeling superior without asking for much to improve their circumstances. So yeah, whites and blacks and hispanics and others can be in the same boat, but are encouraged not to see it.

            There’s a lot more that can be done for all, but right now, addressing police brutality or overreach, breaking up the good-ol’-boys club is a much needed step. Yes, brutality is everyone’s problem, but the stacking up of black bodies in rapid succession the past few months is pretty telling. Our culture has painted black people as dangerous to the point where they have to warn their kids about how they’re supposed to behave if they are approached by the police, with politeness and just doing what they say. Sometimes they’re giving the talk before white families set the kids down for the birds and the bees talk. Why? Because even at a young age blacks are portrayed as dangerous. Wouldn’t surprise me if other minority groups had to have their version of the police talk, too. It screams out to me that in warrior cop culture, all lives matter differently.

            As far as what you said about the “Indian” label, I hear what you are saying (and it gets confusing for folks down here when someone describes themselves as Indian-American because of that). Very few have heard “First Nations” and have no clue what you are talking about. The first time I read or heard First Nations was in college–one of my favorite professors used it and said it was far more accurate. Most of the media doesn’t help with that in the states, either, unless it’s a scholarly journal or more sophisticated publication, so your average person around here doesn’t know there’s a more-accurate preferred term. It’s pretty profound ignorance in these parts.

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            • Thank you. I’d like to personalize that, but don’t know your first name. Mine is Jerry. Nice to meet you.
              Knowing what racism is like in Canada, it is hard to listen to what you just said, and even harder to imagine. Not that ours isn’t as bad, I can see cops rousting anyone who isn’t white on a given day, and I have to be ready to be insulted for absolutely no reason but being alive without retaliating in kind, but what I am hearing from you is a more total racism.
              Yeah, it’s hard to believe what people are capable of just because of the colour of one’s skin, no matter where one is, but so many white people feel they need to protect themselves from being knifed or raped by people of colour that the fear has become ingrained.
              Society needs a complete makeover, and I have been calling for one for decades. The problem is hardly anyone wants it to change. You and I, Jill, and some others see the necessity for change, but across the board the “greatest race in the world” is that way not because they are superior, but because they need to feel superior, and they know inside they are not. They absolutely fear that when they are discovered to be equal at best, people of colour are going to treat them the way they have been treating us for so long. Little do they realize we have no need to punish them, that we can love all others equally.
              Peace be with you. Take care.

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              • I’m Tally–Peace be with you as well. You hit it on the head that it’s a lashing out, like whites are afraid they’ll be treated the way whites have treated others all these centuries. I wonder how many of them are aware that particular fear is what’s driving things. They’re so used to being on top that like the quote says, equality will feel like oppression. You got it exactly right. People want equality, not a takeover. Society needs a complete makeover.

                It used to not be so bad publicly, and the KKK and other organizations were a hateful joke. But I guess they knew something the rest of us didn’t because their talking points and numbers rose after Obama was elected. It’s asinine that even today, people still have to be judged by the color of their skin rather than the content of their character. Even if we don’t want to, we’ve been so stuck in this awful system for so long most of us don’t think anything is going on until there’s a video where a man dies a slow painful death over several minutes, and then other cases of bad police actions come out at the same time. I think Mr. Floyd’s video was just too much for white Americans that otherwise wouldn’t think much about race. The ugliness, the nonchalance of the officer in front of screaming witnesses was just outrageous. It was too much.

                I thought racism was done with when Obama was elected, that “Yay, civil rights prevailed at last!” I swallowed that with others who never really thought much about race because we didn’t see it personally. Then all of a sudden these horrible things came out of people’s mouths that I’d known my whole life, fast and hard. Obama’s election only exposed what had been veiled all along. I am dismayed by the nakedness of the hate, and especially since these whites (who keep hearing that in a few decades they’re gonna become a minority) are lashing out.

                And then you have an administration that’s trying to erase Obama’s work as much as possible. It feels like what I’d read about the riots that broke out across the country when Jack Johnson won the heavyweight championship title against “The Great White Hope” Jeffries. White people lost their crap and many blacks were beaten or killed or had their businesses torched by white mobs because they were celebrating Johnson’s win. It was like a tantrum, like how dare a black man do something better than a white man? I hear that undercurrent of bitterness when blind Trump supporters lash out against Obama, because Trump can’t admit mistakes or tolerate looking weak. Obama looked presidential most of the time, poised and spoke eloquently. Trump can’t pull that off, so he tears down instead because that’s the only way he can raise himself up. And people who fear losing power are flocking to him.

                For the Americans out there, 144 more days. Register. Vote. Be safe and be well all. Hugs.

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                • Thanks, Tally, keep up the good work.
                  Just a curioys question? Are you really an introvert? Your “chattiness” makes me think you are not as introverted as you might think. I was once introverted myself, but something happened. I found out I loved talking to anyone willing to participate.

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                  • I’m back and forth generally, and try to be cheerful and make people laugh or feel good on the job or if they’re having a crummy day. I spend all my energy being good customer service at work, but then I’m spent. It stinks because I’d like to be a better friend to people close to me, but I am just drained after all those clients to the point where sometimes even phone calls make me groan. That re-charging is vital, even if I’d rather be out and about. And I’m not well practiced in the art of conversation–I can start one with anyone, but I stink at finishing them without awkwardness of “well, I gotta go…” I guess it’s “Only child syndrome.” Lousy social skills, but I’m trying to work on them.
                    Hugs to all.

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  3. Yes, good on FedEx Jill…my former employer for 28 years. Over those years I worked with several people who have views similar to that yahoo. Some of them are still with the company. Most of ones I know would never have gone to the length that guy did. Yet, there are still way too many racists lingering out there who work for them. It really is a disease when you think about it. Very hard to eradicate!!

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    • There are way too many who believe as he does, and until just these past two weeks, I had no idea how many. I’m stunned … it’s like they are breeding and multiplying exponentially! My neighbor’s kid is running around the neighborhood wearing a confederate hat! In a largely African-American neighborhood and in the current state of unrest! He’s about 16 … you can only guess how he’s being raised and what sort of adult he will become. Sigh.

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      • It seems every day on Twitter now, I’m seeing viral videos of unhinged bigots and racists shouting at people of color in various places around the country-convenience stores, parks, or other public places. It’s like they’ve been unleashed for some reason. Hmmmmm. Couldn’t possibly be the racist in Chief’s election could it?

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        • ‘Tis why I mostly stay off of both Twitter and Facebook … I get so angry! I left a scathing remark on Marjory Greene’s post tonight after seeing her ignominious tweet while I was actually working on a post about her. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Oh no, surely the ‘man’ in the Oval Office couldn’t have inspired all this hate we are seeing! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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  4. Thanks for sharing these updates. Yes all citizens have the right to free speech and act like jerks, but also suffer the consequence of their actions. Hopefully they learned not to display such atrocious behavior in civilized society.
    The coronavirus and awarness of police brutality just might save our democracy from a mad man, prior to January Trump looked unstoppable. O Fortuna velut luna statu variabilis!

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    • …semper crescis aut decrescis; vita detestabilis nunc obdurat et tunc curat ludo mentis aciem, egestatem, potestatem dissolvit ut glaciem. : O Fortune, like the moon you are changeable, always waxing or waning; hateful life first oppresses and then soothes as fancy takes it; poverty and power it melts them like ice. The four years of learning Latin with the last two spent translating poetry, etc. into English apparently was not wasted! Thank-you!

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      • Something else we have in common … I took 2 years of Latin in high school … mostly just to be rebellious, but still, with only 7 kids in the class, it was fun. However, the only words I can remember now are “cogito ergo sum” and “agricola”. So, while yours was not wasted, mine largely was!


  5. Jill, thanks for sharing. I have a simple question for folks who think it is OK to kneel on someone’s neck. Setting race aside, would that person feel the same way if the one on the ground was his/ her brother, spouse, uncle, father, son or friend? Now, let’s season this a little. Would the answer change if the person knew the crime for which the relative/ friend was being accused of was petty? Finally, would the answer change if the relative/ friend said clearly for that and other officers to hear that “he/ she could not breathe?”

    “All lives matter” must also include “Black lives matter.” For a narrow-minded, mean-spirited few, that last part is omitted from their thinking. Keith

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      • Jill, I think there are supporters who feel if they admit Trump is what he is, it will shine a poor spotlight on them. Those who have realized they made a mistake, were likely less narrow-minded. Then, there are those who blindly support him no matter what. They are the scariest lot. Keith

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        • Yes, I’ve thought that for a while, that they are unwilling to admit to a mistake. But now, they are making an even bigger mistake by still supporting him. And those who support him because of his bigotry … against women, against LGBT, against Muslims, against blacks … they disgust me, make me ashamed to be a part of the same species.


  6. I’m trying to imagine what Trump’s speech will be like if he asked Miller to write the all encompassing all colours together speech he wanted to give. Well FedEx seem to be a firm with some moral scruples. I’m sure those two idiots will find they have plenty of time for playacting,

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    • I’m sure it will be something praising all the wrong people, and giving credit to Trump, who just today said he had “done everything right”. AAAAAaarrrrrggggghhhhhh.
      Yes, FedEx and a few others are starting to take a stand against racism and I applaud them, but we need more.

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  7. Somebody writes Trump speeches?????????????
    Do they use BIG crayons, so he can make out the Kom-plee-kated wurdz?
    Nice to see that jerks mocking tragedy are getting slung out of their jobs, it’s the only way. Wonder how they’d feel if at their next family funeral a bunch of folk turned up and laughed?

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