It Happened Again!!! 🤬

Yet another shooting of an unarmed black man by police, this time in Atlanta, Georgia.  27-year-old Rayshard Brooks had a bit too much to drink on Friday evening, and while waiting in line for food at the Wendy’s drive-thru, he fell asleep in his car, blocking the drive-thru and causing customers to have to drive around the vehicle to pick up their orders.  So … the police were called.  I don’t know why the on-duty manager at Wendy’s couldn’t just go out and see what was wrong that Mr. Brooks’ car wasn’t moving?  I don’t know why the Atlanta police department dispatched armed officers.  But the result is that now Mr. Brooks, father of four young children, is dead, shot by police.

DAMMIT!  There are ways of dealing with situations that do not require shooting and killing!  The police story differs from what was captured on cellphone video, but it appears that Mr. Brooks did resist arrest, but when police deployed a taser, Brooks ran away and then police shot him.  The man had too much to drink and was on foot, had no weapon and was no danger to any other than himself.  Why the f**k did they feel a need to shoot him???

Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms called for the immediate termination of the officer who fired his weapon, and the other officer involved was placed on administrative duty.  The mayor also announced the resignation of Chief Erika Shields, saying …

“There has been a disconnect with what our expectations are and should be as it relates with interactions with our officers and the communities in which they are entrusted to protect. Chief Erika Shields have been a solid member of APD for over two decades and has a deep and abiding love for the people of Atlanta. And because of her desire that Atlanta be a model of what meaningful reform should look like across this country, Chief Shields has offered to immediately step aside as police chief so that the city may move forward with urgency in rebuilding the trust so desperately needed throughout our communities.”

A kind way of saying she asked for the police chief’s resignation.

Predictably and justifiably, protestors came out in droves.  And then … they broke out the windows and set fire to the Wendy’s where Mr. Brooks had fallen asleep.  Sigh.  Now, I fully and completely support protesting the police brutality against black people … if I were younger or had the strength, I would march right along with them.  But … destruction of property is a step too far.  And, it’s counter-productive, for then the police are on edge and likely to be even more trigger-happy than they would otherwise be.

Protestors also completely shut down the interstate connector in Atlanta, I-75/I-85.  As of this writing (Saturday @10:00 p.m.), police are confronting them and lobbing smoke bombs into the crowd.  The likelihood of somebody else being shot and killed before daylight on Sunday is high, in my opinion.  I hope the cops have the good sense to leave their guns holstered!

There are a few situations that call for police to use their guns.  Very few.  Many moons ago, when I lived in Kingsport, Tennessee, I was driving home with two of my children in the car after dark one night.  About a block before reaching home, a fuse blew and my headlights went out.  Since I was almost home, I drove the final block, pulled into my driveway, and saw flashing blue lights behind me.  Okay, I got out of my car and was met by a police officer, holding his gun pointed right at me, telling me to put my hands on top of the car.  Turns out he thought I had seen him and had intentionally cut my lights.  He didn’t shoot me, did check the lights to verify what I told him … meanwhile, my children were petrified, for he kept his gun in hand the whole time.  He didn’t shoot me or the children, likely because I wasn’t black, but … why the damn gun???

It is time for major changes in every police department in this nation, people!  If somebody is shooting up a Wal-Mart, then I fully expect the police to go in with their weapons drawn.  If there is a report of a hostage situation, or a robbery in progress, then yes, I certainly expect the police to go in with their guns drawn.  But you do not shoot a woman asleep in her bed (Breonna Taylor) or a man sleeping in his car!  Perhaps if every Tom, Dick, and Harry in this country didn’t own a gun, the police might feel less inclined to “shoot first, ask questions later”.  Then again, in the case of a black person, perhaps they would.

I don’t pretend to know the solutions, but I know this much … if I had to name the two biggest problems in our society today, they would be racism and guns.  Each in and of itself is bad, but together, they are a combination that is killing this nation … literally.

27 thoughts on “It Happened Again!!! 🤬

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  2. You couldn’t be more right Jill. Racism and Guns. Racism has been sponsored by a certain group in the Police for Many years now and much of the leading hierarchy is from that group and they will be bringing on the next group. They have to be got rid of so the genuine police who don;r have racism are left.

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    • Hi David, there’s a certain cop culture in the states called “the blue wall of silence”. It’s like you join a cult or a gang and ur in it for life. No snitching or whistle blowing on ur fellow officers. The courts, public officials and police unions stand up for cops regardless if they’re wrong or not.
      Fortunately it’s not as easy to cover up police brutality due to cell phone & body cameras. It’s harder to defend blatant corruption and murder so racism within the force is finally exposed. Yes progress is frustratingly slow, but we’re much better off than 20 yrs ago when cops literally got away with murder.
      Let’s hope BLM and protest change policy or behavior of law enforcement so they focus on serving and protecting the public and not themselves.

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  3. We need a swift mindset change. Black unarmed people are no threat! I believe the police know that but they think they’re doing the white race a service by eliminating the blacks one fellow at a time. It is wrong!

    Follow peace with all men, the Bible says. This means arresting all situations peacefully. Dialogue is always better than violence and achieves more too.

    Will the murderous police officer train Brooks’ children? What exactly will he do to correct his mistake (if he even sees his wrongdoing)?

    We have to make that change, and very soon, else the earth will become inhabitable.

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    • I agree with all you say, but I don’t know where we can even begin, with the nation so divided. It seems that far too many people no longer have a conscience, no longer care about their fellow humans. And, sadly, we have a “leader” (and I use that term very lightly) who would prefer to divide us than to bring us together. Between the bigotry and hatred, and climate change that the majority of people are too arrogant and greedy to address, the human species may well be on its way to self-extinction. Perhaps that would be the best thing for the rest of the life on earth.

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  4. Yep. No one likes the simple answers though. The human race is too full of ego. It cries for ownership, recognition, vengeance, retaliation, fear, and justification..and that’s just the top half dozen. What is so ludicrous about Christianity is that too many are quick to quote supporting scriptures for their actions but ignore the highlights of those that are purported to be their mission statement.
    Thou shalt have no other gods before me (that includes religious, entertainment and political figures folks)
    Thou shalt not steal (even if it’s something you REALLY want)
    Thou shalt KILL (I was raised Southern Baptist and know this one has no sub clauses) It is difficult enough to answer for the death penalty and war, let alone murder by fear and retaliation.
    Thou shalt honour thy Father and thy Mother.
    Did these come straight from God ore perhaps from another leader thousands of years ago who sought to bring Light to his people, to bring sanity to the madness of a population he was in charge of. Where does God’s will end and free will begin?
    When the old ways are sought for an excuse, out pops that Old Testament, but when mercy is desired, then the name of Jesus and his New Testament example is passed around faster than the collection plate.
    So, you say that God’s son came down as a human and allowed himself to be nailed to a cross so that all humans can be as nasty as they want in their lives and just before they die they can say a few magic words and ‘poof!’ It all goes away? But…anyone who lives a life of unconditional love and kindness, forgiving others just as they want to be forgiven will go straight to hell if they don’t say the magic words or buy the golden ticket offered for the low low price of human sacrifice, loss of free will and blind subjection to he who holds the keys to the gates of the hereafter?
    Sorry Jill, for the rant but sadly the derision in this country and many others always goes back to a belief system. Right and wrong, good and evil, in and out, light and dark…
    The struggle only ends when both sides realize there can be no victory. There can only be union, for one cannot exist without the other, Light and Dark resides within each human being as Love and Fear. They both whisper. Why can’t we understand which one will bring us peace and comfort?

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    • No worries, my friend. I share your frustration. While I cannot say much about the issue of Christianity and Christians, for I am not a Christian, it seems to me that the Christian religion is supposed to be based on kindness and compassion, on love. And frankly, I don’t see love, kindness or compassion coming out of the evangelical branch of Christianity. Now, I have some friends who are of the Christian faith who live by those principles, and I respect that. But, when people start quoting from the bible and then turn around and practice hate … I’ve got no respect at all for that. Humans are, in my book, among the most flawed of species. Nowhere else in the animal kingdom will you find animals that kill each other because of the colour of their fur! If they kill, it’s either for food or self-defense. These are frustrating times and I think we all need to rant and blow off some steam sometimes … I know I do my share of it. Hugs, my friend.

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  5. I truly believe we are headed for a dangerous time and perhaps an attempt at a second civil war.
    I’m all for protesting, but not the looting and destruction. The thing that bothers me is that the black community have a very legitimate cause, but the rioters are doing their movement harm and I see little inklings that the tide starting to turn against them, precisely because of this and more racism is being fed and ramped up by trump too.

    I’m in Central Fla. and I just finished reading a little story about a Black LM small protest group in a little town nearby. It was all good and calm, but the comments on this local news story were horrible. They reeked of outright hate and racism. I was appalled.

    I am scared of what is to come and this will make the Covid 19 pale in comparison. The South is so racist and so are parts of the Midwest. It’s so discouraging.

    Now I know completely that trump is popular for one reason and one alone…racism. He no longer has to even hide it from his base because they love him for it.

    I’m frustrated!

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    • There is no doubt in my mind that you are right, Mary. It’s predicted to be the hottest summer on record and combined with the tensions in this nation … a recipe for disaster. I hope I’m wrong. For the most part, it isn’t the Black Lives Matter protestors who are destroying property, but paid agitators. White supremacists who are using this as an opportunity to make people angry at blacks. And Trump & his cronies are pouring gasoline on the fire, making a bad situation worse.

      You are right on all counts … and like you, I’m convinced that the Trump supporters are looking to him to make this a white, Christian, straight nation. In many ways, especially in the South, the Civil War has never really ended in the minds of people. Not all people, but enough to make a mockery of what we call a democracy. I, too, am frustrated, sad, furious, depressed … but, we can’t give up, my friend.

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  6. Jill, while the police have a hard job and there are many fine police officers, fear can lead to poor decision-making erring on the side of violence. And, it would be incorrect to ignore some bad apples, who have more than their share of complaints. Some even find their way into union leadership forming an old boy network. These folks fight accountability because they fought it themselves.

    With that said, three observations must be said:
    – why do so many non-violent offenses end up in a shooting?
    – why do officers shoot to kill rather than injure?
    – why is there a bias toward violence with black offenders than white ones?

    The police union and leadership would make their jobs a little easier if they held police to account, weed out racist and beligerent cops, and train the rest on not escalating situations. Right now, fourteen Minneapolis officers have spoken in support of George Floyd, in direct opposition to their union leader, who had thirty official complaints against him, and said racist things about Floyd (per NPR). Keith

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    • You make three excellent observations. I’ve wondered about the 2nd one quite a bit … I thought they were trained to shoot at a knee or something that wouldn’t be lethal, whenever possible. And the third … is it just me, or does this bias seem to be more prevalent than it was, say a decade ago? Perhaps it’s just magnified by social media, but it seems a world gone crazy. It’s good to see some of the officers telling the truth, speaking out for George Floyd.


  7. … only in the US *facepalm*. calling the police for falling asleep? god forbid obese, addle minded amerikkkans lose precious seconds getting their fast food fix. time to #defundpolice
    oh and expect more riots and protests, spreading covid, we reap what we sow.

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  8. Trump calls it law and order. I call it murder, criminal homicide, police stupidity. You are right, Jill, that there are few situations where a gun absolutely needs to be unholstered. There are way fewer situations that a gun needs to be fired. Thete are very few events where a potential suspect needs to be shot in a deadly part of thebody.
    Police are so afraid these days, of guns and other weapons, they react with deadly force completely inappropriate to the situation,

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    • It seems to me that police have completely stopped trying other methods, such as reasoning, and just go straight for the gun when in any sort of situation. A black man was shot over a routine traffic stop here a few years back … the officer asked for his driving license and registration, and as he reached to get it, the cop claimed he thought the man was reaching for a gun and shot him … multiple times … with his wife and children in the car! Apparently police are afraid, but why are they more afraid of a black man than a white one?

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