Short Late Edition …

I have just a short post to add to my blog this evening.  Roger sent me this short clip by journalist Jake Tapper a day or so ago, and I think it speaks volumes.  Thanks to both Jake Tapper and Roger Llewellyn, famous author of “Of Patchwork Warriors” for sending me this clip …


22 thoughts on “Short Late Edition …

    • I doubt that Jake would last 10 minutes in that job, for he has a conscience and would not lie for the Oaf in the Oval Office. But yeah, I’d believe him far quicker than I’d believe anything that came out of McEnany’s mouth.

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  1. They didn’t send just one video, but a wbhole series of videos with Kaityn McEnany kissing between Trump’s buttocks over and over. How she can keep a straight face while lying her lips off is amazing. I don’t know how much you the people pay her to defend a whack-off-job, but Trump better be paying her call-girl prices at the same time. To say she is whoring for him doesn’t tell the whole picture. If he doesn’t dump Melania and replace her with Kaitlyn, he is not only certifiably insane, but heartless too.

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    • You took the words right out of my mouth. I was going to say that she prostitutes herself, if not physically, then in other ways. Instead of using her body, she uses her words. I don’t know how she lives with her conscience, but I’m coming to the conclusion that some people simply don’t have a conscience. And, it wouldn’t surprise me to find he’s having a bit of sex with her, too, just as I thought he was with Hope Hicks. He’s not known for fidelity.


    • I do so agree … that’s why I shared this, because he said it so well, summed it up in an undeniable package that screams racism, hatred. But, it has started the wheels of my mind turning, has left me with more questions than answers. I must ponder.

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      • Tapper is one of the top commentators/reporters on TV. He gets right to the core of the issue and doesn’t mince words. Another top-notcher is Chris Cuomo (younger brother of NY Governor Andrew Cuomo) on CNN — he’s not as ‘hard-edged’ as Jake, but just as incisive, and his humanity is in sharp and needed contrast to the soulless Trump shills/enablers on Fox.

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        • I agree with you on that … I like Chris Cuomo and Tapper both, and perhaps more importantly, I trust them, whereas if Trump says something is blue, I automatically assume it is yellow!


  2. Jill, well said. Clearly, Donald Trump is a racist, but let’s set that aside. Tapper correctly cites that these bases honor traitors and terrorists. But, the timing is important. Like with many monuments, the naming of bases was done in the height of Jim Crow and following the heinous racist movie “The Birth of a Nation.”

    As his attorney and fixer Michael Cohen said under oath, “Donald Trump is a racist, he is a con artisu and he is a cheat.” Keith

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    • In a short few minutes, Tapper summed some things up nicely, and made the wheels in my head start to turn. You’ll likely see the results of those wheels turnin’ in a post soon. It is eye-opening to realize that … that old phrase is so true … “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” And Trump? Yes, he is a racist and lately I’ve concluded that is the only way he got the job. Which means those who voted for him cannot be far from being racist themselves. At the very least, they are willing to stand aside and let white cops kill unarmed black men, ‘just because’, and they are willing to allow blacks to be discriminated against because … well, because it matters not to them. Sigh.

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      • Jill, as I mentioned in my recent post on “Bad apples can spoil the bunch,” by not policing themselves of the handful of bad apples, the police leadership and unions are making the same mistake the Catholic Church made. By not acting on pedophile priests, the church unfairly tainted all priests. By not acting on racist and violent prone police officers, they are unfairly tainting all police. This is not an either/ or exercise which Trump is painting. Supporting better policing does not mean you are anti-police. Keith

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