It’s the Guns, Stupid

I did not intend to post a fourth post tonight, but … on reading Jeff’s post, I felt I had to. His words speak for themselves, and for the record, I am in 100% agreement with every word. We are the creators of our own doom … the love of guns in this country is greater than the love of life. Thank you, Jeff … great post!

On The Fence Voters

I was never a fan of President Ronald Reagan and can proudly say that I never voted for him. But he did possess an ability during his time in office for communicating a hopeful tone to the American people. They used to call him “The Great Communicator.”

One of his most famous rhetorical flourishes focused around his belief that when he thought about America, he felt that it was that “shining city upon a hill.” Reagan borrowed the analogous quote from John Winthrop, the first governor of Massachusetts, who upon setting sail for New England in 1630, reflected on his hopes for what would come to signify American exceptionalism; that we would be the moral compass and example for the rest of the world.

Let’s say that these days, that “shining city” is beginning to look more like an abandoned town, with rubble and burned out facades dotting the landscape…

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7 thoughts on “It’s the Guns, Stupid

    • I checked it out … very well said. As Jeff said, you see our situation more clearly than we do. I think we often cannot “see the forest for the trees”, or some such thing. Never apologize for your comments, my friend, for they are always spot on!

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      • Thanks Jill.
        I had to have another ‘say’ to Jeff.
        More of a personal lament this time.
        Sometimes I would like to come over grab someone by the collar and yell.
        ‘Waddya doing to the country I used to love jerkwad!’

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        • Yeah, I read your addendum and … it was so well said, it left me sans words and near to tears. I have long said I wish I were viewing this disaster from a distance instead of from the eye of the hurricane, but now I see that even from a distance, it’s painful.

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