Deflect And Deny — The Republican Way!

I’ve recently challenged myself to make a foray into ‘enemy territory’ … conservative news venues.  I’ve only begun, so I don’t have much yet, but you will be seeing a post or two this week about my findings.  But this morning, as I was meandering about on Fox News’ site, I came across a short interview between Fox News host Chris Wallace and Trump spokeswoman, Mercedes Schlapp.

Now, we all know that if you are asked a tough question that you really don’t want to answer, your best bet is to either, a) change the subject, or b) look at your watch and say, “Oh my!  Look at the time … I’m sorry, but I’m late for an appointment with my … chiropractor!”  Essentially, Ms. Schlapp chose option ‘a’ when Chris Wallace asked her to explain why the Saturday night rally in Tulsa logged a ‘crowd’ of just under 6,200 people versus the one million who reportedly requested tickets.

Wallace: “We all saw the pictures last night. The arena was no more than two-thirds full. And the outdoor rally was canceled because there was no overflow crowd. What happened?”

Schlapp: “The key here is to understand there were factors involved, they were concerned about the protesters who were coming in.”

Wallace: “He talks about how he can fill an arena. And he didn’t fill an arena last night. You guys were so far off that you had planned an outdoor rally and there wasn’t an overflow crowd.  Protesters did not stop people from coming to that rally. The fact is, people did not show up.”

Then Schlapp went of on a tangent, talking over Chris Wallace, bringing Joe Biden up repeatedly.

Schlapp: “Joe Biden has been a failed politician that has done nothing but support failed institutions. This is in contrast with President Trump who has a strong record and is rebuilding this economy.”

This is just a snippet from the interview.  I found the video clip in several places, but when I tried to play it, I got this message:


I finally found one that works … at least it works for now, and hopefully you will be able to watch it.  Note how often Schlapp deflects or goes off topic, and watch her faux smile slip every now and then …

While I don’t want to waste time focusing on how many people did or didn’t show up at Trump’s rally, the bigger point here is that, as usual, Trump and his spokespeople are deflecting and lying.  People didn’t show up at the rally for a number of reasons … protestors were not one of those reasons.  According to Tulsa police, only one protestor was arrested, though I question that, for I read of one, and blogging friend Suze tells me that her granddaughter was also arrested.  Suze’s granddaughter was doing nothing wrong, actually had a ticket for the rally, but apparently somebody took offense at her Black Lives Matter t-shirt.

I was pleased to see Chris Wallace pursue the matter … he is, after all, on the Fox payroll!  As for Mercedes Schlapp … the answer she should have given is that Trump and his campaign made a mistake in starting to hold rallies while the coronavirus is still raging throughout the nation.  That was the answer … the only right answer.

I shall continue my foray into conservative sites and report my findings later!  This project may require a jumbo bottle of ibuprofen and a case of wine!

10 thoughts on “Deflect And Deny — The Republican Way!

  1. Jill, I wish he had asked her did Trump breach the trust of his fans by having the pep rally in the midst of a pandemic. By the way, presidents get too much credit and blame for the economy. Yet, Wallace could have reminded her Trump inherited an economy in its 91st consecutive month of growth and the stock market had more than doubled. If he wanted to get feisty, he could have said we had six straight years of 2 million jobs growth and more jobs were created in Obama’s last year than in Trump’s first. By the way, Biden was not president, so he would have even less impact.

    The sad fact is Democrats are lousy marketers. Far more jobs have been created under 12 Democrat White Houses versus 13 Republican ones since 1922. Why is that? Keith


  2. Jill, Chris Wallace has always been a relatively straight journalist in Fox News land; there are a few others as well. I don’t watch Fox, but I’ve often seen snippets of his interviews. It may be the Murdoch family’s effort to pretend that they really are “fair and balanced.”

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    • I agree … Chris Wallace obviously has a conscience, and I’ve always wondered why he aligned himself with Fox, when he could have had a job with any of the big networks. Shepard Smith was another who reported facts, but he resigned last fall out of disgust with the network. I don’t watch Fox … or any television, for that matter, but I occasionally go to their website just to see their perspective on current events. I completely ignore the talking heads, the opinion guys, though.


    • Oh no … that will NEVER happen! I only stay a few minutes at a time … it’s all I can handle … and I promise to be careful. If you sense I am losing my common sense and humanity, feel free to smack me upside the head and take away my laptop for a day or so.

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  3. I must commend you on your foray into this mindless pack of lies and mistruths Jill. I can only survive about 2 minutes. My wife is a tad batter. She clocks in at about 3-4 minutes. At some point, both of us get the urge to either throw up, or bang our heads against the wall! Seriously though, good on you for taking the time. In my view, Fox News is a danger to all of humanity. They are never interested in facts. Only propaganda, and whatever makes the Republican Party/Trump look better. I will say that I do respect Chris Wallace. He’s pretty much the lone wolf howling in the wind these days, especially after Shep Smith departed. Excellent insight Jill. Can’t wait to read what else you find in right-wing world. Remember, always tread carefully!!! A case of wine X 3 is my recommendation for treatment!!LOL

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    • Admittedly, it is not doing wonders for my mood, but … interestingly, I’m finding a few commentators with a bit of sense. Regarding the firing of SDNY attorney Berman, one conservative writer said the wrong person was removed from the Justice Department, that it should have been Barr. It’s an interesting foray, to say the least. Don’t worry, I don’t stay there very long at one time … I pop back out for a bit of sanity every half-hour or so. Now, if I had the 3 cases of wine you recommend, I might not be capable of finding the keyboard, much less writing coherently! 🤪

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