This “JOKE” Is Not Funny

A pandemic, the likes of which we’ve never seen in our lifetimes, began taking lives the first month of this year.  By March, it had spread to nearly every country in the Western world, including the U.S., but Trump said there were only 15 cases and they would be gone by April … not to worry.  Now, the U.S. has logged over 122,000 deaths and is at almost 2.4 million reported cases.  In mid-March, non-essential businesses were ordered to shut down in nearly every state.  Then in May, despite nearly 1,000 deaths each and every day, Trump demanded that states start opening everything back up … ‘his’ economy was tanking and … there was an election coming up, y’know.  So, states began to comply with his wishes, at varying paces.  The people, tired of staying home for two months, were antsy and protests began to arise.  They wanted their bars, their restaurants, their movie theaters back!  Never mind that more people would die as a result.  The experts predicted that we were opening too much way too soon, they predicted cases would rise, they predicted businesses would be forced to close again.  Guess what, folks?  It doesn’t even take a rocket scientist to figure it out … the experts were right.  Duh.

“Citing a spike in coronavirus cases, particularly among young people who had visited Boise bars early this month, Idaho health officials on Monday reinstated some restrictions in Ada County, the state’s most populous jurisdiction.”The Washington Post, 22 June 2020

“Recent days have marked a major turning point for the state [Florida], where Gov. Ron DeSantis — a Republican loyal to President Donald Trump — confirmed that the number of new cases had been rising because of a surge in cases, not because of increased testing. Florida on Monday confirmed it had recorded 100,000 positive test results for Covid-19 since the pandemic began.”Politico, 22 June 2020

Florida recently recorded more than 4,000 new cases in a single day!  Mayors and governors around the country are vowing stricter regulations, and it’s my best guess that in the coming weeks, some states will re-instate ‘stay at home’ orders and the shuttering of businesses.  And it is at this juncture that Donald Trump held a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma — a city where the number of cases had spiked this month, and he said …

“When you do testing to that extent, you’re going to find more people, you’re going to find more cases. So I said to my people, ‘Slow the testing down, please.’”

Of course … the numbers on the rise as they have been do not bode well for his approval rating, given that he wasted three months blowing it off, calling it a ‘democratic hoax’.  But this … to slow down on testing because it is turning up more cases and makes him look bad???  WTF???  Now, the White House spokespeople likely went apeshit when they heard him say this and immediately claimed that of course he was joking.  Trump himself later claimed it was a joke.  Let me tell you something, people … a pandemic that has cost well over 100,000 lives in this country, and nearly half a million globally is NOT A JOKING MATTER!!!  If he can crack jokes with more than 2.3 million total cases, 1.3 million still considered active, and hundreds of people in this country dying every single day, then he cannot possibly be considered the ‘leader’ of this nation.  Only a cruel autocrat could mock the deaths of so many.

And today, Trump will be endangering more of those lives he so carelessly jokes about, when he holds yet another rally, this time in a church in Phoenix, Arizona.  Fortunately, the capacity of the church is only 3,000, so if the ratio of his last rally holds true, only about 1,000 will show up.  The pastor of the church, one Luke Barnett, claims that the church has an air-purification system that purportedly kills “99.9 percent of covid within 10 minutes”.  Only thing is … it can’t.  It cannot kill even 1% of the coronavirus germs in 10 hours.  Both the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have refuted the pastor’s claim, saying that no such system can kill the coronavirus.  Period.

I wonder what he’ll find to joke about today?  Perhaps he could do an off-the-cuff about the ballooning suicide rate in the U.S.?  Or perhaps he’ll find humour in the latest mass shooting in North Carolina that left 2 dead and 7 wounded?  There is something seriously wrong with a person who can joke about loss of life.  Seriously wrong.  I don’t want my life in his hands.

25 thoughts on “This “JOKE” Is Not Funny

  1. I have to admit my mouth still hangs open since I heard that. I thought he can’t surprise me anymore but he clearly can. Only good thing (if its true): his mate Nigel Farage was flown in to speak to people outside in an extra rally but noone turned up. False orders of tickets apparently…🙋‍♀️🐝

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    • Yes, I’m with you on that. Now, while his approval ratings are dropping! I fear the shenanigans he and his GOP will try over the next four months. Frankly, though this isn’t really appropriate to say, I wish somebody would shoot him and put him out of our misery.

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  2. After that comment, how can anyone deny that the man at the nation’s helm is a sociopath, a monster? Yet, even as he boasts of placing his re-election ahead of human lives, his crazed, devoted followers applaud him. Apocalypse awaits. Dystopia draws near. November 3, 2020, might be the most important day in our lifetime.

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    • You see it, I see it, most of our readers see it. And I suspect that the other 40% see it, as well, but it doesn’t matter to them. They like it, in fact … they were tired of staid, sensible politicians maintaining the status quo. So now we have a megalomaniac, and they are cheering him on. I agree with you about November 3rd. I think it is a precipice … and I wish I felt more confident that the people of this nation will make the right decision, but sadly I don’t. Well, let me qualify that. I think he will lose the popular vote just as he did in 2016, and by an even wider margin, but given the nasty tricks the GOP is up to … I don’t have confidence that he won’t still see a second term. I’m hopeful, but cautiously optimistic. Sigh.


  3. I’m so happy to hear Trump hang himself with “jokes” like ‘Slow the testing down, please’. He’s mirroring Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, the more rallies and speeches given, the more ppl dislike conman and fraud. The public saw right thru Hillary’s phoniness, same with Trump and his poll numbers will reflect this.
    Of course he will lose in a landslide to Biden… just praying Biden will keep his racist mouth shut and continue hiding out in the basement. It’s a guaranteed win, doing literally nothing!


    • Your governor, and the one in the neighboring state above you (Kemp in Georgia) are toxic. They take their cues from Trump, are mini-clones, and are determined to destroy their states, just as Trump is destroying the nation. For DeSantis, I would ask just where the state would be without those Hispanic laborers to pick the fruit! I notice that Trump cancelled work Visas for immigrants, all except farm workers … those who do the jobs nobody else wants for next to no pay. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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  4. Jill, when someone is known for just making stuff up without proof, known for being untruthful, and known for (and proud of) not studying or reading, everything the person says or tweets should be treated with incredulity. As we have often said, I do not believe a word the persons says or tweets – the odds are well in my favor.

    So, when said person gets extra push back on something inane or very wrong-headed he says or tweets, he says he was being sarcastic or joking. Of course, he was not. He was just saying his usual BS. Ingesting disinfectants was dangerously inane for him to say. He was not joking as he looked to Dr. Deborah BIrx for validation, as she tried to hide under her chair. She should have said what her body language said. “Mr. president, that is the most ignorant thing I have ever heard someone say. That is not only stupid it is dangerous.”

    So, if we take the president’s slow testing comment in context we should understand the president is far more worried about perception than reality. For some reason, people dying does not sink in. Maybe we should stop testing nuclear reactors leakage since we would look bad if one occurred. Maybe we should throw out carbonmonoxide testers in our homes, because if we had a leak our neighbors may think we have an unclean house.

    Defenders say all politicians lie. That is true, but this person laps the field, then laps them again. But, when one is president, people give you more credibility than you deserve. This incumbent has earned the mantle of being disbelieved. Keith

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    • I think the reason people dying does not sink in with him is that he truly lacks the ability to care for another person. I doubt very much whether he actually cares for his wife or any of his children … they are merely conveniences for him. There is something missing in his character … and it means that nobody and nothing matter to him … only himself. Thus, he will lie, cheat and steal (he has done all three multiple times) in order to get what he wants at any given moment. After saying he was joking (I suspect his advisors told him to say that), then today he said he wasn’t joking. I guess it depends on which day you ask him. Sigh. We have a demented lunatic running this show … what could possibly go wrong?

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      • Jill, I just posted this comment on Scottie’s blog. The president said loudly, he never jokes. So, when he said he was joking and being sarcastic about ingesting disinfectant, does that mean we should take him at his intent? It was obvious he was not joking then. So, the next time he says something off the rails inane, gets push back and says he was joking, he needs to be reminded that he said he never jokes. Keith

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    • Yes, I’ve been reading that. Sigh. I fear you are about to make the same mistake we made. Interestingly, I read this morning that the EU is considering banning travelers from the U.S. And who could blame them??? If there’s a wrong way to handle something, we will find it! You will do as I am doing … keep safe and ignore the pleas to get out there and spend money, thus exposing yourself and loved ones. I still stay home, and have accepted that it will likely be sometime next year before I can safely venture forth. Sigh.

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    • Know that you are not alone, my friend. I don’t, fortunately, have to go to work, having retired some years ago, but the depression is there. The things that we once took for granted are gone … perhaps never to return. Top of that list is a leader who cares about the people he’s hired to represent. Sigh. One way or another, though, this will pass. What will follow, I don’t know … could be better, could be worse … but the fact is that like the weather, it is ever-changing. Hang in, Cheryl … common sense will return … we just have to keep on fighting as best we can. Hugs! ❤


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