Short, Snarky, And To The Point

Yesterday, after the second highest number of new cases of the coronavirus in one day in the U.S., the head-in-the-clouds vice president, Mike Pence, told republican lawmakers to “focus on encouraging signs”.  Never mind that there really aren’t any such encouraging signs.  Pence, like far too many others whose salaries we pay, is naught but a Trump sycophant hoping for a few bits to be thrown his way as long as he rolls over when told and is a good doggie.

Meanwhile, the reality is that cases are on the rise in about 20 states, proving that the push to open businesses back up against the advice of experts was a huge mistake.  Two of those states are the two most recently visited by Trump, Oklahoma and Arizona.  Please, Donnie, stay the hell out of my state!  Nobody wants you!

The three ‘men’ who murdered Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia in February have each been indicted by a grand jury on nine counts, including malice murder, four counts of felony murder, two counts of aggravated assault, false imprisonment and criminal attempt to commit false imprisonment.  If convicted on the murder charges, the defendants face a minimum of life in prison and potentially could face a death sentence.3-assholesLook like a real bunch of winners, don’t they … especially the one on the far right.  This is a positive step, considering I predicted early on that they would receive no more than a slap on the wrist.  However, I am always amazed when I hear someone say this is “justice for Arbery”.  NO … this is justice, yes, but not for Mr. Arbery who is still dead!  It may be a satisfactory ending, if these three assholes are convicted, for Ahmaud’s family, but it is in no way justice for Ahmaud himself.  Justice for him would have been if someone had stepped forward and stopped the heathens from killing him in the first place.

William Barr, undoubtedly on orders of his ‘boss’, has put the U.S. Marshalls on alert and instructed them to be ready to guard national monuments from protestors who might deface or topple them.  So … just to be clear here … a piece of stone representing a man who fought for the right to own other people, aka slaves, is to be protected at all costs, but when it comes to human lives, our government is indifferent.  Remember that, folks … to Trump, Barr and the rest of the regime, you are worth less than a piece of stone, and less than a long-dead racist.  It’s always good to know where we stand in the grand scheme of things. toon

We’re coming into wildfire season out west where rain is scarce this time of year.  Since 2010, there has been a ban on any sort of fireworks at Mount Rushmore, since in years prior to that, wildfires had cropped up as a result of July 4th celebrations that included fireworks.  But, again … lives matter less than show to Donald Trump, and he is determined to hold a celebration at Mount Rushmore in South Dakota this year and he is further determined that it will include a pyrotechnics show.  Mount Rushmore is surrounded by 1,200 acres of forest and lies next to the Black Hills National Forest’s Black Elk Wilderness.Mount-RushmoreTrump has wanted to do this for the past two years, but until this year, his advisors were able to talk him out of it.  This year, most of the adults have left the room and his advisors seem to be all ‘yes-men’, so … the show will go on.  People will be exposed to the coronavirus and new cases will rise in the days following July 4th.  And there is a very real possibility that a devastating forest fire will be started.  All to assuage the ego of a megalomaniac.  I have no idea what this circus act will cost We the Taxpayer, but you can bet it will be a pretty penny.

Well, it looks like the ignoble, criminal Michael Flynn is a free man and likely to stay that way.  A federal appeals court ordered U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan to accept William Barr’s move to pull the plug on the case against Trump’s first national security adviser.  Flynn is guilty, even pleaded guilty, and now he walks free.  But what bothers me most about this is the reason the appeals court gave in its opinion, saying that allowing the case to continue would intrude on the executive branch’s prerogatives to control criminal prosecutions.  WAIT just a damn minute here! toon-flynnThe majority opinion, written by Trump appointee Neomi Rao, went on to say that even scheduling a hearing — as Sullivan had done for next month — was improper under the circumstances because there was no good reason to doubt the government’s decision to reverse course.  No reason to doubt the government???  Seriously???  There is every reason in the world to doubt anything that comes out of either Trump’s or Barr’s mouths!  And since when is it proper for the executive branch to control criminal prosecutions???  The Judicial branch of government is intended to be independent of the executive branch!  What part of the U.S. Constitution does Ms. Rao fail to understand???

How far does this go?  So, if Kellyanne murders her husband, Trump and Barr can order the murder charges against her to be dropped?  Justice?  There is no justice in the United States of Chaos!

And on that note, I shall go try to stop the steam coming from my ears.steam-venting

32 thoughts on “Short, Snarky, And To The Point

  1. If there is anything one can be sure of during the time of trump, it is that there will not be a shortage of material for the Queen of Snark to write about! Add to that, the creatures that are feeling free to show themselves as they are slithering out from under their rocks and you have to work overtime in an attempt to keep up with them. Thank-you!

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    • ‘Tis true that this bunch of clowns take much time trying to figure out what they’re up to and why. The opining part is easy, but there are always things going on in every direction and I simply cannot keep up! Thank you, though, for bestowing that title on me … every time I ask myself why I am doing this, I remind myself that Ellen thinks I am the Queen of Snark and the Queen has a duty!


      • Speaking of his golf courses … I hear he is planning to go play at his NJ course, but will defy the new NJ rule for 14 day quarantine for people visiting from states where the virus is rising, such as Arizona where he was two days ago. Silly me … I keep forgetting that he’s special … he’s the prez so he can do whatever he pleases, even risk our lives.

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    • Indeed, ‘justice’ is purely political these days in the U.S. it seems, but these three have no political connections that I know of, so perhaps justice can actually happen and they can have a good long time to ponder upon the error of their ways.

      Yep, what could possibly go wrong with all those fireworks being shot into the air and landing in the trees … trees that may not have seen rain for a month or so. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. Perhaps he’s taking a page from Bolsonaro’s book.


  2. Jill, isn’t it nice that the president has a little cocker spaniel puppy named Pence running around? It is also good he has a rottweiler named Barr defending the house. As for this undue devotion to Flynn, we should note in the president’s calculations, the whitewashing of Flynn’s two confessions of lying means the president is somehow less guilty of corruption. Keith

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    • Indeed it is! Other presidents have had pets, and now Trump has his own!

      I’m curious about the whole Flynn thing. I can’t help but wonder if Trump has plans in his administration or his campaign for Flynn?

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      • Jill, he has his own world that makes sense to him. As for Flynn, his own people told him not to hire him as he is bad news. Trump owns the Flynn problem and can blame no one else. Keith

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      • Don’t forget to slather them with honey AFTER cutting off their eyelids. Courtesy of Henry Miller, “Tropic of Cancer,” I believe. How to torture the person you hate most in the world. Or at leastva little bit.

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        • Good idea!!! I hadn’t heard of that book … but just now read a synopsis. Curiosity peaked, and the fact that I was able to get the Kindle version for free, I got it. Now to find time to read it.


          • I am hysterically laughing! My elder sister came home the summer following the completion of her first year in college toting a suitcase filled with books, most of them were not text books for the courses that had been taken. Included amongst the books were three by Henry Miller originally published in 1934-1939 but banned in the USA until the early 1960’s thanks to Grove Press owner Barney Rosset : “Tropic of Cancer”, “Black Spring” and “Tropic of Capricorn”. Sadly, I was only about halfway through the first when my Mother discovered all three tucked under the mattress for safe keeping. That unfortunate incident came about when she “surprised” us with new bedroom furniture for our birthday’s to replace the childhood ones…I recall her being rather unhappily surprised at this choice of reading material!

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            • Oh my … I can only imagine!!! Just how old were you? That is one area in which my parents were very liberal. Once when I was confined to bed for a couple of weeks, my parents took turns reading several books to me … the one that sticks out in my mind is J.D. Salinger’s “Catcher in the Rye”! Not quite the fare one usually reads to an 8-year-old!


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