On This Day In 2015 …

Today’s post is courtesy of The Obama Foundation’s website


9 thoughts on “On This Day In 2015 …

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  2. Jill, it seems longer ago than five years. Adding last week’s ruling on discrimination in employment being unconstitutional if based on LGBT issues and the movement to treat this community more fairly continues. Now, if we can get African-Americans treated more fairly by the criminal justics, more progress can be made. And, Trump need to stop trying to screw Americans out of their healthcare at the same time misinforming us abd doing as little as possible to combat COVID-19. Our health is secondary to his election hopes, but these failures in leadership will be his undoing and rightfully so. Keith

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    • I thought the same … it seems longer than 5 years. My friends, Bryan and Brian were finally, after years of being married in their hearts, able to legally marry. Sadly, by that time, Brian was dying of Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS) and died within a few months of their wedding. 😥


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