She looked the hater in the eyes

There is a right way and a wrong way to make a point … our friend Keith writes of a young woman who made her point the right way … take a look! Thanks, Keith!


Peaceful protests are happening in huge numbers around the country regarding Black Lives Matter. There is danger from both the COVID-19 virus as well as counter protestors. From what I have seen, most of the protestors are wearing masks and they are outside, but they still need to be very careful.

As for the other risk of counter protestors, here is what one young black woman named Samantha Francine did. Her actions are captured in an article written by Asta Bowen in the Jackson Hole News and Guide on June 10 called “Looking hate in the eye in Whitefish.” Here are few paragraphs. A link to the article is below.

“What happened here was much less dramatic. On a fine afternoon in the pretty ski town of Whitefish, a group was gathered to raise signs of support for Black Lives Matter. One large, angry man descended on the scene, cursing…

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7 thoughts on “She looked the hater in the eyes

    • Many thanks. I saw her in an interview, but pay close attention to the last paragraph from another interview,

      “Asked about how she feels about the way people viewed the incident, Francine said, ‘I have gone through so much, experienced so much the last 27 years and in that moment everything I’ve gone through made sense.’
      She said that every person who’s yelled at her like that, every person who’s hurt her feelings, let her down or embarrassed her led her to that moment. ‘I was surrounded by so many awesome people in that moment and there was such an incredible energy—I just knew what to do,’ she said.

      Francine said she has no malice in her heart toward Snowden (the man who got in her face) and in fact delivered a gift basket to his wife on Saturday to let her know that she knows his wife doesn’t embody her husband.”


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    • Probably the best way to confront any sort of antagonist. I find that looking people directly in the eye sometimes seems to make them uncomfortable. I wonder too … it seems that some of these people have no conscience, and therefore can feel no shame. If they did, they would likely never get to sleep at night.

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