More Tears Of Shame

A drug called remdesivir is the first drug approved by licensing authorities in the US to treat the coronavirus, and has been shown to help people recover faster from the disease.  Production of the drug, manufactured by pharmaceutical company Gilead, will take time, of course.  It will take even longer for the people in the EU, UK, Brazil, Italy, and other countries to get the drug … at least three months.  WHY?  Because Donald Trump has greedily hogged every dose the company will make for July, and 90% of what they will manufacture in August and September, leaving virtually none for any other nation!

Alex Azar, head of the Department of Health and Human Services had this to say …

“… Trump has struck an amazing deal to ensure Americans have access to the first authorised therapeutic for Covid-19. To the extent possible, we want to ensure that any American patient who needs remdesivir can get it. The Trump administration is doing everything in our power to learn more about life-saving therapeutics for Covid-19 and secure access to these options for the American people.”


The “American people”???  What about the rest of the people in the world???  The people in the U.S. are no better, no more deserving than those in France, Ghana, or Brazil!!!  What Trump has done is to doom people all around the globe in order to gain accolades from the people of this country to boost his own chances at re-election.  Plain and simple … he doesn’t care about people – any people – but is only thinking of himself and his bid for re-election!  And no doubt there are some in this country who will vote for him simply because of this.

The United States, though having just over 4% of the world’s population, has nearly 26% of the total cases worldwide and 25% of the deaths from coronavirus worldwide.  That is largely a result of Trump’s bungling ever since the first cases of the virus hit the U.S. in January, his attempt to pretend that nothing was wrong, that the coronavirus was no more than the common cold, and that it would simply disappear overnight.  It is also a result of the arrogance of the people of this nation who refused to take proper precautions, and who even now are so eager to return to “having fun” that they are putting us all at risk.

However, simply because Trump screwed up, and just because the people of this nation aren’t too bright sometimes, is no reason for us to scoop up every dose of a medication that can help people!!!  We are no better … let me repeat that … WE ARE NO BETTER … than any person in any other country, and we are damn sure no more deserving of this drug than our friends in the UK or Germany!

Donald Trump has done a lot of truly horrible things in his 3+ year tenure, but this is by far the very worst thing he has done.

The drug, remdesivir, is under patent to Gilead, which means no other company can make it.  Experts are alarmed both by the US unilateral action on remdesivir and the wider implications, for instance in the event of a vaccine becoming available. The Trump administration has already shown that it is prepared to outbid and outmaneuver all other countries to secure the medical supplies it needs for the US.  This is all part of Trump’s “America First” ideology, but let me tell you … this is, whether some like it or not, a much larger world than “America”, and the people in this country are no more deserving than the people in any other country!

I can tell you that if by some chance I were to contract the coronavirus, I would refuse the drug remdesivir … I would tell the doctors to send my dose to the UK or Brazil.  I would rather die honestly than know that I had taken a drug, and in so doing deprived someone else of their life.

I am more ashamed today of this nation than I ever have been before.  I feel that each and every one of us owes a huge apology to the people in every other nation on the globe.  I hang my head in shame for what this country has done, for the horrible way in which we have treated our friends and allies.

35 thoughts on “More Tears Of Shame

  1. There was something on Canadians news, at least a month ago, about remdesivir, and about Trump trying to gain control of the medicine. We were told the company (Gilead?) turned down Trump’s request. Maybe that was then, and this is now. Another thing we were told is that special vials had to be made because whatever was in them ate at the lining of the airtight tops, and it would be .years before they could make enough airtight vials into which the drug could be safely transported.
    Two things: Check who the major investors in Gilead are. You may find “certain” names tracing back to Republican investors having bought a lot of Gilead stock. Their hands are not clean.
    The other thing is that we were told remdesivir was only helpful in less than 1% of the population, while it caused side effects in over 1/4 of the test subjects. Gilead said they were stopping tests because of this. Who to believe? For starters, we all know everything Trump says is a lie. So if he tells Americans this drug will help, he’s really saying it doesn’t. And I cannot see him buying all those airtight vials when they are hard to produce. IF THIS STORY IS INDEED TRUE, Jill, it is probably another attempt by Trump to feed his base knowledge he knows is a lie, knowing that as long as he says it his psychophants will believe it.

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  2. Let me add in my two cents’ worth…..this is not of your making Jill. You have no reason to take on the shame that should be felt by Trump, and the drug company. We understand that this drug has been scooped up to bolster Trump’s re-election chances and not for altruistic purposes. If you should fall ill with the virus ~ and I certainly hope that you don’t ~ I would urge you to take whatever medication you need to keep you alive. We need you to continue to call out Trump. ~hugs~

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  3. Don’t worry we’ve got Dexamethasone, the only other drug also found to help and way way cheaper. Readily available steroid used for cancer patients and others, which has been around a long time and is described as cheap and cheerful. But on the news they talked to a Scottish patient who had taken part in the trial for remdesivir because she thought it would help people in general, not just US citizens!

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  4. I’m surprised you didn’t call out the drug company who is charging over $3000 per dose of this drug. Though I agree that it is reprehensible that we allegedly purchased most of the shares of this medication and that other countries may not be able to get it, the high price of the drug will create the same result, even if it were available to them.

    Not every story is just about the evils of trump, there is always more to report on.

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    • LOL, why take toxic drugs while enriching greedy big pharma? 3K per dose is outrageous during a pandemic. Research chlorine dioxide for cheap natural treatment, pennies per dose, all natural with no side effects. Missionaries have been using this proven treatment in Africa for over 20 years saving countless lives from malaria, aids, bacterial and viral infections. You’ll never hear about this in our for profit mainstream news b/c there’s no money to be made by evil corporations. Wake up and save yourselves, don’t rely on big government to screw you over during a crisis. God forbid you become the guinea pig for unproven vaccines!
      Stay safe everyone, and don’t let fear control your lives. ❤

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    • I’ve called out the entire pharmaceutical industry multiple times, and they are complicit in this, as well. But, at this time, the thing that concerns me most is the arrogance of Trump hoarding the drug, ensuring that people who might have been saved in other countries will now die, only so that he will be lauded for getting so much of the drug for the people in the U.S. No concern for any human being, even in this country, but merely hoping to be lauded come election time.


  5. Sweetie, you know it’s more than I dare do as a rule than disagree with you.But I’ll risk it. First let me reiterate in case no-one knew, I hate Trump, he’s worse than a waste of space he;s despicable, blah blah.Consider it all said.
    Trump is the leader of a nation and as such it’s his job to get the cure for his nation.. My worry is whether he’s going to charge your population for it, Will it be paid for via insurances or do you only get it i f you have cash.They say you don”t get summatt for nuthin in this world unless you’re with the NHS. Now if out of great generosity, or shame, you refuse a dose and send it to the UK or Brazil, if the people there refused a dose because it had come from there, just think how long it coulld take to come back to you. Just take it now like a good girl eh.

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    • I’m not so sure you’d want to take this repurposed drug, it’s not very effective against Covid. From Wikipedia:
      See also: Coronavirus disease 2019 § Research, and COVID-19 drug repurposing research
      As of April 2020, remdesivir was viewed as the most promising treatment for COVID-19,[11] and was included among four treatments under evaluation in the international Solidarity trial[27][28] and European Discovery trial.[29] The FDA stated, on 1 May 2020, that it is “reasonable to believe” that known and potential benefits of remdesivir outweigh its known and potential risks in some specific populations hospitalized with severe COVID‑19.[7] As of May 2020, there was no good evidence that remdesivir reduced mortality in people with COVID-19.[30]

      In January 2020, Gilead Sciences began laboratory testing of remdesivir against SARS-CoV-2, stating that remdesivir had been shown to be active against severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) in animal models.[31][32][33] On 21 January 2020, the Wuhan Institute of Virology applied for a Chinese “use patent” for treating COVID‑19.[34]

      In a trial in China over February-March 2020, remdesivir was not effective in reducing the time for improvement from COVID‑19 or deaths, and caused various adverse effects, requiring the investigators to terminate the trial.[14]

      OK, so there’s many side effects to this drug, and it’s not proven to reduce mortality? Yup sounds just like Big Pharma. 😉

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    • ‘Tis true that you rarely disagree with me on most topics, and you certainly do have the right to, for I don’t claim to always be right. But … it isn’t right that Trump pigged up every darn bit of this drug, keeping it from other nations. It’s reminiscent of the people who, back in March & April, pigged up all the toilet paper, hand sanitizer, pasta and chicken in the grocery stores, leaving none for the rest of us. We’re all living in this world together and we ought to care about ALL, not just the citizens of our own country. I see it as greedy, and he didn’t do it because he cared about the people of the U.S., but only because he thought it would help his election bid. As re the cost … most people, especially since so many have been out of work for the past 3 months, will not be able to afford the drug, so in reality it will be mostly the wealthy or those who have exceptionally good insurance who will have access. People are being charged between $3,000 and $6,000 for the 6-dose course of treatment. For me? No thanks.

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  6. What a pathetic piece of *%$# he is Jill. Let me just say this…I will not get vaccinated from a vaccine that was produced via Trump’s ‘warp speed’ directive. I’d rather have the WHO issue a finding on whether a vaccine is safe or not. This administration? You cannot trust a single word out of its mouth. Can you just imagine an announcement, just before the election of how they miraculously found a vaccine? That it’s safe and effective for everyone? This idiot will do anything to get elected, and breaking the law is nothing for him. It’s second nature and comes easy. He’ll probably call it, the ‘Trump Vaccine”…….Ughhhhhhh

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    • I’ve said the same, Jeff … if a vaccine is developed in the U.S., I won’t touch it. They say the best likelihood of a viable vaccine will likely come from Oxford University, and I might consider that one, if they can prove that it has been properly tested, that the cure isn’t worse than the disease, and that there will be no occurrence of cancer 5-10 years down the road. Anything developed in the U.S., in my opinion, is garbage. And that includes anything that comes out of the mouth of the Jackass in the Oval Office. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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  7. My friend your kindness is heart warming. But what I am much more afraid of than this unfairness is the fact that this kind of behaviour starts wars. And why is the first rider of the apocalypse “pestilence”? Then “war”, ” famine” and “death”… Will we ever wake from this nightmare? 😪🙋‍♀️🐝

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