Snarky Snippets From Da Queen Of Snark

Just a few little tidbits of snark tonight …

Yesterday evening, I saw a tweet by Trump claiming how great the jobs numbers were, per the report issued yesterday morning by the Bureau of Labour Statistics.  Sigh.  Why is he so utterly ignorant that he cannot understand anything?  Why do I keep having to explain the most basic concepts to he and his followers?

According to the report, issued a day early due to the fact that Friday is a federal holiday, 4.8 million jobs were added in June.  Trump took that ball and ran with it, but wait!  Those aren’t new jobs!  Those were a percentage of the jobs that were lost in March, April and May!  Those are simply a result of some businesses re-opening and calling back their staff, or hiring new employees to replace staff who cannot or will not return.  1.4 million jobs were lost in March, and 20.8 million in April, so that 4.8 million jobs added in June is but a drop in the bucket compared to what has been lost.  Annnnnd … with businesses in many states, particularly restaurants and bars, the category where the most jobs were added, now closing again, some of those 4.8 million people are already out of work, once again.

And what credit Trump thinks he deserves is beyond me.  What he does deserve credit for, however, is forcing the country to re-open too soon and thus we are now seeing the highest ever single-day new cases, with the last two days each topping 50,000, yesterday at 57,236 new cases.  Place the onus where it belongs.

As I’m certain you’ve all heard by now, Trump’s niece, Mary L. Trump, has written a tell-all book about Trump and the Trump family, titled Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man.  The book is due out at the end of this month … maybe … probably.  It has already climbed to the top of the bestseller list, based on preorders.

mary-l-trump-bookTrump claims that his niece and the rest of the family were forced to sign non-disclosure agreements that would prohibit her from publishing the book.  Say what??? Who makes their own family sign an NDA?  And … if a person has nothing to hide, nothing to be ashamed of, why would he want to duct tape the mouths of his family?  All valid questions, yes? 

Three days ago, Judge Hal Greenwald of the New York State Supreme Court issued a temporary restraining order pending a hearing scheduled for July 10th to decide whether Ms. Trump’s book violated the non-disclosure agreement she signed with other members of the Trump family in connection with a dispute over the estate of Fred Trump Sr., the president’s father.  Then on Wednesday, New York State Supreme Court Justice Alan Scheinkman said Judge Greenwald had erred on Tuesday by issuing a broad restraining order that prohibited publisher Simon & Schuster from printing or distributing copies of the book.

“S&S is not a party to the settlement agreement and this Court perceives no basis for S&S to be specifically enjoined. Unlike Ms. Trump, S&S has not agreed to surrender or relinquish any of its First Amendment rights.”

Judge Scheinkman left in place, however, the order against Mary Trump and “any agent” of hers, leaving some uncertainty about whether Simon & Schuster is still covered by the order or would be risking contempt of court by moving forward with plans to release the book.  Yesterday, Mary L. Trump asked the New York Supreme Court to lift the restraining order against her, saying in an affidavit that she was misled by the family into signing a confidentiality agreement in an inheritance case two decades ago.  I imagine that with the holiday weekend, it will be next week before the next chapter of this saga is decided.  Frankly, an NDA signed twenty years ago should be null and void by now, anyway.  My best guess is that the book will be released on July 28th as scheduled, Trump will fume, fuss, and threaten everybody with every sort of lawsuit, and We the People will have our worst nightmares about the Trump clan confirmed.

Perhaps you remember Hurricane Dorian, the devastating Category 5 Atlantic hurricane, that became the most intense tropical cyclone on record to strike the Bahamas, and is regarded as the worst natural disaster in the country’s history.  Well, maybe you don’t remember, unless you lived in an affected area.  But, I bet you remember Trump’s major gaffe and his redrawing of the map with a Sharpie, which quickly became known as ‘Sharpiegate’.

Trump claimed that Alabama was at risk … it wasn’t.  When the National Weather Service (NWS) corrected him, he took a copy of the map showing the hurricane’s anticipated trajectory, and using a Sharpie marker, extended the cone of uncertainty to include Southern Alabama, much as a 5-year-old child would do.sharpiegate

Two days later, on September 6, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) published an unsigned statement which supported Trump’s initial claim that Alabama was a target of the storm and criticized the Birmingham NWS office for denying it. It was later revealed that NOAA had been ordered to issue such a statement by Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross.

Okay, so it’s just another sign of the utterly stupefying ignorance and corruption of the person in the Oval Office and his henchmen, and since it was almost a year ago, most of us have put it out of our mind.  But now it’s back in the news again.  There was an investigation into the meddling of the Commerce Department and Wilbur Ross into the affairs of the National Weather Service.  The investigation is complete, and the final report is ready to be issued, except … Wilbur Ross has halted the release of the report.

The inspector general for the Commerce Department, Peggy Gustafson, sent a memo to Secretary Wilbur Ross on Wednesday evening expressing “deep concern” that the department is infringing on the office’s independence by preventing the release of a final report on the investigation of a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration statement about Hurricane Dorian in 2019.  Not only that, but Ms. Gustafson posted the memo to the Office of the Inspector General’s website, a very rare public airing in a dispute between an agency inspector general and a Cabinet secretary.  How much do you want to bet that Trump fires Ms. Gustafson within a week, as he has so many other inspectors general?

A redacted summary report was issued on June 26th, with promise of a full, unredacted report on Monday, June 29th.  That didn’t happen, however.  In short, the summary concluded that the Commerce Department ran a “flawed process” that did not sufficiently engage NOAA and went against the interests of the agency and the National Weather Service, which it oversees, not to mention the safety of the people.

All this because the megalomaniac in the Oval Office could not simply admit that he made a mistake.  How much has this all cost We the Taxpayer?  Two U.S. senators, one a democrat and one a republican, sent a letter to Secretary Ross Thursday, expressing bipartisan concern about the alleged obstruction.

“We expect you … to immediately rectify the issues outlined by the DOC OIG that are preventing the completion of the Evaluation of NOAA’s September 6, 2019, Statement About Hurricane Dorian Forecasts.”

Stay tuned, folks … we haven’t heard the end of this yet.

21 thoughts on “Snarky Snippets From Da Queen Of Snark

  1. OK.
    Fall back position whenever Trump mentions figures:
    The book Nineteen Eighty-Four:
    The chocolate ration episode. Winston Smith (hero) in the course of his work sees a document which says the chocolate ration is being reduced from 30 grams to 20 grams. The next day he hears on a public news annoucement that thanks to Big Brother’s central planning the chocolate ration is being increased to 20 grams. Winston is confused, the people are not they embrace the ‘good’ news.
    Trump pulls the same scam, but he is not as astute as the fearful powers which are Big Brother, he gets caught out, over and over.

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  2. Oh Queen of Snark…you have once again admirably retained your crown! It amuses me that as trump is known for being a nonreader ( only the cannot or does not is up for debate), it is two books that are causing him more than a wee bit of angst. Bolton’s “The Room Where It Happened” in its first week of sales in all formats was 780,000 copies. Simon & Schuster reports that the book is in its 11th printing which will bring the total number of hardcover copies to a million. Simon & Schuster are poised for another, and likely even higher, best selling book should Mary Trump’s tell all book receive the green light to be released on July 28th as planned. Her book was a preorder for the P&C Book Club! Amongst trump’s dubious distinctions, mayhaps his penchant for making signatures and art with Sharpies will be one of the least nefarious…or not! I will not comment on trump’s claim that the job market is improving thanks to his brilliant leadership except to say…it’s not. He can, however, lay claim to being the brilliant leader that made the USA have the World’s highest number of cases and deaths due to Covid-19…and still counting! Thank-you!

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    • Thank you, ma’am! I’m happy I get to keep the crown! 👑 I heard that Bolton’s book was doing quite well, and like you, I think Mary L Trump’s will do even better! And also like you, I have pre-ordered the book! I hope publication isn’t delayed! Who in the P&C Club gets to read it first … you or Miss I? You’re right … as Jeff said in his post tonight, Trump owns the terrible record the U.S. has with the coronavirus, and now we are banned from the EU, UK, Canada, and I hear that Mexico is considering banning U.S. citizens. The U.S. has the highest number of cases, approximately 26% of all cases globally, yet we have just over 4% of the global population. Way to go, Donnie! Sigh.

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  3. Trump will always try and baffle you with science where employment is concerned. What would he have to answer iif he were asked how any unemployed there are.
    Mary Trump is going to entertain a few people with her book I hope.
    I’m betting no-one applied the law to Sharpiegate it being illegal to make changes to Government Properrty.I wonder why someone was so cowardly to confirm the changes were right.

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    • Those of us with brains know that he never tells the truth, so we go digging for the reality when he makes ridiculous statements like “the virus is going to just disappear”, or “the jobs number is great”. The bigger danger is that his loyal followers believe what he says. He could serve them up a plate of poop, tell them it was the finest steak in the world, and they would gobble down every last bite.
      I think Mary’s book will be published, one way or another. If not, she’ll just have to do the talk show rounds and tell us what was in it!
      Because most people are not very brave when it comes to the threat of losing their income, homes, etc. Sigh. Hopefully, Ross will be forced to issue the report soon.

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  4. Jill, patting oneself on the back on jobs numbers should also mean one must apoligize when they turn south. I have not seen one economist say these numbers will continue, as they turned for the worst at the end of the month. We have many months (meaning more than a year) of tough road ahead. July will see worsening numbers on jobs and second quarter financial reports that will reveal financial concerns.

    The stock market is propped up on an inflow of cash and folks grabbing at any optimism they can. Many of the younger investors have truly not seen a sustained down market. The market is year-to-date down, but it will likely fall some more, when the bad news is reported. Please note, I am not an investment advisor, so no one should take any action off what I think and should speak with their advisors.


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    • Yes, but remember that he never accepts responsibility for that which is wrong … only accepts accolades when he claims to have done something right. In this case, the unemployment rate had already gone up by the end of June, but that won’t be reflected until July’s numbers are released in August. I expect that July will be much worse, given some of the largest states are closing businesses again.

      The stock market is easily enough manipulated, and it’s my belief that it has been lately. Also, Trump touts the market, but it is only one indicator of a healthy economy, and by far not the most important one. I am not an investment advisor, either, but a couple of people have asked me and I have advised all not to invest at this time, for I still believe it is going to plunge before the end of the year.

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      • Jill, so true. If people had a boss like Trump, they would be looking for a new job. Beyond the lying and bullying, the taking credit for good things and blaming others for bad things would get old very fast.

        I depressed by my brother the other day when I told him this economic malaise will likely continue well into next year if not all year. Keith

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        • At least you were honest with him … he’ll thank you for it someday. How quickly the economy begins to actually rebound is going to depend a great deal on how quickly we are able to get a handle on the pandemic. Economic recovery will be slow, but that is the better way, the more durable way. Remember the saying, “What goes up, must come down”? A soaring market is far more likely to plummet than one that rose slowly and steadily.


  5. Non-Disclosure Agreements of any kind should not be valid in a court of law. They obstruct justice if nothing else, and obstruction of justice is a crime, I do believe. I don’t know how many countries in this world allow NDAs to be signed, and how many allow them to effect the course of a trial, but I can see why US courts especially use them, because they allow rich people to divert the course of justice. They are another GET OUT OF JAIL free card for those who can afford them.
    If you or I blackmailed or bribed someone into signing an NDA, for surely that is how an NDA comes into being, legally allowing someone to buy another person’s silence (and thus not necessitating the signee’s death, which also would be a crime), it would be declared illegal. As usual, it is a class system disorder, as opposed to a class action order. We cannot win, they cannot lose.

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    • I think there are times when they serve a valid purpose, but certainly not when it comes to covering up crimes! But yes, to your point, it is a class system in which he who can afford the most expensive lawyer will almost always win. Sigh.

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