Saturday Surprise — Avian Humour

I must admit that I nearly forgot that today is Saturday.  There’s a reason for this … no, I’m not losing all my marbles, only a few of them.  See, daughter Chris was off from work yesterday (Friday), which made it feel like Saturday all day, for she’s never home on Friday.  So, since I thought it was Saturday all day long, when I sat down to write this morning’s post, I wasn’t thinking about Saturday Surprise, and I had another post about half completed when a little birdie tapped into my mind and said, “Yo!  It’s Saturday, not Sunday!”  And so, I changed gears, but with some difficulty.  Since it was already midnight and I had no plan, I must settle for some funny bird pictures I found over at Bored Panda.  Hopefully, they will at least make you smile a bit.



Proud momma bird with newly hatched baby


A warm place to be



Eh … not even big enough for a snack


Caught one of those alien drone birds!



Photobombed by an owl!



Bees???  What bees?



Oh that’s gonna hurt!


Apologies for such a short Saturday Surprise, but I do hope that you enjoyed the birds!  And one last treat … I love owls, and I came across this video of some really adorable owls!

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!!!Weekend

25 thoughts on “Saturday Surprise — Avian Humour

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  2. JIll, great pics. That hawk is going to be in for a surprise trying to eat that drone. How did that cat stay on that Canadian goose? But, I love the pants comparison at the beginning. Thanks for the smile. Keith

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    • Glad you liked them, my friend! I wasn’t sure if that was a hawk or an eagle wrestling the drone, but yeah, he’s not going to find much culinary joy there! I suspect the cat didn’t stay on the goose for long! Have a happy weekend, my friend.


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