If Liberty Dies in Our Hearts, no Constitution Law or Court Can Save It: A Meditation on Independence Day in the Trump Era

Our friend, Padre Steve, has done an excellent job in this, his musings about “liberty” … what it does and doesn’t mean, and how we in this nation have so often misunderstood what true liberty is. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to read this, for I think it has much value in relation to the state of this nation today. Thank you, Padre

The Inglorius Padre Steve's World

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

I have been contemplating the ideas of liberty and freedom this week. I intentionally did not watch the President’s speech at Mount Rushmore for after what he did at Lafayette Park and in front of St. John’s Church on June 2nd showed me that when he speaks of freedom, he speaks of his own, and when he speaks of liberty it is for the few, and servitude for the masses, and yes those masses include the bulk of the men and women that blindly follow him. So instead I read the official transcript today and look at images and videos as well.

Nothing I read in it surprised me. It was as scripted as Leni Reifenstahl’s Film of the Nuremberg rallies, right to Trump making a flyover in Air Force One. After a series of platitudes invoking the President’s whose images are carved on that…

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14 thoughts on “If Liberty Dies in Our Hearts, no Constitution Law or Court Can Save It: A Meditation on Independence Day in the Trump Era

    • I think that those in power in our respective nations define “liberty” differently, perhaps, than we do. Sigh. I see it as including equality for all … as in, I don’t have rights that can infringe on your rights. We are all living in this world together, and if we can’t care about one another … then what is it all worth? The U.S. is not a ‘great’ country. It used to be a tolerably decent one, but today it isn’t even that. On November 4th, I will decide whether to stay or go.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Padre Steve’s musings on “liberty.” Lots of food for thought from Judge Learned Hand on what is “liberty.” I could not bring myself to watch or read our President’s speech at Mount Rushmore. Padre Steve shared, “On June 2nd for the first time in my life I felt like a President of the United States was threatening me, as a Priest, a citizen, and Naval Officer. I felt that again in his Mount Rushmore speech.” As a brown-skinned immigrant from a “shithole country,” I’ve felt threatened from the first day that the then presidential candidate rode down that escalator and declared that Mexicans are “bad people.”

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    • My pleasure! Padre does some deeply introspective posts that always give me much food for thought. I can’t blame anyone for feeling threatened in this nation today. I do, you do, Padre does … most everyone who is not lily white and evangelical Christian should feel the threat, for that is the base to which Trump plays.

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