On Trump’s Friday Night Speech …

On Friday night, Trump gave a speech to … well, he said to the nation, but in truth it was only designed for his base, to rile them and motivate them to return to the fold, to support him with everything they’ve got in November.  With his poll numbers sinking, the GOP and many republicans in Congress are becoming concerned, and this speech was naught more than a campaign rally intended to bring his poll numbers back up out of the tank.  A campaign rally, I might add, that cost the U.S. taxpayers millions of dollars at a time when the nation and the people are struggling financially.

We all know that Trump lies, he cheats, he threatens and bullies.  So, you might ask yourself why I asked you to read this speech last night, why I even bothered to read it myself.  Here’s the thing, though … his base will buy into every word he uttered.  Throughout the speech there were cheers and chants of “Four more years”.  Therein lies the danger.  If the election had been held last Thursday, Trump would have been slammed at the polls.  But by next Thursday, all bets are off, for this speech, filled with hate, lies, and hypocrisy, will resonate with the 40% of voters in this country who will believe anything, as long as it plays to their fears and prejudices.  That’s why I think it’s important for us to pick apart those lies … or some of them, for there are, after all, only so many hours in a day!

My comments and analysis are based on the portions of the speech I highlighted on Saturday … much of the rest was simply babbling drivel and not worth me wasting my time.  The numbers in this commentary are tied to the paragraph numbers on Saturday’s post.

#6 – The claim that the mysterious “campaign to wipe out our history, defame our heroes, erase our values, and indoctrinate our children” is a) lies, fantasy, b) divisive. Nobody is trying to ‘wipe out’ history.  For better or for worse, our history is well recorded and will never be forgotten.  But many of those he calls “heroes” were men who were trying to preserve the institution of slavery … they were not heroes and do not deserve to be memorialized by statues and monuments, symbols of their hatred.  They are holding us back from creating a more just, more inclusive, fair and understanding society.  Weak or strong, what does it matter?  Trump’s clenched fist is not indicative of strength, but rather of a bully.  He speaks of values … yet his own are based on bigotry and hatred.

#7 – I do not know who “they” are that are driving people from their jobs and demanding ‘total submission’ from any who disagree with them.  Doesn’t sound like the democrats, liberals, or anybody I know.  Hmmmm … sounds more like the madman in the Oval Office, don’t you think?

#8 – As to Trump’s claims of an attack on our ‘liberty’.  Liberty?  Whose?  He speaks of the liberty of the privileged, particularly the white privileged.  For those who struggle to make ends meet, who are stopped by police simply because of the colour of their skin, who are killed by police for being black, that liberty is far less ‘magnificent’.  The “American way of life” in Trump’s world is racist, is misogynistic, is homophobic … we need to strive for a far better ‘way of life’.  As for the “far-left fascism” that he claims … I laugh, for he also claims that antifa, an anti-fascist group, is a huge threat from the left.  So, which is it, Donnie?  Am I a fascist or an anti-fascist?  In truth, Donald Trump’s way of governing is more nearly like that of Benito Mussolini, a hard-core fascist.  The rest of his comment on the topic is mindless babbling and not worthy of response.

#9 – So far, there has been no “left-wing cultural revolution”, but maybe it’s not a half-bad idea … let’s overthrow the Trump administration … throw them and their baggage out on the street and start fresh with someone who will remove the hateful monuments and tributes to the days of slavery, who knows how government works, and who has a heart, a soul, and a brain.  Yes, let’s have a cultural revolution!  Let’s vote Joe Biden into office on November 3rd and start to heal this nation!

#11 – ‘Hundreds’, he claims, have been arrested for attempting to take down the statue of one of our founding racists?  Four … not hundreds.  Four people were arrested in connection with damage to the statue of Andrew Jackson.  Ten years in prison?  I think not.  I wonder if he’s ever heard of the punishment matching the crime.  Ten years for perhaps writing ‘Black Lives Matter’ on a piece of granite is not going to get anyone a ten-year sentence.  More likely just a fine.  More threats and bullying … against We the People … the ones who pay his salary, the ones who fund all his golf trips and trips to Mar-a-Lago, the ones to whom he swore an oath.  Think about that one for a few minutes.  We are his sworn enemies, but we keep paying those taxes to ensure his lavish lifestyle.  Democratic Republic … or dictatorship?

#12 – Trump has his biases all mixed up.  Education in primary and secondary schools often whitewashes the history of this nation, glorifies the inglorious, and defines racists in a heroic light.  The founders of this nation did much that was good, but they were racists and misogynists and that needs to be taught as well.  They said, “All men are created equal”, by which they meant white men.  Not women, not blacks … white men.  Women and blacks have fought long and hard for our right to be treated as equals, and neither group is there yet.  Call a spade a spade … teach truth, not whitewashed, glorified fantasy.

#18 – So, to be clear, this radical ideology that would ‘demolish both justice and society’ … treating all people equally, ending racism, taking care of those who cannot take care of themselves, ensuring that every person has access to affordable healthcare, and ensuring that everyone, regardless of colour or gender, is able to earn a fair wage, narrowing the income gap … those things would demolish justice and society?  No, what is destroying justice and our society is having police killing unarmed black men just because they can.  It is having a government riddled with corruption that we are powerless to stop.  It is spending money to prop up the dying fossil fuel industry while we continue destroying our planet.  It is having a ‘leader’ in name only, yet one who proclaims he is ‘above the law’ in all things.  That, my friends, is tyranny.

#20 – When he says, “We embrace tolerance, not prejudice,” I want to scream.  Such hypocrisy is reminiscent of a third-world dictator speaking to an uneducated public.  But then, Trump is speaking only to his base, so … same thing.  This speech oozes racism, as have most of Trump’s actions over the past month (and before).  Trump is a racist, pure and simple, and his followers at this point are too, else they would not still be his followers.  When he speaks of “love of country”, I am sickened.  He has no love for any but himself.  The goal of the liberal thinkers in this country is not to end “America”, but to make the United States a country to be proud of, a country that takes care of the planet, of people, and helps others around the world.  Right now, I have zero pride in this country.

#22 – Trump calls those of us who disagree with him “bad, evil people”.  I may not be the best person in the world, but I am neither bad nor evil.  I only want everyone treated fairly and Donald Trump & his cohorts are fighting against that, as are those who continue to support him.

His masses will eat this speech up, and I believe that by the end of next week, his polling numbers will be on the rise … for no other reason than this lying, racist, phobic, fear-mongering, and divisive speech.  Oh, and by the way, with daily new cases over 50,000 per day now, it should be noted that Trump never once mentioned the pandemic.  Not once.  You can see what he thinks our lives are worth, yes?

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  1. A bit of a repeat to something I wrote to Keith today.
    It can be a dangerous mire for a European to step into and make a comment on strata and their nuances when in comes to normal American politics as normal American political divides are nothing like those in Europe.
    What is a certainty is that to preach division and to assert that one group is a problem or the enemy or are inferior is a poisonous path to conflict (Sadly over the years I have read some vitriolic statements by fringe groups of African American against Jews, the nature of which would match those of any Right- and the anti-British comments during the last bout of Irish Troubles which would match those of our own Ignorant Wing of the Left against all Americans! So vent your anger against systems and hate-mongers but spare me your comments against communities or peoples in general).
    One facet of Trump which is indefensible is his lack of ability or even will to unite the nation, which has to be the primary duty of any leader. He keeps defaulting back to his base support like a comfort blanket.
    You cannot (plagiarism warning…) Please all of the people all of the time, but you can at least be seen to be trying.
    As I rattle off frequently Trump is a symptom not a cause, if Donald Trump had not been born those who voted for him would have created someone else. There has been something corrosive in the USA for a long time, maybe it has always been there and if the nation is to survive is to be guarded against.
    For a house divided against itself cannot stand.
    The USA is too large, too diverse and too steeped in a sense of personal independence to settle for a Five Time line wide authoritarian, centralised state no matter what anyone on the Right or Left may say. But to fragment into a collection of squabbling ‘nations’ and ‘city states’ with a nominal nod to the ‘nominal’ president. That I continue to argue is a possibility. And Trump is not up to the task of stopping that slide.

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    • You feel free to wade in any time, my friend, for what I have found is that quite often my friends from “across the pond” see our situation far more clearly than we do. The old “can’t see the forest for the trees” thing, I guess.

      You are so right that Trump is but a symptom of a much larger problem. We have to get rid of the symptom, though, before we can address the problem, and even then it is going to take someone committed to listening and finding compromise, common ground. That person will have to undo a lot of damage that has been done over the past 3 years, and at the same time address some very serious problems that have not been addressed in any effective manner, such as the pandemic, systemic racism, police brutality against people of colour, the economy, etc.

      This house is divided to the point that the foundation is cracking … I can hear it creaking in my sleep at night. The past three years have widened the fissure and if we cannot begin to heal & mend quickly, we will no longer be a nation by the end of this decade. I agree wholeheartedly with you that it is a very real possibility this nation will end up divided into small nations, or city-states constantly quibbling between each other. November 3rd will, I think, determine whether this nation stands or falls. Either way, we have a long road ahead.


  2. You know, we are in the throes of bringing racial injustice to the forefront and making positive change. Women, blacks and children as well have been blatantly abused for hundreds of years. Murdering a child is still a sub level conviction in The US courts system. What I can’t understand is the ig-nor-ance of the most abhorrent racial suppression that has taken place since the first European set foot off his ship onto North American Soil. The indigenous peoples of this country were dubbed savages and murderers and a methodical cleansing of their footprint in our culture was soon begun. Did they treat the unknown aliens to their lands any differently than most of this country would treat an alien that suddenly appeared to strip and steal What they viewed as their own? Who was there when the first assault occurred to tell the tale of original attack? If one delves into the true history of our over glorified Thanksgiving holiday, the truth is that the first colonies that attempted to settle here were made up of convicts, religious defectors and zealots who were bound to die off in the face of brutal weather, illness and starvation. All those indigenous tribes had to do was wait it out. But instead they followed their belief that all souls held value. They helped those settlers to save themselves. And look how they were and still are being repaid. Do we not care because their population seems not as great? Is it because they didn’t sneak in for asylum or were dragged in against their will? There is so much to say but I just can’t anymore. Every human has their own perspective by which they live, judge, function and act. Only when we recognize that it is merely this perception which causes us conflict will we ever find unity. Darkness feeds on fear and hunger. It is getting fat off of humanity at this time. 😔

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    • You are so right on all counts. This is one thing that has long bothered me … the whitewashed history we teach in our schools. I well remember growing up believing that the ‘Indians’ were savages, playing “cowboys and Indians” with my cousins, fighting for who would get to be the cowboys and save the day. It was culture shock when I started college and learned the facts, and it took me years to assimilate all that I learned that was so contrary to what I had been taught. That was in the 50s & 60s, and I thought perhaps things had changed, but a comment from another reader on this same post quickly dissolved that notion. There are so many injustices in this nation, yet so many people aren’t in the least bit bothered by it. Why? I think because far too many seriously believe that this should be a white, Christian nation and they don’t give a rat’s ass what happens to the rest of us. Sigh.


      • Have there been improvements in a reduction of racism since the 50s and 60s, Jill? Be honest. There’s your answer. Liberalism works! It really does address these problems. But it takes time for generations of people to adjust and accomplish. That’s how we elected a black President. What, the office isn’t high enough?

        Every aspect of systemic racism in our institutions have been under scrutiny and change for many, many decades. Liberalism works towards equality. What we’re seeing today is the disparity fallacy hard at work, where if something isn’t equal, the inequity proves racism. Yet if we take this method and apply it to Caribbean blacks, the nexplain how it makes sense that as a identifiable group, this cohort out-performs not just every other category of black but on average earns more than the average income of whites? Where is the racism committed by the blacks against whites? Now do you see the problem by assuming disparity means inequity? It’s a load of bunk.

        So what’s with this notion today that we are failing to address these kinds of issues, that racism is systemic? I’ll tell you: it’s coming from one source: the Woke who are apply what is called critical race theory: everything is about race and every single person who is not black is racist. And the ONLY way to address that is by committing to a lifetime of anti-racism, which demands such things as protests and tearing down every vestige of ‘white’ racism… including science. It’s nothing but destructive. Just because Trump points it out doesn’t make it any less true. THAT is the challenge reasonable people face today, acting not on ideology and partisanship but what’s true, that classical liberalism and its principles are worth defending by each and every one of us from any ideological bully.


  3. It’s easy to destroy; hard to build. That’s what’s wrong with the group-identity social movement we’re seeing unfold. In fact, I argued strenuously with a Dean of Education back in the late 80s that elevating context over content – the ‘new’ direction in teaching teachers – was going to become a real problem and we see this unfolding today: find me ANYONE from the 1700s who wasn’t biased, wasn’t what we would call today a ‘misogynist’, a ‘racist’, a ‘bigot’. You can’t do it… if you use today’s standard. (That is why there has been development and progress in overcoming many of these systemic problems in all kinds of ways to the point where no office or position is closed to any person. But, hey, that’s not good enough trend apparently… it must be accomplished now and in the way the Woke demand it be done, because, you know, the Woke know what is the case, you see, because they believe they do.) So is THAT context of today’s morality applied backwards what every single statue means, that the person was not then and is not now worthy because of today’s virtue applied back into history that we find wanting? Is that the ‘moral’ compass: ignore what the statue ACTUALLY represents – the idea that allowed for an sustainable evolution of ‘a more perfect union’ in enlightenment principles many of these figures represent – and make every one of them a monument deserving to be torn down? Because if it is, then writhing in inherited white guilt and damning the ONE civilization in global history that has always been improving in these areas of racism, misogyny, discrimination, and bigotry by addressing real life inequality of rights and freedoms – is not going to build anything but intolerance and ignorance.

    What I see unfolding with ever increasing rapidity is clearly a religious movement under the guise of moral purity. And far, far too many people of good intentions are swallowing this destructive tear-down ideology with the fervor of a cultist. Sure, frame Trump as evil personified, but don’t presume everyone should go along with the religious alternative being imposed on everyone that is today’s social justice movement.

    Don’t let the name fool you: it’s neither ‘social’ nor justice’. I mean, seriously, has anyone actually read the Black Lives Matter manifesto? The right question here is, ‘Why haven’t you?’ Oh, but faith-belief presumes we already know… it’s about racial equality, isn’t it? Just like so many people ‘know’ what Jefferson meant by ‘all men are created equal’ because, you know, words and so he must have been an ignorant hypocrite. Yeah, that is what the statues represent.


    We as good little social justice warriors already ‘know’ what these statues represent: racism. We already ‘know’ this 1984 version of the Utopian state we are unwittingly promoting is just around the corner if people would just give in to what we ‘know’ is the virtuous way forward that our cult offers… if we tear everything down and can use cancel culture to help victims everywhere implement the benevolent dictatorship of the proletariat against the evils of those Trump-ian bourgeoisie. BLM is an unabashed and self-promoted Marxist racist doctrine sing all the destructive and intolerant methods like struggle sessions and ‘admitting one’s racism’ necessary to create a ‘socialist’ Utopia of equity that never has, does not, and never shall produce what it promises… except a totalitarian state. But hey, why pay any attention to history when we already ‘know’ it’s racist? But then, if people actually learned history rather critical race theory, actually read the seminal works of dead white men rather than go along with this Frankfurt school of philosophy, actually applied critical thinking to these idiotic critical race and critical social justice theories being touted today as the New Gospel, they might realize they have unwittingly become a good little soldier for Christ… umm, I mean, a soldier for Mao, umm… I mean a soldier for Stalin,…. umm, I mean a soldier for Jehovah,… umm, I mean a soldier for Hitler…. I mean a soldier for BLM and Social Justice writ large.

    In other words, what wee’re watching is a cult being erected as if this and only this were the ‘correct’ moral and virtuous response to Trump, when in fact Trump – like the rest of Balisonaros or Putins of the world – are just populists that represent the real danger to liberal secular enlightenment values because they dismantle the principles from the institutions we have built to try to implement them to protect us all from such dictatorial threats. But that is EXACTLY what the oh-so-virtuous cult members of the Woke who already ‘know’ what’s what are also doing: tearing down and recasting liberal values of equality and freedom within our institutions as the racist sins of our fathers and demanding everyone apply the intolerant and destructive dogma of the correct ‘social justice’ cult in its place or forever be stained with the charge of blasphemy and suffer the real life consequences such a branding implies.

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    • Fact of the matter is the United States, and the West by extension is undergoing a cultural, economic and moral cleansing. There’s too much collective sin (karma if you will) of the past weighing down, we can’t ignore nor move forward until we address certain issues.
      US imperialism, toxic consumerism, predatory capitalism, unchecked pollution of our planet has consequences. The backlash is understandably swift and destructive. Whether that’s right or wrong is secondary, when the cultural pendulum swings too far to the right, inevitably there’s an equal and opposite reaction.
      Hence BLM to counter systemic racism, defund police to address police brutality and our prison industrial complex, tearing down statues as purging symbols of the past, cancel culture to address inequality and injustice, woke culture to challenge the status quo of elitism and white privilege.
      Of course this is not reasonable nor constructive, it isn’t meant to be. Destruction and violence is the outcome as revolutions tend to be. Nature (or deep state laboratory) gives us a pandemic, George Floyd (yet another gov’t false flag) precipitates state sanctioned rioting and looting… it’s like a big social (or socialist) experiment to see how humanity would react to change on so many levels, how else can we interpret these next level events but to label it as our collective cultural awakening. It also shows how our “leaders” are fast asleep.
      There’s nothing new under the sun when you become a student of history, human events are fairly predictable within a given matrix. Precisely b/c human beings are unwilling to evolve beyond our nature, ideology, habits, mindset. We are our own worst enemy, or we can create paradise on Earth depending on our level of consciousness. Step back and look at the bigger picture. Like the chinese proverb says: may we live in interesting times!


      • You are framing BLM and the rest of the Woke purity and virtue movement we are experiencing today (in effect) as a ‘backlash’ to a bunch of other supposed problems. By doing this framing in this way – the pendulum in the ‘other’ direction, as you say – you claim this is a kind of response that fits a historical matrix that can be known/recognized/predicted/expected. The problem with this method of framing is that it offers a lazy kind of legitimacy to actions that, when examined, do not address or even link to the proffered ‘problems’ assigned as the ’cause’ … problems presented as a catch-all negative term to which anyone can apply all kinds of various and often incompatible meanings. By inference, the actions/solution/reactions are granted a false sense of some kind of positive excuse.

        In contrast, I actually believe what people say is their motivation rather than import a framing that makes me feel like I have a good handle on what’s going down. I’ve encountered this disconnect constantly when people ignore, say the stated motivation by ISIS members, the stated motivation of al qaeda leaders, the stated motivation of rioters, and so on and insert their own meaning that aligns with their own ideology. No one mentions ‘toxic consumerism’ or ‘unchecked pollution’; they talk about anger and fear and violence about specific conditions. So it seems to me that this method of importing this lazy justification is a diversion from going after specific solutions to specific problems. If police brutality is the problem (and there’s lots of good research to show it is a problem) then the solution does not lie with defacing and tearing down a statue or burning out a local business or smashing windows and looting; it lies with programs and policies to reduce police brutality. And there’s lots of good research on how to accomplish exactly this.

        But when we excuse the importation of, say, ‘systemic racism’ as the supposed cause of this real world problem of police brutality (this is neither clear nor necessarily true), we move away from real world solutions because we’re not understanding the problem and into the realm of political and ideological purity and virtue posturing that accomplishes nothing but division and discord and partisanship and, in the final analysis, excuses a continuation of the very problem we think we are addressing.

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        • There can be no solution when the problem is inherently and purposefully incorporated into the system. Read up on the Hegelian Dialectic: Problem – Reaction – Solution.
          Take any so-called problem and you’ll see how corrupt world gov’ts create problem situations to suit their agenda.
          The CIA created ISIS/ Al-Qaeda as a straw man enemy to perpetuate never ending war in the middle east. Reaction: American are told to fear the Arab boogeyman with non-stop news coverage since 9-11. US military industrial complex make billions from fat gov’t contracts, defense contractors lobby up all the politicians to enact favorable legislation, more wasteful spending war. Solution: After starting coloured revolution domestically and abroad, the US war machine enforce US imperialist policies as the world’s policeman decreed by American “exceptionism”.
          BLM is a joint deep state/ Soros coloured revolution to destabilize society so big gov’t can take over – build up of the police state. George Floyd is a CIA asset, his fake murder is a staged false flag operation to stir up racial tension and allow rioting/ looting. The solution is to blame Trump and install Biden for the Presidency. See how neatly, conveniently everything falls into place…
          Now I don’t mind Trump losing the election b/c he sucks at being Prez, but installing a senile old globalist puppet at the behest of Wall St and International Banks is a bit transparent & vulgar.
          Yes systemic racist is a real problem, which the media expertly stoking the flames of hatred and destruction with non-stop 24hr coverage. Not once have I heard the media call for peace, or cessation of violence. Not once did the “president” call for calm and initiate meaningful dialogue. Why is that… maybe revolution was the plan all along.
          So tell me some of your “real world solutions”, how would you implement them when your own gov’t is against you?
          Wake up!


  4. Jill, simply put the speaker is divisive person using divisive words to divide Americans and harm our allies. The four faces on the mountain looked down on the diminutive speaker with disdain and the proportionate magnitude in size of their relative impacts. In the speech you highlighted, if you take the first five pieces, skip over the middle accusational and indictment portion and conclude with some of the paragraphs, the speech is not bad. It is just that stuff in the middle that makes him look small. Keith

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    • Agreed. I have no doubt that the first five paragraphs were written by someone who understands protocol, and perhaps the bulk of the speech was co-written with Stephen Miller. The real danger, as I see it, is that he is setting up imaginary fears for his base, just as he did in 2016, and that by stoking those fears, he is pulling the ones who may have been leaving the fold right back in. Another danger I see is that some of his base, believing that the liberal thinkers are out to destroy their vision of America, re-educate their children, take away their guns and their liberty, may resort to violence this summer as temperatures soar, the pandemic soars, and the election draws near.


      • These fears are not imaginary but quite real. One problem is that many people are identifying the cause as ‘liberal when in fact the cause is anti-liberal people deeply ensconced in what used to be the extreme Left. It’s no longer extreme but shifting into the mainstream Left. This is fertile ground for Trump and exactly the same cohort where he was able to get many otherwise reasonable people to vote for him last time. And the violence is already there, Jill: it’s being demonstrated every day in many different cities. It’s just coming from Trump supporters! You are waving all this away presumably because it comes from the right kind of people and so it isn’t real, as if it is imaginary violence done for ‘good’ reasons. This kind of selective observation that only vilifies the Right and calls it names for being enticed by Trump to do what many on the Left are already doing to the applause of many is very much part of the problem and not in any way, shape, or fashion part of some imaginary solution. The violence has to stop and needs to be widely condemned by all.

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  5. #12 …. when I was in school in Massachusetts, in the mid-1970’s, we WERE taught that the founding founders were racists & misogynists. Maybe not using those exact words but we were told, in no uncertain terms, that Washington & Jefferson (for example) owned slaves, and that Abigail Adams pleaded with her husband John to “remember the ladies” when creating this new nation (which of course, he did not). We were also taught about the women who helped the Revolution … & there were plenty of them. And we were taught ALL about the 3/5th rule determining the humanity of black people in the South, the reasoning behind the Electoral College (which had everything to do with slavery), and why the Northern states did away with slavery much earlier than the South (some of it was moral, more of it was capitalism). I was also taught that many of the founding fathers (Sam Adams, for one) were drunks. I understand now that little of this was taught outside of Massachusetts or even the school I went to; when my family moved to New York state, none of the kids had this knowledge or even cared. & I realize that none of this is being taught in any school anywhere in the USA today. When my son was in high school, I was utterly appalled at the lack of actual history he was being taught. He was told that RONALD REAGAN was the GREATEST president the US ever had! No shit!!

    There’s a reason that the education of real history has been denigrated … so that the populace can not determine truth. (It’s not just history, it’s all the subjects). The people cheering on trump are ignorant to the facts. They believe what they see & hear on Fox News. My younger sister, who completed her middle & high school education in New York State is largely ignorant of all but the most basic facts of US history & gets all her current events from the local newspaper & Fox News. This is true of most of the people I talk to (which means I can’t have a real political conversation with anyone I know).

    Even most Democrats suffer from this kind of ignorance. They will go on & on about “Antifa” like it’s a real organization, with a national headquarters & card-carrying members. They don’t have a clue about the Electoral College, just that it’s used to “steal” elections from the Dems (which is true). Maybe they don’t watch Fox News, but CNN, MSNBC, CBS & the rest are almost as bad. I keep telling people to turn off the damn TV & start reading! People don’t want to read. Ya know why? They don’t know how. Maybe they know how to skim a newspaper but they have no powers of analysis. This used to be taught. Remember when “1984” & “Catch-22” was taught in high school? They don’t even teach these novels in college anymore.

    Trump had the balls to say that our children are being “taught in schools to hate their own country” … of course a lie … but the sad truth it, our children are being taught very little about our country at all. What they are being taught are a series of myths … the Pilgrims coming here for “religious freedom”, the Native Americans helping them out, the Civil War being fought for “States Rights” (I’ve actually heard young people say it was fought over “high taxes”), nothing at all about the Robber Barons or the Progressive Movement of the early 1900’s, or of the Unions. They learn that WWII ended the Great Depression, not the New Deal. They know nothing about the brilliant blend of socialism & capitalism that made this country into the greatest nation on earth …. just that Ronald Reagan was the “greatest” president of the 20th century for his tax breaks & “preserving” capitalism.

    Little children can & should be taught that the Founding Fathers were heroes. They don’t have to know every single detail about them until they’re older. There is something called age-appropriate teaching. But yes, you have to teach these kids the TRUTH. Because if you don’t … they’ll never believe anything at all. & they’ll follow an even worse con man than the one currently in the White House.

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    • Yes, you were educated in a very progressive state, and a couple of decades later than I was. My jaw dropped when I read that your son was taught to believe that Reagan was the greatest president!!! Seriously??? I did think that New York was far more progressive than that! Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!

      You are right, of course, that there is purpose behind the decline of true education. It is seen in history, literature, and science. Will we have only college grads coming out of school in 20 years that believe climate change is not manmade, but rather a natural process, as some believe today? I can relate to what you say … most of the people I’ve known for many years, former co-workers and such, are Fox News aficionados and we no longer have anything in common. The friends I can carry on an intelligent conversation with are the ones I’ve met through my blog.

      Oh yes, I well remember “1984”, “Catch-22”, “Brave New World”, and others. We were the lucky ones! Most importantly, though … we were taught critical thinking, how to collect and analyze data, how to understand world events. Today, nobody seems to care much about anything outside their own narrow little world.

      Trump wants everyone to don their rose-coloured glasses and ignore the ugly part of our history, focusing only on the good. Sorry, Donnie, no can do. The ugly is still with us today, has kept this nation from reaching ‘great’, and will continue to do so until … well, maybe for the foreseeable future. I suspect it will take a major crisis to shake this nation out of its stupour. And that may not be long in the making, as Trump alienates our allies and cozies up to our enemies.

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  6. All the same promises he made the first time round. There will be good health and Insurance to come which was what he promised four years ago and hopefully heard by the same people as now.. I hope there won’t be as many fools the second time round,

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    • I’m more concerned at the moment about the threats that he implies. I can picture his rabid base going after those of us who aren’t in their republican camp. There aren’t as many this time around … yet. That’s what he’s trying to accomplish with this speech, and the one he gave yesterday in D.C. … he’s trying to instill the fear that we liberal-minded people are trying to destroy the nation. The lapdog-loyalists may just be stupid enough to fall for it. Sigh.

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        • We’re already in a culture war. Just look at how the media has excused violence, justified vandalism and occupation, and gone along with BLM demonstrations without much notice or criticism of the tremendous risk of Covid contagion.

          I know people are fully justified to criticize Trump and ridicule his lack of leadership and point out how divisive his tactics are. But, to be fair, to compare and contrast, I see nothing but a deadening and deafening silence from most people as pogroms take place ridding institutions of those who do not share the Woke ideology. This, too, is an equivalent travesty of ignorance and stupidity and reveals a vacuum of real leadership from the Left. It’s not all Trump and it certainly isn’t a rise in white supremacy or neo-nazism; that’s the language of the Woke. It’s a failure of citizenship and we could all learn a lesson of what patriotism means – and a lack of it by the citizenry – from the military in this case.

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          • I would prefer that all ppl unite in love and harmony, singing Kumbaya all the way to the promise land. But hey, shit happens. Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious says Oscar Wilde, as ALL ideology is harmful to someone some of the time. Want to hear something really revolutionary? What if we drop all -isms or ideologies for that matter? Hmmm.


      • I’d worry more about him turning the army to his cause of action which is to keep him in power in November. I fully believe that;s what he’s planning but I fully believe he won’t succeed. Far better at the moment of action the army who willl have colluded with the Democrats will arrest and take Trump to gaol.

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        • A very real possibility, but … after the news that he knew … HE KNEW that Russia was paying the Taliban to kill U.S. soldiers and did nothing … I think the military may well now understand that he is the commander-in-chief in name only, and has only his self-interest at heart. So, perhaps they would refuse to follow his directive and instead uphold their oath to the Constitution and the people of this nation. I hope, anyway.


    • I find it hard to understand, too, but his base are not typically highly educated and are fed a constant diet of Fox News, without bothering to do any digging to see if what they’ve been told is correct or not. Sigh.

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